Harvard Scientist Exposes CIA Mind Control Weapons Still Being Used Today | Len Ber & Robert Duncan

“Harvard Scientist Exposes CIA Mind Control Weapons Still Being Used Today | Len Ber & Robert Duncan”

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Leonid “Len” Ber received his MD degree in the former USSR where he specialized and practiced as an endocrinologist. Now a US citizen, Len is one of the few US civilians to ever be officially diagnosed with Havana syndrome. Robert Duncan is a renaissance educated man from Harvard & M.I.T with a focus on medical sciences, engineering, computer science and more specifically genetic algorithm optimizations of neural networks. He has worked on projects for DARPA, the CIA, the Navy, and Army.”

0:00 – Introduction
6:31 – Being diagnosed with Havana Syndrome
15:30 – Neuro-weapons & mind control
29:00 – Voice-To-Skull (V2K)
31:01 – Working for DARPA & CIA
41:10 – Acquired neurosensory dysfunction
53:22 – Manchurian candidates
1:04:38 – The Empathy Machine
1:08:55 – ‘Voice of God’ Weapons
1:16:00 – Mind viruses
1:22:00 – Microwave energy delivery systems
1:33:36 – Process of breaking down human mind
1:44:54 – Mitigation and treatment for symptoms
1:49:25 – DNA resonant frequencies
1:55:09 – Conspiracy theories
2:03:55 – Navy lazer / hologram technology
2:11:11 – Future of humanity & AI

“Imagine having bloodless Wars where you just fatigue your enemy and they
drop to their knees..”

“I can tell you that there was an investigative um reporting in um zeit magazine which
is a German publication they investigated Havana syndrome and they talked to a
um prominent expert in the field of directed energy, who published a short article following the events and then he was contacted by the dod and by the air forces that
he is not allowed to speak publicly about it um uh otherwise they will pull their uh
his fun funding and yeah yeah that’s part of the way that you prevent leaks is it’s a form of financial blackmail that will pull your funding.”

“Some of it’s stress related you can tell when there was a paper in the late
1970s by the DIA, the department of intelligence agency and so the Russians
were trying to create a panic weapon that could kill a person, literally spook
them to death by creating a runaway process with the adrenal gland uh and
increasing until blood pressure any sort of weakness in their circulatory system
their heart would give out um and anytime we blame the Russians for
something like that you know we’re working on it too um so it seems like
um oftentimes stress it brings it on um and I’ve read that in some other
papers but otherwise it’s it’s constant for these people I’m in 24
hours constant and they can’t sleep they can’t which even makes it worse uh weakens the brain one you know sleep deprivation was a common torture tactic interrogation tactic and it breaks down the will you’re more easily suggestible he said he has major Delta brain waves which that’s a hypnotic state which makes you more susceptible and one of the cia’s old weapons was called reharc remote hypnotic and or cerebral

“Declassified I mean there’s things that are that are Sinister that the government has done that they that they admit to but you know nothing happens, a lot of people don’t even pay attention to it right until it happens to them and then it’s too late.”

“American yeah oh okay um and uh this kind of funding goes on
all the time and we often do it in other countries, it’s a long list of human
experimentation by the National Institute of Health
and I actually
I saw my neighbor this morning my neighbor worked for Honeywell for over
25 over 35 years, he worked for Honeywell and uh I sort of briefly ran the the told him
what I was who I was talking to today on the podcast and I talked about Havana syndrome and he said oh yeah he goes That’s 100 real he’s like I know we’ve worked on weapons like that and so I know they work on that on those weapons at Raytheon.”

“hmm and that was in the 60s I believe
whoa so that’s heavy we’ve come a long way since yeah I mean if he was if
people were openly talking about that in the 60s where are we now and where are other nations like China and Russia and

“We boycotted recently like over 100 countries from doing, companies in China because they were working on mind control Technologies, so uh you know it’s very much out in the open but it’s just people don’t want to recognize their soul, so to speak can be touched their very ego, their sense of self can be altered, they’re not in control of their own emotions, that means if you don’t have free will or autonomy or Choice democracies don’t exist, that means religions don’t exist, that means a whole bunch of things markets are can be shaped moved up or down at well based on people’s preferences it’s Total
Domination of the world, that’s how important and wides kept so sacred it’s I think it’s the uh it’s the Ultimate Weapon because you can control the people with their fingers on nuclear weapons you’re one step ahead so this is kind of the end game, it’s full control of the human mind and at scale at scale of the world.”

