Vitamin D Is Rat Poison…Literally: The Truth About Cholecalciferol

“Vitamin D Is Rat Poison…Literally: The Truth About Cholecalciferol”
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Are you taking a vitamin D supplement? Did you know that the most common form, and the one that they tell us is the healthiest, is rat poison? Literally?
Well it’s important to have adequate vitamin D levels, you might want to consider getting it from alternative sources like the sun, vitamin D lamps, tanning bed, North American herbs and spices salmon oil (email me if you’d like some), or eating raw salmon 2 to 3 times per week. You can get vitamin D in other ways!
I don’t know about you, but I’ll never touch the stuff again!”
“Jeff Bundt: vor 14 Stunden: The sun was enough back when it was yellow in color.”
“relearnitall: vor 1 Tag:…This is Very misleading for people.. you should get regular blood tests to take toxic amounts is crazy high, most people take what 1000 i.u. per day or max out at 5000 i.u . Also vitamin d3 shares the same pathway as vitamin A, to much D3 and you are deficient in vitamin A. And the other way round. It´s so complex, you just cannot make a statement it´s rat poison. First most of the d3 is carboxulated into osteocalcin or creates Antimicrobial peptides. There will always be people that have reactions to all manner of things.
Repeated observation is the first rule of science. Stop start stop start in all things. Also remember chocolate kills dogs. Breads bad for ducks and birds.”
Psychic AumBar Bores: vor 21 Stunden: Start fasting, it clears everything.
Paul Adamson: vor 8 Monaten (bearbeitet): Good video, you are correct in what you are saying. Just over 2 years ago my wife and I started to take 1000 i.u. of D3 per day I increased this to 2000 i.u., I took this for around 4 months then I bought some sublingual spray 3000 i.u. per spray, the first night at around 8pm I used the spray under my tongue then went to bed as normal, I woke up at around 3am with shortness of breath my heart was beating very irregular missing beats and very erratic I felt like I was going to pass out or worse I had to go down stairs and calm myself down and have some water, I almost rang for an ambulance, I new straight away what had caused it (I have never taken it since), I had the same symptoms on and off for weeks until one morning I had to admit myself to A and E, the hospital tested me on an ECG machine and decided to keep me in the cardiac ward for a few days, they let me go home but I had to wear a holter meter to check my heart rate for 3 days as you can imagine I was just a little bit worried, all in all I had to see a cardiologist, it took 18 months for my heart rate to go back to normal, but I still get missed beats every now and again which have been diagnosed as PVC’s. Since then I have done my own research D3 is used in rodent poison it calcifies the rodents heart valves and circularity system which kills them, I would never take this ever again, they should never sell this substance on it’s own it should always be combined with vitamin K2 and vitamin A/magnesium and never take it in mega dose values, it’s best to get D3 from UV light only but there is too much scare mongering about going out in the sunshine what a crock of shit, it’s all designed to make us turn to the pharmaceuticals, there’s no money to be made from sunshine. My wife had similar symptoms but not as severe. Hope my experience helps others.”
“lejaren1: vor 13 Stunden (bearbeitet): Thank you for this…I had NO IDEA! <3 Getting a vitamin D lamp NOW!”
“small king: vor 6 Stunden: when lacking sun exposure, get chlorophyl from algae, green leaves, etc. the sun energy was trapped in them.”
“Goetsch: Brian Goetsch: vor 1 Minute: It also depends on how it is mixed if it becomes vitamin d or rat poison from what I read about it,but she doesn’t tell you that.”
rhianonmatcalm: vor 1 Tag: The takeaway from this video… don’t take MASSIVE DOSES of any supplement. Also, don’t listen to Youtubers who don’t know what they’re talking about. Vit D isn’t rat poison. It’s an ingredient in SOME rat poisons. Jesus… this may be the most irreponsible video I’ve seen this year and I’ve seen a LOT of looney videos.”
“Sacred Geometry: vor 10 Monaten: Now they say calcium causes heart attacks they save you take the vitamin D and high levels you have to take it with K2.”
“drumforme .com: vor 1 Monat: Thank you!! You’re absolutely correct..had been considering this for a supplement..but thank goodness I saw your video and did some research.”
“gbertarelli: vor 9 Monaten: Also take K2 to help your body put calcium in the right places.”
“Enliven Wellness: plejaren1: vor 13 Stunden: Magnesium and boron (borax) and silica all of these directs calcium where to go.”
“L. Wood: vor 19 Stunden: Theres also a form of arsenic in apple seeds , but when eaten it is converted into something that can be beneficial and even kill cancer.
Gotta understand how chemicals behave differently in different forms and how they are metabolized.”
“kritzlynn Al-Taib: vor 14 Stunden: If it’s a rat poison, why did Professor Heaney just recommend up to 4,000 units every day? J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 2005 Jul 15; Epub ahead of print
The answer is dosage. To demonstrate the point, I recently swallowed an entire bottle (100 capsules) of vitamin D (40,000 units) in front of a skeptical audience to convince them that vitamin D is safer than water. Here’s why. Eight glasses of water a day is fine for healthy adults. Ten times that amount, eighty glasses of water, will make you sick from water intoxication.”
