Infostream of the Day – 7 – 4 – 2024 – X – Snapshot of the Day…

Infostream of the Day – 7 – 4 – 2024 – X – Snapshot of the Day…

Ingmar Veeck
7.4.2024: Nockel Nonsense…naturally the DoD Biotech Smart Dust has a bioweapon function…called Morgellons….

Ingmar Veeck
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He is – Eternity knows no Past.
“Seeking Mary Magdalene
~~ Teia Tephi Magdalena
He was that perfect balance of the male and female energies. He embodied and embraced his remarkable feminine energies so much that he was able to understand women. He understood their hearts and desires to be heard as women…for it is the feminine energies…which are the birth canal of all creation!
The balance of both positive qualities of male and female offers a vision of wholeness. I’d like to think of this integration as returning to our original design in Genesis 1:26-7 as being made in the image of the infinite…that is: both male and female.
What does the Goddess do all day long? The Goddess gives birth. All the eternity of Goddess, she is on a maternity bed giving birth. As truly as God is our Father…so truly is God our Mother.
“We owe our being to her.”…Yeshua says…and this is the essence of motherhood!…and all the delightful, loving protection which ever follows.
The infinite is as our Mother and our Father. Yeshua’s touch and love were as soft as a mother’s loving touch.
He also displayed exceptional masculine qualities. Unhealthy masculinity and the feminine in men and women masks itself as rage…violence…verbal abuse…and machismo…everything Yeshua was the opposite of! Yeshua was both gentle as a lamb and as fierce as a lion… He expressed anger as outrage…directing it toward the bull’s-eye of injustice and hypocrisy and abuse towards women and men. Rather than becoming enraged like many men and women whose rage often turns explosive…Yeshua never succumbed to physical or emotional violence against another. Instead…he turned over tables of injustice…stripping off masks of the abuse towards men and women with frank…no-nonsense sharp-tongued words…convicting perpetrators with pure truth!
He was exceptional in this balance. The women and even the men who understood during that time…cried out…knowing this inner balance…wanting to take charge in their lives in a suppressed world. Yeshua provided them the balance to be able to express that…and in return the women mostly became the Hub of his entire mission. And he was the center of that balance…like the nurturing Sun and Moon…that made it all happen.
February 27th, 2021”

Scientists say new glowing plants could replace artificial yard lighting

Light Bio is selling bioluminescent plants that glow in the dark as an alternative to artificial yard lighting

Light Bio glowing plants
(Image credit:
By Tenielle Jordison
published 3 February 2024

There’s a new backyard lighting option on the scene as synthetic biology scientists have developed plants that glow in the dark, which they say could provide an alternative to artificial lighting.

The team of 26 scientists, who work across nine research organizations, used mushroom genes to brighten plants. The first bioluminescent petunias will go on sale in the US as of February 1st.

The Firefly™ Petunia is available in the 48 contiguous states of the US and promises to give off an ‘ethereal glow’ at night, from a seedling to a mature plant with an abundance of flowers.”


“Bioeffects of Non Lethal Weapons
This all started when, and I know this hard to believe, we collectively allowed lunatics posing as cops/prosecutors to put non violent people in a cage and steal their property for using, growing or sharing a plant that has never killed anyone.
Now they need more customers…”

4. Apr.
Antwort an
These attackers attack the whole family. And have the whole families electronics being monitored 24/7. Illegally without paperwork…Kids make no difference. Attack is the same.”

☢️ Ataques de vítimas de dano eletromagnético e de rede (Gang Stalking)

O fenômeno oculto que mais diz respeito à totalidade da sociedade: o dano eletromagnético e a rede (perseguição de gangues).

Esta é uma forma de criminalidade de Estado que é pré-montada em casa,
no monte de contestações gerais. Os civis registrados para a serem perseguidos, armas eletromagnéticas e psicotrônicas, são utilizadas.
Original (Portugiesisch) übersetzt von
☢️ Elektromagnetische und netzwerkschädigende Opferangriffe (Gang Stalking)

Das versteckte Phänomen, das die gesamte Gesellschaft am meisten betrifft: elektromagnetische Schäden und das Netzwerk (Bandenverfolgung).

Dabei handelt es sich um eine zu Hause vorgefertigte Form der Staatskriminalität,

im Haufen allgemeiner Einwände. Zur Verfolgung registrierter Zivilisten werden elektromagnetische und psychotronische Waffen eingesetzt.
☢️ Electromagnetic and network damaging victim attacks (gang stalking)

The hidden phenomenon that most affects all of society: electromagnetic damage and the network (gang persecution).

This is a form of state crime prepared at home,

in the pile of general objections. Electromagnetic and psychotronic weapons are used to track registered civilians.”

“Search for:
Posted on February 13, 2015
Remotely and Noninvasively Controlling Genes and Cells in Living Animals”


Conspiracy Revelation: 7.4.2024: Yeah, exactly, we have seen every form of misuse and abuse of it, since 2005. The Human Academia has failed, but worked dilligently to fortify negative nazi-eugenics, they are indoctrinated drones who can´t cure an invasion, they are nwo minions. I was a personal witness with objective proofs en masse. Faucis NIH still hasn´t acknowledged their own generated insect warfare DoD/Darpa Chemtrail-based Nano-Disease-Bioweapon called MORGELLONS, especially used (activated via DNA entanglement from NSA Supercomputers and Digital Twin Simulation Attacks (first they do it to your digi-clone in a simulation and dna-database of all registered Humans, then they do it to you in reality) and criminal invasive USAF-Satellite systems) against probably 80 Million Targeted Individuals (unwitting nazi-experimental test-subjects, innocent people) worldwide. They dna-trojanized the entire world´s human dna with synthetic biology that can be switched to pathogenic mode in an instant.


NWO Criminal Inc.

PS: Interesting to see how they torture their former workerforce, all above are Ex-DoD, Ex-NSA personal….so Alphabet People you know what you can expect, whether you carry out your orders or not….eventually you will meet the same destiny of Bryan Tew and Karen Stewards. The same mutilation assaults, sleep deprivation assaults, the daily left hook chest chainer unhooking of heart biotech (I heard U.S. Marine Corps are notorious for inflicting this evil on the world) and draco a.i. SPE parasites, the gang stalking, hexagram skin symbol burning by Zionist and Bolshevic U.N. Psychopaths through the WBAN-Satellite Triangulation, the neuroweapon skynet attacks, the scalar radar navy assaults, the dna assaults, Putins dreamstalking, the dew attacks, the soul rip assaults from orion cube tech, getting horror dreams played into you from Moscow DUMBs and Kiew, 30 years before people even know about Psychotronics and the upcoming conflicts, getting mainstream music played back into your brain during your sleep, the remote strangulation attacks through dugans voicebox larynx motorola remote strangulation synthesizer, voiceless words 2 skull interrogation by Agents while you sleep, motorcortex torture and all the things T.I.s endured for the last 20 to 30 years might hit you one day too.

Sleep deprivation torture accomplishes objective of memory loss during interrogation & induces hallucinations which help with the interrogation process. In behavior modification & programming it is necessary too. It is easier to layer in false memories and control the victim.”

“without consent
TIs read this; you might want to get checked for Heavy Metals. I was tested last week and I am very high in Arsenic, Mercury & Lead. I have no exposure to any of those metals. I have an appt for with Chelation Therapy.”

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