Celeste Solum Breaking News Graphene Hydrogel & Quantum Dot Application.

“Celeste Solum Breaking News Graphene Hydrogel & Quantum Dot Application.”

“First published at 18:01 UTC on September 10th, 2021.”
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“DARPAS Graphene Hydrogel”
“GBH” (Graphene Based Hydrogels)
“People allowing hydrogel into their bodies are hybridizing their body, basically shapeshifting it into a biological robot. The hydrogel fillure acts as a glue
within your body to network with Artificial Intelligence as a Computer Interface and you are being reduced to a node in the Internet of Things (IoT)”.

“Graphene is a new nano material with strict 2-dimensional layered structure”
“Your body becomes a living polymer. A substance that has a molecular structure…..large number of synthetic organic materials that are used in plastics and resins…that eventually will replace your dna, your blood, your cells, your tissues and your organs, as the hydrogel nanoparticles self-assemble. Think of this as an invisible invasion, transforming you from a human to a synthetic entity known as synbio.”

“Your body will not reject this invasion, because it does not see it as an enemy or being hostile to your humanity.”

“Your body and your mind will respond to the applied electrical currents. You become a mandatory transmitter, that transmits essential informations about your body and mind to government and spiritual controllers.”

“Your body becomes a mechanical slave.”

“Sulfonated Graphene..
During this process intelligent Alien entities enter your body and they begin to setup sharp…”

I believe in the Holy Father and we all will be saved from their evil plans, I do believe she´s allowed to talk these things so as to get the population scared.
A year ago.
SpaceManAust: Very cool information, sure makes everything come together with the 5G.
a year ago
Willow: So the Summary goes something like this…the Particles will go after you weakness in you body, reguardless if you think you are healthy…or rather you are not aware of looming health issues….and these will exploit those weaknesses and kill you….or if you survive and detox what is making you weak and vulnerable…to having symptoms….these Particles will start to reqnerate itself and replace your human with synthetics….. Selling POINT (that is a lie) you are god-like and can´t be harmed…..BUT they hold the KILLSWITCH>>>> this is what this Mass-Experiment is all about and data collection, so they see whom it effects, how and target different people accordingly…”
JohnCharles: Don’t trust this woman.
sledge1611: this was a “conspiracy theory” in 2019. now its happening in 2021…
AliceDarque: I think I now realize Interview with the Vampire is non fiction.
jsportsman924@gmail.com:The beast system. Nothing good.. We,’ve been warned.
Satanists hate humanity.
a year ago
EastCoastKid: In the book of Revelation, it talks about a time when men will want to die (because of the pain) but will not be able to.
I think we’ve solved this mystery of how that could be.
a year ago
The Perimeters:Which is why God warned not to do it.
Nathan571: Jesus will heal the damage because you truly repented.”

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