TJ Ana Toledo interviews David Icke on Targeted Individuals…

“Know the Outcome you know the Journey.”

“The Outcome is planned to be a Global Dystopia. I have been saying this for so many decades…a Global Dystopia with a World Government that ..would be Technocratic, it would be Bureaucrats and Technocrats, Tech People, Medical Experts, etc..etc.. and that World Government operating through a World Army…would impose its will on the entire Population…Population that would not by then be countries, but powerless middle regions, countries would be long gone…everything is controlled by Artificial Intelligence which means that the one who controls A.I. can control the world from a central point even. The next point..why do psychopaths do what psychopaths do.. because they are Psychopaths, but there are other reason for it too…when I really started in this in 1990. The real Power was in the Shadows, working through today, gone tomorrow..but this hidden Power is always there…It is a very simple structure and it has to be, because if it is too complex then it falls apart. If you imagine a spidersweb, all over the world and in the center of the spidersweb is the spider. Now the Spider is that hidden Power from which this Agenda is coming. The Strands in the spidersweb, immediately around the Spider, are the most exclusive Secret Societies and people involved at that level will rarely, if ever, be in the public arena and then you come out from that spider center of the spidersweb and you are meeting the secret societies you do know about, there are endless numbers of it. The Freemasons, the inner core that is, The Knights of Malta, The Knights Templars, The Inner Core of the Jesuit Order and so on. In America you have got Secret the Skull & Bones Society, that is just outside the Yale University….Cusp Organizations..The point in the web where the Hidden meets the Seen..
Play (the Agenda out) it out in the world of the Seen through Governments, Government Agencies, Silicon Valley, the Banking System, WHO, Big Pharma and these Cusp Organizations include the WEF, they include the Bilderberg Group, CFR, The Club of Rome which was created in early 1986 to specifically use environmental concerns to justify Dystopia which is where the whole global warming thing originally came from. You also got in this Cusp thing this enormous number of Think Tanks and ..NGOs.. and their role collectively is to take this Agenda and play it out as Government Policy and as Corporation Policy and as Silicon Vally Policy and so on…The Arena of Daily Life. Things look differently if you know this Structure is in Place….WHO (COVID), the Silicon Valley Corporartions, the Social Media Corporations announced..they would going to censor anyone that would challenge this narrative… The World Health Organization (WHO) was created ..through the Rockefeller Family, in eventually… control global health policy from under one roof.. and Silicon Valley Corporations, if you are looking in your Facebooks and your Googles, that own Youtube, will find the Pentagon through the Technological Development Arm of DARPA and the CIA through its technological development Arm (IQT) InQTel…Global Cult Web Agenda which is the WHO…being defended from Exposure, having its narrative defended …by another part of the web, which is the Silicon Valley Corporations. You then have the Pharmaceutical Cartel which produce the Fake Vaccines. (David Icke)”

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