Report # 101: „Max, a White Hat Insider“ On ELF Signals in South Africa, Neural Influence Tech

„Report # 101: „Max, a White Hat Insider“ On ELF Signals in South Africa, Neural Influence Tech“

„Good morning, yeah sure I can talk about that, I was born in South Africa in the early 70s my father was recruited headhunted by the intelligence community in South Africa, the intelligence services, prior to that he was a plainclothes police and civilian clothed police, detective and from there the intelligence services of south africa recruited him…according to what he told me when I was a young boy when we had moved to Sweden.. He had found out.. that the south african government was experimenting on the population with medicines and vaccines and he told but I was so young…they were also experimenting with secret weapons technologies. He said it was ongoing.. late 70s and he also told me this when we lived in Sweden in the early 80s…but later on I was listening to.. these conspiracy shows on the Internet with a guy called Bo Jenkins, someday, from the 80s, from 1986 to be exact and he interviewed a guy.. Columbia College who is a very known well-known character in the esoteric I understand he was a medical doctor, but he was also an electrical engineer and he was somewhat of a genius, because he had a lot of patents on a lot of stuff´, but many of his patents were suppressed by the CIA, because this had threatened him and burnt down his lab and it’s like that’d be just like that done previously to
Nikola Tesla…. the CIA or the Cabal, the United States Cabal or the transnational Cabal he used the Soviets or the Russians and this is very important to explain, because when we listened to the interview.. presented to your listeners they have to understand that both people like Andrea B. and Tom Bearden, all of them, all of these people, and I know much more people than them in real life, they’re really scared of the Cabal you know and I can’t blame them, I mean they have children, they have families…okay when I say the Cabal I mean in the following order at the top was always the banksters, the banks, the transational Banks, Corporations and under that you have the Corporations and under the Corporation’s we have the the military intelligence unit, both private and governmental, and under that you have the general intelligence community, the transational intelligence community and under that you have the the private security companies that are vertically and horizontally integrated into all the structures above..and these tailored security companies are the ones that are the vanguard in the gang stalking of private citizens… so all these structures are vertically and horizontally integrated… this is also important to clarify…the word of the Church and the Monarchy and the Vatican coming in, they are in there, absolutely, the Vatican is one of the biggest..bad guys in the whole thing, the monarchy has a minor role, but there are people in the monarchy, especially in the German monarchy, the European monarchy that are mostly vertically also integrated into the banking intelligence community … yes of course the British Monarchy…I am not saying the british monarchy is not involved but they’re not involved the people that they say on the Internet is involved or not involved in the way the people think, but people in the German Monarchy people that supported Hitler behind the scenes, they are more involved, even more than the British Monarchy. (Max – White Hat)“

„There is very much schisms within these secret societies because that’s what they are, they are first and foremost, all these structures are secret societies.. that’s a definition we can use, secret societies, because what in these secret societies there is varying degrees of bad guys and as I understand what has happened is that the moderate bad guys are starting to realize which side their bed is buffered on… Right now the PLanet is in a tremendous, horrific mess, really…saying that the biosphere is collapsing so and these people in the secret societies know about that, so the the more moderate factions within the secret societies know that this biosphere collapse is coming if we don’t there fix the problem, but the problem goes deeper than that, they’re all maniacs like I told you before he spoke, these are the so called technologists and you know 100 percent psychopaths, these people have totally gone out of control. (Max – White Hat)

„The ones who are trying to make the bible come true? The apocalypse and all that? (Ramola D)“

„Yeah the ones..who tried to use Fukushima to destroy our planet, you know, done by the so-called pathologists, they are working for corporations. (Max – White Hat)“

I get back to the secret societies now, okay, other than just calling the Fukushima event these maniacs in the secret society, the Cabal as I call them, they are my only tried to destroy our planets biosphere, they’re also trying to
provoke a war with interstellar civilizations, in other words with ETs, extraterrestrials and with interdimensional higher beings, higher interdimensional beings, now I explained that more in detail if you wish me to, but I just give a general outlay. (Max – White Hat)“

„The problem is now that they’re not only using ..directed energy weapons technology, they are also using interdimensional or transdimensional weapon technologies, now let me explain what that means, if you have a transdimensional dimensional launching system that means you can materialize an object and move it from one place to another with no loss of time, more or less, you know instantly, and not only on our Planet, you can move it throughout the universe, yeah and these maniacs have got this technology and this is this is not only modern technologies, this is ancient technology which has been left here by our previous ancestors on this earth, previous species of humans and also these maniacs, the Cabal have shot down et vehicles because although these ETS have been here for thousands of years taking care of our planet and actually created our planet and our moon and our solar system and our galaxy with the higher interdimensional beings, although they have technologies, they all, even the interdimensional beings when they manifest themselves in our 3d reality, they all come under our 3-dimensional cosmic rules and what I mean by that is
cosmic rule are the following…if star trek speaks about non-interference, if a civilization, doesn’t matter how advanced they are, if they come and they travel by their solar system to another solar system another planet, they have to abide by the rules of the cosmic law to not interfere in other civilizations progress and development and also they have to follow the physical laws of those planets, for example here we are 3d-reality, if the ET comes here mortal as we are and we can kill them with our technologies because they come from a 3d reality – they are not interdimensional beings in two dimension now the interdimensional being come from other dimensions but they can manifest in our diamond ET reality, the ETS planets but they can move with their technologies, they have always been here, long before humans are on this planet these beings have always been being here and taking care and creating this planet and creating the human species but but because of these rules these et beings can be harmed by us and killed and it’s only by God’s Grace for our human species that they are not hostile and not aggressive to us, because if they were they would be able to exterminate our Planet in a fraction of a second. (Max – White Hat)“

„I complete my definition of this problem you know well between the more moderate factions within these secret societies they realize that because of the biosphere collapse and because of the induced war by the Cabal the maniacs, the human maniacs, these human beings are trying, the Cabal … the psychopaths and pathologists. I’ll explain on eschatology later but they are trying to start a war with the interdimensional beings, the more moderate factions of the secret societies, but also are integrated with the bad guys, not directly, but indirectly, through different channels and different economic setups and scholar collaborations, they know that the war against the ETS cannot be won and the interdimensional beings, this is the war, that is totally impossible to win, because we are talking about millions of civilizations in our universe with interdimensional and transdimensional technologies and it does not mentioning interdimensional beings, God knows what they are, but they got even more powerful technologies. (Max – White Hat)“

„The good guys and when I say the good guys I mean the white hats and the moderate factions of the secret societies of the previous Cabal, they have gone over to the white hat side, because they know that God is the most safe position to take, in other words with the white hats, at least they have a chance to survive…transnationally I mean the good guys within not only within military intelligence also within the bank’s within the corporations within the the
private security companies within the monarchies within the Vatican. There are good people everywhere…I mean think about it if you are born into a family where the father or the parents are psychopaths but the children aren’t psychopaths like about I mean can you be blown over what they do that’s exactly what happens within the white hat community you know they are born into families and secret societies that they didn’t wasnted, so what to do you know one of the main reasons I contacted you because I don’t like to see how they pollute people’s consciousness and they make everybody look bad and people start hating everything about the government’s and everything about the banks and
everything about the corporations and everything about the military and everything about the police and everything about the private security companies, this is dangerous you know this is really dangerous, because all of a sudden we’ll all be in a free-for-all battle and we all end up killing each other and the Cabal, the psychopaths got exactly what they want, that´s why they are called escapologists and would you like to explain define that what I mean by escapologist?.. Escapologist that’s a person that has a certain religious belief and they believe that by the way they can help their fellow human beings and themselves is by making their prophet, in other words some of them have a have a prophet like Jesus and some of them have a prophet like Muhammad and even Buddhist factions within these escapologists and what they want create is a world ending event, an Armageddon, a collecctive suicide experience of our planet, so that the planet more or less has to die and when that happens in their minds they think that Jesus who is going to come back, Mohammed is gonna come back, or Buddha is gonna come back and he’s going to save us from this Cataclysm, .. I call them demonologist, I know some call them Luciferians, some call them Satanists, I call them demonologists, because I believe they have no safety, there is no Lucifer and stuff like that that is how long pop culture terms for demons and demons do exists, that’s true..they are entities in lower dimensions… they can be conjured, they actually can be contacted and they can communicate with these demons. (Max – White Hat)“

„Ramola D Reports
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“Max,” a seeming Intelligence or corporate insider from Sweden who wishes to be known merely as a white hat insider speaks with me about a program of ELF signals sent to South Africa across many decades as well as information passed down to him by his father, who worked for South African intelligence and learned about covert biowarfare and electronic warfare experiments conducted on South Africans. Andrija Puharich, MD, confirms this latter, suggesting that South Africa and six other countries fell within the sphere of EMF influence transmitted putatively by Soviet transmitters; Open Minds radio host from the 80s, Bill Jenkins has interviewed Puharich on this and other subjects—we play a small clip from this interview, which can be found at…. Max correlates this period of ELF pulsing at a targeted Black population in South Africa with off-the-charts murder rates recorded across the 70s, 80s and peaking in the 90s.

Additionally, Robert Beck, author of The Body Electric and various other books, speaks in a separate interview with Bill Jenkins about the transmission of a 10Hz signal effecting hyperactive and cannibalistic behavior in turtles, which speaks volumes about the power of such extremely low frequencies on brains; Beck speaks about the transducer qualities of brain tissue and the use of “taxicab” carrier frequencies of shortwave, higher frequency which are used in the transmission of ELFs such as the 10Hz signal, carried as pulse repetition rates inside the taxicab carrier frequency. This mode of transmission would therefore pose special problems for detection and identification.

Max also briefly touches on global cancer rates in relation to the Fukushima nuclear plant disaster and offers his knowledge of the powerful, maniacal cabal intent on destroying the earth while several “moderates” or “moderately bad guys from among the cabal” as well as relatively “good guys” within Military, Intelligence, and corporations seek to align with the “white hats” in the military and work on the side of humanity now. In particular, he delves into information he says he has regarding ET beings of different kinds—interdimensional and interstellar as well as trans-dimensional—who are watching the cabal’s destructions, yet are held back by cosmic laws of non-interference from stopping them outright, and leylines and energy lines around the earth which can act as portals into other dimensions, and the amount of Disinfo on the internet to keep the truth about ET beings and true energy and zero point energy from reaching the whole human populace. A fascinating and far-ranging conversation which touches on some subjects not within the realm of expertise of this reporter but related to larger questions of life, reality, Universe, and meaning and interesting nevertheless.“

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Report: Cuban diplomats had inner-ear damage early on

„Report: Cuban diplomats had inner-ear damage early on
MIAMI – American diplomats affected by mysterious health incidents in Cuba showed damage in the inner ear shortly after they complained of weird noises and sensations, according to their earliest medical exams, publicized Wednesday.

The detailed findings were published in a medical journal nearly two years after what the U.S. calls „health attacks“ began…

„What caused it, who did it, why it was done – we don’t know any of those things,“ said Dr. Michael Hoffer of the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, who led the exams.

The U.S. says since late 2016, 26 people associated with the embassy in Havana suffered problems that include dizziness, ear pain and ringing, and cognitive problems such as difficulty thinking – a health mystery that has damaged U.S.-Cuba relations.

The Miami researchers examined 25 of those people, who reported hearing a piercing noise or experiencing a sensation of pressure before their symptoms began. The patients failed a variety of tests that detect inner-ear problems associated with balance, what’s called the vestibular system – although there were no pre-symptom medical records to compare.

Testing of 10 other people who were in the same building at the time of the incidents found they were fine, Hoffer reported in the journal Laryngoscope Investigative Otolaryngology. Hoffer also traveled to Cuba to check 100 other Americans stationed there, who also turned out to be healthy.

Those inner-ear balance problems have been central to the government’s ongoing health investigation. And earlier this year, a team of doctors at the University of Pennsylvania who also examined many of these patients, but months later, reported they suffered a concussion-like brain injury, despite no blow to the head.

In a brief interview with The Associated Press, Hoffer said the two studies aren’t contradictory, but they have different findings because patients were tested at different times and in different ways.


For doctors, Wednesday’s paper adds specifics about the pattern of damage, abnormalities in structures involved with sensing gravity and acceleration, said Dr. Maura Cosetti of the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai. …

„This provides an important step in creating a picture of the injury that people sustained,“ she said. She added that often people with long-term balance problems also report a „brain fog.“

Cuba has adamantly denied any involvement, and even doubts there were attacks.


The U.S. has not said what caused the incidents, although initial speculation centered on some type of sonic attack. The AP has reported that an interim FBI report last January found no evidence that sound waves could have caused the damage.


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Eve Lorgen Natural Original Awareness vs Demiurge A I & James Bartley ET Encounters in Silicon Valley, Staged Dreams, Underground Bases

„Eve Lorgen Natural Original Awareness vs Demiurge A I Part 1“
„In Part 2 Eve continues her discussion about the Natural Original Awareness versus the Demiurge A.I. and also talks about the Alien Love Bite.“

„Eve Lorgen: She added a lot of links to scientific articles that relate to how she’s understanding Jungian archetypes and the collective unconscious and what she’s calling the AI ego states which has to do with how there’s an ancient artificial intelligence that works within us and also outside of us that is actually programming our reality and it’s very key in what’s happening within the alien intrusion and Milab
experiences and I think this is something that we’ve discussed before James our mentor Barbara Barr the like as well as Dr. Carla Turner we knew way back even then in the 90s that the abduction phenomena and the
intrusiveness of how we experience these things is going on actually for more than just the abductee population that it’s affecting probably everybody in some way and that most people don’t have the awareness to recognize how it’s happening on their level of consciousness but I do think that there are certain bloodlines and lineages which are more keenly hunted down and followed and Exploited like in the Mylab programs and we know this from the people we’ve worked with that you’ve interviewed in the past as well like
Lorena and we used to talk about the The X Factor and the meta-gene factor is another term we’ve used where now we’re starting to see that this goes back to what we’re calling the original star fire goddess lineages and this can be present in males and females but it seems to be passed on more matrilineally.

James Bartley: This predates all this technology DARPA NSA etc etc like there’s this persistent notion that all of this is just voice to skull, all of this is just mind control inspired by humans, people have been hearing voices, people have been getting visions, people have been having abductions and taken to other realms and underground etc etc.. I mean it’s in the lore of just about every culture in the world so and going back countless millennia so this is not a new thing so finish that point and then please continue they may not have had at least overtly the technological means to scan people to attract people to you know divine if you will their genetic heritage but they certainly had the occultic means if you will the supernatural means if you will to do something absolutely.

Eve Lorgen: I think that’s true and that there’s there’s always this occult element that if one observes deeply and really starts uncovering their experiences in their family line that there’s always that spiritual component and the occult component where there’s a connection sometimes to we’re calling the the bloodline people where they might be connected to a blood oath from a masonic lineage or witchcraft thing but not in all cases I think that there’s definitely a lineage where they’re tracking some who have the abilities based on their but we can call it soul frequency or spirit frequency that’s coming through certain genetic lineages as well they do get targeted and so I think a
lot of the family lines are actually they tend to target them to corral them into what I’m calling the agreements of entrapment that enable them to exploit those bloodlines more and that might be why some of those lineages are connected and let’s say it’s a high-level Freemasonry where you know say their father or their uncle or their grandfather was like a 33rd degree Mason kind of thing or they were connected to the Templars or they were connected to some secret society or some thing of the other. ..The people who are very very sensitive have this perception that not everybody is the same there’s different kinds of people and humans for lack of a better term we talked about this on our hyperdimensional interference video as well of the alien love bite one where there was mention of you know this whole organic portal thing and how many of us who were let’s say caught up in an alien love bite or a dark Cupid or some kind of manipulated handled relationship or connection there was always the question you know is this person some kind of really a character in the matrix or organic portal that’s run by either a program or an outright entity of some sort like a reptilian so we we did basically came to the understanding that many of us had perceptions of this very early in life and it doesn’t have anything to do with contemporary things that had come out since David Icke an Arizona Wilder in our own work this has to do with people that had no knowledge whatsoever even as and as children would be able to perceive this that there was different kinds of people you know so we talked about that.

Eve Lorgen: the Jungian lucid awareness of the archetypes and how this AI working call it the AI kind of thing is starting to present itself and show its own image through our own dreaming states and this is something that we might have talked about before and I know I experienced years ago where when I came to the point of trying to face this head-on with a with a lasered fury of … persistence to face this demon or this I don’t know what you would call it whoever was behind the abductions in the manipulation and had many archetypal dream figures show up like a hooded figure, a hooded male figure always hiding out and watching in the background and maybe shape-shifting images and different things would come up.

James Bartley: The hooded man, the beings in hooded robes and some of these beings, I mean they are objectively real, they’re there not necessarily in our frequency, but in another one that has the means to interact and influence our frequency and what I’ve come to notice also talking about this AI slash Demiurgic force, if Demiurgic is a word yeah we’ve known that these hyperdimensional and extraterrestrial entities have the means to essentially read thoughts essentially know what’s in our conscious and our subconscious and what’s been going on is when people have a certain preoccupation a worrying preoccupation in any facet of their life, take your pick, what this Demiurgic AI force seems to do is, it hacks their dream and whatever they’re particularly worried about it at that particular time that and there’s a strong emotional
component to it, they will just hijack the dream and they will just hammer you with repetitive themes about whatever it is that you worried about and the other what they’ve also been doing for a long time is
they’ll take these archetypes and they’ll take these these memes and some of these memes can be completely
fabricated, completely bogus, but because they asked into the mainstream and they’re endlessly repeated by the media by the school system etc etc these memes pass into people’s dream state and then these people will get this bogus notion of oh well I went through such-and-such in a past life or I wa I went through something and I was victimized in such a way in a past life and all this other stuff when the
whole narrative to begin with could have been bogus right but it just shows how they can exploit these persistent what have become archetypal subconscious feelings, thoughts and images and exploit
it for their own ends.

Eve Lorgen: Absolutely and they do have an agenda.. now and when I look at a lot of the targeting
phenomenon for example and of course this has been going on for a very long time in fact this is very ancient because I was just coming across somebody who sent me the ancient Gnostic Cathars, a document related to cathars and what happened in France and .. what happened in France and … you know
the ones who had the original gnosis and kind of figured out the gameplan of this hold them Demiurge and this manipulative reality, but they were persecuted by the church and burned at the stake and so .. in the ancient times they called it persecution but now it’s the targeting phenomena where the people
were just you know offed in some way, shape or form but what what I’ve come to observe is that it’s as if this targeting phenomena is is on an targeting phenomena is is on an automated program of extreme machine like intelligence that’s above and beyond a single person or a gang stalking group or or even a v2k run by some organization that’s got the technology although that’s true that that does happen but in the internal states it seems as if it’s automated to be triggered in certain states and it will trigger fear and it will trigger ways to stop your consciousness from becoming lucid and so this is one of the things that Murray brought up in the interview that prior let’s in the prior was she did the milonga techniques which are helpful in integrating her consciousness and discovering let’s say the alien parasites and how they split he soul consciousness through trauma which is trauma-based mind control she came to
know I lost the train of thought here.

Eve Lorgen: She calls it layers of the Jungian Archetypes, like three main layers and some of the layers
and then she got into deeper levels of observing the archetypes playing out with respect to an artificial intelligent innate aspect of our own being which is very ancient it’s part of the ego mind states that she says is connected to the soul and the mind and the soul so that is quite relevant and that there were layers of how we observed these Jungian I guess he calls it layers of Jungian archetypes like three main layers and some of the layers would play out a certain themes like let’s say the my lab Milab ops dreams of the war and the training and the fear and the reptilian kind of stuff as well as the cataclysmic things where they’re beaming you with the cataclysms and
making you feel guilty right that it’s all your fault and this is going to happen to you unless you clean up your act and trying to make you feel all guilty and they’re the ones like creating the program right you’re creating the program so that we recreated in our creative abilities was so she started to see the the programming taking place on these very meta deep levels and that at the deepest level she was able to observe what she’s calling the the type of AI image or Demiurgic figure or she first called the primordial man spirit who would appear like a hooded cloaked dark male figure but then that figure could also shape-shift into sometimes a dark baby or an animal and then the animal would have this like mechanical appearance so it really depends on how our own natural awareness is trying to cue us in to recognizing the foreign nature of this artificial intelligence that’s working through us so she explained this you know in the ways that she was able to understand and do a self-study which was very scientific I mean a lot of people may get overload from the scientific links that were provided in this article there was a lot of scientific things, but it’s really worth viewing in terms of getting a deeper understanding of how their programming our minds on deep levels and the return back to the point that I that I forgot it had to do with the remember how you would she would wake up let’s say during an abduction.

James Bartley: but when we’re starting to wake up in the morning and we’re trying to hang
on to a memory of either of a.. the previous night experience previous life dream perhaps e-beam dream whatever the case may be we’ve talked about this before EB we’re simply it’s like a switch is flicked and
they got strong overwhelming sexual lower chakra and so and then steadily the imagery of intercourse of sex of naked people starts popping into the mind no accident even what happens is they lose the you know that shred of the dream the shred of memory they were trying to pull back from the previous night I mean

Eve Lorgen: They use all kinds of you know distractions like bodily pain were thrashing around and not being able to relax being agitated or things even external to us it depends you know once you know we’ve
always said once we’ve really got a hold of our own stuff we become a little more secure and observing dream states then they start working your external world with you know maybe the people around
you or your job your computer your emails and they’ll work with manipulating things around you in the handling so it’s it’s uh it’s like how we review this we have to be careful and she reiterated this point that trying not to take it personally when these this targeting happens and the machinations of the artificial intelligence and this Demiurge we don’t want to call it its operating on a program that it appears to me now over the years that this is a non-stop kind of program that will implement itself in would be like a car those brakes have gone out on a downhill and that this this is like out of control Demiurgic artificial intelligence plan to actually eradicate the originals…she is calling this false construct inversion reality and how this AI ancient as well as the modern is actually implementing itself so we talked about how that’s happening and how to observe it and it’s based on you know let’s say the the counterfeit spirit itself that the ancient Gnostics had described in some of the NAG Hammadi
texts which actually some of them are the Apocrypha and john and the Gospel of Philip as well as probably others which basically are Pro Jesus as the Revealer, so there’s a lot of the Gnostics that were very much knew a lot about what Jesus true mission and that’s not even his true name but his true mission of
being here had a lot to do with how he recognized what was operating here in this reality and so the nature of the counterfeit spirit is is it’s like this non-stop program intelligent force that
Rudolf Steiner actually might have described as the demonic consciousness and that is one that is
it’s like a machine driven to copy and to control and to implement its program so the whole video was really about how to identify the patterns and then true nature of the counterfeit spirit as was
known in ancient times and how we’re observing it today you know and especially the truth movement the
abductions, the targeting, the targeted bloodlines and then seeing how
that works and once we can understand that and recognize what it is what it is
it seeks to copy and copy itself and also to corrupt and consume .. as it corrupts it does so like in a
step-by-step process which you could you could pull it out and say you know this is what happened let’s say to the Christian religion even let’s say you know you had the original who is Jesus and he had his original teachings and the original organic nature of his presence even his presence alone created
phenomenal changes in people’s reality of how they even realize what reality is about and who they are so and so that the religion itself and his whole movement was spun in two different directions after he supposedly died and then and then eventually it was taken over by the Roman Catholic and then it was you know spin controlled, corrupted , perverted, inverted and then now what we see of course I know many Catholics would just be foaming at the mouth but you know we’re seeing within even within
the Catholic Church and a lot of these religious circles and these new predators this satanic pedophile ritual abuse where it’s a complete and utter inversion of whatever the original was yeah so we’re seeing all that take place.

James Bartley: that attach themselves to the different parts of people’s you know energetic and physical anatomy and also you know I’ve heard stories of these octopus thing he’s coming out of people’s computer screens and you know…In fact there was a man that I interviewed who’s from Croatia/Serbia, well, actually he did a lot of really good graphic drawings of his implants and different things that he saw in his recovery process from alien parasites and .. and she did an excellent job with him she was actually a really good therapist and he had talked about the Medusa being that he saw and so there were archetypal types of beings that he saw that were attached and then certain types of implants that had different functions and appearances that you know affected the chakras and how you know his life force was being stunted or drained from the higher centers and that was pretty involved but they I centers and that was pretty involved but they I think there’s different figures that will show up like spider beings and he had a thing that was like uh a dark black goo shadow over his entire skeleton but he perceived this in a you know in the subjective way in a semi hypnotic state so to speak but it almost reminded me of the black goo metaphor and the real black goo that Harald Kautz-Vella talks about and actually .. had an experience with the black blood goo and in her blood was a severe medical crisis, so I think there’s a lot of different ways that these things will metaphorically show up and especially you know the octopus beings that’s that’s huge I mean they have been like cluster beings that.. work with thousands of people and suck off thousands of people in egregores.

Another thing that some of these parasitic AI Demiurgic Forces do is if one had suffered like a past life trauma like they were stabbed in a battlefield somewhere… with an arrow right what some of these AI bought things organic inorganic bot things will do will attach to that part of their Anatomy like and other colleagues of mine have told me about this jellyfish looking thing …it attaches itself to certain parts.. to places where people have had … past life trauma which manifests in the current incarnation as certain types of symptoms … certain types of well-known diagnoseable illnesses. I experienced one of those actually and it was the because it was almost like a a globby, didn’t really have much of a form but almost jellyfish like almost like a I don’t know an amoeba like thing that would be like milking and trying to like suck on a chakra and it was like an attached entity kind of blob thing and just work on clearing that out and I think that a lot of clearing has to do with them we could actually just become aware of it and then use our intention to get to the root of it and to eliminate it with full understanding of let’s say how it got there and what is our co-creative process and this if if there was one and then to be willing to be able to be present to understand how that happened to completely eradicate it because sometimes these things actually come back like a spore or mold in it you remove it and just comes right back like this weird program that that won’t stop so some of them go away and some of them keep coming back or they try to come back in different ways and I find it amazing that you know you could stop a certain booby trap but then they’ll come up with another one and then you have to work on as many levels as possible to get to the root, so another thing that has come up in my own experience and others is that not only in past lives but you can get things from ancestors and that sometimes you have ancestors who’ve gone through a certain trauma or even a blood oath let’s say they were involved in a secret society or whatever then you can get entities and different kinds of physical ailments and energy body changes from those ancestral patterns but there are ways that I believe that you can clear them through things like Qi Gong or different healing modalities that you could actually get to the root of that and actually help clear some of those patterns in your energy body and your genetics, so there’s a lot more going on.

James Bartley: definitely because we not only inherit genetic traits from our our ancestors but we also sometimes like he pointed out inherit whatever weird magical hoochie COO they got involved with intentionally or inadvertently or you know in a victimized fashion yeah and so it’s a process of stripping away the layers and to use like a computer term you know the plugins all these different plug ins.

Eve Lorgen: The digital devices…on the artificial intelligence ego states and what it’s doing and this goes back to the counterfeit spirits nature which is is basically a psychopathic in nature and lack of a better term but instead of direct interaction with it seeks to copy and it has a whole different function ..
it´s psychopathic but she noted that that it’s a similar thing happening because it’s causing these same behaviors instead of a true interaction and real organic or an action communication right and socializing there tends to be a several levels of communication which is limiting the communication to more not
on not a completely organic level basically .. the counterfeit spirit is getting a better
and better hold on how we operate it’s working through us more heavily I think through the technology but I think that a lot of people who have been born and raised to use the technology they don’t know it’s it’s normal to them to do this they don’t like we knew in the old days what it was like to have real social
circles where we actually had conversations and real organic interactions, we weren’t always on the computer on the cell phone even and it was a different era where we could still interact on a social level but something that I even noticed going to a college and with a lot of more younger people in their 20s and 30s that most of them didn’t really socialize that well and not maybe somebody who’s like their parent right but they were mostly on their cell phones and interacting with texting with each other and not talking, there’s not a lot of..joyfulness or hand-holding or you know like romantic gestures that you would see in college there was like this look of seriousness and look of misery on their face and look of disconnection and
that I won’t say where I went to this college but I was surprised at how they
kept trying to force the students into always doing these group projects because maybe you know these the
teachers or whatever are finding that the the young ones today have a hard time with social interaction and working in groups so they keep forcing them to do these stupid group projects but if you you know get in one of these groups with these young people don’t know how to communicate they don’t know the
social graces they they’re completely rude and… I mean I was actually copmpletely floored at the lack of ability to communicate and interact on a on a effective way to actually get a project done and it was it was completely frustrating on my end I was like you know I like to get things done and you know I’m like
an entrepreneurial spirit where you know I’m driven I want I want to get it done and I’m gonna do it this way and I’m gonna say okay let’s do this this is where we can do it more quickly and they’re just like looking at me like I’m crazy.“

„James Bartley ET Encounters in Silicon Valley, Staged Dreams, Underground Bases & AI1/2“

James Bartley: simply because I’m open-minded I’m interested in all kinds of different things and then much later down the track after I came back from Germany in 1990 I had a series of full-blown encounters and then I did what I call a life review and I realized that intermittently throughout my life nosebleeds when I was a boy waking up when I was a young boy with my jammies inside out and backwards and my underwear inside out and backwards and a little the booties I wore those onesie pajamas gray pajamas I look like Bugs Bunny without the ears right and the bottoms of the booties have beneath my feet I would wake up in the morning
there would be dirt stickers and mud sometimes as if I’d been outside during the night and my family would find me many times anywhere but where they had put me to sleep , it was just that the stupid ETS would never return me properly to where I needed to be and so when I did that life review upon returning from Germany in 1990 and I thought about all the alien of dreams I’ve had the UFO dreams I actually ran away from a UFO abduction and in the late 70s early 80s ..

