Why I Removed ALL My Music From STREAMING….

Why I Removed ALL My Music From STREAMING….
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Why I Removed ALL My Music From STREAMING”

“@kaseyines vor 2 Wochen: Streaming was created to solve the problem of music availability, not music payment. The result is artists work for tech companies for free exposure. The problem with that is the attention doesn’t always convert to dollars, just cents.”

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Curtis you are absolutely right about these streaming platforms going broke. From music to film, the business models are unsustainable. They are cannibalizing themselves and they are trying to figure out how to stop the bleeding.


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Time to double down on independence and support directly to Artist. Having extra unreleased songs for super fans and everything that helps the experience for both parties. Good thought to take music off specific platforms that don’t respect music and the people who make it.

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As an artist in the music biz for 20 years, I agree with everything you said in this video. It is utterly absurd that they take from the poor to give to the rich. Theft is what this is and fame or popularity has ZERO to do with talent or art or labor. There should be more done to help artist at the bottom not less. To not pay artists is a crime, not a business plan.

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I think every artist should have their own website with their entire catalog available for download/streaming or something. I miss buying whole Albums.

@lasertrancer: Okay….

REMEMBER… Spotify is in bed with the major labels, so even if you are independent the major labels are earning from every stream made by independent artists.

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Thats a great move. This is the direction the creators need to go in. I would love to see the streaming services change or perish. After decades of major labels ripping off artists these bastards took the baton and normalized receiving a fraction of a penny all while selling a monthly subscription. Nobody would accept these terms in any field of work, so why should artists? Stand tall bro, trailblazers have to cut the brush and create the paths.

@lasertrancer: True Words.”

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