Morgellons – the untold obvious – Because Pentagon Criminals block all reach – I will just multiply the channels –

Conspiracy Revelation: 23.11.2022: Morgellons – the untold obvious – Because Pentagon Criminals block all reach – I will just multiply the channels –

1. Maybe I should do a lecture on the proven Bioweapon Morgellons…most researchers only have half-knowledge of it… It is also a venous disease with haemorrhagic potential.
2. Morgellons is a 100% synthetically engineered advanced bioweapon of the Department of War (DoD). It depends on the dispersal of Chemtrails. A 100%.
3. Let´s make one thing clear for all Eternity: Morgellons is impossible without DoD Smart Dust. Forget all Lyme Nonsense.
4. Apart from the fact that Lyme is a well-known US Gov Nazi weapon from ww2.
Without Military-grade synthetic Biology – No Morgellons. Fundamental Tenet.
5. You just need the skin diagnosis “Lymphangioma” from a skin doctor to know it is DoD/DARPA/CIA/DIA/NSA/NIH/NWO/UNs synthetic Bioweapon.
6. When do the DoD/DARPA/CIA/DIA/NSA/NIH/NWO/UN Criminals will be trialed for offensive genetic warfare against innocent people globally? (Going on for over 2 decades – since the first Chemtrail dispersal – keeping it out of all official diagnostic manuals)
7. Morgellons blocks the natural ability for Apoptosis in specific targeted areas of the body.
8. Nanobacter and Agrobacterium tumefaciens seem to underly this pathogenesis, among many others.
9. Wikipedia should be punished and trialed for intentionally covering up genetic weapons.
10. You can objectively prove this genetic weapon, with a Dna-scanner, like spooky scalar, with a microscope and with a skin specialist doctor diagnosis.
11. Nearly every so-called “Targeted Individual” (Anti-NWO-People / Freedom-Fighters / Earth Liberators /Chosen Ones) has this active pathogenesis of this genetic Bioweapon, probably even for 2 decades, without even knowing it.
12. It can´t be transferred through human interactions, it is specifically activated by DNA-Resonance from Military Alphabet Corporate Criminals and Shadow Gov Medical-Military Criminals, who practiced DNA-Theft.
13. The U.S. Gov owes every victim of genetic warfare at least 20-100 Million Dollars reparation money.
14. Immediate integration into the ICD is requested.
15. This DNA-Trojan Genetic Bio-Weapon can´t be psycho-spiritually be exorcized or chanted away by saying “Krishna” (Archangel Gabriel) or in western terms by using the placebo effect or any spiritual-religious practice, no Archangel Michael Nonsense or any other form of Belief-Witchcraft will help to defeat this, it is a material scientific DNA-Bioweapon…bypassing Nature with Synthetics and must be attacked by scientific means.
16. Spiritual-Transcendentally people must be completely DNA-Cleared to Fully the world needs to make an effort, to remove this archontic parasite, otherwise no Ascension and Transcension. Everyone has this parasite, due to 20 years of Chemtrails, but not everyone has the pathogenic switch turned on.

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