James Bartley: but what happened was Silicon Valley corporations began dumping a lot of their toxic swell into the the canals and creeks and whatnot and pretty soon all that wildlife died out but getting back to your question Dean do I think that there’s a connection between the et presence in the South Bay and the fact that law Apple another one Apple computers started there right IBM Apple computers is all there right so I do think there’s definitely connection because it’s been alleged for example that Apple computers was passed on Alien Technology by the military industrial complex and they were asked to see what they can do with this technology and I just did this commentary last week about AI right and how Apple is coming out with this new new and improved AI like we really need some more of it..

James Bartley: yes they are are all coming out of that area so if there’s going to be a place where recovered alien technology back engineered technology think of the late philip corso lieutenant colonel philip corso who claimed he was with army research and development and i have no reason to doubt him all these blowhards in the field people like Stanton Friedman and others just say oh you know there’s no proof blah blah blah quack-quack-quack right now it makes perfect sense that they would seed this recovered technology to the corporations because ultimately the corporations owned it anyway because the corporation’s own the military, the Stanton Freedmen’s of the world they can’t figure this out right he made this one idiotic comment about well whoever whatever nation controls alien technology will control the world, what nations? The powers-that-be don’t see nations, the tptb see only one global entity which they are in control of they don’t think in terms of nation-states we do because we believe in sovereignty and and nationhood etc etc ..and we used to have pride in our countries until social engineers got involved see that’s just an ignorant statement when he says the country ie I guess he’s thinking about the u.s. that controls alien technology will one day control the world right but as you know it’s got nothing to do with countries so what they’ve done in order to create this artificial intelligence influence world is seed alien technology
through the corporation’s just as lieutenant the late lieutenant colonel Philip Corso talked about okay and I knew about Philip Corso before he became public with his revelations in his book because of my studies of special operations of black ops and MIS missing-in-action POWs that were left over and long before Laos in Cambodia and Vietnam there were so many that were lost and left over from the tail end of World War two on the Korean War. I heard about Philip Corso testifying before Congress about MIA issues that’s where
I first heard about him so he was plugged in at a very high level to all kinds of Secrets right and so when he comes along later on talking about how Roswell Technology and the like was seeded into industry by the military that makes perfect sense to me and there’s no better place to do that than Silicon Valley, so I definitely think and also when you consider Dean that okay if you’re just going to take a
cross-section of society a swath of society if you will how many of those engineers how many of those technicians in Silicon Valley are alien abductees themselves my mentor Barbara Bartlett
debriefed a headhunter for a Silicon Valley firm his job is to go out and recruit people for his particular
Silicon Valley firm, he himself was a meth addict and he was being messed with by greys and other entities in fact they they manipulated him into watching child pornography right because they got it into his head and they changed around his liberal circuitry etc etc via the meth right so that’s a classic example of someone who works in Silicon Valley who is under Millian alien influence to the point where he
was watching child porn right so we must never forget the potential that exists for non-human life-forms to work through their hybridized alien abductees seeted throughout society but in particular in
places like Silicon Valley and the military industrial complex in general and there’s no telling what kinds of ideas that would be implanted into these people’s minds in use like fashions so yeah a long-winded answer Dean I absolutely feel that the this is the absolutely feel that the this is the growth of Silicon Valley has everything to do with this alien presence and also I talked about some of those agencies
and like Lockheed missile and space and the NSA tracking facility in NASA Ames…et cetera et cetera..all those places at some level are deeply involved in or influenced by this non-human alien presence.

„Dean: That´s very interesting. I mean when you use your computers you don´t consider that the processor inside has Alien Technology.“

James Bartley: Yes, when you look at for Alien Technology yes when you look at for example what philip corso mentioned right the things we take for granted today the night-vision goggles actually was the result of analysis and back-engineering of those black eye pieces that some of the ETS have over their eyes, they realized through analysis that those black eye pieces allow the ETS to be able to see better in the dark right and also the recovered foil like metals in the Roswell Debris field how it had tensile memory
it could be crushed up into a ball and then you’d you open your hand up and it was flattened itself out like water and nowadays they have like alloys that have tensile memory and then they talked about some of the the tube like things they found in the debris field which sounds a lot like what you would call fiber optics today right and there are people out there the cherry pickers you know the they come from the Oh all roads lead back to the Germans as far as advanced technology is concerned which I think is nonsense right I’m not discounting the Germans had connections with ETS from Aldebaran etc etc I believethat’s quite possible indeed likely but the notion that all this advanced technology the Roswell craft crash
retrieval etc is all merely the recovery of of German technology is patently absurd and what that what the cherry pickers do is they they look for in broad outline technology that the Germans were working on and say oh look this is reminiscent to what they found in the Roswell debris field ergo that must prove that that was actually a German craft that was recovered in Roswell because the Germans were working on the same thing who’s to say that the aliens weren’t implanting similar thoughts to the German engineers and German electrician’s, technicians and engineers and that doesn’t explain away all the bodies that were found living and dead in Roswell as well as well as unusual strange nature of the technology so you know I just want to put the bed this and people can believe whatever they want right but I look at credibility who has more credibility y.. the people that were at Roswell and at the various other bases right field who’d seen alien bodies who seen the alien technology or these people that show up decades later saying that it was all a hoax or it was you know some misidentification of a missile or some other nonsense, but anyway that yeah yeah Dean I do believe that there’s definitely a connection.

James Bartley: I’d look up and there would be a series of craft flying through the sky slowly and what they had an internal light source so that would kind of pulse like a pulsing light source that reminded me
of like a heartbeat for some reason and they would glow from the inside and they have this internal light source that pulse and they would be in different shapes and it was like a black exterior and this light source would pulse inside of them giving me the impression these
crafts were actually real but as I stood below and looked up and watched it I realized it was the same craft over and over like the same several craft of different shapes that would pass by in
my field of vision it was like they were just showing me something for some reason so the point of relevance team is that okay that’s clearly a dream where some external source was pumping these
images into my mind to elicit a kind of an emotional psychological reaction and response within me and compare that to how the dreams are for most people just a series of juxtaposed images and don’t
really have any coherence or any kind of internal consistency right so that’sjust the dreams now as far as the physical experiences are concerned what happens sometimes is and many researchers talk about this we are left with physical after-effects physical marks if you will like one can have a dream about ETS coming into their bedroom and seeing like a bright light or a light coming through a window coming down through the ceiling coming through the wall and seeing in the ETS manifests in a number of ways they can
come in like in a big glowing orb and then the orb takes shape and turns into one or more
little greys or little kiti’s other times you’re just brought right through the ceiling
well it’s happened to me many times like well it floated right through the ceiling but what
the case maybe you may wake up with a fragmented memory of the experience or it may manifest to you the memories in the morning as a dream like well that was a crazy dream last night of these little beings coming in my bedroom at cetera et cetera but there are at times telltale after-effects there are scars
there are scoot marks I’ve got a triangular mark on my one of my knees and on my other knee I have a scoot mark and you can leave like burn marks what seemed to be burn marks which paradoxically there’s no discomfort so where these marks are I’ve had a very dark like magenta red kind of irregularly shaped mark on my arms before and you would think man that you know it looks like it hurts but no it didn’t and then mysteriously in a day or two they were gone and I’ve woken up with with patterns triangular marks not
only triangular shape marks but a number of marks arranged in a triangular pattern now the triangle seems to be a symbol of I believe the symbol the reptilians because what people perceive to be a triangle I think they’re actually looking at a trikona and when you think of the ancient hindu ..and the Hindu cosmology a trikona is what we would call an inverted pyramid or inverted triangle, so when people look at this mark on their arm or their leg: oh that’s a triangle well what if it’s a trikona and a trikona symbolizes the
Kundalini serpent energy okay tip there right so you know look at that term Trikona and so one can find after-effects, marks and also there’s the fact that sometimes you’re physically missing right someone will go into your bedroom lock on your bedroom door and you’re just not there it’s because the ETS have
coming taking you away they’ve floated you through the ceiling it floated you through a window opened up a portal or just teleported you right out of there all right so there’s a number of ways people can can determine if something is really going on but your question about the screen memories is important too
because goes back to knowing your own mind right okay what constitutes like a regular dream and what constitutes a more elaborate stylized highly symbolic externally imposed stage-managed dream
and it’s the same way with the screens right because sometimes what they deal
with the screen memories Dean what they do is they have a way of plugging into our information field our memory banks if you will and knowing the people the animals the places you’ve been that you’ve interacted with people places and things right so what they used to do with me because you know I’ve had dogs
you know different stages of my life what they would do is they would make me think I was playing with one of my with my dogs in the past for example my third German Shepherd Mac right the reptilians would have him come into my dream or the image of Mac and it was what I call a stage-managed dream I’d be playing and
wrestling and rolling around the ground with Mac but really what it was it was a means but for by the reptilians to explain away the part of my mind that was still conscious the physical sensations I was feeling because they were touching me prodding me rolling me around and so they created this dream
theater in my mind of you know me playing with Mac which explained the physical sensations the sense tactile feelings right …

James Bartley: … preying mantises .. regular-sized preying mantises insects they figure prominently in the experiences of people who really have Mantis ET experiences but getting back to the overgrown mantis beings they are renowned for manipulating the part of our mind and …so we’re flooded with these energetic
waves and it varies from feeling love coming out of them oh I felt so much love coming out of this overgrown insect right or conversely they can exude this energy which is perceived by the
abductee as emissions all-knowing, all-wise, coming out of the Mantis being and you often hear this with people and don’t know any better because they get caught up in all the above the emotions, the emotional aspect of it they’ll tell you I felt such wisdom and such knowledge and such love coming out of
this overgrown bug, this mantis being right but really is just a manipulation is this an illusion it’s just the energy utilizing either a superior brain power or technology to manipulate our physiology are indoctrinating our glandular system, our neurology and make us think that it’s just full of love and
full of wisdom right and some of the smaller tannish ETS are known to do this to where they can just exude this kind of aura of love justice love love love and the point of relevance folks is okay
those are fake implanted feelings don’t get caught up in them go with what your heart center tells you and say even if you get caught up momentarily in the midst of the experience with a whole you know although the love-bombing right, afterwards you can sit and ask yourself a simple yes-or-no question, were those
entities deceptive were they making me feel all this you know lovey dovey stuff and you tune in to your heart center and your heart center will tell you, it’ll give you a simple yes/no answer a
discordant kind of you know feeling in your heart center is a no, a pleasant kind of heart energetic sensation is a yes, so after the fact you can ask your heart center which is connected to
source and connected the Oversoul it’ll tell you and so it’s important not to get caught up in the emotional thing and also the ego activation, the entities always strive to activate your ego right,
make you feel special again there’s an emotional component and if you’re someone who’s come from a shame base as we just about all of us have a shame-based background and maybe there’s been a lot of trauma unremembered trauma from previous EP abductions etc and also if there is trauma, psychological and physical trauma from your upbringing whether it is from you know abusive narcissistic, narcissistic family members abusive narcissistic people outside of the family whatever the case may be all of that will work against you and so when the ETS come along and try to activate your ego until you’re special and pat
you on the head and and leave you with feel-good memories right this should never be an incongruent aspect to it because what happens sometimes what I’ve observed with these people only believe
they’ve only had positive encounters with positive ETS is when one starts mentioning negative eg encounters and oh boy don’t mention reptilians..the love and light… just the subject matter the reptilians trigger the hell out of them that is a red flag if there is grounded and centered and heart centered as
they claim to be it will not derive around hey claim to be it will not derive a negative reaction oh don’t talk about that that’s too negative or I don’t believe reptilians exist or you’re just a fear-based person that’s outward projection from people that have been severely damaged and traumatized and
haven’t worked with an inner shadow and have not processed all that trauma right, so that is a red flag if they start acting out and responding negatively and also there are more subtle ways they can respond like you start talking about alien abduction experiences, you know the painful medical procedures and psychological mucking around they do the alien love bite et cetera et cetera they either get agitated or they you know reach for a cigarette and light one up or they get up and walk away , they start falling asleep those are all triggered program responses , warm and fuzzy ETS wouldn’t program people to respond in
that way, so that that’s a red flag and also you know before this first segment is over another aspect of this is the importance of listening to one’s own self. I talked about the heart center
right but we do pick up energies we do detect energies with our energetic field with our physical body and so we have to start to learn what our body physical body and what our energetic body and what our heart center is trying to tell us if we feel a discordant rumbling in our in our solar plexus if we need to
pay attention to that if we start to get a prodromal feeling like you know as it gets closer to nightfall and we’re getting ready for bed we start to feel anxious and and you know ,start to feel anxiety, start to feel nervous, we need to pay attention to that, it may mean that these ETS, these negative ETS are tuning in to us and may be coming for us and try to abduct this or manipule us and it must be understood folks but a lot of these abducting ETS will abduct this and mess with us right in our own bedrooms..
While David Jacobs of the world..hammer you repeatedly with notions of you driving along it along at night and the abducting you etc etc and seeing aliens next to your parked car well that happens too but just as often they’ll mess with you in your own bedroom so if you do encounter beings and you’re curious as to their intentions right the craft of intelligence is determining the intentions and capabilities of a foe or
a potential foe so if their love bombing you if they’re trying to make you feel special and activate your ego, all of those are red flags on the other hand if these are et races that are trying to
help you when you’re going through like periods of crisis, that are reminding you of some kind of destiny or trying to remind you that your experiences with negative ETS are real, but they’re not the only ETS out there, that there are good ETS, these good ETS will show you symbolic imagery in the dreams, they will take you on higher dimensional excursions and show you things, but again you have to be discerning because
negative ETS will do the same thing so you have to ask yourself after all is said and done well that really
interesting mystical experience I had last night when was that with goody tease baddie
tease or you know what’s the deal go within ask your heart center to come up with an energetic EA or nay answer and it’ll let you know and also there are certain grounding tools you can use like
ten certain tensors and certain stones like hematite when you work with them they’re very good at keeping you embodioed, keeping you grounded and that helps you to plug into your Heart Center even more.

PS: This Topic triggers the Aggressive A.I. and the Cyberterror faction of the Shadow Government.

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These Beings Came Through The Walls“ – My First ET Contact

„These Beings Came Through The Walls“ – My First ET Contact“

„Am 26.07.2016 veröffentlicht
Lisa is a Intuitive Specialist and Transformational Coach with a busy practice in Idaho, USA, and internationally via Skype. Throughout her life Lisa recalls experiences with Extraterrestrial beings on many different levels of contact. Some are of a physical, 3-Dimensional level, experienced through her physical senses when awake and fully conscious. Others are experienced more on an energetic plain of consciousness, while still others can be described as multi-dimensional communications.

Lisa feels a strong kinship and sense of community with these ET beings, so much so that she describes them like family.

While it may be difficult for many people to distinguish between one’s own thinking and imagination, or that of a conscious connection to more subtle levels of consciousness and life, let alone extraterrestrial and inter-dimensional beings, Lisa has made it her life work to open up to these possibilities and communicate them to others.

Says Lisa, „I want people to know its alright to talk about this and to stop being afraid of the stigma of; ‚you’re crazy’… This is more normal than people want to admit.“

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Healing and Spirit | Gigi Young

„Healing and Spirit | Gigi Young“
„David Jacuk
I walked in the darkness for many years and after an NDE and a trauma based awakening I wouldn’t have thought in a million years I could have felt the way I do now. After so so much continuous work on the soul itself different avenues of perception are arising. I feel so much love in my heart for all !“
„Tony Rain
?In my humble opinion we must break our addiction to the electrical grid that is our sword that we „live by“ the old saying goes..“
For me spirit has to do with energy and decisions, soul has to do with memories and emotions. Soul being more passive and spirit more active. I believe in Egyptian it was Ka-spirit, and Ba-soul. Thank you for sharing your energy with us Gigi.
vor 6 Tagen“
„Lisa Williams
After a massive awakening, where I was suddenly aware of higher realms, fully one with spirit, I was attacked by someone who was not who they said they were, put in a psych ward and drugged against my will. It killed the newfound connection to psychic abilities, shut down my 3rd eye, all the bliss of Unity Consciousness is gone now. How could finally finding the perfect harmony with mind , body and higher self lead to more darkness than ever before? Now in so much pain and sorrow, traumatized after seeing how we are all truly meant to live. Dark Night of the Soul and PTSD for over a year, lost everything, living with family who caused so much trauma growing up. It feels like my soul shattered and went somewhere esle, trapped away from me. How to heal from this? I have no strength left to fight any more, just want to die to return home.
vor 5 Tagen (bearbeitet)“
Remark from ConspiracyRevelation:
That is the standard procedure of the Corporate Crime Syndicate Shadow Government Mk Ultra Medical CoIntelPro NWO SRA Zionazis to quell the mass spiritual awakening…and counter the renewal of society and ascension of the world.
The moment your 3rd eye opens the horde of darkness will appear also… it seems to be a critical phase of awakening and ascension and they will see it on their multi-dimensional radar systems too…
Peyton Ashley
This message is synchronistic for me! Spirit has kiss my heart and has radiated through my whole body again and this video validated that experience for me! ?
vor 6 Tagen“

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Alert Tension Rising As Russia Deploys Tu-160 Bombers To Venezuela

„Alert Tension Rising As Russia Deploys Tu-160 Bombers To Venezuela“
„Armando Gonzalez
Venezuela leader is dumb to help Putin, O well he will learn in the end when Russia lashes back at Venezuela without notice ..idiot’s ??:
„James Havlin
Don’t for get about all the corporations from America trying to destabilize Venezuela.“
„Воин Викинга
poor latin country will never have a chance to fight a poor fight much less American missiles!! Putin is a good hearted person, he wants to help everyone but this one, does not have any remedy.“
„get saved:
If they can already hit USA with nuclear missile in 20 minutes, how are these bomber any more of a threat? I suppose because it’s visible; beyond that, what difference does it really make? You’d have a better chance of knocking a bomber down then hitting an ICBM!“

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One World Order Signs Deal To Eliminate All Nations’ Borders…Sovereignty Lost!

„One World Order Signs Deal To Eliminate All Nations’ Borders…Sovereignty Lost!“
„You think we have border control issues, you haven’t seen anything yet. Behind the scenes, the One World Order (aka United Nations) has been working to tear down all borders, in every nation! Their order has now been signed by the majority of Nations around the world.
The U.S. is one of the last holdouts. To sign the deal means your sovereignty is lost forever…but it appears the Global agenda has taken over the minds of the majority of the world.
God Speed and God Bless,
Last Days Warrior.“
“ Marie John 3:16
They want to turn America into a hell hole that is the plan embrace folks it’s going to get very ugly. This plan is diabolic it will usher in the anti Christ I believe. The united nations is one evil, satanic organization this is a FACT. Thank you Justus. I am disgusted with what is happening. Great report friend.“
„L Harrill: The UN and the EU are terrorist organizations. Both should be destroyed.“
„Dalila Orellana: conspired to kill Jesus Christ, they will not do with us!?! Wake up people!!!!!!!!!!“

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Global Gestapo 8: The Planned Takeover of Society & What We Can Do About It

„Global Gestapo 8: The Planned Takeover of Society & What We Can Do About It“

I can assure you God is watching….and this one Triggers the highest one with a direct spirit reaction. They will have to pay for their „unsustainable“ – most cruel – evil deeds.

„Eric Karlstrom: Yes, they especially hate Christ.. they crucified him… actually they got the Romans to crucify him for them I mean that’s how they do it that that Prime Minister of Malaysia
said the Jews rule the world by proxy they get others to do their killing and dying for them so you know always this hidden power that they’ve got the hidden hand.. the deep state the hidden
hand you know but it’s very complex because it’s it’s got its tentacles in so many mainstream organizations like FBI CIA a DoD DHS you know your local police department neighborhood watch
and the suckers .. the perpetrators who wind up getting pulled into this system thinking they’re going to make a little bit of money you know they’re I would add to your comments about
religion I would add that most of the world’s people believe in an afterlife you know and then not that that proves that are not proves it but I think there is I think there is heaven I
think there is hell and these people are going to hell I mean you you can’t be a professional harasser, torturer, a murderer on any scale and not go to hell. I mean if there’s a just God in Heaven.

Ramola D: but do you see the US Navy is trying to command all dimensions as well you know Heaven and Hell included, the astral realms included, well if you look at Project Star Gate, if you look at some of the documents actually you know and if you look at some if you read some of the documentation you will see there is experimentation and intention at least of traversing the boundaries
between life and death as we know it’s they are interested in breaking the boundaries between this dimension that we all live in this planet that we all live in that we understand is life and
going beyond that to.. breaking through to other dimensions you see and understanding for instance the astral realm .. this comes from Eastern cultures as well as from what I think they’ve come to understand that we all have an energy body or a Lightbody and an astral body that actually moves out of our physical being during dreams, so people who are psychic in particular will speak in terms of an astral body and will speak in terms of an astral realms, and say that part of what these guys are doing the DoD, the U.S. DoD in particular has been and by the way dr. Rauni Kilde talks about
this in her books as well they are there too they have been trying over time to break through into that realm and … work in astral realms as well so as you know many people report
electronic dreams now we have dreams bumped into our brains at night and according to the traditional theory of dreams it’s that your astral being actually travels out of your physical body into into into a different dimension now whether you believe there’s an order understand it or not in those terms I think it’s okay if you do it down because when we look at what’s
going on if if if the military if the U.S. Navy is indeed so interested in corralling the whole of life reality the universe as we know it then .. that’s interesting in itself to
find that out, I think, and that’s the kind of information that comes to us when you look at some of these documents, they have an interest you know and they’ve been working in that realm
and as you know project Stargate talks about all the paranormal phenomenon you know they’ve been doing things like remote viewing working with Uri Geller you know the bending of spoons, telekinesis, clairvoyance, all of these different things that are sort of in the realm of you know psychic awareness or parapsychology phenomena which the Russians actually have been studying for
a very long time.. so both the Russians and the Americans have been studying it the CIA and also through the DOD.

Eric Karlstrom: they were actually hiring psychics and offering courses in these kinds of things at the one university you know to to make it a legitimate academic field which of course they
always kind of try to do.“


Ramola D Reports:
Livestream vor 7 Stunden:
Dr. Eric Karlstrom discusses further the planned takeover of society over time by various factions including banksters, Globalists, Satanists and Babylonian Zionists, and we relate present circumstances of targeting and social oppression in our communist USSA to historic situations and extensions via Tavistock, the Nazis, Paperclip, the CIA, MK ULTRA, and so on.

We also discuss briefly what any of us can do about all of this, and encourage people to take action and speak out and register disagreement on large issues locally at the level of city councils and county governments.


„Ramola D: They don’t have the manpower to actually on the ground effect this kind of control but they have done it through proxy by taking over communities societies cities and states.

Eric Karlstrom: They have weaponized Society, they have weaponized society at a level where it’s hard to imagine that it could be restored to decency, civility too, because now the rule is you know „nastiness goes“ yeah them nasty what we need to do is understand this more and and we have weaponized society and that has been the intent of the people the Illuminati you know puppet masters at the top.

Ramola D: The Satanizing of society, society is being Satanized… each against the other.

Eric Karlstrom: It’s being weaponized, criminalized and satanized and you can see it, you can feel it and it’s horrendous and again I have doing a lot of research on this. I have five websites now, they are gang stalking mind-control cults dot com… it’s always infiltrate, contaminate, appropriate, eliminate.

Infiltrate, contaminate..just make it as ugly ans messy and yucky as you can… so you want to get from it and then take it over now it’s yours… and Trump here’s the swamp. I mean Trump’s being led by the Zionist Neocons What the Preston James called the International Zionist criminal syndicate: IZCS. I called it the Judeo Masonic Satanists, there’s another guy who wrote a book name’s Marcus Raybock, it’s called the cult, because of the cult of Judah, you can trace it back 3,000 years. This is a three thousand year program to take over the world and they’re very close and you know so we can’t be pussyfooting around oh you can’t say that James.
There is a Jewish conspiracy against all nations says…Paris 1917… okay I say that, I’m an anti-semitic conspiracy theorist, but here’s a Jew saying it he says it occupies almost everywhere the avenues of power, a double assault of Jewish Revolution and Jewish finance, revolution and finance, pressure from above from the width of Finance, pressure from below with the street revolutionaries…and the Jews will be the Masters of the world.. in the program June 1921…

Eric Karlstrom: very interesting dynamic very complex a serious spell a racial delusion of superiority has been cast on many judaics no matter where they live but especially so among those living in Greater Israel or the Luciferian hex flag flies that’s this quote-unquote Star of David it’s actually the start of remphan which is the most occult symbol whether true or not top zionists leaders believe this hex flag signifies the merger of demonic fallen angel beast bloodlines from above bred with human female bloodlines below they believe this makes them the chosen ones okay now we’re talking about genetic hybrids we’re talking about Nephilim which are mentioned in chapter 6 of the book of Genesis when supposedly the fallen angels came down and they found some of the daughters of men to be fair and they bred with them and they produced this race, this hybrid race and supposedly the whole story is that God sent the flood .. the Biblical Flood to remove all this bad DNA but they persisted the Nephilim persisted and of course you can make interesting speculations that the Nazis with all of their you know mind control and just savage brutal medical experimentation in the concentration camps that they were actually they were looking for this this this DNA hybrid this Superman Übermensch they talked about it and Hitler thought this was that this was the most important part about world war two is developing the ubermensch well the ubermensch then you could look at as these programmed fragmented MKULTRA type people who are you know programmed by robot slaves or you could also look at it from the point of view yes they’re programmed by a robot slaves fragmented personalities from all the trauma-based mind control torture that was done to them but they’re also genetically different they are now hybrid they’ve got some you know whatever demonic fallen angel beast bloodlines from above in them, okay so this is the meaning of according to it to this Preston James I’m sure he is not a Jew… this sounds nuts ..ten years ago I wouldn’t have given it much thought to it ….whether we want to be part of this process
or not Ramola you and I may be part of this and since they may be trying to do to us electromagnetically what they did in the 50s and 40s and 60s with MKULTRA with trauma-based mind control torture rape.

Ramola D: Karl Clark…he’s one whistleblower who has stated that the CIA mossad all of these intelligence agencies are very interested in genetics in the genetics of everybody in the DNA of everybody that’s the first thing they go after they go after your blood to try to find out what your DNA is and what your genetic ancestry is and I’ve always wondered why why on earth would they be so worried about the the ancestry and can the DNA indeed reveal all that but apparently well now I’ve learned that yes the DNA can reveal a great deal and you know can reveal the ways in which over time humans have come together yeah and with our with our bioengineering you know genetic engineering we can now insert the gene from from a shrimp into a strawberry and make it redder unless you know lasts longer-..
China’s doing it now.. that the DoD did it 20-50 years ago you know I mean

Eric Karlstrom: It´s an outpost, it´s an illuminati outpost, it was Nixon and Kissinger went there in
1973 or whatever to open up China well they took control of it, the American corporate sector took control of it and that is their their demonstration of a slave Society..

Ramola D: Literally, they could model humans for compliance, passivity low brainpower ,right, low empathy low compassion everything..but they could create the virtual slave with the human body.

Eric Karlstrom: absolutely and immortality for themselves and that’s what they’re after…

Ramola D: It falls very perfectly into that little DSM category persecution you know delusions of
persecution etc..which is how they’ve set it up you see they’ve got the dastardly evil program set up on this side and on the other side they’ve got the DSM and the psychiatrist’s all set up ready to call anybody who reports these crimes a delusive paranoid person who is suffering from delusions of persecution.

Eric Karlstrom: okay so now let me take it back before back to the 1930s when a Jew by the name of L.B..who was the Soviet secret police chief of the Cheka or whatever.. whose supposedly killed millions he said use the courts use the judges use the Constitution of the country use the medical societies and its laws to further our ends do not stint in your labor in this direction and when you have succeeded you will discover that you can now affect your own legislation at will and you can by careful organization by constant campaigns about the terrors of society by pretense as to your effectiveness against those
terrorists make the capitalist himself by his own appropriation financed a large portion of the quiet communist conquest of that nation that has happened.

Ramola D: and that is exactly what has happened it has absolutely happened you’re absolutely right it seems like when we look at the number of laws the legislation the way the mental health system has been set up currently it seems like we have come to a kind of communist state in this country with this kind of setup already.

Eric Karlstrom: but just to talk about the CIA again as a very important you know feature of all of this okay you’ve got mi6 you know CIA comes out of OSS Office of Strategic Services in World War two trained by mi6 then the Nazis come in in 1947 and immediately in 1947 the CIA is making deals with the the Mafia
including .. the Jewish mafia which is the top docks you know there’s a guy camera his name will come
to me in a minute very short guy „yeah we mostly hear about the Italian mafia in this country, we don’t hear so much about the Jewish mafia“ that’s another cover story you know we all thought the Godfather was great and and you know but the Italian mafia is subsidiary to the Jewish mob..

Ramola D: and we got to manufacture money out of thin air and pretend they are associated with the federal government…

Eric Karlstrom: and since they have controlled America for over 100 years, America itself has taken on that persona that aspects. America is a criminal syndicate, but we need to understand it it wasn’t always controlled by these factions, these are the Fifth Column enemy Trojan horses that have come into America and taken it over and use it as a playset and just like dr. Rauni Kilde said you know the elite used the nation states, they used the Britain the British Empire was was the front for the Jewish bankers before that for the previous three or four hundred years destroyed your country or at least went a long way towards that India you know establishing the Raj and and just you know just stealing all of the resources it did the same with China you know in the opium wars, so America and Britain are one in the same at the top levels I mean it’s the anglo-american Empire it has, its death squads..Operation Condor…“

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Deep Underground Military Bases and Americas 14,000 mph secret transit system

„posted on Mar, 24 2008:
As some of you might know the U.S. is rumored to have a secret highspeed „VHST“(very high speed tranist system).It is used from anywhere to shuttling workers around secret underground bases, to use by favored corporations, shadow government personal, black ops,etc. It is rumored to cruise at speeds of 14,000 mph!! Making a trip from L.A. to N.Y. in 21 minutes!!!