“A common ones first you know let’s say you’re a woman and you’re concerned
about your your breast size well they’ll go after that or
um so they go They’re going at individuals specifically yeah and so
your specific insecurities yes you know but first they have to do a broad approach to find out what your answer is it doesn’t seem like time or cost effective? How would you go about if you were doing this to millions of people how would you have a scale it how would you have the time to go through each person find out this person’s overweight this person is short and be able to specifically tailor a voice to them I’ll explain that
um think of it as a lie detector machine it knows your stress levels they can
read them uh you can do that from many different brain signals but the p300 is
a recognition signal for example it’s just a term uh that’s used for specific
strong effect after a stimulus of there’s recognition but if it’s a lie detector test uh whatever polygraph, polygraph, we’ll we’ll say uh those you can defeat those with a little practice of course… total bullshit, yeah total bullshit, um but you can
imagine okay so there’s some form of Allied Tech test but maybe it uses heart
rate and you know can measure you know some other factors other than the
neuronal ones but whatever bothers you it will continue doing so let’s say this
is a robot chat chat bot, that’s very convincing Yeah Boy voice morphing and
um we’ve sampled, we’re the NSA, we sampled your uh I don’t know anything about your
family so hopefully I uh your great grandfather he’s dead right so we can
bring him back to life we can use his voice we can voice more of them and we
can project it and we’ll say using the microwave hearing effect with a robot we
will go through uh it doesn’t matter if you had a good relationship with them or bad we’re going to turn them into a bad guy let’s say you you know you’re going to respect them or something I know this is a very off-the-wall kind of scenario but they make it much more personal than that so whose voice do you hear uh tell them my family your family is my family, they live in Germany, they speak Russian and German. I speak
Russian, Bad Russia, now in English, so all my v2k is in Russian, it is yes
um it’s it’s my mother my father my brother and his wife and they all talk about my lifestyle choices everything everything all everything derogatory and I know it’s not them it’s artificial intelligence because nobody talks 24 7 because my v2k is 24 7. I sleep in a noise canceling headphones and I play uh uh voice audiobooks non-stop, so my brain would concentrate on that rather than on what’s being projected into my brain does it help at all what helps what helps you cope with this the most what have you done what have you tried?
Distracting, distracting uh sometimes I have to use my own voice uh I have to
talk to somebody the second it stops the second the silence Begins the voices
come back and they also use something like um if you have some kind of white noise
like a fan or a um AC yeah, it rides on it, it’s piggybacks on those frequencies it’s called Uh EEG heterodyning, so the nerve cells from your ears to your brain can also be stimulated, so if there’s a nice background noise broad spectrum it can even be pink noise which means lower noise Spectrum it can amplify uh a recognition signal like a voice um I was like using the talking guitar remember that song who does that and
it’s a guitar that sounds like it talks to the audience.”

“…About this being a government cover-up and what he means by it is that the
government knows what’s going on and the government would not acknowledge any domestic cases, neither with a federal uh happening to federal employees or civilians and the government needs to acknowledge it then it needs to investigate it and it needs to stop it, because I am a part of general public and my message is: If it can happen to me, my brain can be a remotely accessed and damaged, it can happen to anyone, because I’m literally nobody, I’m just happen to be uh on the radar, they probably got a sample of my DNA and DNA has resonant frequency, this is just like a tuning fork, it will vibrate if the frequency is correct well, every molecule has a resonance frequency and DNA is just another molecule that unique to you therefore the resonant frequency is also unique to you, so just like we can find from a satellite um
um scanning and you know visually we can I think in the 70s they will break and
we can we can see uh a license plate from a satellite but it doesn’t have to we can we can see uh a license plate from a satellite but it doesn’t have to
be a visual you can just scan for frequency you can find that frequency like you like just like you can find your cellphone anywhere on the planet because we have full satellite coverage we we have we have access through this
uh that’s the best analogy I’ve heard.”

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