Transhumanism and genetic super soldiers

“Transhumanism and genetic super soldiers”

“In the US, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Pentagon’s R&D department, best known for the creation of the internet – has been researching into “man-computer symbiosis” and a classified program of experiments in mind control that was code-named Project Pandora. Human enhancement has become the agency’s priority. Similarly, militaries around the world today are working on technology that enhances the biological capacity of the human soldier.

The value of the global genome editing market is expected to increase to $6.28 billion in 2022.”

The Russian military will be assigning soldiers based on their ‘genetic passports’. This will help the military to determine who may be more disposed to become a paratrooper or a tankman. The program also involves the Kirov Military Medical Academy, which conducts research in military medical services.

The project involves not only the assessment of the physiological state, but also the prediction of human behaviour in stressful, critical situations that are associated with the military profession.

In the same way, there is a nationwide push for China to become a superpower in science and technology.

The Chinese phrase for eugenics is you sheng xue (“the science of superior birth”)
The U.S military has invested over 65 million USD in developing a software that can be uploaded to the human brain that will not only heighten the senses of the soldier but could make them highly resistant to blindness and paralysis. DARPA is working on advanced robotics, an artificial human brain, next-gen robotic aircraft, advanced prosthetics and self-teaching computers.
One of the main challenges for the creation of super soldiers is the human body with an intractable problem of blood leakage. Doug Weber, neural engineer at University of Pittsburgh said ‘when foreign material is put into the brain, you undergo this process of wounding, bleeding, healing, wounding, bleeding, healing, and whenever blood leaks into the brain compartment, the activity in the cells goes way down, so they become sick, essentially.” More effectively than any fortress, the brain rejects invasion.

Our assessment is that enhancing the senses to gain a superior advantage suggests weaponry. If it possible for nations to create super soldiers, the same technology lent to an insurgent or terrorist could create super terrorists capable of all kinds of destruction, with none to undertake responsibility.
The use of Methamphetamine made Nazi invaders prototype of super soldiers.

We feel that one way to counter this would be to have a global regulatory system for genetic modification that could prevent or discourage countries from abusing it.

In changing human biology, we also may be changing the assumptions behind existing laws of war and even human ethics.

If so, we need to re-examine the foundations of our social and political institutions, if prevailing norms can’t adequately cover new technologies.”


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