Social Stream News, Telegram, X, FB, YT, Synthtel (W2k), Tok and more… – 1.7.2024

Conspiracy Revelation: Social Stream News, X, FB, YT, Telegram, Synthtel (W2k), Tok and more… – 1.7.2024

your Gov has implanted your brain and hooked to an AI. Where do you see privacy in this? They hook your dna to the cloud.

@DADDIE DE’LIONCOURT:Absolute mystery is my favorite standpoint.

@afashionistanyc:Privacy is golden 💕.

@freedomgott2024:100%. Should be the norm..but nwo turned everything upside down inside out .

@Stephania Alexandra:Completely agree! I used to believe sharing exiting news would share the joy with others but when people didn’t match my excitement it completely dilluted my enthusiasm 😑.


@💖 A n g e l 💖:I have no linked in. No google search result. Private instagram. It’s the best.
@freedomgott2024:EU censored all Google Links…20 years ago..I once had 1 million + links…nowadays maybe

@Lyfe {Taylor’s version}:SAME! It drives everyone crazy 😆 No Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and I keep my phone on DND.

@Purehazelnut:Why I deleted Facebook and instagram also my algorithm was very negative and unsupportive just watchers pretty much.

@Ms.Fancy:Moving in silence changed the trajectory of my life.

@jazevers:Going off FB has been life changing and it’s nice not knowing everything about other ppl 👏.

@🍉 Fatima 🍉:got married, got a home, had multiple kids, got a second property, enjoying life and NO ONE KNOWS because NOTHING is on socials 🙃.

@Shamgoods:Privacy is power! What ppl don’t know they can’t ruin!
@freedomgott2024::Yes, but it is the death of artistry and pioneer production and not possible if you are a leader king..that has to destroy totalitarian nwo.

@Pure Jamaican:Shhhh, don’t let the others know, let’s keep that to ourselves.
@freedomgott2024:Skynet has hooked your brain to the cloud…you strengthen the oppressors in this day and age by this mentality.

@E808mfa:Some people will never know what privacy is because they have something to prove so they put all their business on social media.
@Mya:Thissss I avoid monitoring spirits at all costs 💯.
@Jzallure:Privacy is luxury.
@freedomgott2024:and non-existent since first smart dust drop from Chemtrails..

@mojie:100% I have three pics on my grid, none of them show my wedding, house, vacations. Stories are minimal. Only real ones keep in touch.

@ashrdrgz5:I’ve always lived by this. Most ppl are miserable and don’t want others to be genuinely happy.

@Serendipitous8888:Yep, I’ve deleted most of my social media. I don’t post anything anymore.

@Zarien:Yep, thats why I am transparent but I keep certain things to myself. I won’t ever let people know the full story fr💯.

@Mell Me*l:💯 Privacy is power. People can’t ruin what they don’t know about….👊🏿

@Stacy Jane:People can not destroy what they don’t know, been that way all my life!! It’s really peaceful over here 🥰✌️.

@chocfonduuu:but some people have jobs on social media.
@freedomgott2024:they also have jobs to infiltrate your skin with biotech, measure your body metrics with medical military implants from your mafia shadow gov.

@maeway01485:I’ve had no privacy for years.
@freedomgott2024:no one..since Chemtrails and Skynet and Quantum A.I. started.

@B. Robinson:My life has leveled up in so many areas when I focused on reality vs. social media perception. I love being exclusive and off the scene. Witness this glow in reality.

@Thissomfun2024:You know that privacy thing is kind of automatic for me. I’ve been on TikTok here for about two months and I realized today that my followers know nothing about me and I pose the question about myself.

@Miho:I’ve been so private it’s lonely, it feels like I’m in a bubble and when I go out in public I see how ppl act and hate it and keep more to myself.

@BAquaiapoetry:I absolutely agree. Privacy is the new luxury.
@freedomgott2024::and nearly impossible..with a fully hybridized human-dna and 100000 spy sats in the sky.

@Madison Ryan:Protecting my peace and privacy is the most important thing to me 😭.

