Escape from Communist Romania, Portals to Inner Earth, Bucegi Hall of Records & ET Contact

“Escape from Communist Romania, Portals to Inner Earth, Bucegi Hall of Records & ET Contact”

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Corina Pataki is the author of four books and is an ordained Christian Minister who escaped Romania during the Communist era. In this Exopolitics Today interview, she describes the high strangeness of her birth and mysterious disappearances during early childhood which involved her unique ability to access space time portals. Pataki describes the subsequent protection she and her family received during two failed escape attempts from Romania due to her exceptional abilities that were recognized by senior officials in the” intelligence community. This unusual protection culminated in the miraculous circumstances that led to her family being allowed to leave Communist Romania for the USA.

Pataki has memories of traveling into an Inner Earth city under the Black Sea and also meeting with a mysterious elderly man who showed her an ancient key with strange writing that she photographed before he disappeared with the key. She describes more recent experiences involving her interaction with three extraterrestrial beings that showed her DNA connection to 24 civilizations she believes are the Seeder races responsible for multiple human genetic experiments. Pataki finally shares memories of being inside the Bucegi Mountains where she interacted with an advanced chair inside the Hall of Records described in the Transylvanian Sunrise book series.”

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