UrbanExplorer1000: vor 1 Tag: This is unsubstantiated propaganda. Never take advice from a person who owns a cat tree.
ZEN SUPPLIES: vor 2 Monaten: Hi Tessa, thanks a lot for the right information. It´s true Cholecalciferol is the rare mix of a vitamin that acts more like a steroid, a healthy supplement as well as a rat poison and something that can both cause and heal bone pain. It´s better to be on the safer side and not take it if it contains this chemical.
1naturelover: vor 10 Monaten: I learned through my toxin journey that magnesium citrate is made from aspergillus.. and that´s in a lot of things, as for vitamin d – im still low according to standard blood test and I can’t bring level up no matter what amount of sun or cheese or seafood.
“Naples Reign: vor 12 Stunden: this is RETARDED! Cholecalciferol which is another name for Vitamin D3 is produced Naturally when we are exposed to sun light, and although is poisonous for Rats is very small doses and even Dogs in slightly higher doses, it doesn’t mean that is also poisonous for Humans. We humans needs Vitamin D3 and the tolerable level for Humans is 4000 I.U. while for rats even a very tiny amount of Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) is poisonous for the simple fact that it elevates Blood Calcium levels which can results into kidney Failure. Is like saying stop eating Chocolate which contains theobromine because is actually a poison for Dogs, as well as raisins, grapes, currents and sultanas because they will also give them Kidney failure if eaten in the right amount, same with Avocados, most Nuts, Onions, Mushrooms.. all poisonous for dogs the list is Endless. Now you not going to say stop eating Avocado because is a Dog poison aren’t you?”
“Melissa Ojala: vor 7 Monaten: Another name for calcitriol is 25-dihydroxyvitamin D= supposedly an active metabolite form produced by the kidney. Our bodies stop producing vit D when we have adequate amounts. Though rare because few people have too much.”
lora nabil: vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet): You are absolutely right . Thank you for letting me know.
Sacred Geometry: vor 10 Monaten: It can cause vertigo tinnitus, heart problems, kidney damage, excessive peeing and there was a lot more I just Googled it pretty scary not to mention muscle pain.
Kathryn Willette: vor 10 Monaten: Sacred Geometry omg! I’ve been taking a lot of vitamin D3 and K2. I found out it’s a hormone, and I’ve been peeing non-stop! Thanks for the head’s up!”
Shashe Mofuni: vor 4 Monaten: My vitamin D does not have that in it … my brand is called Garden of Life ….. Vitamin Code Raw D3…. whole food Vitamin D3…
Jennifer Rice: vor 9 Monaten (bearbeitet): I thank you for this info. It made me realize certain things concerning my own animals and toxic amounts of D. Although this was not your intent I am extremely grateful. Thank You.
lilbabybongo Bongo: vor 1 Monat: Baking soda is also rat poison.
Brian Lee: vor 5 Monaten: Three years after taking it I am still suffering!! 10000 iu with K2. Ruined my life!!
Stephanie Kawaidesu: vor 1 Tag: Me too. My doctor prescribed 10,000 IU/day with K2 and it nearly killed me. There are many of us recovering from D toxicity in this Facebook Group. There is help.
gary smallwood: vor 10 Monaten: Clogged your kidneys with calcium and that is what d3 does.
When doctors with no nutritional training push vitamin D and tell take huge amounts that should be a red flag.
Sacred Geometry: vor 9 Monaten: You’re right my friends diabetic and they gave her fifty thousand for two weeks every day and she got kidney disease from it.
Teri June: vor 9 Monaten: I’m afraid that K2 has been shown to only help D3 to cause calcification. Same with Calcium tablets. We should not take Calcium tablets or capsules…
Tonya Tipton: vor 8 Monaten: Vitamin D3 is just fine for us humans to take since we’re not rats. There are so many things that can hurt you if you over use them. What I worry about is the illnesses you can get because you don’t get enough vitamin D3, I don’t know of one human who died from taking vitamin D3.
321jeanne: vor 4 Monaten: Some people are just not as smart as others. It’s definitely rat poison and will cause fractures, cancer and everything it promises to fix. Don’t ask me why.
321jeanne: vor 4 Monaten: By the way, we are very much like our mammal rats. That is why they unfortunately experiment on rats to make human drugs. You did not think before you posted.
radiojoehead: vor 1 Monat: K2mk7 supplement removes calcium from arteries.
Citrine Jade: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): Being severely deficient of vitamin D can lead to severe health problems. Some people need vitamins. Many vitamins can make you sick or worse if you ignorantly use more than you need. Please do not scare people because you did not educate yourself before overdosing. With a Doctor’s guidance it has reversed pain and exhaustion and also increased overall wellness. I needed an extremely higher dose that sunlight and other things could not provide.
Anna Patty: vor 23 Stunden: Well don’t trust all tests are accurate. Do your research because they don’t use the correct testing for checking for Vitamin” D3.