@Emily K:I learned this too late .. but I’m on the right path now 😌.
@freedomgott2024:In USA no sin…standard..
@ᴍᴀʟᴀᴋɪᴀ’s ᴘʟᴀʏʜᴏᴜsᴇ.:Privacy is key! It’s so peaceful ❤️.

@Aroosa:The best flex.

@Archangel Get Some Sense:I love Privacy.

@Mav:Being mysterious is hot lol no one knows for sure.

@The Meek:Meekness is power under control.

@freedomgott2024:gut, dass ich nichts davon mitbekomme..

@lenzileo0307:Du hast vollkommen Recht! Wir müssen unsere Grundrechte auch einfordern, freundlich aber bestimmt, damit damit das auch der Executive mehr bewusst wird.
@thomasmeier274:haben keine verfügung((sind keine Besmte(((alles firmen((
@Bettybuuu:Welcher Staat? 😂
@Matthias Koristka:es passiert aber regelmäßig so, ich kenne das die drohen mit allem möglichen haben mich 4 Stunden in die Mangel genommen.
@Rick Rommel:Ich hab mich geweigert!
hab gelassen!0,00!!
Dann haben Sie mich mit genommen zur Blutentnahme 3,Std auf der wache gewartet bis der Artzt gekommen ist!!!
weil,ich vor 20jahre einen Eintrag hatte! Bis
@Gustavo:Wie sieht das beim Zoll aus? Das wird nie beantwortet.
@freedomgott2024:Leider leben wir schon seit minimum 20 Jahren in einer Militärdiktatur..ihr Anwälte bekommt nichts mit, ihr lebt in einer Illusionsblase..wenn du meinen Fall kennenlernst, fällt dir die Kinnlade runter.

@Alex:This is so exhausting hearing how toxic everything is and all the lies 😩 all the time.

@bobby786:they are scared from our awaking, realising life is not what we were taught.. gen x.

@bobby786:gen x life was natural, no chemical but now we have to pay for organic when we were fed it for free hmm.

@freedomgott2024:Yes..that is why they target and monitor all genx..the last true organic natural divine force who can thwart all their evil conspiracy and genocidal trickery..

@Judith:Contact lens solution is also a drug delivery method.
@Gaz Hadfield:glasses.

@Jay Chandler475:Take us further and further from the one we need to be closest to!

@karli:we are all just “cannon fodder” to TPTB UNTIL we rise up folks!

@Laraye Laraye:They Clone Tyrone.

@Meljai_9:Terra-forming planet for other types of bodies.

@conniemartin4812:what about C60 oil, does that help to filter toxin?
@Heads_out_the_sand:I can’t confirm.
@John Michael:have been saying this for ages 👍.

@Deborah Valerie Brow:I use baking soda with coconut oil to wash my hair with.
@BackwoodsBetty:I try to buy the least amount of things at the store. Support small businesses.
@AngelaMclovinu:It won’t stop until we stand up.
@TINA🌺:Good grief they are slowing knocking us off 🙄.
@Truthergirl71:nanofilm is on us.
@Its Me:Back to basics for longevity!
@MysticShamanArtist:I know this to be facts. Nano tech. Your hair shafts get fat and move. You can crush them.
@Angel:God help us , these psychos use us as puppets.
@Blu-ma-liz 4717:What would be synonym for nano bots that would be use?
@Heads_out_the_sand:molecular or quantum devices of action and or purposes.

@Marty May:she mentioned UN the head of the snake 🐍.

@Ever Rivera58:people have to keep praying God for protection, and make Justice to the evil agents

“To the point where they consider us an organic circuit board which is really sad.”

@E=mc2HealingArt:Sabrina Wallace!! We are a WABN! They use our body to transfer Data. They can control/kill you. Strengthen you Biofield.

@Valerie🌞🦋🌟✨️🙌:They are everywhere and in everything but No weapon formed against me shall prosper in the name of Jesus Christ.

“Each individual is unique in ordinary life. The uniqueness becomes even more sharp and clear, crystal clear, when the person becomes enlightened — because only then his pure genius, his pure individuality, uncontaminated, unpolluted, is revealed. (Osho) [22573]”

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