WBAN Omnet Software Example how they remote manage biosystems (against consent and will)

Conspiracy Revelation: 16.6.2024: WBAN Omnet Software Example how they remote manage biosystems (against consent and will), measure Blood Flow, Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Oxy-Level and more…

“Omnet++ Projects (2015)
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“Medical BODY Area Network
IEEE 802.15.6
Micro Body Area Network
IEEE 802.15.4
#PrecisionAI_Healthcare (<===Illicit Criminal AI Invasion)

“Alex Crosbie
14. Juni
Giordano isn´t “disclosing” tech per se; it´s more of an exercise in normalizing & manufacturing public consent for development/deployment of horror weapons that would have caused public outcry in past under “ethics” & responding to “foreign adversaries” pretexts.
Graveyard Pirate

“Next Generation Non-Invasive Neuro-Modulation”

“Medical BODY Area Network
Doctors (and others!) are logging into human bodies ..
REMOTELY via Cisco YANG suite
IEEE 802.15.4 = Micro BAN
IEEE 802.15.6 = MBAN / WBAN
Routing of Electrical Computer Data through the Human Body WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT

“Sabrina Wallace
This is for those showing the blood microscopy and spectroscopy because this document lays out the routing, aggregation and signal propogation of Thz nano networks in situ.”

“Colin Wyse
14. Juni
I suppose it would need to be thermal aware, can’t have folks spontaneously combusting on the sofa.
High Throughput and Thermal Aware Routing Protocol (HTTRP) for Wireless Body Area Networks.”

I´ve discussed that with my mother roughly at that time..🤔 She´s confident,the parasitic overload contributes to overheating.”

“The Routing DESTROYS the red blood cells
IEEE 802.15.6
IEEE 802.15.4
It deprives Humans and Animals of oxygen.

“Energy Efficiency Routing Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks | WBAN Tutorials”

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Energy Efficiency Routing Protocol for Wireless Body Area Networks Projects deals with we offers wonderful services for scholars to attain their goal.”

“Performance analysis of LiFi communication
Omnet++ Tutorial
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Title: Development and evaluation of a dynamic channel-model and Multiple-Access-Control-Protocols for LiFi communication in OMNET++
Implementation plan:
Step 1: Initially, We Construct the LI FI transceiver network with 100 – users and 5 – access point.
Step 2: Next we Define parameters for distance, angle, and signal strength.
Step 3: Next we implement Channel Modeling to find path loss model, Angle of Incidence, Signal Strength Variation.
Step 4: Next we Integrate and evaluate CSMA, OFDMA, and TDMA MAC protocols to optimize LiFi communication.
Step 5: Next, we simulate the LI FI transceiver network.
Step 6: Finally, Generate the graph for,
6.1: Throughput
6.2: Latency
6.3: Energy Efficiency
6.4: Bit Error Rate (BER)
Software Requirements:
1) Development Tools:
1.1) Omnet 4.6 and above
1.2) Python(if needed)
2) Development Environment:
2.1) Windows 10 [64-bit]
Note: –
1.we make a simulation based process only not a real time process.

“Wireless Warrior
We think EHS (ElectromagneticHyperSensitivity) should be called EMP – ElectroMagneticPoisoning because it is the body reacting to an outside force/emission which (if it were not there) our bodies would be ‘normal’.

“Ella Meaux
Everyone complains about freedom when there is an oversight issue regarding the use of WBAN and NANOTECH not to mention the widespread usage of OPTOGENTICS for social manipulation.”

“Merging Humans with Machine WITHOUT informed Consent
IEEE 802.15.4
IEEE 1906.1 /1906.1.1”

“Internet Of BioNano Things
‘IoBNT paradigm stems from #SyntheticBiology and nanotechnology tools and enables the engineering of biological embedded computing devices called nano-machines.’
6G and Beyond
IoBNT architecture is an extended version of the Internet of Things paradigm. … The IoBNT serves a unique role … VLC. Visible Light Communication.”

“Bio-Optical Communication: a case-study of Out-to-In Body Interface 2021 NANOCOM ACM DIGITAL LIBRARY”

“Optogenetics: A Light Switch for Neurons
McGovern Institute
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This animation illustrates optogenetics — a technology for controlling brain activity with light. Ed Boyden, the co-inventor of this technology, is a professor at the MIT Media Lab and at the McGovern Institute for Brain Research, where he continues to develop new technologies for controlling brain activity.”

14. Juni: Microbotic weapons.

“Ian Hurn
13. März
Internet of Bodies
IntraBody Communications Network
Institute for Wireless Internet of Things
July 2023”

“A New Frontier for Wireless Networks: Intra-body Communication and Sensing | Seminar WIoT Institute
Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things
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518 Aufrufe 27.07.2023 BOSTON
During this seminar, Anna Vizziello, from the University of Pavia, discusses the technologies driving innovation in body area networks to face the specific challenges of acquiring and transmitting physiological biomedical signals.”

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