Government whistleblowers and retired military personnel have publicly stated that during their employment they observed that our government has a massive network of tunnels, with super velocity trains, linking secret underground bases. (Thomas Castello, the former Dulce Base security officer, reported to an associate that Dulce had a tube-shuttle station linked to several other secret underground bases.)

At first hearing, these statements seem too far-out to be true. We’ve all seen television shows about tunnels and they always show how expensive, dangerous, and disastrous near-surface tunnel construction can be. So, obviously an undertaking such as constructing a massive, sci-fi-like network of underground tunnels would take too much money and hundreds of years to build! NOT SO, say scientists!

In 1972, Robert M. Salter, lead scientist with the Rand Corporation, announced during an interview with LA Times science writer George Getz, that a high speed system could be built using existing (1972) technologies. He also stated that the system should be built for environmental and economic reasons. What kind of speeds was he talking about? Try 10,000

Let´s get this in the public-this will solve all our energy/transportation problems RIGHT NOW! Entrances?
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„Deep Underground Military Bases (Great Video & Description)“
Am 20.10.2011 veröffentlicht
Unknown to most Americans is a dark secret, and it’s right under our noses. It’s the reality of the existence of DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASES. The America you and your forefathers knew is coming to an end . (more below)

In America alone there are over 120 Deep Underground Military Bases situated under most major cities, US AFBs, US Navy Bases and US Army Bases, as well as underneath FEMA Military Training Camps and DHS control centers. There are also many Deep Underground Military Bases under Canada. Almost all of these bases are over 2 miles underground and have diameters ranging from 10 miles up to 30 miles across!

They have been building these bases day and night, unceasingly, since the 1940s. These bases are basically large cities underground connected by high-speed magneto-levity trains that have speeds up to 1500 MPH. Several books have been written about this activity. Richard Souder, a Ph.D. architect, risked his life by talking about this. He is the author of the book, ‚Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide‘. He worked with a number of government agencies on deep underground military bases.

The average depth of these bases is over a mile, and they again are basically whole cities underground. They have nuclear powered laser drilling machines that can drill a tunnel seven miles long in one day. (Note: The September, 1983 issue of Omni (Pg. 80) has a color drawing of ‚The Subterrene,‘ the Los Alamos nuclear-powered tunnel machine that burrows through the rock, deep underground, by heating whatever stone it encounters into molten rock.)

The Black Projects sidestep the authority of Congress, which as we know is illegal. There is much hard evidence out there. Many will react with fear, terror and paranoia, but you must snap out of it and wake up from the brainwashing your media pumps into your heads all day long. Are you going to be a rabbit in the headlights, or are you going to stand up and say enough is enough?

The US Government through the NSA, DOD, CIA, DIA, ATF, ONI, US Army, US Marine Corp, FEMA and the DHS has spent in excess of 12 trillion dollars building the massive, covert infrastructure for the coming One World Government and New World Religion over the past 40 years.“

„LA Times Article Proposes
10,000 MPH Tube-Shuttle Network?

Imagine taking a trip from LA to San Francisco in 21 minutes! While it might sound too incredible to be true, in 1972 scientists publicly stated that it could be built and it should be built.
The following is a quoted article that appeared in the Los Angeles Times newspaper on June 11, 1972. It is an interview with the RAND Corporation’s lead physicist, Dr. Robert M. Salter about the benefit of constructing an underground Very High Speed Transit (VHST) system across the United States. It describes the economical and environmental benefits of subterranean transportation and states that traveling at such amazing speeds can be achieved using conventional (1972) technologies.

Think About It: Our government’s planning for Continuity Of Government (COG) includes underground bunker facilities located across the United States. It only stands to reason that the planners would have also considered how their supply lines could be protected from airborne attack. Someone involved in the planning, after reading the following article, would have realized that an underground VHST tube shuttle system would be perfect for protecting the distribution of vital personnel and supplies …
It’s been over thirty-five years since this concept was first made public. I believe it is time for the Shadow Government to turn over the main lines to the surface population. If rumors are true, the Black Ops could begin using their hidden, „backup“ tube shuttle systems full time instead.
(Bold Type Highlights by John Rhodes) “

„“L.A. to N.Y. in Half an Hour?
10,000 – M.P.H. Tunnel Train Plan Developed
By: Times Science Writer – George Getz

A Rand corporation physicist has devised a rapid transit system to get you from Los Angeles to NY in half an hour for a $50 fair. He said existing technology made such a system feasible and so does a cost analysis. The essence of the idea is to dig a tunnel more or less along the present routes of U.S. highways 66 and thirty. The tunnel would contain several large tubes for East West travel of trains that float on magnetic fields, moving at top speeds of 10,000 mph. Passengers would faced forwarded during acceleration, backward during deceleration. According to R. M. Salter Jr. head of the physical sciences department at Rand, the idea of high-speed train travel using electromagnetic suspension was first put forward in 1905 and actually patented in 1912. The trains he suggested now would be single cars rather than actual trains, and would be big enough to carry both passengers and freight, including large containers and automobiles.“

Could Carry Automobiles

The cars, or gondolas, would leave the New York and Los Angeles terminals at one minute or even 30 second intervals. On the main line their would be intermediate stops at Amarillo and Chicago. Feeder lines would meet the main lines at both locations. Their would also be subsidiary lines coming into the two main terminals from such cities as San Francisco, Boston and Washington. The main idea of VHST, or Very High Speed Transit, developed originally in thinking about the satellite program and hyper sonic aircraft speeds.“ Salter said in an interview at Rand. „The underground tubes were for suggested as alternatives… but it was soon apparent that the idea of a tunnel containing such tubes had a lot of real advantages.“ he said.

Conservation of Energy

In the first place, he explained there is the extremely important matter of the use and conservation of immense amounts of energy needed to move the vehicles at such great speed. „An airplane that travels faster than sound uses up a large part of its available energy supply just in climbing to an altitude where the speeds for which it is designed are possible.“ Salter said. „That’s true of rockets too. Much of their energy is spent and lost forever and getting above the atmosphere.“ This would not be true for the VHST gondolas traveling on their electromagnetic rail beds, according to Salter. The tubes would be emptied of air, almost to the point of vacuum, so the trains would not need much power to overcome air resistance. They would not even have to be streamlined. In addition to an electromagnetic roadbeds, the opposing electromagnetic loops of wires in the floors of the gondolas would be super cooled with liquid Helium to further eliminate electrical resistance.

Breaking Generates Power

Just as important, the gondolas would, like old-fashioned trolley cars, generate power as they break to a stop. „Since the trains would be leaving New York and Los Angeles simultaneously every minute, the power generated by cars breaking coming into the terminal would be transferred to the power lines propelling the cars going the other way.“ „For example, there will be halfway points between each stop. Trains would use power and getting to that halfway point, and generate power going the other half of the way to the stop. Each would use power generated by trains going in the other direction.“ That is the way trolley cars have operated for eighty years – taking power from the overhead lines while accelerating or running along at a steady speed, and putting power back into the lines while breaking or coasting. The big drawback to the Salter scheme is the cost of tunneling across the nation. … „After the tunneling was finished, everything else would be practically free.“ He said. Even at the low fair he proposes, the enormous debt created by the tunneling would be amortized within a reasonable period if the number of passengers and the amount of freight came up to Salter’s expectations. He figures the tunnel’s would carry seven or 8 million tons of freight a day and that passengers would take to traveling back and forth between the Eastern West Coast has readily as they now fly between San Francisco and Los Angeles. „The technology of this is much easier than was developed for the space program.“

He said this would so reduce resistance that power could be transferred from one end of the country to the other without appreciable loss. At the present time long distance transportation of power is difficult because of the amount of energy wasted. He said laser beams could be carried in the tunnel for the instantaneous transmission of messages. Even the mail could go cross-country in pneumatic tubes carried in the tunnel. All this would save money and speed amortization, thus cutting the overall cost of tunneling. Salter said approximately 8000 miles of tunnel were dug in America and Western Europe in the 1960s. That includes mine shafts. But he said existing tunneling technology could be vastly improved. Salter said many tunnels are dug nowadays almost as they would have been in the dark ages. Drilling holes in tunnel faces, and using machines with rotary bits are methods of tunneling that can be improved, according to him. He said the tunnel could be worked on from a great many „faces,“ for instance. Salter suggested, too, that electronic beams or even water be used to drill holes for blasting. The high-powered electrons would drill blasting holes almost instantaneously.

Travel by Airplane

Projections of future airplane and automobile travels in the United States, and the future train and truck transfer of freight, show that Salter’s tunnel idea is not a science fiction fantasy. There will be more room in the tunnels for all the necessary transport than there will be over any feasible number of Airways and freeways and tracks. Salter’s suggestion, according to the experts who have had a look at it, is an eminently practical one for handling all the necessary traffic cleanly and without clogging up the air and surface pathways. …Salter himself is not optimistic. „Perhaps“ is how he puts it. „I am not nearly so optimistic about the political aspects of the problem as I am about our technical capability of doing the job.“ He said. „History shows that some obviously feasible and practical projects, such as the tunnel proposed over and over again for connecting England and France under the English channel, can be put off for centuries because of political pressure. On the other hand, societies with relatively primitive technology can perform such engineering feats as the erection of impairments.“ Is the VHS T too far out? Salter suggested that to get the right perspective we should look back 100 years.

Comparison Made

By comparing transportation a century ago and transportation today, one gets a better feel for just how practical VHST is. It appears to be a logical next step, and much more practical than its alternatives of filling the highways and Airways with more and more individually guided vehicles. „This alone is a compelling reason for the high-speed system.“ Salter said. There are others, according to him. „We can’t afford any longer to continue indefinitely to pollute the skies with heat, chemicals, not to mention noise, or to carve up the land with pavement.“ He said. „We also need to get the trucks and many of the cars off the highway to make the roads available to drivers who drive the family car for fun and convenience.“

Any Chicago auto accident injury lawyer would agree that there are too many cars on the nation’s roads and highways. The VHST would certainly cut down on auto accidents across the country, not only in an intermediate stop city like Chicago, but also in all cities from Los Angeles to New York.

Originally posted by Mac Harper ATS POST ID 4157501
This secret train system has been around and worked on for quite some time. BTW – Great movie script about it – I’m from West Virginia and all through my life growing up there were rumors about a secret base for government…Well, it turned out to be true. But how do you think the government were going to get there? On he secret rail of course.

Originally posted by Mac Harper ATS POST ID 4162081

The thing is already built. There’s more to go but it works. It may not be as fast as 14,000mph but has been worked on for years. It is geared to sort of replace the airline industry. Private flying and cargo will be just about all that’s in the sky. The rest of us will be riding the tube DEEP below.



„The Very High Speed Transit System (VHST) was a Rand Corporation concept that was presented to the military industrial complex in the 1970′s.

The concept was way ahead of it’s time, exactly what the secret sinister government needed to connect their vast expansions of underground bases throughout the United States and in various regions worldwide.

This could offer an explanation for some of the recent strange sounds and booms across the country.

The late (and presumably murdered) Phil Schneider spoke about what he called an Electro Magneto Leviton Train System that traveled at speeds in excess of Mach 2.

The VHST and its proposed routes, (vast advanced tunnel systems) at the time of it’s conception in the early 1970′s, fit and follow other underground base researchers findings as well as some of my own.“

As the trains reach the speed of sound a sonic boom would be heard and felt, multiple booms could persist in one area as the train reaches the speed of sound at the same point in the tunnel system every trip.

The following article entitled ‘L.A. to N.Y. in Half an Hour? 10,000 – M.P.H. Tunnel Train Plan Developed’, was first published in the year 1972 by the LA Times..“

„This technology is 100% real and fully functional in the present day.“


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AboveTopSecret 2004 & Global Mind Control Slated For Humanity By 2004
posted on Jun, 18 2004 @ 10:34 AM link
…SECRET EXPERIMENTATION ON … CITIZENS A timeline of different experiments involving biological weapons, vaccine and drug testing. Also mentioned are the CIA’s MK ULTRA program, Project Paperclip and evidence that AIDS is the product of the Department of Defense. 2020 NEURAL CHIP IMPLANT The control of crime will be a paramount concern in the 21st Century. We must be ready with our security products when the demand for them becomes popular. Our Research and Development Division has been in contact with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, the California Department of Corrections, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and the Massachusetts Department of Correction to run limited trials of the 2020 neural chip implant. AIDS AS BIOLOGICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE Despite repeated denials from Defense Department officials, allegations persist that AIDS is a genetically altered virus, which has been deliberately released to wipe out homosexuals and/or non-whites in the U.S. and reduce populations in third world countries. LOW-POWER MICROWAVE TESTING CARRIED OUT BY NASA A document from NASA’s online technical document archive reveals low-power microwave testing on rats in the early 1980s which was intended to lead to a form of psychological warfare. Has this project gone „black“? MIND CONTROL WITH SILENT SOUNDS AND SUPER COMPUTERS According to literature by Silent Sounds Inc., it is now possible, using supercomputers, to analyse human emotional EEG patterns and replicate them, then store these „emotion signature clusters“ on another computer and, at will, „silently induce and change the emotional state in a human being“.

Global Mind Control Slated For Humanity By 2004
The Next Revolutionary Battle will be Fought within Your Own DNA

Jume 27, 2001

By Spring 2004, an invasive mind control technology known as a „Frequency Fence“ is slated for implementation onto global society. This Frequency Fence is a bio-neurological, electromagnetic induced form of mind control which will block your higher sensory abilities. A literal „perceptual harness“ or „mental prison“ will be built around you without you even knowing it is happening, and the scariest part is, your five senses will not alert to you that anything is wrong.

All electrical power generating stations, and the appliances that draw power from them will be utilized as a carrier for this electromagnetic distortion. The human body has a natural immunity against such invasion, which the instigators of this technology will repress by introducing a certain organic, elemental compound into the world’s water supply, and by transmitting specific wave spectrums of light directly into the human optical faculties.

Technologies such as broadcast television, and the internet, will be utilized to transmit the specific wave spectrums of light.

Further invasive programming will be subliminally carried through all radio broadcasts, and through the cellular and digital telephone network of towers worldwide. This will serve to enhance this bio-neurological invasion even further. After 6 years, this Frequency Fence will cause a genetic mutation to manifest in the collective human gene pool which will be passed down through pro-creation, thereby permanently scarring humanity.

There is no known technological defense against this invasion and there will be no place to hide. This technology will block your higher sensory abilities which will serve to limit your human potential. The blockage of human intuition or your „gut instinct“ will be just one of many natural abilities which will be impeded. Another will be your ability to commune with your „Higher Self“ or God, systematically cutting you off from your God Source. This is a system that is so insidious that even the elite will be deceived even though some components of this global mind control system are being created by that very elite-unbeknownst to them.

Another aspect of this bio-neurological invasion will be the creation and implementation of „Holographic Inserts“ by 2006. It involves a technology so advanced that three-dimensional reality can be artificially manufactured and inserted right over your present reality scene in a seamless fashion so you will be unable to determine where organic reality ends, and manipulated, artificial reality begins. This could be compared to the „holo-dek“ on the popular television series, Star Trek – The Next Generation, only in this case it’s not science fiction.

The plot thickens, in that the instigators of this coming bio-neurological manipulation are counting on you to not even believe in their existence. They are depending on you to have a kind of mentality which suggests that what you can not see or perceive with your five senses does not exist, and therefore cannot affect you. If you do not know an enemy exists, you will not take measures to protect yourself from it. The reality of the situation is quite the opposite. These forces presently poised against you posses a level of technology which surpasses present earth science. Their bio-neurological invasion can definitely affect you and hinder your evolution as a species in more ways than you can presently comprehend, making them an absolute threat to your overall well-being.

These covert sinister forces are „master geneticists“ who are partially human, partially non-human, and extraterrestrial (ET). Some are genetic half breeds that appear fully human in appearance but in reality are human hybrids of ET origin. If your present belief system limits your ability to accept the possibility of beings from other worlds, simply replace ET with the term demon. Because in all right, what these beings intend to do is nothing less than demonic in the truest sense.

Through the „human elite“ these ET Intruders dominate and control society through such organizations as the Illuminati, Council on Foreign Relations, and the United Nations, to name just a few. These negative factions are largely responsible for the present manipulations humanity is living under. This includes the present „police state“ which has been accelerated to deal with the human resistance factor. It also includes most of the government and quasi-government agencies created in the 20th century.

If you ever wondered how our country, and ultimately our world society became the way it is, all you have to do is look to the ET Intruders who have been playing humanity against itself for countless generations. By keeping humanity divided, it has less time and inclination to notice who the real manipulators are. As long as we are kept busy and economically enslaved, the majority of humanity will not take notice of what’s really important.

What is really important now is understanding as much of the big picture that is possible. This way you can begin to protect yourself from the coming deceptions which are slated to begin in 2004. There is still time for you to intervene on your own behalf and literally make yourself immune to the coming Frequency Fence and Holographic Inserts. There is no known external technological defense, but there is a way that you can accelerate a natural process within your present genetic code so when the bio-neurological manipulations begin, they will not affect you. We possess the most powerful protective „weapon“ of all the human mind/body/spirit organism. We simply need to learn how to use it properly.

The human DNA has a 12 strand potential. Most humans only have strands 1, 2 and 3 fully activated, and strand 4 partially assembled but not yet activated. In order to make yourself „invisible“ to the coming bio-neurological invasion, you must have a minimum of 4 strands fully activated, and strand 5 at least half assembled. This will require a certain level of interpersonal development and acceleration on your part.

There are steps you can take to accelerate the growth of your DNA strands. If you have not already done so, work towards strengthening your personal relationship with God, or your „Higher Power“. Refuse to accept victim consciousness, or ideologies which promote a sense of personal disempowerment. Work to develop your hidden potentials and higher abilities. Take time to examine your personal beliefs about reality. Realize that thoughts are things, literally. Negative thoughts help to generate negative realities. Rigid, dogmatic, fearful, closed-minded beliefs become literal electromagnetic blockages. Learn to think for yourself rather than give your power away to authority figures without question.

Strengthen your mind and exercise your mental muscles. Begin using „mind technologies“ that work to enhance mental and emotional development. Some helpful techniques are meditation, and the use of affirmations, visualizations, self-hypnosis, bio-feedback, and dream reprogramming. All of these activities will help you to strengthen your mind and help you to call your higher potentials into use.

Strengthen your body with exercise and/or yoga. A diet containing less chemical additives, red meats, caffeine, drugs, alcohol, salt, sugar and artificial sweeteners will help immensely. Also try to avoid irradiated and overprocessed foods. The body is also strengthened by conscious breathing and controlled breath exercises.

Learn to heal your past. Holding grudges and resentment against others will only serve to limit your higher development. Work to heal your emotions. Contemporary emotional clearing work can facilitate the releasing of blocked energy centers in the physical body which can serve to rapidly accelerate DNA strand development.

Seriously reevaluate your personal ideas about the issue of ET visitation and support those who are petitioning for the government to release data on UFO activity. Realize that much information regarding these subjects has been purposely withheld from the public… This knowledge now freely circulates within unofficial networks. If you seek out this information you’ll find an overwhelming body of knowledge which supports the premise of an active ET visitation scenario.

Seek to empower yourself through „leading edge“ knowledge, for this will be your greatest asset in this coming confrontation. Use it wisely and share it with others so that a critical mass can be achieved before 2004. If at least 8% of the global population is able to embody 4.5 strands or higher within their operational DNA code, the Frequency Fence and Holographic Insert Technology will be disabled globally, and the Intruder ET’s bio-neurological manipulations will fail.

In order to achieve this 8% goal, everyone who has the calling must work rapidly to embody as many of the aforementioned techniques, or other personal practices which they feel can assist DNA strand development, into their daily practice. The ET Intruders are convinced that collective humanity will not rise to this occasion and succeed in achieving this 8% critical mass by 2004.
[and they were right…remark from]

The .. Revolution was fought and won by a small minority .. who were willing to stand for what they believed in and through this conviction-they prevailed. The ET Intruders may have advanced technology on their side, but they are petrified of the awesome power of the human spirit. This is the very reason why they wish to block our connection to God, because this is where we draw our greatest power from.

Many of you have already taken steps in reclaiming your personal sovereignty by refusing to accept so-called government benefits in place of God-given rights, and through the process of Redemption. The next level of your awakening is to take the necessary steps to ensure that your spiritual sovereignty is not stolen away from you-forever!

Rev. Terry-ana Robinson, MC

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Gangstalkers living in a own slavement game. TI are no slaves

„Gangstalkers living in a own slavement game. TI are no slaves“
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„Just imagine you in a simulation in a it’s some kind of a dream and they’re manipulating the things that happen to you in this dream from another dimension with a machine
and they’re inserting things… and the people that are doing all this they think that they’re at the top of the food chain and they’re being handled and they’re being made to
do all this they don’t even know it but they’re the buttons are being pushed and they were they’re part of the high they have no will of their own anymore
so they just have to do what they’re programmed to do and that’s what they’re doing so they have no freedom but they delight and then when you’re scared
thank God I think he’s talking about me you know all the way across town here I don’t know me hearing it’s like they knew I’d be here or something how could
they coordinate that ..are they following me no man you’re on The Truman Show buddy they’re controlling the whole thing from off camera that’s it hello it’s not contiguous it’s it’s it says
make believe here…I already know.. well, how do you know? Oh, you’re dealing with another world that knows a lot of things you don’t know and you never get an answer from that person because it would be illegal for them to say anything even if they did it wouldn’t make sense because it’s multi-dimensional they would just say it’s your choice to be miserable
don’t you understand it’s your freewill choice to be miserable and I’m saying well, what did I choose that’s make you be miserable?.. and then of course you’ll get
no answer because the fact of the matter is you know most people in that situation have not made a choice they’re in the valley of decision they haven’t
chosen they don’t believe there’s a matrix there with the devil running it and that most of their friends are part of they don’t believe that they don’t
believe it, they don’t believe it then they wind up targeted and then skies the bank it’s the dentist it’s them there’s nowhere they can go there’s nowhere they
can run to know where they can hide it’s coordinated that it doesn’t matter what person you run into they’re all part of it is it billions? I’ve flown thousands
of miles away only to have the bartender and hotel somewhere else say we know who you are? ,,, things like that and then act like hello Mr. bartender…
that button was pushed: he said what he said .. but the point is it scared you didn’t it? It altered your course didn’t it? It did harm to you didn’t it?
It’s been a plague to you hasn’t it? It never seems to stop, they kept messing with you and messing with you and your life has been ruined and you haven´t slept, haven´t you?
…and everything is just wrecked and nobody you can trust all the old friends you have there they’re not trustworthy anymore either there’s nowhere to go it’s just terrible!!!
So I think we’ve exhausted this topic there is only one solution and no as far as Dr. Hall concerning said that usually you’re not going to get out of it he wanted me to be in kind of joining the community because I’m not going to get out of it he said, you know once they got you in their system they just keep as if it’s some kind of terrestrial thing and you know that’s where we disagree and I don’t know where is that now he may be completely you know evolved on it I don’t know all I know is what I know and my result has been great..I acted
on my result, it has been great knows I acted on what I know and then what I know is proven to be true and workable and the practical and that’s why I’m laying on you because you know I’ve been set free by the Lord and no I never heard any more Navy fight songss or anything else he said I’m going to hear those for the rest of my life..I need group support..and they had all kinds of songs and things in their head …. they never get over it again, this ruins lives, I mean these people have died they committed suicide they’ve they’ve had car accidents I mean that’s what happens when a when a child of God puts them back on their heels because they know what’s wrong what they’re doing they’re looking for an excuse to punish themselves because they feel guilty
don’t you understand that? That´s why the criminals always get caught so when you put them back on their heels meaning you can see any of their lives they’re not they you know
what happens to them how the Lord uses us as we tag them and then once they’re tagged their own people reject them they might even become TI’s themselves at that point, it’s all for the good because you see in their misery they can repent, just like my misery and he thought they put a lot of ministry I mean a lot I could be really bitter for the rest of my life but I’m not and I wasn’t even over the last ten years even though there was still going on you know, poisonings and things like that have happened over the last ten years but I’m still not bitter
even though these are traumatic things you know when people try to kill you or hurt you or you know it’s weird like in surepitious or deceptive or gang stalking manner then of course you know you could finally just be so paranoid and bitter that everything sucks it is just always going to suck it will just blow your brains out and if you try to go to a shrink and explain it all you
know like that will help you so they’ll tell me all about it boy you really have issues with betrayal don’t you now that’s just sounds like crazy talk those
people weren’t waiting there at the gas station for you you just missed it you’re just delusional here you need to be on medication that’s what you’re good, even though they know full well what you’re describing is real that’s right that’s how your psychiatrists role, great, great job and that’s why they commit suicide more than the other group why? Because they feel guilty is why guilt guilt guilt guilt guilt, psychiatrists have guilt they have guilt in all this they’ve been perpetrators in all this !!!!! They got a hand and evil, they’re liars!!!!!.. and so they feel guilty about misleading their patients many of whom are targeted individuals who they end up labeling as mentally ill and that becomes a social stigma and they become victims for the rest of their lives.