Mikael Ssol: vor 3 Monaten: Calcium, not vitamin D, is rat poison. Vitamin D is just the substance used in rat poison to increase the amount of calcium in the rat’s blood. Then calcium does it’s job and calcifies the rat’s heart.
Kathleen Austin: vor 14 Stunden: so does it do the same to our blood and heart?
Marie Dodry: vor 9 Monaten: You people need to start throwing out your chocolates, because it’s harmful to cats.
Norman Rowlands: vor 2 Monaten: how much Cholecalciferol is toxic. I take 10000 i.u. daily and the level in my blood is mid range.
Diddy Doodat: vor 4 Monaten: It’s actually the main ingredient in the poison. It’s not actually poison. The things humans take may be tested on rats and mice but we are not rodents.
gLitch X Gaming: vor 10 Monaten: according to google Cholicalciferol comes from lamb wool. Whats next ? Stop eating bananas its poison to fish.
Stop eating Avocado its poison to pets. Stop eating broccoli its poison to snakes. Stop drinking coffee its poison to chickens. Stop eating raw meat its poison to Deer.
Stop eating Vitamin D3 its poison to Rats.
Stuart Jameson: vor 7 Monaten: How does one reverse the damage done by cholocalciferol?
321jeanne: vor 4 Monaten: Please let me know when you figure that out. Took it for 10 years 5000 iu a day. Had compression fractures every winter. Lost 5 inches of height because D3 causes fractures. Cancer and other horrors. God help the doctors who prescribe it. And God help the patients that suffer and many died from it and never knew why.
vcash holdfast: vor 1 Monat: Maybe you eat too much cheese for high calcium, lol.
Tinfoil Sombrero: vor 8 Monaten: Dang doctor gave me 50k to take once a week two days later im getting kidney pains. Thank you for the info.
Dave Davis: vor 10 Monaten: Vitamin D bad 🙁 vitamin C is all fake synthetic, so I try to eat Oranges when I can. D is in some food’s Sun’s been blocked from spraying for weeks now. Seafood radioactive.
Lifeblossom: vor 8 Monaten: Well synthetic vitamine D… but there are other D vitamines that are natural.
sam wil: vor 10 Monaten (bearbeitet): If vitamin D is rat poision. Where else we get enough vitamin d and definitely in a winter we dont get sun at all. Which ones are safe? Definitely sea food isnt option for me.cause I dont like it. I can force my self fish eggs maybe, thank you.
corrrect: vor 9 Monaten_: wild caught salmon, pastured eggs, cod liver oil, beef liver, fish eggs.
Diddy Doodat: vor 4 Monaten: No matter how many IU you take a day, your body can only absorb 1,200 IU per day.”
Conspiracy Revelation: 14.11.2019: The information is correct, but I think dosages of 3000/4000 i.U. should be possible without noticeable sideeffects. / Die Information ist korrekt, aber ich denke Dosierungen bis 3000/4000 i.E. sollten ohne nennenswerte Nebenwirkungen möglich sein.
“Überdosierung und Toxizität
→ Hauptartikel: Hypervitaminose D
Eine akute oder chronische Vitamin-D-Überdosierung kann zu einer Vitamin-D-Hypervitaminose führen. Die Europäische
Behörde für Lebensmittelsicherheit (EFSA) hat 2012 folgendermaßen zur Sicherheit von Vitamin D3 Stellung genommen: Eine maximale tägliche Dosis von 100 µg (4000 IE) für Jugendliche und Erwachsene (inklusive Schwangere und
stillende Mütter) und 50 µg (2000 IE) für Kinder von 1 bis 10 Lebensjahren sind von Gesunden ohne Risiko von
Nebenwirkungen auch ohne medizinische Aufsicht langfristig einnehmbar. Gemessen an den üblichen Vitamin-D-Dosierungen lässt diese Stellungnahme für Erwachsene sogar einen weiteren
Spielraum zu: Die EFSA zitiert 2 Studien, die einen NOAEL (no observed adverse effect level) für Vitamin D von 250
µg (10000 IE) etablierten. Bei Säuglingen ist der Sicherheitsbereich geringer.
Von den meisten Autoren wird für Erwachsene eine tägliche Zufuhr bis zu 100 µg (4000 IE) Vitamin D3 über sechs
Monate als sicher angesehen, das heißt ohne nachprüfbare Nebenwirkungen wie eine erhöhte Calciumausscheidung im
Urin. Die Packungsbeilagen von apothekenpflichtigen Vitamin-D-Präparaten geben für Erwachsene mit normaler Funktion der
Nebenschilddrüsen eine Überdosierungschwelle zwischen 40.000 und 100.000 IE pro Tag über 1 bis 2 Monate an.
Säuglinge und Kleinkinder können schon auf weitaus geringere Dosen empfindlich reagieren. Die Packungsbeilage eines
Medikaments gilt normalerweise sowohl medizinisch als auch juristisch als ausschlaggebend.
Verwendung zur Bekämpfung von Nagetieren
Cholecalciferol wird als Verwendung von Rattengift bzw. gegenüber Nagetieren diskutiert: Der LD50 (oral) bei der
Ratte liegt bei etwa 42 mg/kg Körpergewicht, bei der Hausmaus bei ca. 43 mg/kg Körpergewicht und bei der Kleinen
Bandikutratte (Bandicota bengalensis) je nach Geschlecht bei 31-35 mg/kg[27]. Da Cholecalciferol in der Natur
selten vorkommt, konnten Nagetiere evolutionär gegenüber hohen Dosen keine Toleranz entwickeln. Ursprünglich ging
man davon aus, dass es als Rodentizid gegenüber anderen Arten, wie beispielsweise Hunde oder Katzen, schwach
toxisch sei; es zeigte sich aber, dass dies nicht der Fall ist. Bei Hunden gilt eine LD50 von ca. 88 mg/kg
Körpergewicht, es ereigneten sich bereits Todesfälle bei 2 mg/kg, besonders Welpen sind anfälliger.Katzen zeigen
sich resistenter. In Neuseeland wurden Cholecalciferol-haltige Köder in Feldversuchen zur Bekämpfung des Fuchskusu
erfolgreich eingesetzt.
Cholecalciferol wird durch die schwedischen Behörden bezüglich seiner Eignung für die Verwendung als Biozid der
Produktart 14 (Rodentizide) geprüft.
Monopräparate: Dekristol (D), Vigantol (D), Oleovit D3 (A), diverse Nahrungsergänzungsmittel.”

