Eletrically login into your DNA and making changes to Your Genome – DOD AI Project Salus


“Eletrically login into your DNA and making changes to Your Genome – DOD AI Project Salus”
“We bioelectromagnetic Algos.”
“Playing Humans like a Video Game. Routing Computing Network data through your Skin.”
“DoD – Killbox since 2005.”
“We are looking under your Skin.”
“In Vivo – In Situ – Cybersecurity permission for Amazon Shipping from the DoD. You don´t know, who does?
Your Doctors and Nurses, it is mandates by International Law.”
“Aura.. – for what are you using it” (DoD Crime Inc)?
“Internet of Bodies, Internet of Things. Information Surveillance and Reconnaissance.”
“Project Salus (neuro modulation) watching every synaptic response of every Neuron, bodywide at 1500 bits, storing it in an NSA-Database.”
“Medical Implant Communication Systems, out of the 50s, 60s and 70s shoving RFID Chips in humans, worse than Animals.”
“Your Radiologists… Your Nurses and Medical Doctors…, 4 levels of law enforcement, 4 secret levels of Doctors and Nursing and EMS to do whatever they want with Human Bodies.”
“OSA – Optogenetics – Put a Light into your Face and do whatever we want to your DNA.”

“Graphene-based Sensors in Health Monitoring”
“Invasive Applications – Non-Invasive Applications”
“Biophysical – Environmental – Nervous System – Cardio System – Digestive System – Locomotor System”
“WHO” “(Geneva – Switzerland – 2010)” – “What are you doing when you are going to work?”
“Graphene makes the login easier.”
“All the Nanotechnology they have been shoving in the Air, the Water, the Food and everything else…”
“These are the small computer networks they are using.”
“Right in the Air, right through you, these are Jobs.”
“Biolabs. Pathogen-Mutagen Database and we have got plenty of Cybersecurity too.”
“In order to ensure for Doctors and Nurses, for their Telehealth Apps, mandated by our FDA and FCC in 2014.”
“I think you know exactly what you are doing..you didn´t tell people what you were doing when you were going to work, since 1995. (WBAN)”
“You mean the diseases you engaging in people.”
“Body Area Network, go look it up in Wikipedia. Medical Body Area Networks. (MBAN).
Same thing. Optogenetics. Legitimate Bioelectric Frequency Mathematics.”
“Energy Harvesting – Piezoelectric.”
“I said Math, I didn´t say Ghost or Aliens.”
“They work of your Human Tissue. / Nanotechnology.”
“The DoD damn well knows.”
“Full spectrum Dominance in preparation for NWO Agenda 2030.”

Sabrina Wallace Psinergy channel:

Conspiracy Revelation: 30.1.2024: (2005 WBAN – Morgellons activation – Crime Against Humanity (US GOV Genetic Weapon from University of California – since 1998) – Nazi-Eugenics – TRIPLE KARMA and Trials and Punishment needed – for all (I REPEAT FOR ALL INVOLVED IN THESE CRIMES AND CONSPIRACY) involved in these remote dna bionano Crimes!!!!!!!!!

“All of these Systems are built off of you. Your DNA is what is routing these Signals.
These are bioelectromagnetic electrical Weapons on Databases.
So who has your DNA and how do you find out?
Your Health Ranger has to know for his business. Medical, Industrial and Scientific.
Anybody selling Satellites.”

“Advanced Signals Technology with “Sensors open system Architecture (SOSA MOSA) for Information Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR).”
“Your Industrial electrical Engineers are your new physicians, they will rearrange your DNA to the position they want it to be. You lied about Quantum Technology…You lied about the human body.
You tethered people to the Cloud.
You load-balanced and tested the Biosensors since 2005.”

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