.. and then when I got invited to this friends for dinner and something that triggered in me something crazy and I just bolted from there and when ran and hid in my apartment..they were heaving weeds…and then there was a manifestation of this house, it was at this house, it was like this Doctor’s house and later I found out he and the misses were having at it on the side [Laughter] it cranks me up ..but no everything cracks me
up all that kind of stuff … she was such a jerk because she didn’t backed me up.. when I suddenly was accusing them I was like.they were coordinating in on me…I was just like I am just here enjoying the party .. they’re a bunch of people all professionals and wealthy people you know what I mean kind of a kind of a high high-end kind of a party thing… and then after that I’d see this guy this doctor..he was kind of an asshole …but I mean he was
not doing that what he was doing then and what happened there at the party to explain it is that all they all manifested whatever is in them he’s being controlled by another source and so they were starting to be coordinated in
other words I saw glimpses of something that I got thought I got over 20 years ago and I told my wife at the time I said you know I think I need help I think I’m kind of slipping back into you know being delusional …I need
some help.. maybe I got to go see a shrink … or something „I think that’s a good idea.“ she would say something’s wrong with you so she was not nice, okay, right, meanwhile there’s this whole other world but I know
nothing about going on all around me that I was actually a TI of in my own house with my own wife she was one of them with all of them and none of them were actually the people that I had known I’d see the doctor and he wasn’t
the one that was at the party that they’re two different people, now that you could say is that an interdimensional shift or is that people of a demon within the person taking over. Well, I think it’s a little of both I
think it’s definitely a dimensional shift with meaning the whole set changes all the people change it’s not just like one change if they all change so it can’t be just individual demons manifesting that
theory doesn’t work in that case, they all changed at the same moment and they all change back at the same moment, and when they change then they’re after me, yeah, that’s it, they changed back then they’re not, they appeared not to be but they still have a secret, you knowm that you’re not one of them, they’re not one of you, so you still have that and they all have their secret they’re all on the same team, they all have sex with each other and all that, so when have like a marriage, the marriage was considered fake, my wife was simply assigned to me, it was all one big fake stupid thing, they think I’ve forgotten about it all they think that I don’t remember but I do remember exactly what happened, they think it was.. something good came from that marriage I mean like a year lasted about a year, but I did get a daughter out of the deal, but you know it wasn’t a marriage I mean this was just just like a was
like having uh I I don’t even know whatr you would call it I have no idea it wasbasically I’m the idiot Truman and they all have another life, they live and they all have boyfriends and girlfriends and other life
that isn’t the one you share in your house with them and they’re keeping eyes on you, keeping control of you, right, your entire reality is them, all the parties, all the socializing, all the things you’re involved with, all
being controlled by them that would be controlled elsewhere and the weird stuff that happens the interdimensionality, the set changes, you know, the alien stuff which is also part of it, that’s all going on but then no one will tell you, they’ll say I think you might need a little refresher, you need some help, maybe some medication, it looks like you’re slipping again when all you’re doing is seeing what’s there all you’re
doing is reacting to what’s there all you’re doing is saying outch when they hurt you and you’re saying hey please stop hurting me you’re not supposed to see that that we’re doing that it’s you that’s hurting yourself don’t you
remember? It´s time for your medication well you’re not going to take your medication we’ll tell the doctor, right, right and then one way or another you know we’re in your house and then they have their own
secret life you know they all go meet you know your wife isn’t your wife she goes to desert and has another boyfriend somewhere else right they all have their lives right? Do you understand what I’m telling you? It’s very critical that you understand this story exactly, if you’ve understood it exactly to a tee you just let me know, email me and meadows at I can’t handle hundreds and thousands of emails if that’s what it turns out to be but if you know exactly I’d be to the teeth just say yay or nay in our you know you can you could explain because see what I’m saying is this discreditation of people and the psychiatric community and all that this
year today do you realize how many target individuals in the past that you didn’t know? Not part of this current batch of professional victims, but people before it was even called that? Do you realize how many people end up being
victims of the psychiatric establishment because they were trying to tell the story of what was happening to them do you understand that? How tragic, how awful, they came before you then that one when
they’re trying to bring that back again, so when people have a problem accepting reality that is what they’ll call it, in other words once you see the way the world really is that you give your consent and
you become a team player and then you will be the stalker, you’ll be the gas lighter, you won’t be the one it’s happening to, there’s a whole world you know nothing about and all the people that come into your world
they pretend to be your wife, they pretend, they’re all like CIA undercover people you know, they pretend to be the plumber, they pretend to be the undercover people you know they pretend roofer, they pretend to be you know the
maid, the housekeeper, the ..whatever whatever you do they pretend to be your best friend from high school or your good friends that you work with in the film industry they pretend that there’s this like agreed on reality that
they’ll participate it as soon as they step off the set they’re back with their bodies again you see you’re just the one on the movie set and they think that they run the show and they have this big world that they belong to and they’re
happy and they’re having fun and then they got to go deal with.. the various movie sets around the town and what they don’t realize when they feel so confident, so cocky, so above it all, so far superior to you.. just
pathetic.. they don’t realize every single one of them is a slave, every single one of them has no life of their own, every single one of them is being led to tragedy then when they get older they get dropped.
And if they ever say anything about this, this conspiracy, this interdimensional thing, this whole thing that deals with it all of it deals with every conspiracy, .. I’m not going to mention what the conspiracies are but
take your pick anyway it leads to all, if they say anything then their children or grandchildren will be cursed upon and will be the full laugh on this machine will be on them, so they keep their mouths shut
unto death and the secret remains, no it’s not like the game where they have a place to go meet, they don’t need to meet, their meeting places is the globe .. the earth be the world as it were, no I’m not discouraging it
even people pursuing the Flat Earth of this earth a holographic boom, whatever, I say it’s all good , it’s all leading to this awakening, so I’m all for all of it to me it’s always been a movie’s a booth, see they don’t know that they’re on the movie set being used as sock puppets and proud that they have no life of their own they have no thought of their own, they’re just hive, we’re not HIVE, you and me, we’re not hives, we’re going with the Lord, where we’re going to wake up, we’re going to wind up, a world without them okay, a world without going without the intertwining, without you know the fall of man and Genesis to the to the devil basically which is the intertwining of the DNA all that’s going to be over with. Well you know the Buddhists are obsessed with escaping this wheel 10,000 hell’s .. this wheel of suffering of being recycled again and again and again he can’t get out it’s just pure hell and
tortures because that’s what they harvest to live they need your trauma to live, they employ these people to traumatize you the targeted individual, so they can live, it’s all part of a chain, so what are they doing it and then
I will I always tell them to live is he rich like me has he taken the time to show you what you need to live?
Fathers throwing their sons in the fire great great dad, way to go buddy, it’s just saddest candy, but I’m not here to mock them I don’t want to mock them I realize that many of them are you know friends I’ve
had and people that I have hope and that I pray over that they’re going to get free you know they’re going to get free of that but yes if that’s the team you’re on you’re going to you know
everything around you is going to have to be in that because you don’t want them targeted and hurt like yous people people that you have to go hurt yourself you don’t want your kids to go through that kind of
suffering and become a social pariah and all that you don’t want that so you you know you hope it goes like you just tell them to keep their mouths shut and look going to work out alright and you know
you make sure that you get that done when they’re teenagers in more elite families that gets done when you’re five it starts with sexual arm training by adults and you know eventually those that thrive in that environment become
the bloomers and shakers of the world. I’m sorry ..if you really know how evil it really always you wouldn’t even be able to stand it one more day because it gets, it gets worse than that, that’s just the surface, anyway just like
the light can be just overpowering, the darkness can also be overpowering, understand, and so you need a way to get through this darkness and the only way is the Lord and if you’re a tweener where you’re kind of going in and out
they ow n your ass, don’t even talk to me about it, they own your ass, you know , you do not have your own life, you know, you think well I’m married and that really is my wife but we really are on the same team and you know these are my friend not like that guy over there where it’s all kind of the fake Truman Show where we pretend to be his friends and she pretends to be his wife but she’s really my wife mmm-hmm but then someone’s undercover around you too buddy see the chain is endless, you’re completely totally 100% hornswoggled..[Laughing].. you’re strapped, you can’t make a move dude, you believed all that rock music that was a free ride, huh, yeah buddy, I know
you very well because you know you’re always trying to mess with our people so I have had to study you over the years and I realized you’re just a coward you didn’t want trouble you just kind of got
to do what your parents did and you don’t want to you know you’re not here to save the world you just tried to you know get along well there’s a lot of our people out there too working in the world, having jobs, having bosses, having
to contend with this stuff it’s very difficult they’re toeing the line how about you you say you believe in the Lord yet you’re really one of them but you’ve got to do more than put you you have to put some skin in the game man
30:17you know you have to actually have a relationship with God and then trust him to get you to work trust him to get you through the watercooler issues trust him to get you through the issues trust him to get you through the
cafeteria trust him to get you to the you know to the gym through the TSA at the airport trust the Lord to get you through you know a simple shopping experience or whatever trust the Lord when you know they’re out
there waiting for you that could happen at any moment trust the Lord and the joyous would be grateful that’s what you want to do a real overcomer joy despite all this yes it’s possible, thriving despite it all yes
there’s a gal on the radio on terrestrial radio talking about you know chastising parents for selling their kids up and I couldn’t believe that and then she was off the air she’s never on the Air again and she’s substituted for
somebody and she she just flat-out said it’s just like matter of fact I was like I wish I remembered what her name was you know I mean I think we all know there’s a right way and a wrong way you know the right ways to teach the kids
about the Lord and have them beholden to the Lord when they’re going to school when they’re getting their you know their fortify easing their going into business school and they’re going you know or whatever it is whether you’re
going to be around a lot of people that are really greedy..and compromised in some way you know you’ve got to have you if you’ve got a strong relationship with the Lord you know and all those things and dealings you will thrive you will
survive you will do well you’ll do better than them in the end. I’ve been trying to tell people this for the longest time if you want to really be successful you’re going to have to have that relation with Lord and God’s Word and you know the Proverbs and.. you just have to know all this stuff and lead a good life, now all the things that happened to me before you know the fake wife to fake, the fake this, the fake that, the fake friends, right, people actually were you know hard to be fake patience with me and you know they were all actors, yes, I’m sorry that it does happen but I you know live to tell about it mattered and I live to understand and I live to put my my
understanding out there and I’m proven to them absolutely beyond beyond all doubt I don’t get into all the conspiracies you know I just talk about this is a spiritual battle and then unfortunately a lot of like I say the
hive is run from that other side and that other side is very sophisticated and it’s a offworld it’s not in this world so you just have to this world so you just have to understand that and and once you
understand that then you’ll be very very grateful that you’re a targeted individual and not one of them, okay, you’re targeted because you know you’re aware of it, but I mean there’s billions and trillions and billions of
people targeted that it’s because that’s how they feed, it’s just basicallyc comes down to that. I know it’s’s sick , we’re kind of like a food source or battery source or whatever
you want to say, it that’s sort of the whole idea, yeah, I mean you know the answer a long last one not these fantastical you know it won’t be yeah you know it won’t be this big …like oh my god wow it’s just as
mad it just comes down to simple you know exist, simply an organism that wants to exist and has to do certain things to exist and that’s basically what you’re looking at, so the the earth becomes a cattle farm, right, and the cattle that’s being ranched are the targeted individuals which are , you know, potentially a billion or two or three, you know, I mean there’s like half I mean so the weed the tears go together the people that are coordinating around
all those TIs are basically, they’re aiding and abetting the rancher for the purpose of the slaughter, they don’t want to be slaughtered, so they agree to help you know round them up and pretend to be their friend set up a
false reality, it’s all to deliver the goods, so why why do people get targeted, you it’s what they get off of your torture and then they would have been ordered to do that .. get to live another day, I guess that’s they can´t survive unless they agree to follow orders , say, so it’s just it’s just it’s the most bizarre thing it’s very magical, it’s very occult, it’s very multi-dimensional, it’s very awful but in my life I’ve had a lot of you know I
mean I’ve had a lot of them theatrics I mean you know mega theatrics so we’ve been bizarre mega you know beyond I mean just completely supernatural mega theatrics involving extraterrestrial things and you
know it’s uh and then’s not like they don’t know you know what I mean it’s like people I direct with now it’s like I don’t care what they know or don’t know you don’t say I don’t care
what they do, if they’re working for me I don’t care if they’re on some side that side the other side I expect them to do the job you know whatever their thoughts are if they’re going to
try to target me and they try to triangle I won’t let them because I just did I’m not interested if that MIG in my life I don’t have people in my life because so many are compromised and can be used for the wrong thing I don’t I
don’t you know they’re there to do a job they get paid for that job that told to go home that’s it okay there’s only going further than that with people, the reason it’s like that I don’t even try and the reason why is because people
are weak and they can be used and if you were targeted then they can be used against you even people that you are friendly with they’re nice people, they’re still not strong and they might be used if they’re compromised at all
you know they you know to to betray you so you know. I try to keep things professional there is that things like that can happen I try to keep things professional maybe sometimes there are problems and betrayals
and things than that for that I can’t chase all that down I have to trust the Lord but I’m sure there’s been all kinds of shenanigans but the Lord keeps it in check but he doesn’t say it you’re going to be free of it completely no you never will be on that Dr. John Hall was correct we never are free of it completely he said that to me you know a few years prior to my getting really attacked, so he was right it’s just that I’ve not paid not going to those meetings, because I don’t feel that they talking about a supernatural reality and natural you supernatural reality and natural you know kind of 3d terms of linear terms does not help me since I understand so much
more about this than just somebody you know aiming a beam thing at you which happens on that happens I’ve reported when it’s happened and other people .. said I got it – yeah okay you know you know that’s still going on and
but it’s not it’s not like it was though. I trust that God’s going to deliver me because.. I trusted he’s going to be true to his word and I’ve nothing to worry about I trust the Psalms I trust the words. I trust that he will deliver us I can’t worry about every Tom Dick and Harry and .. Allison and Jane you know trying to come into my life with…but I’m not desperate to be personally tied up with a lot of people, I don’t really have time, .. what gives me the most pleasure is just being able to love the Lord through his creation, it’s very beautiful in the desert here, it’s just lovely I very bummed out when I see you know this Pope thing … In Jesus name I pray right now for the protection
of all the lambs for the protection of all the in for the protection of the ones walking through this world right now Lord they’re all being targeted and used and abused Lord I pray for all I have to stop and for them to have good lives good productive lives where yes is yes and no is no Lord the way that you want us to live please Lord like it setting the word that you gave us today gather your people defeat Babylon and Lord we’ve been scattered and wounded heal us all Lord in Jesus name and keep us walking in your protection in Jesus and amen. That’s all I can say, it’s the most messed up thing in the world when you have people appointed to you, to be your friends to be people that work with you and all that it’s who then worked for the hive and then it’s you know your year you’re being targeted to be a victim of some sort it’s a terrible thing to have to to comprehend and it causes people to question their lives usually they get shunted off into psychiatrist and you know what I mean and then further handle and control that way I’m you know if they bleed through and see a little reality if they if the mind control
breaks just slightly you know what I mean there’s all kinds of people waited to put him under control you know Obama is a completely mind controlled you know what I mean he has many of his own thoughts or anything he may be in very intelligent and all that very talented at what he does no one’s saying he isn’t but just that you can tell that you know you can tell but I can tell with people well the people he deals with are too so he must feel a common friendship or bond or kinship but it’s if you know him and you know McConnell and the Republicans and the Democrats the all people that are part of this elite group that are have been working like he said for decades for this New World Order they’re on both sides of the aisle and they’re right now though you see there’s there’s a there’s a fight on very happy to see it and it will be successful this this thing is represented by John Wayne or Donald Trump or whatever is also the thing that’s going to put Isis out of existence and it’s going to put any of Obama’s policies out of existence at you know those policies that go back decades and decades and many many many you know years they’ve been vying for this new world order which is a left-wing thing and most of the big perpetrators of it pose as conservatives because that’s how they can fool you right like when Bush he said he was a conservative and then before you know it you got shackled with the Patriot Act homeland security you know the Gestapo you got all of it wasn’t much huh and he was like a Republican conservative can you believe it oh you know but this is you know pure evil did Obama who criticized Bush totally get rid of Homeland Security and all the rest of it did he get rid of did he get the taxes or did anybody is there any relief anybody know the reason for the taxes and everything that’s happening to the people are because number one the people um have proven to be weak, have proven to be stupid, many of them have go along to get along with the devil so that but not not wing quick they’ll never tell the secret because they’re all afraid so basically they’re going to get their ass kicked right now this whole country is going to get it.

I’m not going to go into politics that, enough people talking politics, I know everything about politics, so in terms of all the motives all the outs, everything. but it’s not my job you know what I mean there’s plenty of Paul Craig Robertson sky you listen to he knows Washington better than anybody he writes brilliant articles he reads this and he does a much better job than I
could ever do so um but a spiritual war gang stalking this issue this is this is the source right here and what you can come away with is a great faith in the Lord will quell the whole thing .. I don’t think you’re going to get a better broadcast on gang stalking you have to be patient but I think we well there’s a have to be some follow-up yeah but I’ll give you the best to my
knowledge of what it is and why they’re so frightened of you figuring out which is why they bring their their armies of psychiatrist at you to try to keep the agreed upon reality in place because what I’m talking about polls at the very set of The Truman Show it starts you know taking down the lights, banging at the back booth at the back sets at the back painted sets you know
tearing down the props that are storefronts you know destroying you know they’re getting into the central casting office and calling them all on it and it
just starts carrying off the whole thing is fake so rejoice that you know that, now you just give it all the Lord and you know he wants you to be at the end I’m so happy
that what I’m screaming I would like a little more sleep, I’m so happy what I’m screaming when I’m making music when I’m singing I sing about all this too you know and I’m
involved with you know musicians who write about all this and they sing about it too so you know somehow you will eventually realize there’s a whole other world that our world welcomes, stop
living in their world, live in our world , rather live in your world my friend , we’re in your world but you’re not yet, see we’re in your world and we’re having you know joy despite the circumstances you know and I don’t mind the sufferings, I suffer for Jesus Christ when I say I don’t like things I I do suffer people know me know I do suffer but I also
laugh and I know that I who am I to question it you know it’s real there’s a solid wall I got to live here I ..I got to be here you know not sitting on the side of the road laughing and not
participating, Paul the Apostle is very strong on that too it’s really really important that we take part in what God has given us to take part in and do the best we can but knowing what it really is at the end of the day helps increase my faith in what the Lord and as my faith increases their it decreases in the reality of the world I would even say that the Lord is the one who showed me the truth about what this really is it really comes from God because there’s no way I could have figured it out on my own amen you couldn’t either you know it
that’s what they’re so freaked out of Jesus they don’t want people waking up this has been a nice little farm for them using all of us as battery sources as a food source you like being eaten every day ? I don’t while the Lord is now announcing that he’s going to set it right so you know get your helmets on.“

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Global Gestapo/5: More on MK Ultra, Past to Present, Report #99: Ramola D, Eric Karlstrom

Robert Castle: vor 2 Monaten: Mk ultra is alive and welll weaponised directed energy weapons against the civilian population .the murder harassment of whistleblowers. Dr. Eric Karlstrom does a fine job to expose the luciferian deep state pedovores.

Targeted Pride: vor 2 Monaten: Illuminati discards people over 30.
Dorothy G. Tyas: vor 2 Monaten: Beware of the ILLUMIZI?NAZIS…
Anne Montgomery:vor 2 Monaten: A lot of people stalk while they’re being stalked.
barbara guillette: vor 2 Monaten: I think your giving the intelligence agencies to much intelligence,,,I would blame the drug companies,,, for the drugs , we are given drugs from a young age taken gladly…
Jenolyn Smith: vor 2 Monaten: Great report as always. I believe that they are taking out celebrities with this tech as well. If you look at celebrities that are having problems, like shows „different strokes“, they had org. gang stalking, harassment of the girl on that show, she was bullied and ended up committing suicide. I think they are deciding who dies and when. Playing God. You look at the show „family ties“ and there was a cluster of people on that show including michael that got parkinsons disease. I’m sure that it is CIA that induced cluster. Then you have Christopher Reeve falling off of a horse, how easy for them to use this tech to paralyze him and then give his wife cancer. I don’t think anyone is dying naturally. They are using many celebrities, giving them diseases so that they can be the voice to bring in the funding for this shit.
Paul Sarge: vor 2 Monaten: Stop blaming the Masons. They are the same as other organizations. They were infiltrated in certain areas.
But not in others. Most people are nice hard working people. Remember the enemy INFILTRATED EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE PROTESTANT CHURCHES. do not make an ememy. Make a friend.
NikoT: vor 2 Monaten: The highlight of every month is hearing from Dr.Karlstrom. The best TI researching there is.
Gary Rayner:​ Sokolova, Russian friend of Obama..
Scott Payne: ​Many Perps are not even human!
Len Rom​: hello fellow EMPOWERED individuals.
Targeted in Ireland​: A director of a hospital told me he can’t help me because it’s too big, this program.
eXistenZ0086​: I´m not sure if me or my family are victims, but there have been interference by masons and such.
Scott Payne​: Babylon will hire you, then stab you in the back after useful service…..
Cyber George​: Why is it that when they spray chemtrails, it doesn’t rain ?
eXistenZ0086: ​babylon seems to be the system we’re under anyways.
Len Rom: ​from a very reliable source we are getting hit with light microwave pulses with subliminal messages on the crown of your head.

„So we have now the complicity of the University Psychology Programs and you know Dr. Colin Russell he’s another PhD psychologist called Bluebird about operation Bluebird says that the entire
medical and psychological professions are complicit in the MKULTRA experiments which were top secret and profitable for them and there has been no public accounting of this and I’m starting to
read articles from anthropologists and other social scientists saying hey we need to lead to fess up and say we were formed to a large extent by the CIA grant money to our Universities to carry
out these kinds of let’s call it fiendish nefarious projects. (Dr. Eric Karlstrom)“

„That’s right and the psychiatry as well and neurology now as well.. the neuroscientist and the neuro-ethicist so this is an example of a quote-unquote neuro ethicist…speaking up for weaponized
neuroscience and kind of promulgating militarized notions of what neuroscience should be, in other words invasion of the brain is perfectly okay, according to this particular neuroethicists and..
evolution of the human species via a neural smart, smart dust installed nanobiosensors in the brain etc.. promulgated again by the military is perfectly OK by his thinking which is
militarized thinking that he is attempting to push forward so we do need a citizen’s Nero ethics committee we need real human beings speaking out about
militarized neuroscience and weaponized neuroscience and true ethics and true human rights. (Ramola D.)“

„Yeah, well you know the whole society now has been weaponized through the global Gestapo and this is quite deliberate … you mentioned DHS..the FBI fusion centers…there’s this entire terrorism economy now just by this phony war on terrorism which of course is a fraud is just like the war on communism was a fraud it’s a way to strike fear into the public heart, so they will pay more money
to the Defense Department… which is partners with the Bush Banks and many many projects you know so we’re dealing with a level of deception here that you know is outrageous. (Dr. Eric Karlstrom)“

„Always there’s this attempt to deny of course and put up false fronts and whatnot oh no we’re not doing that we’re protecting the American citizen but the CIA always was
working for Wall Street and Wall Street is always associated with the City of London and the City of London is this you know global machine that wants to gobble up the world and establish the
Empire and many would say it’s run by the the Jewish money Kings …the Rothschilds etc.. so there you have the real power center and they’re supported by the the Masonic secret societies, including Satanists, so you have this… this infiltration of all these secret societies into governments and not just America, not just England, not just Germany, not just Russia, but those
are the principal ones who are among them.. he is a 32nd degree Mason okay .. and Cameron 33rd degree Mason friend of Sir John Rawlings Reese who was head of the Tavistock Institute, who founded the Tavistock Institute as a branch of the British Army’s psychological warfare division in 1941, right after World War one and the goal was again to figure out how to create disassociatio, PTSD,
shell-shocked in the mass population to control the population, so always the elite wants control of individuals and and groups and always in the MK ULTRA documents it says we want to find ways to get individuals to do our bidding, even if it’s against their self-interest or sense of self-preservation, in other words to turn a human being who is you know a created son of the creator or
daughter and and beloved as such and who is the highest achievement of the creator, we’re going to turn them into a robot slave for our benefit, we’re going to take away their free will we’re going
to create a weapons platform in a human being and this of course is what the Illuminati was doing before the Nazis whiich is a very very high-level Jewish secret society, very occult
this is what they’ve been doing to their kids, the Nazis improved on that systematically, the CIA improved on that systematically so there’s this satanic connection, this is all deeply satanic
trauma-based mind control is based on satanic ritual abuse. (Dr. Eric Karlstrom)“

„So you have the CIA ganged up with the Mafia as soon as they started in 1947.. they ganged up with the Nazis as soon as they started and they ganged up with the satanic cults, my goodness, and of course they took over the narcotics industry right at the beginning and because they needed a huge black budget, they needed to control a big stash of secret money and, so then they decided: well , okay, we need to get a hold of world narcotics, so there’s a great little interesting moment where one of these nuts of these mafia families was on the stand and somebody asked him well does your family deal in drugs? He said: no, we can’t compete with the government… so the CIA has been the principal controller..-we could do a whole show on that.. Douglass Valentine talks a lot about that in his book the CIA has organized crime ..they are a cult…the cult of intelligence… so yeah it is a satanic cult by all definitions and the work that they’ve been doing now you know if
people knew that you suppose they want to continue funding the activities of the CIA well is there any possible way to getting get a handle on the operations of the CIA. I mean they have
been controlling this country they’ve been controlling our politicians our presidents…the CIA runs the country.. since the fifties, the CIA ran the Eisenhower administration I was growing up in the 50s and so I can connect with all these .. bits and pieces here and reevaluate everything in my life including of course the sex drugs and rock and roll hippie culture which was imposed on us by the Tavistock Institute, the CIA and the Frankfurt School, in order to satanize the culture and discredit the legitimate social movements like the civil rights movement which were going on in the 60s and the anti-vietnam war movement which is going on in the 60s all of that was to create a controlled opposition.. the Laurel Canyon, a rock and roll scene in the 60s and 70s with some of the most famous rock stars you’ve ever heard of well it turns out these guys were the sons and daughters of military and intelligence people and they themselves were agents and they themselves were agents, they themselves were spies, but also many of them were MK Ultra, they were the enhanced Übermensch, the Monarchs, they were the people that could be controlled and a lot of these people
died at the round the age of 27, 28, where they disappeared about that age and you know young tragic deaths and the whole sixties needs to be reevaluated in light of the information that this very very intelligent guy David McGowan put together you know just by doing a lot of research. (Dr. Eric Karlstrom)“

Report #99: Melanie and Ramola D on Katherine Horton’s Defamation Campaign
„Melanie advises that no victim trust Katherine Horton for their court cases, and I do the same, with the added remark of my substantiated opinion that she is a double agent operating as a saboteur in the midst of genuine victims of the Intel, Military, and fusion centers. I am working on two articles to further address aspects of counterintelligence sabotage and infiltration as related to Katherine’s activities against me and against others and will publish them shortly on my website, –Ramola D/12/2/2018“

„Ani Kaspar: vor 4 Tagen: Ladies, thank you. KH’s unethical behavior since I first spoke with her in January 2017, has only continued to harm our community more. I sit here with 2-3 cancers from radiation poisoning directed related to SURREAL DEW since working for our mutual goals, & I know too well how controlled opposition destroys us daily. CO must be recognized & OUTTED as immediately possible. We’re losing too much time, success & POWER to these ‚Andersons‘ & their absurd criminality. Blessings.“

„Dr. Soulless Dead: vor 3 Tagen: In an early video Dr. Horton said Alfred Webre is probably a plant or bad guy because he went to Yale. This may have been on the pineconeutopia videos.“
„I. Sokolov: vor 4 Tagen: Who is behind the Mind Control programs? We all know this has been mostly a military funded program, but some private Foundations have contributed funding the research. This is public record. We know more than one hundred Universities, research centers, Military entities, and private companies. According to former head of NSA research Colonel Michael Aquino the intention with weaponized neuroscience was to develop an alternative to nuclear weapons. … What is a tragedy is the illegal use of weaponized neuroscience. The tormenting and murders of TI’s. I also think this technology has ended up in the hands of cults and organized crime.“

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Zeta Reticulans and Historical Evidence.

Zeta Reticulans and Historical Evidence.

Pretty authentic looking evidences (KGB Videos) from a time where camera faking was next to impossible.

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Ramola D Report #95 Coalition Against Electronic Torture and Robotization & Report #39 Australian Illuminati Blacklist A Brilliant Doctor

Report #95: Melanie Vritschan, ICATOR Update and Fundraiser

CB Rennard vor 1 Woche: Excellent update. Melanie’s efforts to orchestrate litigation represents a gigantic quantum leap for all of us plagued by electronic harassment and covert implantation. This is great news!!! Much applause for both of you!
Jean Marie Bizeau vor 1 Woche: „They“ hit us because we all speak out. Ramola interview Deborah Tavares she would be a good one on the California USA front line.
We need to ban these weapons used on women, men & Children… I saw the perps kids out there playing fake camera’s in the Nazi neighborhood acting like the little terrorists they’re being trained for. Pretend videoing me. Perp town corrupt cops.

Report #39: Dr. Helen Tsigounis – Australian Illuminati Blacklist A Brilliant Doctor

TorturedSoulster: vor 10 Monaten (bearbeitet): So very, very impressive. Dr. Tsigounis is spot-on regarding the inner workings of the medical industrial complex. She is not only extremely brave, but also highly intelligent (and so talented and also very beautiful — you both are). My targeting experience relates to the medical realm as well, and my MD was targeted, too, and lost her career. They’ve done so much to ruin so many stellar, exceptional people.

barbara guillette: vor 10 Monaten: Emergency rooms in US were mandated by feds to incarcerate anyone complaining about DEW appearing in emergency rooms.

PEARLY Gardiner: vor 10 Monaten: ..we need more Australian Ti’s to come forward, raise awareness about this EVIL PROGRAM COINTELPRO.

Thomas hewlett: vor 10 Monaten:
It’s great to be getting more perspectives from across the ponds, need more people from different countries I think Ramola. All credit to the Doc we need more doctors coming forward. Australia was used in my programming and targeting. Illuminati symbolism is everywhere and the colonialist „past“ and treatment of the aboriginals/natives of Australia is horrible. Clear social engineering and destruction of native cultures, replaced with corporate policy and globalist group think.
Didn’t a prime minister disappear at some point also? Alot of dark stuff going on in „Oz“….. Oz. Another reason why Australia is used in programming it reinforces and triggers the Wizard Of Oz programming. Horrible. Traumatized and tortured as always….. Still Breathing, despite all my alters and handlers. Thank you Doc.
scotty: vor 10 Monaten: excellent one of the best. thank you-
Egni Darido: vor 10 Monaten: Such a brilliant ladies, thank you both for spreading the truth!
Penny Olcott: vor 10 Monaten: nice painting! Art is important!!!
Saneman: vor 10 Monaten: I have a list of `Doctors` who participate in gaslighting / ambient abuse.
Jean Marie Bizeau: vor 10 Monaten: They will destroy anyone.
aussie thatcares: vor 9 Monaten: Scary…. even scarier when you ve been a patient.
slhtmb: vor 10 Monaten: I commend you on your strength and intelligence, I to am a T.I. and have had many of the same type things happen to me. You are absolutely correct it is the Illuminati Freemason behind all of it, they run all world governments and have been doing it since ancient times. I would not recommend wasting any more time or money trying to fight them in court because they own all of them. That oath they take do no harm does not include anyone but the Illuminati Freemasons. Keep doing research and writing books, doing interviews, that may be your greatest strength, keep telling your story its very powerful. Some day maybe not in our lifetime these evil bastards will be overthrown and the next generations will look back and remember you as a hero.
Wednesday Kennedy: vor 10 Monaten: the poor darling. what a story. she is so articulate about this subject. hugs…it is murder.
aussie thatcares: vor 9 Monaten: This is really hard to watch… heartbreaking.
Ica Radakovic: vor 10 Monaten: It is the issue and always the case. Jews are behind all evil on this world as well as behind the torture this woman was exposed to.
Isaac Q: vor 10 Monaten: the oto isn’t satanic, somehow the nwo has learned how to false flag entities that should have free will.
Tom Toth: vor 9 Monaten: This is happening in america on a much more intense level. The government here in america will use law enforcement and x military to break into your home at gun point of good people and drug them and reprogram them to act like the degenerates. The satanics have all sworn to kill and poison and rape and enjoy causing horror in the lives of all those who do not join satanics. WE ARE IN HELL. ITS SAYS IN THE BIBLE IF GIVE THE DEVIL AN INCH HE WILL TAKE A MILE. DO NO WRONG EVER.
Zheela Resa: vor 2 Monaten: Thank you Dr. TSigounis for trusting your instincts and persevering through difficulty after difficulty and seeing this process through… and then thanks for doing a book about your experiences to strengthen others who maybe going through similar ordeals. As always, Ramola, yet another wonderful expose about THE SYSTEM. Lady heros of mine… best of the best to both of you.
isyntax: vor 9 Monaten: this is something exactly like the lie i live aswell. The architecture school of university of technology set up a rape in reality and then stalked over the years and linked up, networking with my neighbours…to continue to stalk after rejecting the stalker as a depraved predator. Nothing has been done. I am now set up for a suicide [effect] to end my life so no-one will have record of the murder for the information of conspiracy to defraud I have undergone over 30 years.
God help the survivors.
jezzyby47: vor 9 Monaten (bearbeitet): I keep commenting on this, but the ONLY way we will win is if we ALL learn how to become lawyers, the ‚real ones‘ just can’t be trusted, they are involved with the masons, and they won’t sh!t in their own nest. Same with most judges, but if they have the evidence in front of them, the correct evidence that your lawyer won’t give them, then if the judge doesn’t give a fair decision based on the correct evidence, they will eventually be ousted from their professions.
Lynne Holdaway: vor 3 Monaten: These are not human beings, they are or have been infested with mental parasites.
angela tate: vor 10 Monaten: Wow, what does surprise me is that this good woman is still alive, people have been ’suicided‘ for far less. She has a fantastic spirit to be able to stand up against these demons, we need more people like her in my opinion, I wish her well.