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2 Antworten zu Vitamin D Is Rat Poison…Literally: The Truth About Cholecalciferol

  1. john carney sagt:

    Rat Poison D3 …..funny this is just popping up after all these years …..I had every symptom of this poison …..Io switched to Garden of Life D3 5000 but now wonder what Nestle poison I am taking …..Still researching …..I am looking into this MRI dye Gadolinium and a possible interaction with Cholecalciferol….

    • _ADMIN_ sagt:

      Yes….MRIs are not safe with their radioactive poisons, people should always refer to the Chuck Norris Case in fraudulent and ignorant Hospitals…The Medical Establishment is stuck purposedly in the dark medieval age or as I call them the Truman-Show Retardation-Loop…while the Navy and Nazis, MIC-EMIC-SSP and Alphabet Corporate Crime Conglomerate have all high Tech stolen from Tesla and reversed Alien Technologies Medical-Pods and Medical-AI-Beds and even got presents from the Mantis empire to cure all diseases and reverse aging. The Mantis Empire should clean up this whole Planet from the Pharma-NWO-Nazio-Eugenic-Frauds….and give us their healing technologies to build a sane planetary atmosphere. I doubt that it was a good idea from them to give the Ruthless Mars Nazis (Backed up by the CIA) their High Tech, allegedly they did it out of compassion…but here on the Planet we receive the wrath of the Destroyers and they are backed up with Alien-High-Tech…extremely unfair situation. Tesla showed up in dream space today…he knows about the huge problems and immense sufferings his tech has provoked (to those not in favor of the loot they stole from him and to those not protected by their pseudo-elite ultra-fascistic cointelpro-nazio-club).
      The righteous Aliens shall never make pacts with the Pentagon and Gov Officials…tell them all to shun these deceptive Governments and End-Criminal Major Corporations and search for enlightened individuals to cooperate with them that do not turn Alien-Tech into Weaponry and that they do not use this Technology against unarmed-unwitting civilians, but help to heal the whole Planet.

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