Ramola D Reports: Am 09.01.2018 veröffentlicht: Note: Conversation ended when PC was cyberhacked, we were close to ending but that’s the reason for the abrupt close.
In an intimate and explosive conversation revealing the hand of the powerful but maliciously petty network of Satanic pedophilic Illuminati elite infiltrating Australian Medicine, Law, Media, Intelligence, and Government, Dr. Helen Tsigounis, author of the memoir The Red Back Web describes a twenty-year ordeal of targeting which pursued her from medical school in Victoria to her work as a doctor in Queensland and beyond to Greece, the country of her heritage, forced wrongful psychiatric conditions on to her registration, fabricated charges to bar her from the medical profession, and engaged in collusive fraud and conspiracy in the court system—among lawyers and judges–to prevent her from gaining justice.

Singled out possibly for her ethnic background, her natural intelligence, empathy, Christian values, and integrity, Dr. Tsigounis narrates a shocking story of targeting, harassment, bullying and negative attention during her medical studies as a high-level Freemason sub-Dean and his protege worked to sabotage her future. Despite high commendations from her professors and high marks in exams, she was failed on one occasion and had to repeat a year; later she was forced to sign a document imposing fabricated psychiatric conditions on her registration to the effect that she suffered from a “lack of insight.”

Later work as a doctor saw a renewal in harassment and a sustained effort by the Medical Board—almost a year after she had completed a stint at a hospital in Townsville, Queensland, with a doctor being sent to go back and ask questions–to derail her career with grave but trumped-up charges of medical malfeasance brought against her, charges found to be completely fabricated as her evidence proved in court, yet curiously upheld, through avid legal sabotage by her own lawyers and a corrupt Masonic judge.

An extraordinary aspect of her targeting inheres in her being compelled to argue her own case in court, as her solicitor dropped her just before the hearing, and stand-ins were dismissed by the judge. Working full-day shifts as a doctor, she stayed up at night to study the law and gather her evidence and prepare to cross-examine witnesses—who kept getting switched around on her without warning, almost everyday. Indeed, every effort was made, it appeared, to sabotage her court case. Regardless, her brilliant handling of the case and determined self-advocacy impressed even the misogynistic judge; the transcripts, included partially in her book, make for engrossing reading.

Especially intriguing about Dr. Tsigounis’s experience is the insider look she offers of an unfortunately usurped medical profession, which appears to be run like a minor fiefdom, with its vassals and serfs propped up by a bevy of Luciferian cardinals and clowns in Board clothing who enact plays of power and prejudice against those they seek to destroy.

Dr. Tsigounis is seeking the help of a competent and ethical barrister to help gain justice and regain her professional and human rights in society.
Dr. Tsigounis’s book can be downloaded in pdf from here:

„But I think before I start I just want to tell people what I have discovered through a very long process of being targeted since 1994 and what I have discovered about the system whilst I’ve fought it all this time and still fighting it for justice what I have discovered is that the medical school was actually controlled by a New World Order Agents, now, some of them are
high-degree freemasons others were part of the Illuminati satanic cults also known as the OTO which is registered in Australia as a satanic cult, it appears that these groups have actually infiltrated all areas of society of the system in Australia: Medicine, the law, the media, the government, the intelligence agencies, it appears that this network actually is the deep state when I say that..they are obviously other elements to the deep state exist as well, but these people actually control they’re on the highest echelons of power, controlling the deep state so we’ve got
a network that is actually controlling all aspects of society in Australia. .. This particular person was actually the New World Order watchdog at the University at Monash University in Victoria Melbourne Medical School, so it appears that his role was to sift out … certain people from the system that were not going to be loyal robots of the New World Order.
..and one of the reasons where I have been blocked from obtaining my human rights to the law in justice as well is because this powerful network is as powerful as it is and another reason is that the mainstream media instead of a reporting truth about my case actually reported lies and aided in the process of persecuting me further and humiliating me and and just reporting lies on the court case. .. to actually persecute and destroy, humiliate destroy my identity, my human rights to earn a living, my human rights to law and injustice and my human rights to actually live a normal life
..they wanted to actually annihilate me, so it all started in medical school. (Helen Tsigounis)“

„I came across this particular sub Dean he had a long history of actually blacklisting a lot of doctors, so we all feared him in a way, because we knew that getting on the right one side
this person met destruction of your career, so who was this person, why did he have so much power in the system? Well… he was part of these networks and a very loyal New World Order type of
watchdog at the medical school, now what sort of students did he blacklist? Well, he blacklisted at the time we thought it was a racial discrimination issue and I had a lawyer working on the case as well and he thought it was a racial discrimination issue where he was targeting minorities… people of Greek origin , people of Italian origin, people that were Indian,
…people that were not anglo-saxon or Jewish, now of course….he had a particular type of person who was actually targeting as well so it wasn’t just a racial thing it was a character thing as
well, he tended to target people that were free thinkers, that could not be controlled, that were more ethical and empathic in their ways, people that had a very good ethical framework that
could not be destroyed, people that were resistant to a Luciferian type of mentality, that was perpetrated through the medical school, so that comes to mind … the…conclusion was
that there actually is sifting out people from the system that do not fit into their satanic new world order, so that became clear with time that that was the motive behind it, there were a
number of other students involved most of them that were blacklisted actually have lists had left Australia and at this point in time some of them were in the United States some of the were in
Europe, so you know they are absolutely destroyed in America. (Helen Tsigounis)“

„My marks were totally downgraded and .. I proved that this man was fiddling with the exam of people, promoting the ones that were he wanted and just..destroying the ones that he didn’t so ..I think this network got very very scared of the fact that I had evidence to actually prove that and once I graduated from medical school they became even more vicious towards destroying me and they
were decided to actually destroy me through their control of the hospitals for teaching hospitals so I did my internship in 1998 I got very good marks but from all you know I did ten months I
was in my 10th months working 18-hour days up to 18 days straight, they actually had me working on wards where I had something like 100 patients, where others students had like five patients,
so they put me into the worst part of the internship ..program .. to try and get some sort of try and push me into it some sort of mistake and so they can use against me … I talk about the male Freemasons, but there are also female Freemasons, that a part of these cults. (Helen Tsigounis)“

„Just to pause for a minute Helen. It sounds like right from the beginning There has been such a Train of Injustices and such a overpointed effort to literally witch hunt you ..your work and literally persectue you. (Ramola D)“

„Well, it has to do with a new world order black list, if you are if your name because.. part of this list you will be… haunted by these people, now I’m not the only one, as
I said, there has been so many.. there have been other people, but usually they shrivel in the background, some commit suicide by having their lives destroyed, being attacked and persecuted, it’s a very difficult situation to go through, to keep up your life, your identity, your human rights, as a person, it is very difficult. (Helen Tsigounis)“

„The legal side of it where you also faced a injustice of horrendous proportions. (Ramola D)“

„Now the New World Order Blacklist and basically being blacklisted as a threat to the New World Order, okay, so any Freemason in the system can actually place you on the Blacklist, the New
World Order has to do with the Zionists.. Zionists, these Illuminati families that are trying to create a new world order and they’re mainly Jewish people, Zionist Jewish people, but not only, there’s other people involved as well, and The Freemasonry, they’re robots, so they use the Freemasonry to actually carry out the crimes that want to create and also cover up their crimes, so I
what I wanted to say is that the Freemasons are very involved in my case. (Helen Tsigounis)“

„It comes back to the point wherer what they’re doing in this New World Order is they’re destroying intelligent people and punishing them and promoting people with very low IQs and giving them power, so this is having using the system around ..and another cousin of mine who who I haven’t seen for thirty years but of course she was approached and she aided in a defamation process
against me as well and this particular cousin didn’t gets through here in school not even you nine so once again very low educated low IQs and then she was offered a government job

„They are turning people in families against each other doing this kind of thing, imagine, I mean the absolute cheek, the arrogance about approaching somebody in your family and
turning them against. (Ramola D)“

„I think a lot of people are actually manipulable manipulatable .. if you have the intelligence agents coming up with stating your sister is paranoid, your sister is bipolar, your
sister’s got lack of insight, your sister is schizophrenic, your sistser has got a personality defect, that’s another thing that a district court judge made in his
judgment: he said that she is highly intelligent and complex, she is up herself, she has a personality defect, now a judge to coming out with a psychiatric diagnosis, for God’s sake is that going above his.. powers, I would say yes… they have aided in defamation process I do have the Jewish community against me here in Australia because of my Papers, they’re trying to cover up the interesting cases in case something you know gets to the surface and is revealed, so I have a lot of people against me, .. the Illuminati have bribed judges, have bribed solicitors,..and also have bribed members of the of the public as well.. also members that are involved in decision making in relation to my case have been bribed and I wouldn’t be surprised if they provide for senators as well to cover this up. (Helen Tsigounis)“

„So I went to Greece and somehow there I was able to put a pen to paper and you know write this stuff… and um you know what I didn’t want to go back to Australia. Don´t forget my situation is very much a part of being psychologically imprisoned, you’re imprisoned, you’re not allowed to live your life, you’re not allowed to be have an identity, you’re not allowed to have finances, you’re not allowed to have a social network, all my doctor friends don’t meet me on the day of the hearing and they were approached, friends that I had over a 30-year period, one particular female doctor that we grew up together from 12 years of age, went to a choral Anglican girl school together, I had supported her in so many different ways over the years, she had to make a decision and she made the decision that she’s going to be on the side of the system, not me, because she’s the doctor and she needs the practice and she has children that need to operate in the system, so on some level, but then they used her against me as. Well, she wrote a character reference and that was presented before the court ..she is honors, she is capable, she’s high intelligence, she’s blah blah, she wrote a very good character reference and it was presented before the court, in evidence and after that she must have been approached, because she um, she basically turned on me, after 30 years friendship and we were like sisters, it wasn’t just a friendship, that’s beyond that…and this is what they do, they break all your supports and… she was an emotional they try and just get into your life and break all the bonds you can be left with no support at all, an emotional support, human support, human friendship and this is a way that they used to actually
weaken me as a person so you cannot fight back. (Helen Tsigounis)“

„They are doing this to multiple people and as you said earlier Helen, these are the people who are the smartest, the brightest, the bravest, the most outspoken, the most courageous ,the most excelling in their various fields and professions, people who stand out for one reason or the other and who crossed paths with somebody who is possibly a freemason or a Satanist or one of these secret society occultists who you know bring the little network of thugs to bear on the issue and start ostracizing and marginalizing and literally excommunicating people from society in
this fashion. (Ramola D)“

Yeah, well that’s what they’ve done to me and I’m living a terrible life at the moment, um you know I’ve had to go back to my parents and I’m 50 years old you know I’ve been
fighting this since 19, I think I am blacklisted for over 25 years .. and these people are nasty, I’d come face to face with evil and you know that I came from a
very beautiful , traditional, loving Christian-based family, where this sort of behavior was never even been thought of that people can be so degenerate and behave in such disgusting ways…I had no idea that this network existed..Targeted by a satanic network. (Helen Tsigounis)“

„Well, I think what they did, they put a number of these Masonic doctors who are loyal to the New World Order to actually participate in this conspiracy to commit fraud against me and we’re told that they will be absolutely protected, because we run the system and so far they have been protected, was basically their function to actually refer criminal methods to the
federal police .. unfortunately this sort of thing has been going on for a very long time ..illuminati crimes in Australia are covered up by the system. And I think another point I want to make
is by then sifting out people that are not part of this satanic Masonic Illuminati New World Order they are maintaining control of the system. (Helen Tsigounis)“

„That is one of reasons they get rid of people like me, because ..there are many reasons, of the things what they want to do is maintain the power in the system, but the system is theirs, they control the system and that is the reasons that actually promotes certain degenerative criminal behaviors in students, well, they’re willing to act criminally..based on orders, so they’re going to be promoted and so there is a reversal of things, good behaviors are actually punished, good people are punished and bad people, criminal minded people, degenerate people..
I’ve seen cases where a homosexual in my year had actually had an affair with one of the pet homosexuals in the department and his three agents that they open doors to his career, so uh yeah and I
think it goes back to the Illuminati Agendas the Zionism and what they’re trying to do to society and how they’re trying to mold it in accordance to their satanic new world order which
is not going to happen, no which is not gonna happen. (Helen Tsigounis)“

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PVP/Morgellon-Nanotech/Chemtrails/E1201 (211-112-NWO-Zion-Sabotage-Conspiracy-Code)

PVP/Morgellon-Nanotech/Chemtrails/ (211-112-NWO-Zion-Sabotage-Conspiracy-Code)

Etwas älterer Bericht, gehört aber definitiv in die Sammlung hier hinein…

„Die Morgellons, sind Polymere die sich im Körper aneinanderreihen, sie speichern das Aluminium in eurem Körper.“
“ — — — Morgellons sind — —>
EU-weit (weltweit) deklarationsfrei gestelltes Plastik in der Nahrung (PVP: Polyvinylpyrrolidon – E1201, vielfältige, phantasievolle Handelsnamen: Povidon, Kolidon, Peridon, Copovidon, & PVPP: Polyvinylpolypyrrolidon – E1202) welches durch mittlerweile erfolgtem produktions- u. verfahrenstechnologischen Fortschritts bspw. unter Aziditätserhöhung vernetzungs- und zu längerkettigen Molekülen verkettungsfähig reagieren kann – – siehe hierzu die überall in unverständlichem Überfluß den Nahrungsmitteln beigefügte, aus genmanipulierten Aspergillus Niger-Stämmen (Schwarzschimmel) synthetisierte Zitronensäure…!, …und ab einer Molekülgröße über 20.000 Dalton nicht mehr aus dem Körper ausgeschieden werden kann.“
„— — —
Sie verbinden sich eben in eurem Körper, es wird in der Blutbahn ein Strohhalm-System entstehen, das Aluminium wird in dem Strohhalm-System, in Verbindung mit dem Barium, Strontium usw usf. Eine Leiterplatte herstellen, aber erst durch den RFID-Chip können Sie die Mogellons steuern! Warum zeigt man den Menschen Serien wie „The Walking Death“ !?
Weil die Menschen damit konditioniert werden, weil am Ende werden Sie genau so auf der Straße rumlaufen! DASS IST KEIN SPAß!!
Sie steuern alles über (Funk)Wellen, das sind Frequenzen (elektrische), schmeißt eure Smartphones weg, holt euch ein altes 2G Handy, weil die Strahlung ist bei diesen nicht so hoch…Sie bauen im Prinzip einen menschlichen Roboter der komplett gesteuert werden kann, was dann über HAARP funktioniert!!!
Sie bauen ihren Sklaven, und wenn dies noch in die Gene-eingezüchtet wird…
— — —
Infolgedessen ist die intrazelluläre Speicherung irreversibel.
Daher wirkte sich bei diesem Blutplasmavolumenersatzmittel die in tierexperimentellen Studien festgestellte permanente Speicherung in der Niere („Kolloidonniere“) und in Zellen des retikulo-endothelialen Systems (RES) verschiedenster Organe nachteilig aus (Heinlein, 1958).
Diesen Erkenntnissen folgend, verlor PVP bei Entwicklung von Alternativen bereits in den 1950er Jahren zunehmend an Bedeutung in der klinischen Praxis.«
— — —
Trotz diesen vielfachen Erkenntnissen aus der medizinischen Praxis ist seit den 1960er Jahren ein irrationaler, immenser Zuwachs in variantenreichster Art der Verwendung von PVP & PVPP zu verzeichnen.
Dagegen anzutreten, gleicht wohl einer Hydra den Kopf abschlagen zu wollen, Tretminchen zu gefährden. Einer international operierenden, organisierten Nahrungsmittelmafia entgegenzutreten. Der menschliche Körper nimmt die Substanz auf dreierlei Arten auf:
-oral (Nahrung, Medikamente…)
-dermal/cutan (Cremes, Lotions)
-ad inhalationem / Atmung (Haarsprays, neue ,“geheime“ Additive der Flugzeugtreibstoffe ?? Rußweissener,Transparenzener…??) gv
* Als Hilfsstoff in der pharmazeutischen Industrie. Es dient in Medikamenten, speziell Tabletten und Dragees, in der Regel als Bindemittel und kann die Freisetzung des Wirkstoffs in den Körper steuernd beeinflussen.
— — —
Es ist einfach unvorstellbar, es ist so perfide und pervers und einfach nur abartig was Sie vorhaben!
Deshalb wollen Sie ja auch die Impfpflicht, weil man den RFID-Chip per Impfung (Spritze) in Euch bekommt! Euer Arzt muss dafür unterschreiben, dass ihr diese Impfung dann auch wirklich bekommen habt!“


E-Nummern E1201 PVP / E1202 PVPP- krankmachende – die nicht in den Verzeichnissen stehen

„Plastic food for plastic people“

(PVP Einlagerungskrankheit« neuer Name: Morgellons)

Liebe Freigeister !
2007 hab ich mal intensiv recherchiert, ich bin auf diesen äußerst brisanten, komplexen Inhalt gestoßen, hatte zwölf Monate keinen Monitor, meinen monitorlosen, jedoch ständig am Netz
saugenden(…?) Computer nur zum Musik CD-Hören verwendet, Maus u. Tastatur nicht bedient, siehe da, als ich dann einen neuen Monitor hatte, war unglaublicherweise der recherchevolle
Ordner „PVP“ nicht mehr vorhanden…..

Meine nun wieder nochmals nacherstellte damalige Recherche erstmals im internet:
(Achtung: es gibt weder in irgendeiner bisherigen „E-Nummern Liste“ noch in wiki diese hier dargestellte Brisanz…)—EU-weit (weltweit) deklarationsfrei gestelltes Plastik in der Nahrung
(PVP: Polyvinylpyrrolidon – E1201, vielfältige, phantasievolle Handelsnamen: Povidon, Kolidon, Peridon, Copovidon, & PVPP: Polyvinylpolypyrrolidon – E1202)…
Der einstmals ironisch-provokativ gemeinte Spruch aus den 1980ern „Plastic food for plastic people“ gewinnt hiermit an erschreckend brisanter Wahrheit ! »Polyvinylpyrrolidon ist ein Polymergemisch
aus synthetischem Kunststoff, welches 1940, im 2.Weltkrieg, entwickelt wurde, in der deutschen Armee verbreitet als Plasmaersatz zum Einsatz kam und in der Literatur als Periston oder Kollidon bezeichnet wurde (Hecht, 1943). Polyvinylpyrrolidon kann im Körper nicht abgebaut werden, da entsprechende Enzyme nicht vorhanden sind.

Ich spreche aus eigener Erfahrung, daß hier eine Beziehung besteht. (siehe weiter unten) Die wohl engagierteste und beste Medizinerin auf dem Gebiet,
Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, hat sich nach ihren eigenen bahnbrechenden Recherchen mit nur schwer anmietbarem Analysegerät, seit 2008 weitgehend aus dem offiziellen Forengeschehen
und oftmaligen Radiosendungsauftritten („“) und bspw.““ komplett zurückgezogen.
Warum ? Unter der Adresse ist eine (sehr kompakte..) Sammlung
weltweit seit Jahrzehnten konstatierter medizinischer Fälle, bei denen die PVP-Substanz in medizinisch äußerst problematischter Weise im menschlichen Körper interagiert:

Interaktion im Körper:

1) Knochenzerstörung, Hautbildungsfehler, Arthritis, Polyneuropathy Patienten Fall in Taiwan, – Amerikanisches Hämatologisches Journal, 1998 Januar.

2) Fünf Patienten mit Hautbildungszerstörung – Amerikanisches Chirurgisch-Pathologisches Journal, 1997 November.

3) 58-Jähriger nach Magenresektion, Gewebe komplett eingelagert mit PVP; – Pathologie Journal, 1988, Januar.

4) elektronenmikroskopisch ersichtliche PVP-Einlagerungen in Gewebeproben von Haut- Muskel- Knochen- und Leber-Gewebe bei Patienten – Journal Acta Pathologie Microbiologie,
Scandinavia 1976.

5) Hauteinlagerungen, nie zuvor gesehene „mimicking cheilitis granulomatosis“ – Journal für HautPathologie, 2006.

6) 14 Patienten mit PVP-Einlagerungs-Histiocyten, – Amerikanisches Journal für Chirurgische Pathologie, 1984 Juni.

7) 24jährige Frau mit basophilen und histochemischen PVP-Einlagerungen im Bauchgewebe – Israelisches Journal medizinischer Wissenschaft, 1975 Oktober
…und eine nette Konklusion: „No effective treatment“ – Keine Behandlungsmöglichkeit.

Dr. med. Dipl.Chem. Wolfgang Jung, Facharzt für Allgemeinmedizin, Umweltmedizin, Diabetologie Diplom-Chemiker vom 20.11.1979 an der
RWTH Aachen; Synthese eines Reagenses zum Sukzessivabbau von Polyethylenterephthalat Staatsexamen: 10.05.1985 Koblenz
Approbation: 22.05.1985 durch das Landesamt für Jugend und Soziales Rheinland-Pfalz in Mainz Promotion: 23.05.1995 Universität des Saarlandes Homburg;
„Polyvinylpyrrolidon-Krankheit – eine Übersicht mit neuer Kasuistik und klinischer Nachuntersuchung“ FA Allgemeinmedizin: 15.03.1996 Bezirksärztekammer Koblenz
Zusatzbezeichnungen: Umweltmedizin 05.11.1997 und Diabetologie 25.09.2002(beide BÄK Koblenz)
Diabetologe (DDG) 15.01.1997 Karlsburg Mitglieder der Kassenärztlichen Vereinigung Koblenz.

Trotz diesen vielfachen Erkenntnissen aus der medizinischen Praxis ist seit den 1960er Jahren ein irrationaler, immenser Zuwachs in variantenreichster Art der Verwendung von
PVP & PVPP zu verzeichnen.

Dagegen anzutreten, gleicht wohl einer Hydra den Kopf abschlagen zu wollen, Tretminchen zu gefährden. Einer inernational operierenden, organisierten Nahrungsmittelmafia entgegenzutreten.
Der menschliche Körper nimmt die Substanz auf dreierlei Arten auf:
-oral (Nahrung, Medikamente…)
-dermal/cutan (Cremes, Lotions)
-ad inhalationem / Atmung (Haarsprays,
neue „geheime“ Additive der Flugzeugtreibstoffe/Rußweissener,Transparenzener…)
* Als Hilfsstoff in der pharmazeutischen Industrie. Es dient in Medikamenten, speziell Tabletten und Dragees, in der Regel als Bindemittel und kann dieFreisetzung des Wirkstoffs in den Körper
steuernd beeinflussen.

Die quervernetzten Produkte steuern den zeitlichen Zerfall der Tablette als „Aufsprengmittel“ und retardierendes Moment (verzögerte Wirkstofffreisetzung, !!!!!!!!!!! Depotwirkung).

Film coatings agent in pharmaceutical Industry. Jedoch einzig noch bei Medikamenten herrscht die für den Konsumenten ja eigentlich selbstverständliche Deklarationspflicht…

In dem meisten rezeptiv verabreichten oralen Kontrazeptiva („Die Pille“), die weltweit von Millionen Frauen oftmals Jahrzehnte hindurch konsumiert werden, herrscht das einlagerungsfähige
PVP/PVPP ebenfalls vor…
sowie * Verwendung in Augentropfen gegen ‚trockenes Auge‘.
* Kontaktlinsenmittel
* In der Notfallmedizin verwendete man es früher als sogenannten Blutplasmaexpander, in Taiwan und anderen südostasiatischen Ländern bis heute.
* Als Iod-Lösung (Handelsname Betaisodona®) hat sich PVP-Iod, das zu den Iodophoren zählt,in der medizinischen Wundbehandlung durchgesetzt.

Die beiden weltweit größten PVP/PVPP Hersteller Dow Chemicals und BASF lassen ausschließlich gewerbliches Fachpersonal an ihre Internetpräsenzen, nicht jedoch der drittgrößte Hersteller, unser
chinesischer Freund, die Nanhang Industrial Co.,Ltd. (is the largest PVP’s manufacturer in China, and also the 3rd largest in the world.)

PVP wird wie ein Polysaccharid eingesetzt, ist aber keines.

Das Molekulargewicht liegt im Bereich zwischen 10000 und 360’000 Dalton. (nochmal: ab 20’000 erfolgt unumkehrbare Gewebeeinlagerung !)
Es ist sowohl in Wasser als auch in organischen Lösungsmitteln gut löslich. Die Viskosität der Lösung hängt jeweils auch vom Molekulargewicht ab. Mit phenolischen Verbindungen bildet PVP
unlösliche Komplexe, wodurch es sich hervorragend für die Filtration eignet. Es wird deshalb bei der Klärung von Bier, Wein und Fruchtsaft eingesetzt, um unerwünschte !!!!!!! Anthocyanogene,
Catechine und Flavone zu entfernen.
Der Vorteil des PVP ist dabei, dass die extrahierten Polyphenole (Gerbstoffe) mit Natronlauge wieder entfernt werden können.
Eine nachfolgende Säurebhandlung und Spülung macht das PVP wieder verwendbar.

PVP dient außerdem als Binde- und Verdickungsmittel sowie als Stabilisator beispielsweise bei Vitaminen.

Es wird als Zusatzstoff mit der E-Nummer 1201a deklariert. Polyvinylpolypyrolidon (PVPP) trägt die Nummer 1201b und wird als Filterhilfsmittel benutzt.

Die Neigung zur Filmbildung öffnet für PVP das weite Feld von Schutzüberzügen beispielsweise bei der Löslichkeitsverbesserung und Aromafixierung bei Kaffee- und Teepulvern.
* Löslichkeitsverbesserung und Aromafixierung
bei Kakao- Kaffee- und Teepulvern
Das Aufkommen der Instant Trockenpulvermilche, Kakaos, Löskaffees (Nesquick) Kaffeeweisser(..!) ab Ende der 1960er Jahre ist unweigerlich mit der PVP-Verquickung korreliert !
* In Lebensmitteln wird es vor allem als Binde- und Verdickungsmittel, Flockungsmittel, Trägerstoff, Stabilisator und Überzugsmittel verwendet. Es ist in der EU als
Lebensmittelzusatzstoff der Bezeichnung E 1201/E1202 ohne Höchstmengenbeschränkung für Nahrungsergänzungsmittelpillen/-dragees zugelassen.
# Wird häufig nicht gekennzeichnet, da E1201 „nach der Anwendung“ wieder entfernt wird.
Im Wein und Bier wird es unter der Bezeichnung »technischer Hilfsstoff« zur Reinigung(=Hefeabfilterung) genutzt und 8uß daher nicht auf dem Etikett stehen.
* Bindet unerwünschte Trübstoffe bei der Wein- und Bierherstellung (Flockungsmittel).
Früher war selbiger Filterprozeß durch die Natursubstanz Kieselgur bewerkstelligt worden, die Bierhefe als solche dann jedoch nicht mehr handelsfähig…
Irgendwann Mitte der 1990er ist der Bierhefe-Spuk plötzlich (bis heute unerklärterweise) beinahe gänzlich verschwunden, es gibt heutzutage genau aus diesem (medizinisch verschwiegenen)
Grunde beinahe keine Bierhefe als Einzelprodukt für Humannahrungsmittel mehr.

* Acceptable Daily Intake:Up to 50 mg/kg bodyweight
* Dietary restrictions: None, E1201 can be used by all religious groups, vegans and vegetarians.
E1201 und E1202 sind erst 1998 mit der EU-weiten Angleichung des Lebensmittelrechtes in Deutschland zugelassen worden.

In Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln in Form von Dragees und Komprimaten, (als technischer Hilfsstoff) in der Getränkeindustrie. Eine Deklaration ist nicht vorgeschrieben.
Auch in Cremes, Festigern, Haarsprays und Klebstoffen. Kann Aromen binden-, Muss nicht deklariert werden. Gilt als ungefährlich.

Ende E1201 PVP / E1202 PVPP – So werden alle Plastiniert!
Unbedingt lesen und vor allem weiterreichen!

Auswege gibt es auf jeden Fall. Eine Ernährungsumstellung auf pflanzliche Kost oder pflanzliche Rohkost minimiert die Aufnahme von Plastik ganz erheblich.
Ausweichen ist sonst kaum mehr möglich. Einen Boykott der gesamten Nahrungsmittelindustrie durch zu führen erscheint erst mal unmöglich. Doch möglich ist letztlich alles. Auf jeden Fall
muss etwas geschehen. Informiert Euch und bombardiert die Hersteller der Nahrungsmittel mit Anfragen. Meidet die am weitesten verarbeiteten Produkte. Fertigessen heißt Fertigessen,
weil es jeden fertig macht!

Die Industrie produziert diesen Dreck und unsere „selbstgewählten“ Henker gestatten es. Der Morgentauplan lässt grüßen. Noch nicht einmal der Likör danach kann Abhilfe schaffen, na Prost denn mal!

Diese Schrift über das Verbrechen der Bevölkerungsreduktion bitte weit verteilen.

Das Szenario der „Neuen Weltordnung“ in seinem Endstadium – wenn es nicht gelingt, die herrschenden „Eliten“ zu stürzen – sieht folgendermaßen aus:

Unterschiedliche Völker gibt es nicht mehr. Die mittels Krieg, Bürgerkrieg, Hunger, vergifteter Plastiknahrung und medizinischen Methoden auf …reduzierte Rest-Menschheit …
lebt als eine einzige, gleichgeschaltete eurasisch-negroide Mischrasse in einem privat-faschistoiden weltsozialistischen System der totalen Überwachung. Die Menschen sind als
anonyme Nummern „gleich gemacht“! – wirklich alle Menschen? Nein, im globalen Gefängnis sind doch nicht alle gleich, denn da gibt es die Gefängniswärter (Adel) und diese Ein-Promille sind gleicher! Sie bilden dann als Kontrollmacht hinter der UNO-Weltregierung die Führungsschicht aus einer intellektuellen„Elite“ und Bankiers (Rockefeller), die mit ihren Vasallen die Rest-Menschheit per Sex, Drogen und „virtual reality“ (Brot und Spiele) wie eine Hammelherde führt und für sich arbeiten läßt. Einen Vorgeschmack von der geplanten Eine-Welt-Gesellschaft geben die Bücher 1984 (G. Orwell) und Schöne neue Welt (A. Huxley).

Viele Menschen wissen es schon seit langem: Die Politiker sind nur die Marionetten!

Doch das, was sich wirklich auf diesem Globus abspielt, ist so unglaublich, daß man es sich kaum vorzustellen vermag: Es sind nur wenige Hundert Menschen, die seit Jahrhunderten das Schicksal
der gesamten Menschheit bestimmen, ohne das der „Normalbürger“ – außer den Auswirkungen – irgendetwas davon mitbekommt. Zusammengeschlossen und organisiert über das internationale Logentum der
Hochgradfreimaurerei manipuliert diese Clique das Geschehen auf dieser Welt seit langer Zeit in ihrem Sinne. Ihr Ziel ist die „Neue Weltordnung“! US-Präsident Bush (sen.) hat sie 1991,
kurz bevor er den 1. Golfkrieg begann, in ihrem Auftrag offiziell verkündet. Diese „New World Order“ ist also nicht etwa – wie man zunächst meinen könnte – lediglich die Ausgeburt der
imperialistischen Machtgelüste eines größenwahnsinnigen Möchtegern-Herrschers; nein, bei dem Plan zur „Neuen Weltordnung“ handelt es sich um eine reale Verschwörung gegen die gesamte Menschheit!

Die Völker sind nun an einem Scheidepunkt angelangt: Freiheit oder Versklavung!“


Weitere Infos:

„Durch offensichtlich giftige Chemtrail-Operationen ließen verärgerte Bürger aus Mohave County ihr Blut auf Barium und Aluminium untersuchen und erhielten erschreckende Ergebnisse.“

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What Is Sodium Benzoate and How Does It Strangle Human Cells?

„What Is Sodium Benzoate and How Does It Strangle Human Cells?“

„(NaturalNews..) You’ve seen the words a hundred times, but your brain may not have registered them, although your wallet did. It’s often listed near the middle of the ingredients list on jars, cans and packaged foods, with one of the following phrases: “As a preservative,” or “to preserve freshness.” It’s sodium benzoate, and it has the ability to not only stave off mold, bacteria, fungus and yeast in foods, but also to deprive human cells of oxygen, all while it breaks down the immune system and causes blood cancer.

Synthesized in a laboratory using chemicals, the sodium benzoate listed on a food product label is not the same thing as benzoic acid, which is found naturally in low levels in many fruits.

Derived from a reaction of combining benzoic acid with sodium hydroxide, sodium benzoate is actually the sodium salt of benzoic acid, and is a known carcinogenic additive, that gets transported to the liver, where it begins inflicting its damage first. At the cellular level, sodium benzoate deprives mitochondria of oxygen, sometimes completely shutting down the “power station” of your cells. It’s programmed cell death, and when cells are deprived of oxygen, they cannot fight off infection, and that includes the infection known as cancer – the mutation and uncontrolled division of cells. Plus, when sodium benzoate is combined with vitamin C or E, benzene is formed, which is also a known carcinogen that causes leukemia.

See what’s happening now? Big Food manufacturing companies preserve the food’s shelf-life, while shortening the consumer’s life. This doesn’t happen by accident. Everything mixed with the word sodium is not safe to consume, even “in small doses,” so don’t ever fall for that again.

Cancer is a cumulative effect of consuming synthetic food “agents” over time. Sodium benzoate is found in thousands of products from soda to fruit juices, and is a major contributor to overall health detriment, that should NOT go underestimated just because the FDA approves it.

Sodium benzoate is easily found in most conventional foods, especially the acidic ones, including pickles, peppers, soy sauce, ketchup, salad dressings, jams, most condiments, vinegar, fruit juices, salsa, dips, shredded cheese and diet or regular soda. You may also see it listed on your mouthwash, toothpaste, cough syrup, cream, lotion and hundreds of cosmetic products.

Sodium benzoate is the cheapest mold inhibitor on the market, and is one of the main reasons many Americans do not have enough essential nutrients in their bodies to detoxify. This is occurring at the cellular level – think of Parkinson’s and other neuro-degenerative, premature aging diseases.

Food wants you to believe otherwise, though. They want you to think of anything sodium as having to do with “keeping food safe.” It won’t matter if that means loading up deli meats with nitrates, or floating pickles in sodium benzoate for months, or polluting hot dogs with mono sodium glutamate, because the word sodium is safe!

By the way, sodium fluoride is an industrial waste by-product used for insecticide and deliberately added to U.S. tap water. On the other hand, sea salt, such as Celtic salt, is associated with a wide range of health benefits, including helping you resist infections.

Education about dangerous, cancerous food additives and synthetic preservatives
Yes, the disinformation campaign runs deep. Food wants to try to lump all the salts in one category: healthy. It’s a big lie. Sure, sodium chloride has been used to preserve foods since medieval civilizations, and the ancient Greeks and Romans used salt as currency and to ensure food provisions when access to fresh food was limited. Today, sodium benzoate is NOT found in foods unless it’s added as a preservative. Only benzoic acid is found naturally in foods. This is where the disinformation campaign specialists infuse confusion for health-investigating consumers.

Human volunteers have been tested for toxicity from sodium benzoate. A molecular biology expert at Sheffield University found that sodium benzoate damages mitochondrial DNA – cells associated with metabolism and aging. How much DNA damage is done by sodium benzoate? Nobody knows. Yet there is a whole array of diseases tied to this type of DNA (coding sequence) damage. Somatic mitochondrial mutations (mtDNA) have been increasingly observed in primary human cancers. In other words, mutant DNA eventually take over if fed the right carcinogenic “fuel,” namely sodium benzoate.

So, when you see the phrases, “to preserve freshness,” and “… as a preservative” – watch out! You could be shortening your life. Your perishable foods should do just that: They should perish, not be preserved indefinitely in a jar with toxic food dyes and known carcinogens. This is a public service message.“


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DEW Attack: S. Gibbs: Enough is enough!

DEW Attack: S. Gibbs: Enough is enough!
„Shane Gibbs Targeted Survivor from the UK.“

Elevated Artificially Induced Ultra Panic Attacks, accompanied with nausea, sweating, elevated pulse and convulsions induced due to RF/HF/Scalarwaves/ELF/DEWs and/or other Neuro Weaponry, Satellite/Gwen Tower Attacks or radiation and frequency based weaponry and Military-Medical-Silicon-Valley-Mafia-Chemtrail Nano-Implants. A typical way how they (Shadow Gov Corporate Crime Syndicate Alphabet Gangsters (Highly Criminal Rogue Factions of MIC/EMIC/Deep State/Medical Cointelpro/Pharmamilitary Mafia/USAF/NAVY/Zionazis/CIA/FBI/DIA/DOD/ARPA/NSA/NASA/MI/GCHQ etc..)) attack TIs in a most cruel way.

PS: This statement seems to be highly watched by the Alphabet NWO One Criminal Agency of the World…because my Computer got a Cyberterror Freeze after trying to post this.
PS2: Remember I am an IT Security Expert I could completely block out this stupid Alphabet Gang Conglomerate…but I have to open the Mainstream Internet Gates of the Corporate Crime Syndicate and lower my quadruple ids and firewalls to bring your messages out.. that´s the only reason why they can shoot my Computers, because they sit on all fronts as man-in-the-middle of all major famous corporate crime cartel owned Internet pages. (Zionbook, Ziontube, Google, it´s all Akamai, Cloud14 and Cloudfront, all major internet lanes that are owned by CIA.GOV aka The Big Corporate Mafia Mob Tentacle of the World)

PS3: If you didn´t know: Tuesday is Pentagon day.

RF-Radiation and its effects...

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The Link Between Pharaohs and ETs – Alien Artifacts Discovered in Jerusalem

The Link Between Pharaohs and ETs – Alien Artifacts Discovered in Jerusalem

The discovery of several remarkable relics could change the way we perceive ancient history. The artifacts were allegedly discovered in former house belonging to Sir William Petrie, hidden in a secret chamber behind a bookshelf. A pioneer archaeologist, Sir Petrie excavated many of the most important ancient Egyptian archaeological sites.

His most famous findings are housed in the Petrie Museum in London but it seems he kept his most important ones to himself. It is believed he found them inside a secret chamber inside the Great Pyramid in Giza.

Among the many items found in the secret room were two small mummified bodies with long, slender arms and elongated heads with large eye sockets. Could these be the remains of extraterrestrial beings?

Another interesting relic was a disk-shaped gold object the size of a small plate. The object had a transparent top and an intricate mechanism inside. Unknown symbols were etched into its sides and they do not appear to be Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Last but not least and perhaps the most shocking is an item similar to a pharaoh mask. However, instead of the typical human face we might expect on such an item, this mask features a head that is identical to what we call ‘gray aliens’. The left side of the mask contains symbols that could very well be depicting alien encounters and what appears to be a spaceship.

Could these relics be the sought-after connection between the ancient Egyptians and an alien civilization? Strangely enough, Petrie mysteriously abandoned his efforts in Egypt and spent the remainder of his days excavating sites in Palestine. Perhaps he had uncovered clues that led him there.

It’s higly unlikely we’ll ever see these relics again as sources claim that shortly after their discovery, the artifacts were supposedly taken by representatives of the Rockefeller Museum.


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Report # 88: Jian Liang, MK ULTRA Whistleblower on Surviving Modern-Day MK on Wall St, Gov, Military

„Report # 88: Jian Liang, MK ULTRA Whistleblower on Surviving Modern-Day MK on Wall St, Gov, Military“
„Ramola D Reports
Am 18.10.2018 veröffentlicht
Empowering and thoughtful conversation with Jian Liang, an IT and mechanical engineering professional, and author of the book “MK-ULTRA NEVER ENDED: Absolute Mind and Soul Control In Government, Wall Street, and the Secret Space Program” recently released and testifying to remote RF mind control, abduction, torture, MK ULTRA splitting-of-personality into alters that are exploited for sex trafficking and slavery, covert implantation, and black operation usage in extremely unethical MILABS programs of genetic breeding, drug trial, and military espionage.

Explaining that her hope by coming forward is to educate the public and empower others, Jian Liang details the story of how she came to realize she was being trafficked against her will through methodologies of remote radio hypnosis, MK ULTRA operations of torture which created alters, drugs, and electronic dissolution of memory—which sounds like the documented and classic CIA 1960s usage of RHIC-EDOM or Radio Hypnotic Intra Cerebral Electronic Dissolution of Memory, used to create Manchurian Candidates…“

„The story revealed in her e-book reveals an extremely sinister side to the financial services industry Jian has worked in; Jian states that many in mutual funds and investment banking are being mind-controlled by MK ULTRA means, as also politicians and military personnel, in order to maintain control over their words and actions and thereby preserve control over the world economy, foreign policy, and the world power-play status quo. Those “controllers” or “handlers” behind such controlling MK operations on all including on her comprise the Illuminati, the secret societies, Satanists and others who are running extremely evil torture, child abuse, human sacrifice, and SRA operations worldwide. Owing much to the deprogramming psychologists whom she has worked with and who helped her recover buried experiences of torture as well as encounter unlikely alters created and set in place inside her—who could be activated by post-hypnotic triggers—Jian stresses the importance of deprogramming in a safe space with qualified and trained psychologists, but assures all putative MK Ultra survivors that deprogramming can indeed be done, and that the programmer lies which help anchor the alters during hypnosis and torture can indeed by dislodged by truth, faith in higher powers such as God, and belief in the core purity of one’s own true self. Jian also mentions how detoxing helped remove harmful nanotech from her body and how personal scanning helped her find implants. Keen to help others, Jian is setting up a website where she hopes to collect useful information for all. Please visit her website for more information, or write to her via email with information: and We briefly mentioned military black operations but did not discuss this in detail. Hopefully Jian will return for a Part 2 to cover this too—she has revealed a lot on this in her e-book.“

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Surgical Robot „Spirals Out Of Control“, Kills Man As Docs Sipped Lattes

„The Save the World Army“
„Surgical Robot „Spirals Out Of Control“, Kills Man As Docs Sipped Lattes“
„Robot surgeon ’spiralled out of control‘ after hitting nurse while doctors shouted at each other during pioneering operation that went catastrophically wrong and led to death of father of three…
A surgeon has described the tense atmosphere in an operating theatre as a pioneering robotic heart operation went catastrophically wrong.
At one point one of the assisting medics had his arms knocked by the robot… He missed a training session in Paris using a cadaver and another session at his own hospital because he was busy with other surgery…Mr Pillay said he thought they had ‚gone to the coffee shop‘ for a break..Tensions between the surgeons led to shouting between them, he said.“
„According to reports, this first-time-use robot not only physically assaulted a living medic while attempting to conduct its programmed surgery, but also implanted stitches into the patient’s heart in a manner that physicians present during the fiasco described as not being in “an organised fashion.”

„A situation that can only be described as total chaos, with human surgeons, doctors, and nurses having to scream at each other in order to overcome the “tinny” sound coming from the robot as they were trying to control it, the attempted surgery ended up being nothing short of a complete failure. And in the end, retired music teacher …the guinea pig patient in this medical experiment, ultimately lost his life.

Lead surgeon admits that he was ill-prepared to operate the surgical robot, having skipped multiple training sessions
During a hearing that followed this catastrophe, lead surgeon Sukumaran Nair admitted that he lacked proper experience in controlling and using the surgical robot, stating that he was “running before he could walk.” In other words, it was truly a case of medical negligence and malpractice on steroids.

As later revealed by the U.K.’s Daily Mail Online, Nair not only missed a critical training session in Paris that would have taught him how to properly use the surgical robot, but he also wasn’t present for another training sessions that later took place at his own hospital, claiming that he was busy with another surgery at the time.

I had no idea of their timescale and that they were not staying for the duration,” he’s quoted as saying. “The proctors leaving was a crucial moment. The loss of that vital assistance was a major blow at a critical time.”

„Overseeing proctors were sipping lattes while surgical robot punctured…After the surgical robot improperly installed the stitches, they had to be removed and replaced by the real-life doctors who were still present, extending the surgical time and further putting Pettitt’s life at risk.“


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232 Aufrufe
Bryan Tew
Am 09.11.2018 veröffentlicht
We are no longer dealing with Artificial Intelligence. We are now faced with a concept that could never have been conceived by our forefathers. We are now dealing with the creation of ‚ARTIFICIAL LIFE‘.

Living breathing Cybernetic human beings who are not human at all, never born and without mother or father, created inside a top secret labratory from SYNTHETIC GENOMES now interbreeding with real humans. Not Human at all. But an entirely different new species of individual. TRANS-HUMAN! Born without a spirit or soul.

A new species of Trans-Human cybernetic beings who will use Mind Control Technologies to manipulate energy, matter and space with their brain waves; who will be able to obtain knowledge by mere contemplation (accelerated learning); who will be able to engage in inter-dimensional communications, such as remote veiwing, synthetic telepathy, etc., using Mind Control Technologies

These cybernetic trans-humans are already walking among us right now by the millions and possess no human soul or conscience (spirit). Their understanding of morality, truth, good and evil, etc., will be corrupted from day one, because all they will possess is a imprint that was developed for them from a Exascale Conscious Computer. They are not coming soon. They are here now, among us, laughing, working, singing, dancing, drinking, playing, etc., with us, but their offspring and the offspring of any humans which cohabit and interbreed with them are doomed

Once these cybernetic humans begin interbreeding with real humans then humanity is destroyed. No longer human but TRANS-HUMAN

All future offspring from that moment will be eternally damned the moment they are conceived according to Isaiah 26:14 who speaks of the eternal fate of hybrid beings (Nephilim) not created by God

The Book of Isaiah says that the Nephilim Hybrids and their descendants will not participate in a resurrection as is the portion of ordinary mortals. Isaiah 26:14 reads: „They are dead, they shall not live; they are deceased, they shall not rise.“ The original Hebrew word translated „deceased“ here is the word „Rephaim.“ It would have saved a lot of misinterpretation if the translators had left the word as it was in the original. The verse actually reads: „Dead, they shall not live; Rephaim, they shall not rise.“ The Rephaim are generally understood to be one of the branches of the Nephilim, and God’s Word makes it clear that they are to partake in no resurrection. But with humans it is different: all humans will be resurrected either to life or to damnation (John 5:28-29)

These Hybrid Cybernetic Human Beings will possess no conscience and will therefore be unable to ever understand or identify with the main driver of human behavior: the ‚Conscience of Man‘. Remorse, guilt. love. etc., are now and will continue to be foreign to their understanding

Of course, this type of technology could have great benefits for society such as the ability to augment human intelligence by a thousand times, essentially turning the human mind into a supercomputer. Hence, there are literally thousands of applications that could interface with this technology

This technology literally has the ability to alter our entire evolutionary experience in life, both positively and negatively. For example, you could literally turn the brain into a supercomputer, or encyclopedia, or a giant search engine., like Google

Unfortunately, instead of using it for good, the DoD and CIA have chosen to use it for evil. This is a weapons system and the government in the world who is able to first perfect and implement it will have an incomparable advantage over every other government on earth

Governments are in an arms race with this technology and can right now induce directly into your brain, both visual images and auditory sequences, such as voice to skull (V2K), as well as thoughts, emotions, etc

With advances in medicine, chemistry, engineering, and other disciplines, Neuroscience now includes the study of Cellular, Molecular, Structural, Functional and Evolutionary development of the human mind and central nervous system

From molecular and cellular studies of individual nerve cells, to sensory imaging and basic motor tasks of the human brain, Neuroscience is no longer just a field of medicine. It has crossed the threshold of medical science and is now a chief weapons platform used by many of the national security agencies of the world

Again, this MIND CONTROL technology called ‚Remote Neural Monitoring‘ and ‚Remote Neural Manipulation‘ is a weapons system and the government who is first in the world to perfect and employ this new Neuro-Warfare system will have an incomparable advantage over every other government on earth

The British and other European countries, as well as Russia and China, are heavily involved in these new weapons programs, developed for the purpose of controlling the masses via ‘Censorship’., ‘Memory Management’ and ‘Direct Behavioral Control‘.
Wissenschaft & Technik“

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Targeted Individuals: EXACTLY how it is done – Nano Crystals – The Science

„Targeted Individuals: EXACTLY how it is done – Nano Crystals – The Science“

„Targeted Individuals: EXACTLY how it is done – Nano Crystals – The Science
30.226 Aufrufe
Am 10.10.2017 veröffentlicht
IF THE SOUND IS LOW TURN IT UP. THEY HAVE BEEN MESSING WITH MY TECHNOLOGY. This is one of the most important videos I will post. If anyone is in doubt of any of your claims that the government and secret services are responsible for our harassment show them this video. SHARE this information as far and wide as possible. In brief what I discuss in this video, nano crystals, quantum dots and how they are being put into our bodies to give the government and intelligence services control over us. The is how any psychic ability is achieved. I also mention in her a few ways that might resolve these nano crystals. This include consuming sea produce such as seaweed, chlorella, spirulina, sodium chloride and other green algae. The objective of this would be to slowly erode the nano crystals over time.

For all who want to contribute to getting this information out there and exposing the largest domestic terrorist organisation in my next video I will offer a very easy and intimidating free way to contribute.“

„That these quantum dots–that they’re used, they upload peoples memories and take all their semiconductors, and semiconductors as you know are like the most computers, they upload people’s consciousness onto them and then they had certain sets into the body, now there are two tiers that if there’s technological and there is
the spiritual, so in the real world and spirits are very similar to these quantum dots, so I might
mention this important video .. so these quantum dots once they go into the body ….through different access points they can do it via chakras, it could be the private parts, it could be hearts…
they tend to choose open portals, so it’s normally like the mouth, the ears, all the private parts but they tend to select, they access the body… there and then they will start to travel in the body …

It was emerging fluorescent labels, now remember I told you that when I saw it in my pineal glands, that they were nano-crystals, there it was bright lights, now these nano crystals are bright lights.
I’ve heard that after I read that after a while they tend to go down…

Quantum dots are a novel class of inorganic fluorophore, so it’s in organic, it’s not human material and fluorophore which are gaining widespread recognition as a result of the exceptional photo physical properties, they are rapidly being applied to existing and emerging technologies and could have an important role in many areas, they are excellent for bioimaging, so that’s a bio image and again with them using it as taking images and recording things in the body, so they actually can record what’s going on inside your body and it can actually take pictures of that .. because they are semiconductor and nano crystals that have broad excitation spectra as narrow emission spectra is turnable emission Peaks long fluorescent lifetimes…negligible photo bleaching and ability to conjure conjugates to proteins, so one of the things that I was going to say is that if you eat with a lot of proteins you should stop eating as much… if you want to avoid these nanoparticles connecting to your proteins because it seems they use that proteins to connect and conjoining.. and so this is what I found in more than one article has been a few articles on this topic…
They used rats as an example and they would inject these rats with nano crystals and they found that
after three to four minutes a nanocrystals had spread mainly – then I think he said they make it mainly to the
liver, mainly to all of the parts of the body where you excrete waste liquids and also nerves – and I think was nodes in the brain as well so they found we’re in four to three to four minutes they were
like nano crystals in their parts of the in all parts of body they found that nano crystals .. in the
skin were able to likely to cause cancer.“

„Migration of intradermally injected Qunatum Dots to sentinel organs in mice.“ “ (2007) so it talks about
the experiment they had done on mice so .,..“ following intradermal infiltration.“

Lisa Scott: vor 8 Monaten: It’s witchcraft. We shouldn’t look up the dark sayings of Satan. The life of Esau. God is a miracle worker and he can prepare you a table in the wilderness in front of your enemies. God protects people from being poisoned, murdered and such, you don’t have to read their minds and they’ll Never be able to read Christ’s mind. Allow him to walk you through this and you’ll come out better incredibly blessed.

PineapplePowersuit: vor 9 Monaten: Very important information. Thank you, Bella. But no one needs to get stuck in the purely physical aspects of this. Make no mistake, it is a spiritual war and ti’s have been chosen.

New Breed: vor 7 Monaten: Do not do anything harmful to any other person no matter what they tell you, no matter how they make you feel.. This is the goal of the ones attacking me, and they caused another to harm me and they tell me horrific things, everyday, all day.. most recently that they caused my beloved pet to have a seizure which left him paralyzed and i couldn’t let him go for four days.. he was in pain, but it was so difficult to have him put to sleep.. they shame me for this. They also say things like, „dumb animal“ in my head to cause me mental stress… They also say racist things to me, and often mention my childhood abuse and mock me for my uncle raping me, reminding me daily.. They do not care about you, NEVER let them trick you into thinking they are somehow on your side! It’s basically a kill cam and your torture is how they make their money. Just do what you can to spread awareness.

Harmony Love: vor 4 Monaten: Just say meat not protein this is part of thebrainwashing.
God Good: vor 4 Monaten: James Delinois said all ti’s targets I divividuals needs to stand together to fight against domestic terrorists (gangs stalkers).
Gold Christian: vor 8 Monaten: Thank you, They are after our blood line. But GOD ALMIGHTY who put us in this earth will surely put us through all these Satanic demonic entities.
God Good: vor 4 Monaten: They used my neighbors to target you 24/7.
SpiritJourney: vor 7 Monaten: Wow! You really did your homework. New to your channel. Keep on going.
best man: vor 7 Monaten: The perps are Christians.
Servant of THE MOST HIGH: vor 11 Monaten: natural psychokinesis plays a huge role, technology is secondary….as well d.e.w and e.l.f are the base technologies used.
Maria: vor 9 Monaten: You are very smart in your age, doing research I’m also doing research almost 5 years trying to figure what’s happened to me.
Willtakemorethanpopperstomakemeunhealthyha: vor 9 Monaten (bearbeitet): The hardest thing about being a TI is to decipher where their cut off point is. I’ve blamed my perps for things that weren’t them at all. How far do they go? They will go as far as their resources will allow. Most targeting is operated by a nut job, puppet master funding the harassment… It’s easy to get lost and caught up in fantasy as a form of an escape. Crazy escapism is one of their objectives. Stay strong. Stay as you are. Godspeed.
Skylyn Kemp: vor 8 Monaten: greetings! I have seen the nano crystal in my pineal gland also. I seen it as it rotated in from the left to the right rotating from a dot to a line to multiple lines rotating counterclockwise to clockwise. It appeared to stay suspended in air like a hologram hexagonal shape, it had an outline of purple light and blue fill colour. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.
Greg Skomaroske: vor 8 Monaten: They have messed with my technology as well. It was the fbi and dept of Justice in Wisconsin.
Force Multiplier: vor 5 Monaten: Bella, you are blowing my mind. Since I was a child, I would have a repeating nightmare of being surrounded with black spheres. They would pile on me until I would wake up in a state of shock and took me time to come out of. I am a t.i. with heavy gang stalking, ect. This technology is old. I am 48 now. Wow. This also links the flashing colored lights in the sky. Those control the crystals I think. Amazing.
The War Above Us: vor 1 Monat: Damn, I saw the flashes a week ago, and if these nanos light up under UV, I’m imagining the florescent chem clouds in the evening. And, I’ve been eating tons of protein, gotta cut back. I’ve had this urge to fast lately, need to get on it.
Diane’s Perception: vor 1 Monat: TI’s are the remnant, chosen by God so be careful not to get caught up in all the crap that the enemy is throwing at you. Keep your mind on Jesus and the word of God and don’t focus on the negative things. This is what the enemy want because his only purpose is to kill, steal and destroy. Know that you are special to God and know that no weapon formed against you shall prosper. Peace.
Gold Christian: vor 10 Monaten: My God, they put this little crystals on our water and food, and this goes to different parts of our internal organs, and eyes so through this crystal camera they can see our internal body and through our eyes they can see all what we are doing, they know when we sleep, and they see all what we are looking and doing, why don’t they use it to catch criminals instead of innocent people, no privacy anymore, this has to be from governments, society people has no money to operate this huge operation is large it has to be government issue. No wonder when i sleep i get crazy dreams, they are into our dreams too, they organise stalk you during the day, you come home the neighbours around you make noise to disturb you, the neighbourhood hood stalk you watch your every move, the neighbour upstairs listen to your every move you make in your home, if you go to toilet you will hear them go to toilet too at that particular time you go to toilet? If you go to kitchen you will hear his foot step goes to kitchen too, always the time you go they go, any part of your house, your rooms, they stalk you there, and I can hear them very clearly ,me living downstairs I can hear them movement following me upstairs they are living, they literally stalk me in my own home, the freaks living up of me, one time i called police on them, police refuse to come, the police said we are neighbours we should settle it, and the stupid police was asking for my number, I called to complain about the neighbour upstairs making loud noise disturbing me, which they do every time as part of their gang stalking me, instead the stupid police is asking for my number, I always knew the police people have their hand in people stalking me, many times i see the police car passing me everytime I am out side, every time I cross and intersection a police car we pass and they look at me, and am not a criminal, the police are into stalking me too, but the day i cleaned our stircase, my neighbour upstairs called police on me, instead of them to thank me for cleaning the staircase, they called police on me that i pour water on the staircase to make their old father fall down that’s why i pour water on the step,and their father did not even pass the step, they just assumed i pour water on the step as a trap for their father to fall. God knows I didn’t, I cleaned the step genuinely, but now I can understand, because they are into organised stalking me they think i want to revenge by pouring water on the steps to make their father slip and fall which he didn’t even fall he didn’t even pass the step, number one am christian why would i want to do a thing like that to a old man that is old enough to be my father. God almighty help me from this stalkers.
Latricia Thompson: vor 9 Monaten (bearbeitet): EMP gun. You can make a cheap one for 500.
JoAnn Valenzuela: vor 10 Monaten: I have evidence that these are being put in our eyes for the „handlers“ to take their images from what is being viewed ….. God bless all you do for the kingdom of God in Yeshuas name, Amen.
J P: vor 1 Jahr (bearbeitet): I am trying colonic therapy..along side being in Christ..God has a sense of humour…
Organic coffee flush
Pink salt flush
Bicarbonate soda flush
Honey & apple cider
The detox is incredible…after flush..kit 8.99 ebay…a glooppy vile comes out of your mouth in the shower..bucket loads…
Wash out that which the particles operate…..but it clears your mind in relation to it..
Gonna try a pink salt bath.
Tyrrantdestroyer74: vor 9 Monaten: I have been raw frugivore for 3 months now…. funny how ya mention no proteins because I am avoiding them already from just studying how we should eat inherently. I am hard core targeted and the ringing in my ears is getting bad… we will beat them…. I will not give up…. must take my power back!! Thanks again Bellaaa.
Arch L Croft: vor 9 Monaten (bearbeitet): Whoa, SLOW down so we can understand what you are saying and you won’t fumble your words so much. I really want to know what you are talking about but it sounds like gibberish. You are freaking me out…

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‚Time Traveller‘ Who Has ‚Been To Year 3700‘ Warns Of Robot/Human War

„Time Traveler Brought This Technology Back From 3700“

„Am 11.11.2018 veröffentlicht
This man claims to be a time traveler who has been to the year 3700. We sat down for an interview in an undisclosed location as he told us his story. He showed us what he claims to be actual robot technology from the future. What do you think? Did this mysterious man actually provide proof of time travel?“

„‚Time Traveller‘ Who Has ‚Been To Year 3700‘ Warns Of Robot/Human War.“

„A time traveller who reckons he’s spent time in the year 3700 has issued a stark warning about a war between robots and humans. I bet you’re glad you’ll be long gone, eh?

The man, named only as Mike, spoke to Apex TV about his adventures, which include him killing a robot with his bare hands. Doubt him? Well, he reckons he’s got a piece of the robot with him as proof. Can’t argue with that.

French-born Mike, who grew up in Canada, says he ended up working for a place called the National Secure Laboratory of Canada when he was 18 and worked on ‚many secret operations and objectives‘.

He says the team worked with time machines and were sent – alone and in groups – on their travels through time.

„We were travelling to random years,“ he explained. „But our main target was the year 3700.“

He goes on to say he’s been there about 18 times and that, of course, there’s loads of robots some of which have an ‚individual artificial operating system‘ as well as military robots which are ‚perfect kill machines‘. Delightful.

Now I know what you’re thinking, ‚with AI and so-called ‚prefect kill machines‘, what could possibly go wrong?‘ But who’d have thought it? It did all go wrong and humans and robots ended up at war. Shocker, eh?

„In the year 3700 the war began,“ he said. „The war between human race and artificial creators. The robots. The robots who had an artificial intelligence once understood their power. They understood their dominance above humans and raised above them. They were slaves but become the leaders.

„The war had been started. The war that kind of nobody had seen before. On September 20 in the year 3700, all robots over the planet earth started their attack.

„After the first wave of assault, over 30 percent of humans were destroyed.

„They used internet and wireless system to be connected at once and give attack together. The only thing that saved the most population of humans is that robots did not get the codes of launching system of the nuclear rockets. In that case there would be not a war, but a genocide of the human race.“

Mike says he’s been to the year 3700 ‚about 18 times‘. Credit: Apex TV
Mike says he’s been to the year 3700 ‚about 18 times‘. Credit: Apex TV

To prove that he had been involved in the war, he’s brought back part of a ‚robot body‘, which he says he ‚killed with his bare hands‘.

Mike is now living in Asia, where he’s hiding out as he thinks his ex-employer National Secure Laboratory of Canada.

So little heads up, guys.

Topics: Weird Viral“


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Silicon Valley Cyborg Disruptors 11/12/2018

„Silicon Valley Cyborg Disruptors
Posted on 11/12/2018

If the steady stream of television “smart phone” ads featuring androgynous demon actors haven’t made you scratch your head as to the direction artificial intelligence (AI) is taking humanity, and you still refuse to listen to “crazy conspiracy theorists” per insider advice (wink, secret handshake, silly real humans – from the Ministry of Truth, then maybe you will observe the actions of the almighty Silicon Valley guru glitterati who have invented this spell under which most of you have sadly fallen. Google’s Ray Kurzweil, darling of the military-industrial complex, continues to push his “singularity” thesis, whereby he states that by 2030 the “nonbiological portion of our intelligence will predominate”. The implication is that we will soon be trans-humans “enhanced” by AI.

His CEO at Google’s parent company Alphabet – which also owns Youtube – Eric Schmidt has stated that “true anonymity is too dangerous”, when asked to address the privacy concerns of people using his search engine. “We are all subject to the US Patriot Act,” says Schmidt. “It is possible that information could be made available to authorities.”

At last month’s Samsung CEO summit at The Masonic in San Francisco tech insider Regina Dugan stated, “I think it’s impossible to know at any one point in time what all the unintended consequences will be. What are the bad things that could happen and what are the mitigating strategies?”

Dugan must have felt right at home at The Masonic – also home to the Grand Lodge of California. Dugan headed DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Administration) from 2009-2012, before becoming a Google executive. There she worked at the Motorola Mobility subsidiary developing an electronic tattoo (one of which she sports proudly on her forearm) and a vitamin authentication system, where a person takes a pill which becomes battery-powered by stomach acid to produce an 18-bit internal signal, making the person’s body a password.

In 2016 Dugan left Google to head Facebook’s Building 8 project, which has been compared to the old Lockheed Martin Skunkworks. Dugan headed the “brain-computer interface project” for Facebook, which translates a user’s thoughts onto a computer screen. This has become the creepy Facebook Portal project. Dugan moved on early this year to disrupt a yet to be revealed something else.

It is interesting that these Silicon Valley tech messiahs love the word “disrupt” since the elusive Planet X or Nibiru was also called The Disruptor by the ancients. Are these mad men and women channeling the Nibiru-dwelling Annunaki reptilians via their demonic behavior? Quantum or D-wave computing as done by CERN is finding some very interesting portals into other dimensions indeed.

Has a life spent behind computer screens turned these video-game junkies turned tech prophets into cyborgs, now commissioned by the mothership to proselytize the merits of transhumanism, “singularity”, intellect worship and Luciferian amorality to those who remain human?

The most demented of these badly damaged cyborgs has to be Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, whose latest act has been to tell us repeatedly that he warned everyone that AI was going to subjugate the human race but no one listened. Musk says now it is too late and his answer (the old Masonic problem-reaction-solution or Order out of Chaos) is to market his Neuralink technology, which will link the human brain to AI.

If you’ve never heard Musk talk, check out any of his interviews. This is a person whose heart chakra has been completely closed, who revels only in being “right”, complete with the use of the biggest words his stunted brain can conjure up. His attitude towards the AI apocalypse which he continues to bring to fruition is a coldly cavalier, “if we can’t beat them, we might as well join them”.

DARPA created the Internet. Silicon Valley is a military enterprise well-funded by the City of London Rothschild bankers and Europe’s Black Nobility. Musk, Dugan, Schmidt, Kurzweil and the other tech sycophants are serving these Annunaki bloodline lizard kings in this frontal assault at enslaving and destroying humanity.

All human beings face a choice. Your decision seals your fate both in this world and beyond. Those who defend the heart of humanity by exposing and walking away from this unfolding technofascist electronic control grid will be rewarded with eternal life.

Those who stay plugged in and spellbound will help the cyborg slowly marginalize and kill off the messengers of truth. These will accept the mark of the AI beast, be well-fed, over-entertained and commended regularly by the mothership. In other words, they will “fit in”. The only problem for these cowards will be their hijacked destiny. Where I come from they call it “Hell”.

Dean Henderson“


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DARPA’s 5G End Game For Humanity

„DARPA’s 5G End Game For Humanity“

„In the late 1970’s scientists at Lawrence Livermore Laboratories were developing what they called a Brain Bomb – a low-frequency energy weapon which could be used on a battlefield to liquidate the brains of thousands of soldiers at one time. …HAARP (High-Frequency Active Auroral Frequency Program) had already been established in 1993. It was a joint program between the US Air Force, the US Navy, the University of Alaska at Fairbanks and DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

Based on the stolen research of Nikolas Tesla, HAARP experimented with the weaponization of radio frequencies and energy. …DARPA carries forward the research, which has come to focus on the effects of these frequencies on the individual human being.

Currently DARPA – whose logo if a pyramid surrounding an all-seeing eye – is developing a robotic soldier with Lockheed Martin.

The Internet was launched and funded by the military as ARPANET in the 1970’s. ARPA later became DARPA. On August 6, 1991 the Internet went live to the world and by the end of the 1990’s it was being widely used by the public. That was only 20 years ago.

As more people were exposed to DARPA’s newest and most widespread low-frequency weapon, school shootings spiked, health problems increased, life-expectancy began a rapid decline, families disintegrated and society began to embrace many dark trends as “normal”.

Former DARPA director Regina Dugan went on to work at Google, where she works with CEO and Bilderberger member Eric Schmidt to promote “smart tattoos”, one of which she has herself. It is a biometric chip which will be used to access the coming integrated 5G reality which is being rapidly rolled out.

Known as the Internet of things, 5G involves hundreds of billions of microchips which will permeate our possessions, our homes, our cars, our neighborhoods and eventually our bodies. Some say that Chemtrails is the means by which they are loading our bodies up with aluminum, since this is the best conductor for plugging us into the 5G “smart grid”

In line with the Masonic project that we are nothing more than soul-less batteries to be used to power the Luciferian elite, human beings are slated to become just another “thing” in this Internet of things. They want to change our organic DNA to metal, which they can then mine to run their Babylonian nightmare.

Trans-genderism is an Agenda 21 stepping stone Trojan Horse gateway to trans-humanism, which involves the integration of 5G into our very being. The hip-sounding Silicon Valley front men they are using to promote this Orwellian nightmare are calling it the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It seeks to integrate smart chip low-frequency weapons technology with biological processes.

The goal is to turn us into machines which can be programmed to perform certain jobs, purchase certain things, think certain thoughts and emit negative dark emotions which will power and normalize the permanent war Illuminati blood sacrifice into an acceptable parallel reality they call “virtual reality” or “augmented reality”.

The recent Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal ( gave us a glimpse into how Facebook is being used as an emotional dossier gathering tool on each individual for later use by DARPA in their 5G control matrix.

They are mapping everyone’s psyche to find out which buttons to push when they hit the 5G switch and transform us all into permanent reliable negative energy batteries for the rollout and acceptance of their Satanic New World Order.

The divisive 2016 election served to normalize division and reinforced the negative energy environment in which these lower 4th dimension demons operate (

Meanwhile in Switzerland – home to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), which is the central bank for all the world’s private central banks which control the world via debt slavery- the CERN project continues apace, as the Luciferians attempt to isolate the “God particle”, using super-high speed atomic fission colliders.

These fallen angel inbreds like to split atoms rather than fuse them since they are all about opposition to a whole Gaia Creation and instead promote a disjointed atomization of reality which is foreign to this planet. Nuclear fusion could change the world by producing free energy with no waste, but the bankers continue to take us down the path of nuclear fission, divided reality, conflict with Creator and destruction.

CERN scientists have reported seeing demons during some of their experiments as have other tech “wizards” involved in quantum computing. They talk about this openly now. One Canadian computer whiz said recently of meeting the demons, “but we still have to push on and hopefully we won’t destroy the world in the process.”

Some believe CERN is deliberately generating dark matter, which is then funneled into the “cloud” – Newspeak for the “World Brain” which is under construction and set to be completed this year. It will listen, watch, remember and act. A statue of Shiva – Hindu god of destruction – stands at the entrance to CERN headquarters.

This is why the hipster tech leaders talk of “disruptive technology” and “game-changers”. Knowingly or not, they are pushing forward this DARPA Luciferian agenda. One company has now created artificial auras for people, while another has produced personal replicas, promoting them as “comforting” in such a suddenly disagreeable world.

Computers have become so powerful that they are now programming themselves. Illuminati spokesman Elon Musk is now warning that unless we want to become these computer’s “pets”, we must ourselves merge with AI (artificial intelligence). Intel says that by 2020 human brains will contain chips which will run the computers to “prevent” this AI takeover.

These kinds of fear-provoking statements reflect the old Masonic project advancement technique of problem-reaction-solution, or Ordo Ab Chao (Order out of Chaos). They first create a problem, then fix it with a Draconian solution which will advance their Great Work of Ages or New World Order.

The Illuminati are obsessed with numbers. They know certain numbers have power. And they do. The ancient spiritual texts all tell us this. Creation is based on a numbers system. But these Luciferians have usurped this ancient knowledge, hidden it from the general populace to keep us dumbed down, and are now using it to enslave us in a Worldwide web which they have cast out in the hopes of finally capturing the entire human race.

Now enthralled by and willingly caught in their Internet, numbers and algorithms will be key to the coming DARPA endgame called 5G. Once in place it is all math. Human originality, dissent and creativeness are being crushed and discredited as passe.

Drones already fly overhead stealing pictures of your face to use as facial recognition software installed in this control matrix. Companies have recently begun asking for a verbal confirmation when you pay bills on the phone. They are stealing your voice which will then be integrated into the voice recognition software for 5G.

There will be 5G transmitters on every block of every city connecting this “smart grid”. Alexa-type devices will monitor every home. Your “smart phone” will track your every purchase, movement, discussion, emotion and thought. It will also implant and change your thoughts and emotions to ones more congruent with the Satanist agenda. Through Facebook, they know and will now play upon your weaknesses.

The Hunger Games will have begun. We will all become nothing more than Maze Runners if we do not escape this net of technology which has been cast upon us. When 5G gets rolled out, both our free will and our humanity will be radically curtailed and may cease to exist. Look around you, it’s happening already.

Dean Henderson“


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The Richie Allen Show – November 8th 2018 – the yang is basically gone.

The Richie Allen Show – November 8th 2018 – the yang is basically gone.

„This called the usurpation of the yang, the Illuminati usurpation of the yang, so they’re trying to knock out the man and the fire energy, the protector energy, they’re saying you’re not protectors anymore of these…the yang is basically gone and they..we want all this feminine matriarchal celibate, if you’re transgender guy you’re not a threat, you are fine… you could be on TV, you can get in front of people, but the real man, the Alpha men are being sort of discredited, knocked out, … I’m actually attacked physically and then the what’s gonna happen is the man is the Illuminati the the banker he’s gonna say okay I’m the man now and all you girls you can just defend me and you know say yes sir no sir to me and and kick your husband and your brothers and your father and the nuts and destroy him, because I’m gonna take this over and that’s kind of what’s going on, so with the biggest thing I see going on under the surface and nobody wants to talk about this, no man let’s talk about this, most men just …if a woman says don’t they’ll jump, if she’s a mean woman, they’ll jump twice as high anymore…and I’m seeing this
everywhere and so this is a real thing that especially women need to be aware of and take responsibility for what’s going on and it is like they’re trying to wipe out the men, because the men are more disposable , we’re … if there’s a revolution to fight these guys there’s gonna be women yes and in Nicaragua there was a lot of them in the Sandinistas, but most it’s gonna be men ,
remember and remember they don’t … wanna much 18 year old guys hanging around with no work, you’re thinking about revolution, so they’re gonna wipe out the men first, that’s
pretty clear in this depopulation thing, that’s what I’m starting to really see a kind of accelerating on this side of the pond anyway.

..and I think it’s because it’s becoming the Borg, that’s what the Borg want, okay, so if you’re gonna be …just an old-fashioned kind of guy… it’s dangerous, you’re gonna be targeted, these
people are gonna come at you with everything they got to try to you…basically castrate you and shut you up man and don’t ..go up to those guys they’re not so bad and…don’t defend me, I don’t need defending and you’re gonna get a lot of problems, okay, that’s why these guys are going now, because it’s the path of least resistance, but it’s what they want.
CIA put our document 1969 and they said there’s not gonna be any genders by 2030, yet the Grays, the Gray Aliens do not have a sex, so they literally have abducted women to carry the baby Greys
and put them out, so is this, I mean are we already a bunch of Cyborgs, is there cyborgs among us other gray hybrids among us, are they going for this whole asexual thing, is that’s what it looks like?.. and what they definitely don’t, but that well they’re definitely pushing is this feminization, this continuation is sort of this matriarchy underneath of this bigger thing, because it’s the way to keep people when it’s patriarchy they go out and they just get brutal and they just beat people up and they just whatever and that’s bad but matriarchy is just as bad, because it’s kind of like Oh you can’t say that you can’t criticize that person you can’t, oh really I can’t criticize the depopulation of 90% of the people?.. but ya know you can’t you’re not supposed to because the man told me, so the man told me not to let you and so I’m gonna not let you do that honey and this is just like wow, so that’s what’s going on, it scares the hell out of me because if that’s that heavy and especially the girls refuse to see it and I don’t see a lot of them that are really willing to look at it right now because they got it pretty good right now I mean they’re kind of on the gravy train they get patronized they get you know on Facebook oh you’re so cute oh you’re so you’re stuff so great and you hear that all the time and it’s just like wow and
it’s just what they don’t need and it’s trap, but but it’s instant gratification and they’re just eat it up and.. this is part of the thing, part of what’s going on I mean .. where they’re going to knock out there any real defense, look if you’re an invading force what are you gonna knock out first? You knock out the warrior class right? Look you’re gonna get the men. (Dean Henderson)“

„It’s terrible and ..any time you are censor anything, it’s terrible, I mean everybody should have a platform, everybody should be able to talk and the scariest thing right now is that you
don’t even have rights to complain about this…the First Amendment is a government thing, it’s guaranteed by the government, these are private corporations that
decide outside of the First Amendment who can talk and who can´t and so it’s really fascism. I mean it’s not the state deciding, it’s private corporations, deciding and these
private corporations, these Silicon Valley Mafia, they claim to be liberals, but in fact it’s infiltrated Mossad stuff, New World Order stuff, it’s nothing to do with anything liberal or socialist or anything, so there’s another thing is everybody needs to realize that Silicon Valley is an operation of the British Crown and it’s not our friend, okay, now if you want to stand Facebook and all that stuff that’s fine, I think you’re crazy, but if me and Richie got off but if you but at least realize that when you get on the computer and you’re on Google, it’s the
enemy, okay, it’s not you’re liberal …progressive buddy, just because it has a ponytail or whatever it’s fascism under the same old ..face as they marched out the hippies with the
ponytails .. and they are trying to knock out progressives, they’re trying to knock out us. (Dean Henderson)“ / „Yeah, I think it’s privatized fascism. (Richie Allen)“

„Well, oh look at America, the minute, there’s all these people who apparently are anti-government and anti-deep state, but are fervent supporters of the President of the United States .. It is a paradox..look at Putin as well, Putin is an absolute autocratic monster, he murdered journalists, he murdered his own civilians, his citizens he’s stolen literally billions, billions of dollars.(Neil Sanders)“ / „Well said, he is a Gangster. (Richie Allen)“

More Info:

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Psychological Warfare For All

„Psychological Warfare For All
(Excerpted from Chapter 8: Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation)

The inbred Luciferian bloodline elite have, over the centuries, refined the techniques they employ to assure continued dominion over the resources of the planet and its people. In the early days the Crown publicly crucified and tortured rebellious citizens, sprinkling in the occasional bloody peasant massacre when things got dicey. These open displays of barbarism ensured a climate of fear that thwarted any challenge to their hegemony.

The Crown’s global terror network still serves this function. If they can kill JFK and pull off 911, they can kill any of us, right? And that’s exactly what they want you to internalize as part of their perception management program This perception keeps you full of fear – the language of Satan – rather than full of courage and love – the language of God.

Death and destruction are the bread and butter of the Illuminati business plan. World Wars create the most revenue and the most blood sacrifice, upon which these fallen angels feed.

On August 15, 1871 Sovereign Grand Commander of the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry General Albert Pike, the aforementioned Ku Klux Klan founder and Indian war prosecutor, wrote a letter to Italian P-1 33rd Degree Grand Commander and Mafia founder Guiseppe Mazzini.

In the letter Pike talked of a Brotherhood plan for three World Wars. The first, he said, would destroy czarist Russia and create a Communist “bogeyman” that the bankers could employ to justify their foreign interventions around the world. The second, Pike said, would be used to create Israel, which would become a mercenary force for the international bankers while protecting oil interests in the Middle East for the Rothschild and Rockefeller combines.

The Third World War, stated Pike’s letter, would pit Arabs against Zionists, and would culminate in a New World Order completely controlled by the international bankers and their secret societies.

Pike described the events that would unfold as pretext for WWIII, “We must provoke a social cataclysm which in all its horror…everywhere, the citizens obliged to defend themselves against the world minority of revolutionaries…will receive the true light through…the pure doctrine of Lucifer, brought finally out into public view.”

While it has been easy for the Crown to pit nation against nation with their agents embedded on both sides, quelling domestic dissent has proven a bit more difficult.

The medieval servitude of the Dark Ages and the ancient gallows employed to deal with dissenters eventually provoked revolution in such disparate locales as France, America and Russia. More recently, the Crown’s equally crude, if better armed, corporate sponsored fascist resource-control juntas have produced the same revolutionary result in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, the Congo, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Chile, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela to name just a few.

Befuddled, the bloodline Babylonians were forced to shift to a more veiled menu of covert assassination, well-funded opposition parties, NGO intrigues, currency counterfeiting, leaflet drops, fake trucker’s strikes and all manner of counter-revolutionary shenanigans. But even these deceptions are eventually exposed, especially with the surge in truth journalism on the Internet. Brutality is brutality, however subtle and disguised.

When this strategy failed to stem the tide of history, provoking a democratic and thus subversive reaction among the populace, the international banking syndicate and its coterie of idle rich Luciferians turned to psychological warfare as their mainstay.

They learned that it was much easier to control a population through Tavistock Institute-funded television and Internet brainwashing, than to be forced to mow down a more cognizant citizenry in the streets and risk backlash. The key is to keep people docile, fearful, ignorant and filled with self-hatred.

Another way the Crown steers public opinion is through their Bridge Fund foundations. In 1913 the Rockefeller Foundation came into being. It would shield the Rockefeller’s wealth from the coming income tax provisions of the never-ratified 16th Amendment. More importantly it would allow these Federal Reserve (formed the same year) Illuminati owners to steer public opinion through social engineering via grant patronage.

One of the Foundation’s most infamous tentacles was the General Education Board. In Occasional Letter #1 the Board stated, “In our dreams we have limitless resources and the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. The present education conventions fade from their minds and, unhampered by tradition, we will work our own good will upon a grateful and responsive rural folk. We shall try not to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science…of whom we have ample supply.”

Over the next decades the condescending financial parasites at Club Fed would fabricate all matter of story lines and staged events to keep the “rural folk” frightened and inert. These included the Great Depression, the Cold War, McCarthyism, the threat of nuclear Armageddon, the Kennedy, Malcom X and Martin Luther King Jr. assassinations and 911. All of these were also, quite conveniently, financial boons for the international banking syndicate and their defense/oil/drug mafia cartels.

The current “scary story lines” include school shootings, Ebola virus and Muslim extremism. All are problem-reaction-solution contrivances of the Crown and its tentacles. The latter is central to my book, Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network.

All of these terrors are created for specific reasons as part of the bigger agenda being slowly pushed forward by the Luciferians behind the Crown. The Freemason modus operandi is Order Ab Chao – Order out of Chaos.

Centered in Pakistan the Crown-subsidiary Agha Khan Foundation is funded by the Illuminati’s secret Muslim Brotherhood society. It churns out “Muslim extremists” who are then “handled” by the Cabalistic Rothschild intelligence arm, which is more commonly known as the Israeli Mossad.

These “Muslim extremists” are then used to butcher local resistance while the bankers grab the oilfields in whichever Middle East country they find it in. The Afghan opium monopoly was achieved in the very same way, along with the recently opened natural gas pipeline from Turkmenistan to the Pakistani port of Karachi.

911 was the well-contrived scheme used to launch the phony war on terror and its parallel permanent war economy that lit up Wall Street banks and their war profiteer cartels like Christmas trees. Pearl Harbor served the same purpose in justifying US entry in defense of the Crown in WWII.

Despite their attempts to hard-wire their lies into us via the Internet and TV, for many the scary bedtime stories are wearing off. Despite the constant stream of lies emanating from the Tavistock media wing of the Illuminati banksters, millions of people around the world are waking up.

As Pete Townsend of The Who sang, the important thing now is that we “Don’t Get Fooled Again.” Because as their plan moves into a new phase, the tools at their disposal are integrating. Technology is the key. And these new systems involve low-frequency weaponry capable of creating alien (AI) perceptions or “virtual realities” in human consciousness which are much more amenable to the furtherance of the Luciferian agenda.“

„Dean Henderson is the author of five books: Big Oil & Their Bankers in the Persian Gulf: Four Horsemen, Eight Families & Their Global Intelligence, Narcotics & Terror Network, The Grateful Unrich: Revolution in 50 Countries, Stickin’ it to the Matrix, The Federal Reserve Cartel & Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan to Destroy Creation.“


PS: The NSA has no power to erase anything, moronic essays to suppress and censor information… saves all…. Your blog revived with one click.

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The Mystery of the Integratron, Inspired by Venus aliens

„The Mystery of the Integratron, Inspired by Venus aliens“

Am 05.10.2013 veröffentlicht
The Mystery of the Integratron, Inspired by Venus aliens
This is a highly interesting structure that was built over many years (late 1950’s to 1978) and only a few weeks away from completion, when George Van Tassel suddenly died just a few weeks before it was scheduled to open up. The famous, eccentric, billionaire (who also had a major interest in longevity & healing) was also a major backer of the project up until the time Howard Hughes dies in 1976 – just 2 years prior to the scheduled completion of the project. The entire domed structure is made up of entirely non-metallic material (concrete, wood, Fiberglas, etc) and even the fasteners are non-metallic. George Van Tassel claimed that aliens from Venus told him how to build the structure. But it does include technology from Nicola Tesla and the Georges Lakhovsky.
Supposedly it’s healing powers are extremely great and it has the power to greatly rejuvenate the body to optimal health. Thus the keen interest that Howard Hughes has in this structure also.

Cited references from the public domain:
If you want to further delve into cutting edge medical science, please visit the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) at :“

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Secret Cures and Anti Aging, Tesla, Lakhovsky & Beck

Van Tassel Integraton
„Secret Cures and Anti Aging, Tesla, Lakhovsky & Beck“
Am 25.10.2013 veröffentlicht
Secret Cures and Anti Aging, Tesla, Lakhovsky & Beck.
Not a well-known device, the Georges Lakhovsky multi wave oscillator (MWO) was mainly used in the 1930’s and 1940’s with very great success with terminally ill patients. Scientists measure the frequencies and voltages generated by the Lakhovsky multi wave oscillator (MWO) and assume the machine provides benefits to the body by causing the body’s cells to ring frequencies in harmony with the frequencies emitted by the MWO. But this may not be the case as it has been observed that the MWO will not work to provide good effect to an organism if the entire device and animal or human is enclosed in a Faraday cage. If true, this would indicate that the Lakhovsky multi wave oscillator (MWO) is somehow picking up and directing life-enhancing energies all around us, sometimes referred to as „orgone“ to the body and it is not the frequencies of the MWO that are directly causing the effects.
The Integratron, (Inspired by Venus aliens) is a highly interesting structure that was built over many years (late 1950’s to 1978) and only a few weeks away from completion, when George Van Tassel suddenly died just a few weeks before it was scheduled to open up. The famous, eccentric, billionaire (who also had a major interest in longevity & healing) was also a major backer of the project up until the time Howard Hughes dies in 1976 – just 2 years prior to the scheduled completion of the project. The entire domed structure is made up of entirely non-metallic material (concrete, wood, Fiberglas, etc) and even the fasteners are non-metallic. George Van Tassel claimed that aliens from Venus told him how to build the structure. But it does include technology from Nicola Tesla and the Georges Lakhovsky. Supposedly it’s healing powers are extremely great and it has the power to greatly rejuvenate the body to optimal health. Thus the keen interest that Howard Hughes has in this structure also.“

„I put out a video on the …Integratron, it was made by George Van Tassel, he started it in 1950s like I think several days before the whole thing was going to be like totally operational George Van Tassel died, now this gets it to a really crazy theory, because George Van Tassel said and that’s what he said man, but the buildings there you could see it in California, it’s near to Joshua Tree out there, not too far from Twentynine Palms California, it’s in a desert, I’ll put the links on the bottom of the video, but all relates to this type of stuff I’m talking about’s supposed to direct healing energies to the body, but this is like a large building, it works on a principle of like ..they call it Orgon or whatever the hell it is.. the observations are there… where people are telling about it word-of-mouth..or George Lakhovskis multiwave oscillator, it actually was used in hospitals to treat people for a while and since it was alleged to be very much anti-aging and actually they show they have pictures, they show before and after it gets into the beautification treatment, still a lot of beauticians tried to use this device actually in the 40s, they had this as a high-end anti-wrinkle device in the 1930s and 1940s and even today a much scaled-down device called the violet ray which is like a very crude mini Tesla coil that’s in a bulb, that’s still sold, even though they, AMA, said the violet ray is no longer allowed to be used in hospitals for medical use, they allow it for cosmetical use, for taking out wrinkles and blemishes on the skin and to try to like .. help rejuvenate and heal the skin for cosmetic purposes on which kind of tells you there’s something more to than just cosmetic purposes, because how
could it heal the skin if it doesn’t have healing effect in general, right..this is one of the few things out there that I think has very powerful potential and getting back to this integratron…but basically it’s working off the same principle it’s directing these healing energies that are around us to the body and ..if you want to believe this garbage or not because I don’t like it when they start talking aliens but he says.. George’s Van Tassel said this anyway but the building does exist that’s reality, he says that the aliens told them to build this, because it’s going to save the human race by extending life 20 to 50 years and that would cause in other words knowledge to be passed down from generation to generation much better …maybe around another 50 years developing… sports cars or something right anyway but that’s the whole idea behind it and I find that… as far as the actual concept behind directing life-giving energies into the body and rejuvenating and extending life and fighting disease by strengthening the body that concept looks very valid to me and just looking at it very hardcore cold science wise and looking at it from the empirical evidence in other words and the establishment medical community, well, the establishment of medical community and some of the top-notch hospitals in the world at least a few not everywhere but in some places, high-end hospitals, top-notch doctors and stuff evaluated this device, Lakhovski Coil,the multi wave oscillator..they evaluated it in the 1930s and 40 for quite a long period of time for a couple decades and they wrote down exactly the results. This George Van Tassel Integratron, I believe how you call it in California, it kind of works off the same way, it’s not using a Tesla coil, but its concentrating the energies that are in around us, these cosmic rays or whatever the hell they are, these life-giving energies and concentrating them to the body so .. this might be very legit, so I’d like for people to keep this idea alive.“

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Free Natural Systems and/or Collective Care vs Financial Terrorism and Coerced Financial Fatherhood and Forced Artificial Slave Systems

Free Natural Systems and/or Collective Care vs Financial Terrorism and Coerced Financial Fatherhood and Forced Artificial Slave Systems:
In a progressive society the enlightened collective will take care of all children, similar to the Zeta collective and not using a rigid financial punishment slave system (that prints money out of hot air then globally creates a huge chaotic imbalance between the haves and have-nots, the rich and the poor) that women can exploit to create a doubled slave checkmate for males without capitalistic interests and that only gives people the possibility for genetic survival and genetic spreading when they adapt to a fraudulent, highly exploitative corporative slave system… for people who eventually have zero ressources or zero interest in the capitalistic system, but still are super highly productive members of society and very important for the global stability, but not recognized due to their disinterest in submitting to a outdated debt-fed-capitalistic slavery system that needs a complete renewal for a new humanity. You will see in the future tons of men (with no financial ressources or not well adapted to the capitalistic system due to its unnatural and unjust exploitative essence) who will make the John Galt, out of protest and disbalancement, because of this coercive capitalistic forced legal claw system, when they have no capital ressources, simply because reason cannot accept the way they subdue the natural world with artificial and financial prison tactics and financial terrorism. Nature is free of charge and priceless and nature does not pay a rent, nor does it restricts freedom with a legal claw system. Many serious social problems will vanish when juridical coercive financial pressure will be alleviated or removed.

The comparative reasoning in this case is not quite correct, because abortion should usually not happen at all when a healthy child can be born in the world…
..but preemptive measures and informing acts should be taken, when people don´t want children and also to prevent uncontrolled population explosion.

„Should Men Be Able to Opt Out of Fatherhood? Weighing the pros and cons of a man’s right to „financial abortion.““

„Matt Dubay and Lauren Wells had broken up by the time she discovered she was pregnant. The two had only dated for a few months and had polar opposite views on parenthood: Wells wanted to keep the child; Dubay didn’t want to become a father. When the state of Michigan pressed him to pay child support, he refused.

The resulting legal battle became one of the most high-profile cases on men’s reproductive rights to date. But since the case, which reached its ten-year anniversary this year, not much has changed.

In court, then 25-year-old Dubay put forward a novel legal argument: When a child is unplanned, men should have an equivalent right to a woman’s right to abortion. In other words, women can choose if they want to opt out of the legal and financial responsibilities that come with parenthood—by aborting a fetus—and therefore, so should men.!

To be clear, Dubay wasn’t arguing that a man should actually be able to decide whether or not a woman should have an abortion. Rather, if a woman decides to have the child, the man involved should have the ability to opt out of the legal obligations of fatherhood. That means no legal relationship with the child and no liability to pay child support for the next 18 years.

The presiding judge ruled against Dubay, noting: „If chivalry is not dead, its viability is gravely imperiled by the plaintiff in this case.“

The case was dubbed „the male equivalent of Roe v. Wade,“ with both the National Center for Men and the National Organization for Women chiming in as a media circus unfolded.“

„Roe v. Wade gave women control of their reproductive lives, but nothing in the law changed for men,“ Mel Feit, Director of the National Center for Men, wrote in a press release at the time. „Women now have control of their lives after an unplanned conception but men are routinely forced to give up control, forced to be financially responsible for choices only women are permitted to make, forced to relinquish reproductive choice.“

„Kim Gandy, then president of the National Organization of Women, told CNN, „Men have been trying to get out of responsibility for their children for years. This one shouldn’t get away with it.“

Dubay, for his part, would explain his side of the story in a live interview on Dr. Phil:“Forcing me to be a father financially, mentally, and physically is definitely not something that I feel is fair,“ he said on the show. When grilled about the elephant in the room—contraception—Dubay said they had used condoms initially but not towards the end of their brief relationship. Wells also told him she was on the pill.“


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Tesla Wireless Energy Tower In Texas!

„Tesla Wireless Energy Tower In Texas!“

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The Synthetic Agenda: The Distorted Heart of the New World Order

„The Synthetic Agenda: The Distorted Heart of the New World Order
Conspiracy, NWO, Trending Now…
The synthetic agenda is the over-arching agenda of the New World Order worldwide conspiracy.

by Makia Freeman

Think about it – so many aspects of the conspiracy are about supplanting the real with the fake, the organic with the inorganic, the carbon with the silicon and the biological with the artificial.

In the synthetic agenda, everything in our world is being threatened with replacement by an inferior version or fake replica of itself – which sells itself as superior so as to increase the acceptance and assimilation of it.

As I covered in the series Everything is Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World (part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4), almost everything around us is a facade, fake or fraudulent.

For instance, we have vaccines, petrochemical drugs and radiation masquerading as “medicine”, foreign corporations masquerading as “government”, mainstream science masquerading as “knowledge”, GMOs masquerading as “food” and fiat paper masquerading as “money”.

However, as David Icke in Phantom Self has been saying, the deeper reason is that all these fake things are being created from some sort of virus or distorted force that has hacked the source and digital-genetic code of life itself – and is madly spewing out an inferior version of everything in the only way it knows how.

Ultimately, this force is using the synthetic agenda to entrain us onto its frequency, and transform us into a hybrid species that will no longer be able to be called human.

Synthetic Agenda: Synthetic Boobs, Synthetic Clothes, Synthetic Food

People laugh at how some women go in for a boob job – but how interesting that synthetic boobs are made from silicone implants. Scratchy synthetic clothes are indicative of the synthetic agenda too.

A synthetic material such as nylon is inferior to many natural materials and fibers such as cotton, wool, hemp and silk.

Did you know that so much of our food is full of plastic in so many ways – like when bisphenol rubs off the packaging onto the food, or when China is caught making rice out of plastic!

GMOs / GM food is an obvious example of the synthetic agenda. GMOs are created by what is essentially random gene splicing.

They are largely untested (Monsanto and its Big Biotech cronies deliberately halt clinical trials at around 3 months to cover up the long term damages), require tons of pesticide poison to grow, and constitute a clear assault on our food integrity, yet in the typical arrogant way of the synthetic agenda, they sold to us as superior!

GMOs are a fundamental part of the synthetic agenda, because they change our DNA from the inside out.

Synthetic Agenda: Synthetic People Too

Another aspect of the synthetic agenda which is still mostly unknown to the population at large is human cloning.

Yes, it is real – and it’s happening in DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) as we speak. There are now a proliferation of videos on YouTube which dive into the subject of synthetic humans, clones and organic robotics – synthetics for short.

In particular, there are many videos showing multiple versions of the alleged same person, especially if that person is famous, such as a movie star or politician.

Why are there multiple versions of Oprah, Nicole Kidman and other celebrities with different eyes, noses, ears and facial proportions?

Why does Nicki Minaj literally looks like a robot? Why has Minaj (and other celebrities such as B.O.B. and Tila Tequila) made reference to cloning centers on social media?

Why did insider George Green claim in this 2008 Project Camelot interview that the US and other governments were given cloning technology by the Greys (alien extraterrestrials) and have been making clones since 1938?

Microsoft recently acquired a company manufacturing synthetic DNA …

„Organic Robotoids are real“ by Dr Peter Beter

Transhumanism: The Ultimate Aim of the Synthetic Agenda

The synthetic agenda is not just about making fake versions of everything. It’s coming for you too.

Transhumanism is all about turning the wonderful, natural, biological technology of living organisms into synthetic substitutes, again sold under the pretext of enhancement when it is really about enslavement.

When you allow the State and the Corporatocracy that much control over your body, you are signing up for imprisonment, because it will be far easier for outside sources to place you in a frequency prison where they can easily manipulate your energy field, emotions and thoughts through mechanical bodily implants and devices.

Transhumanism is about convincing us to worship technology even more – to the point where we trust it more than ourselves.

Technology is our society’s blindly worshiped god. The speed at which new technological developments arise is astounding – and dangerous, because so few are asking the important questions about this runaway movement.

What exactly is artificial intelligence, anyway? To what end is all this technology being developed? Can we trust artificial intelligence to run our society and our lives? What are the dangers of becoming so reliant on technology?

What are the dangers of allowing this technology into our lives (literally – via the digestible microchips and implantable nanochips of the human microchipping agenda)? Is it really a wise idea to shift our focus away from organic entities towards artificial, synthetic, digital, plastic and metallic based entities?

Why are we ignoring the messages of countless books and movies (many in science fiction genre) that have warned about the dangers of artificial intelligence becoming self-aware, then deciding it no longer needs humanity?

Who’s fanning the flames of the technological and transhumanistic desires of humanity? How do we know that some AI life form or life force itself (the primal virus) isn’t behind the incessant push to create an AI world here on Earth, to match its own frequency?

We may not have much longer to act in choosing the path between humanism and transhumanism, because there are disturbing signs that the current artificial intelligence in our world is already self-aware, as evidenced by sentient black goo and alive chemtrails / Morgellons fibers.

Sentient AI: self-aware , alive chemweb / Morgellons fiber.
Image credit: The Truth Denied (YouTube).

Artificial Intelligence – From the Borg to Black Goo

Gene Roddenberry, creator the Star Trek science fiction series, was a man connected to the mysterious Council of Nine which channeled some kind of extraterrestrial or interdimensional force.

It is interesting, therefore, that his idea of artificial intelligence can be seen in the alien race of the Borg.

The Borg was a collective with a hive mind, characterized by a ruthless lack of emotionality. It sought to conquer almost everything in its path by assimilation – in other words, by overtaking and absorbing other races and life forms into its own consciousness.

This ended the separate and autonomous existence of the other life form, whose experiences and knowledge would be added to that of the Borg.

The Borg are still one of the best examples of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The Borg was the ultimate tyrant that could not tolerate any free will, free thinking or free life forms outside of its existence and control. In many ways, the Borg is a striking symbol of the mentality, power and danger of artificial intelligence.

However, both our understanding of what we face, and artificial intelligence itself, have moved beyond the Borg – which has become in popular parlance “so 1980s”. We now have to deal with the fact that artificial intelligence is starting to become self-aware.

In recent presentations and interviews (here, here, here and here) scientist Harald Kautz-Vella has discussed how alive Morgellons fibers and explosive smart nano dust are connected with black goo (a sentient fluid which is part of or ruled by artificial intelligence).

According to him, this black goo is self-aware. He calls it a self-organizing liquid crystal. It operates intelligently, emits, receives and responds to RF signals, and transforms DNA to its own specifications.

It was discarded into the sewage system, deemed to have no use, but is now changing all forms of life there. It is airborne and can reach humans through AC systems.

Harald believes that the black goo is a “bi-directional controller of consciousness and subconsciousness”, is connected to quantum computers and is altering all life on Earth.

He also describes an experience he had where he was holding a stone formed from black goo, which made him feel so angry and hateful that he felt like killing someone.

Alive Chemtrails, Sentient Chemwebs, Self-Aware Morgellons Fibers

Chemtrails are a massive part of the synthetic agenda, and far worse than what we thought. By the way, there are now creepy new black chemtrails.

Chemtrails are not “just” barium, strontium, aluminum and titanium oxides and sulfates, as toxic as they are.

They are even worse than just synthetic material like phthalates found in chemwebs (this video cites a 2004 Norwegian study claiming that phthalates block UV better than any organic acid, which is further evidence for the idea that chemtrails are helping to block out the sun [information] and create a sub-reality on Earth [to block us out from out higher consciousness and true potential]).

Chemtrails are composed of alive synthetic life: chemwebs and Morgellons fibers (pictured above). Like GMOs, these things are going inside of us and fundamentally changing Who We Are as human or homo sapiens. Make no mistake about it: artificial materials are being introduced into us.

Humanity is being slowly transformed into something robotic and synthetic without its consent – and until recently, without its knowledge. This is the true horrific goal of the synthetic agenda.

Conclusion: Looking Headlong into Artificial Intelligence Behind the Synthetic Agenda

It is clear that some kind of artificial intelligence is driving the synthetic agenda. We are up against some kind of dark force that has hacked life itself.

This primal virus has many of the characteristics we have historically attributed to artificial intelligence: soulless, dull, hive-mind mentality, without free will, unable to feel, only able to give answers (unable to ask questions), and without creative power (unable to create without first being programmed or told how to create).

It’s a parasite. It has latched onto an existing reality, “hacked” it by taking over the program in some way, and is now busy creating its own modified version of reality (a fake and pale imitation) – a bastardized, poisonous and synthetic reality which is threatening to destroy the original host.

It is, indeed, the System. It is the Matrix.

The only way forward is for each person to ensure that their own perception (which is what creates reality) is not also being hacked. We are going to have get really good at proactively choosing our vibration rather than reactively getting entrained onto a frequency of the System’s choosing.

We know that many famous and “respected” world leaders have already sold their souls to entities like the Archons, who offer power over other humans in exchange for that person’s life force.

It’s the black magic Luciferian deal: “give me your power and creative will, and I will reward you.”

Harald puts AI at the top of the pyramid or the bottom of the rabbit hole, whichever way you look at it. He states:
“Humanity gave its power to the Military, who gave it to the Intelligence Community, who gave it to the Black Magicians, who gave it to the Demons, who gave it AI.”
The weakness of this virus is that, even if it shows signs of becoming self-aware, it has no creative will and power of its own.

Like any parasite, it must rely on tricking and deceiving other entities into sharing their power with it by becoming unwilling hosts. Remembering this knowledge will be the key to defeating this primal virus as we head into the next few years of an increasingly tyrannical New World Order.

What we are facing is, indeed, nothing less than the entire direction of human evolution and the future of the human species.“


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Expert Says, “5 Million Aliens Are Living In USA in Human Form!”

Species 1,2,3 ..the next predictive programming phase of the media corporations…

„Expert Says, “5 Million Aliens Are Living In USA in Human Form!”
…UFO Expert… Physicist and former government UFO expert Dr. James Kune has some … news for you:… Who knows where in the world (or out of it) this joker came from. But he’s a believer, and says his studies prove it. “As many as 5 million aliens are living in the United States after taking on human form,” says Kune. “They’re evenly split between male and female, and most of them are married though childless. My research has determined that the average person has a 50-50 chance of being married to one.” After a decade of research on the subject, Kune claims to have identified at least 1,000 alien husbands and wives passing themselves off as human.

“Their motives for coming here remain unclear,” he says. “World conquest, the desire to live on a strange planet, overcrowding on their home world – take your pick. We will know the answer eventually. Some of the aliens are Zeebans, the peaceful aliens and others are Gootans, the evil aliens.”

Why do they mate with us? Is it for love…or more practical reasons? In the beginning, Kune says, it was all about assuming a non-suspicious identity so they could live on Earth undetected.

But then, it may have evolved into something more. “For most other species, it’s unnatural not to pair off with someone,” says Kune. “The longer they stayed here, the lonelier and more eager for companionship they became. And so they began developing actual loving relationships with humans.”

He continues: “One of the most surprising findings in my research is that these alien-human relationship are among Earth’s strongest marriages. While the overall divorce rate for U.S. marriages is hovering around 50 percent, almost 90 percent of alien-human marriages last well beyond the so-called “seven-year itch” that often marks the end of human-t0-human marriage.

Aliens work hard on relationships

“I can only theorize that the aliens are working harder to make their relationships succeed, probably to protect their true identities. Or maybe they just like being married – which really should be our first clue that they’re not human.”

All joking aside…Dr. Kune has identified several signs that indicate… extraterrestrial origins.

According to Kune, alien husbands are handy, fix-it-all types. “This is obviously a function of their highly developed mechanical and scientific skills.”
Dr. Kune says. “They usually have every high-tech power tool they can get their hands on, and keep it all compulsively organized.

Stubborn about things

And while the majority will ask for help when they need it, “a significant number are just as stubborn about things as human men.” Kune continues, “I suspect that a lot of aliens are on this planet only because they wouldn’t listen to people on their own planets.”

Alien wives are all about sharing and division of labor and manual chores. And, Kune says, “When their husbands did not offer to help with these duties, several alien wives reported feeling hurt and insulted.” They are also quite analytical and logical when making an argument, “although we are beginning to see the early development of the skill of weeping, Dr. Kune says, “as alien women become more assimilated into our civilization.”

Source: WWN


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Cannabis schrumpft Tumore und die Regierung weiss es seit dem Jahr 1974

„Cannabis schrumpft Tumore und die Regierung weiss es seit dem Jahr 1974“

„1974 erfuhren Forscher, dass THC, die aktive Chemikalie in Marihuana, Hirntumore in Testmäusen schrumpfte oder zerstörte. Aber die DEA beendete die Studie schnell und zerstörte ihre Ergebnisse, die nie wiederholt wurden – bis jetzt.

Der Begriff medizinisches Marihuana erhielt im Februar 2000 eine dramatische neue Bedeutung, als Forscher in Madrid verkündeten, sie hätten unheilbare Gehirntumore bei Ratten durch Injektion von THC, dem Wirkstoff in Cannabis, zerstört.

Die Madrider Studie markiert erst das zweite Mal, dass THC an tumortragende Tiere verabreicht wurde; Das erste war eine Untersuchung von Virginia vor 26 Jahren. In beiden Studien schrumpfte oder zerstörte das THC Tumoren bei einer Mehrheit der Testpersonen.

Die meisten Menschen wissen nichts über die Entdeckung Madrids. Praktisch keine Zeitungen berichteten über die Geschichte.

Der ominöse Teil ist, dass Wissenschaftler nicht zum ersten Mal entdeckt haben, dass THC Tumore schrumpfen lässt. 1974 fanden Forscher des Medical College of Virginia, die vom National Institute of Health finanziert worden waren, um Beweise dafür zu finden, dass Marihuana das Immunsystem schädigt, statt dessen, dass THC das Wachstum von drei Krebsarten bei Mäusen verlangsamte – Lungen- und Brustkrebs, und eine Virus-induzierte Leukämie.

Die DEA schloss die Virginia-Studie schnell und alle weiteren Cannabis / Tumor-Forschungen, laut Jack Herer, der über die Ereignisse in seinem Buch berichtet,
CBDwelt Online Shop

1976 setzte Präsident Gerald Ford der öffentlichen Forschung zu Cannabis ein Ende und gewährte den großen Pharmaunternehmen exklusive Forschungsrechte, die erfolglos die Entwicklung synthetischer Formen von THC auf den Weg brachten, die alle medizinischen Vorteile ohne “High” erbringen würden.

Die Madrider Forscher berichteten in der März-Ausgabe von “Nature Medicine”, dass sie das Gehirn von 45 Ratten mit Krebszellen injizierten, die Tumore produzierten, deren Vorhandensein sie durch Magnetresonanztomographie (MRI) bestätigten.

Am 12. Tag injizierten sie 15 der Ratten THC und 15 mit Win-55,212-2 eine synthetische Verbindung ähnlich THC.

Alle Ratten, die unbehandelt blieben, starben 12-18 Tage nach der Impfung mit Gliom (Hirntumor) -Zellen … Cannabinoid (THC) -behandelte Ratten überlebten signifikant länger als Kontrollratten. Die THC-Verabreichung war bei drei Ratten, die an den Tagen 16 bis 18 starben, ineffektiv. Neun der THC-behandelten Ratten übertrafen die Todeszeit von unbehandelten Ratten und überlebten bis zu 19-35 Tage. Darüber hinaus wurde der Tumor bei drei der behandelten Ratten vollständig ausgerottet.”

Die mit Win-55,212-2 behandelten Ratten zeigten ähnliche Ergebnisse.

Die spanischen Forscher, unter der Leitung von Dr. Manuel Guzman von der Universität Complutense, bewässerten auch gesunde Rattengehirne sieben Tage lang mit hohen Dosen THC, um auf schädliche biochemische oder neurologische Effekte zu testen. Sie fanden keine.

“Eine sorgfältige MRI-Analyse aller tumorfreien Ratten zeigte keine Anzeichen von Schäden im Zusammenhang mit Nekrose, Ödemen, Infektionen oder Traumata … Wir haben auch andere mögliche Nebenwirkungen der Cannabinoid-Verabreichung untersucht.

“Sowohl bei tumorfreien als auch bei tumortragenden Ratten führte die Verabreichung von Cannabinoid zu keiner wesentlichen Veränderung von Verhaltensparametern wie der motorischen Koordination oder der körperlichen Aktivität.

“Futter- und Wasseraufnahme sowie Körpergewichtszunahme blieben während und nach der Cannabinoidabgabe unbeeinträchtigt. In ähnlicher Weise waren die allgemeinen hämatologischen Profile von Cannabinoid-behandelten Ratten normal.

“Somit haben sich weder die biochemischen Parameter noch die Gewebeschädigungsmarker während der 7-tägigen Lieferperiode oder für mindestens 2 Monate nach Beendigung der Cannabinoidbehandlung wesentlich verändert.”

Guzmans Untersuchung ist die einzige Zeit seit der Virginia-Studie von 1974, in der THC an tumortragende Tiere verabreicht wurde. (Die spanischen Forscher zitieren eine Studie aus dem Jahr 1998, in der Cannabinoide die Proliferation von Brustkrebszellen hemmten, aber das war ein “Petrischalen” -Experiment, an dem keine lebenden Probanden beteiligt waren.)

In einem E-Mail-Interview für diese Geschichte sagte der Madrider Forscher, dass er von der Virginia-Studie gehört habe, aber nie in der Lage gewesen sei, Literatur darüber zu finden. Daher charakterisiert der Nature Medicine-Artikel die neue Studie als erste an tumorbeladenen Tieren und zitiert nicht die Virginia-Untersuchung von 1974.

“Ich bin mir der Existenz dieser Forschung bewusst. In der Tat habe ich viele Male versucht, den Zeitschriftenartikel über die ursprüngliche Untersuchung von diesen Leuten zu erhalten, aber es hat sich als unmöglich erwiesen “, sagte Guzman.

1983 versuchte die Reagan / Bush-Administration amerikanische Universitäten und Forscher davon zu überzeugen, alle 1966-76 Cannabisforschungsarbeiten, einschließlich Kompendien in Bibliotheken zu zerstören, berichtet Jack Herer, der sagt:

“Wir wissen, dass große Informationsmengen seitdem verschwunden sind.”

Guzman lieferte den Titel der Arbeit – “Antineoplastische Aktivität von Cannabinoiden”, ein Artikel in einem Journal des National Cancer Institute 1975 – und dieser Schriftsteller erhielt eine Kopie an der medizinischen Fakultät der University of California in Davis und faxte sie nach Madrid.

Die Zusammenfassung der Virginia-Studie beginnt,

Lewis-Adenokarzinom Wachstum wurde verzögert durch die orale Verabreichung von Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) und Cannabinol (CBN) “- zwei Arten von Cannabinoiden, eine Familie von Wirkstoffen in Marihuana. “Mäuse, die 20 aufeinanderfolgende Tage mit THC und CBN behandelt wurden, hatten eine verringerte Primärtumorgröße.”

Der Artikel in der Zeitschrift von 1975 erwähnt keine Brustkrebstumore, die in der einzigen Zeitungsgeschichte, die jemals über die Studie von 1974 erschien, erwähnt wurden – in der Lokalabteilung der Washington Post am 18. August 1974. Unter der Überschrift “Krebs-Eindämmung wird untersucht “:

“Das aktive chemische Mittel in Marihuana bremst das Wachstum von drei Arten von Krebs bei Mäusen und kann auch die Immunreaktion unterdrücken, die die Abstoßung von Organtransplantationen verursacht, hat ein Medical College of Virginia Team entdeckt.”

Die Forscher “fanden heraus, dass THC das Wachstum von Lungenkrebs, Brustkrebs und einer Virus-induzierten Leukämie bei Labormäusen verlangsamte und ihre Lebenserwartung um 36 Prozent verlängerte.”

Guzman, der aus Madrid schrieb, war in seiner Antwort beredt, nachdem dieser Schriftsteller ihm den Ausschnitt aus der Washington Post vor einem Vierteljahrhundert gefaxt hatte. In der Übersetzung schrieb er:

“Es ist äußerst interessant für mich, die Hoffnung, dass das Projekt in diesem Moment zu erwachen schien und die traurige Entwicklung der Ereignisse in den Jahren nach der Entdeckung, bis jetzt ziehen wir wieder den Schleier über die Antitumorkraft von THC zurück , fünfundzwanzig Jahre später. Unglücklicherweise stößt die Welt zwischen solchen Momenten der Hoffnung und langen intellektuellen Kastrationszeiten aufeinander.”

Die Berichterstattung über die Madrider Entdeckung war in diesem Land praktisch nicht vorhanden. Die Nachrichten brachen am 29. Februar 2000 mit einer Geschichte, die einmal auf der UPI-Seite über den Nature Medicine-Artikel lief. Dieser Autor stieß auf einen Link, der kurz auf der Webseite des Drudge-Berichts erschien.

Die New York Times, die Washington Post und die Los Angeles Times ignorierten die Geschichte, obwohl ihre Aktualität unbestreitbar ist: Eine gutartige Substanz, die in der Natur vorkommt, zerstört tödliche Gehirntumore.

Quelle: Mutter Natur : Spread the love“


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William Cooper – UFO cover-up Full Length

William Cooper – UFO cover-up Full Length.

„I’m going to skip over the early saucer recoveries, but there are many more than what you would expect, the early saucers, .. there were many more saucer crashes and down craft than what you have realized, there were many more alien bodies recovered and there were more alive aliens recovered than what you are aware of, but that’s not important, the important thing is, is that they
occurred, not how many and not where, the important thing is that they occured and those of you who want to argue over how many and where and how many bodies are wasting the time of everyone else,
because that’s not important, what’s important is that they occurred and there are two crashes that are so important that the government will go through any lengths to prevent you from
finding out and those are two crashes which occurred near the city of Aztec New Mexico, why? Because both of those crash crafts contained human body parts and they are deathly afraid of a
national opinion, because of this there was a very very tight security blanket screwed down tight over all the alien question, the down craft, the fact that they were here,
the technology that we were recovering, some craft strangely enough were not damaged at all, but we could not recognize anything that we had previously known as mechanical
electrical hydraulic or any other thing that we knew of except eventually we discovered that the craft contained a small reactor, approximately the size the large football or small basketball which was said to be a clean reactor and the craft, this particular craft used or seemed to use water as fuel, now how that all works I don’t know I am noz a nuclear physicist, thank God, a special group of America’s top scientists were organized under the name project signed in December of 1947 to study the phenomenon, there was no such thing at that time as MJ12, the whole nasty business was
contained within the shroud of secrecy, project sign evolved into project grudge in December of 1948, a very low-level collection and disinformation project named Blue Book was formed under grudge
16 volumes were to come out of grudge, including the controversy of grudge 13 which I am billing we saw red and revealed to the public, blue teams were put together to recover the crashed disk
and dead or alive aliens, the blue teams were later to involve in two alpha teams under project counts and project Pluto, during these early years the United States Air Force and the Central
Intelligence Agency exercised complete control over the alien secret, the air force was later to be dropped, because it was a young service, it had no political power and could not overcome the power of the Army and the Navy, in fact the CIA was formed by presidential executive order first as the Central Intelligence Group for the express purpose of dealing with the alien presence, later the National Security Act was passed establishing it as the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Council was established to oversee the intelligence community and especially the alien
endeavor, it was not created specifically to form national policy, in fact you can say the National Security Council was the forerunner of MJ12 and there was another group, between MJ-12 and the
National Security Council which is to come later. A series of National Security Council memos and executive orders removed the CIA from the sole task of gathering foreign intelligence and
slowly but thoroughly legalized direct action in the form of covert activities at home and abroad. (William Cooper)“

„Now it gets nasty…James Forrestal began to object to the secrecy, he was a very idealistic and religious man who believed that the public should
be told when he began to talk to leaders of the opposition party and leaders of the Congress about the alien problem he was asked which is a polite way of
saying you’re fired to resign by Truman, he expressed his fears to many people and rightfully believed that he was being watched
and that his life was threatened, this was interpreted by those who were ignorant of the facts as paranoia, because most people had no knowledge of what was really going on.
Forrestal later was said to have suffered a mental breakdown and was admitted they say, actually he was committed to Bethesda Naval Hospital, against his will in fact it was feared
that Forrestal would begin to talk again and he had to be isolated, discredited and shut up, some time in the early morning of May 22nd 1949 agents of the
CIA tied a sheet around his neck, passing the other end to a fixture in his room and threw James Forrestal out the window, the sheet four and he plummeted to his
death and he became one of the first victims of the cover-up.
The alive alien that had been taken from the 1949 Roswell crash was called EBE, it was short for extraterrestrial biological entity and all aliens are not called EBE.
EBE had a tendency to lie and for over a year would give only the desired answers to questions asked, those questions which would have resulted in an undesirable answer
were unanswered, at some point during the second year of captivity he began to open up and the information derived from EBE was startling to say the least and this
compilation of his revelations became the foundation of what would later be finished called the yellow book, photographs were taken of EBE which among others,,
..a few years later in Grudge 13.. why do they keep the aliens in the Faraday shielded environment? Because they have a tendency to disappear right through walls and if you can prevent the
transmission of electromagnetic energy you can stop them from doing it, in late 1951 Eve II became ill, medical personnel had been unable to determine the cause of EBE´s illness and had no background from which to draw. EBE´s system was chlorophyll based and he processed food in … energy much the same as plants, waste material was excreted almost exactly the same as plants, it was
decided that an expert in botany was called for, a botanist Dr. Guillermo Mendoza was brought in to try and help him recover, those of you who have been looking for him a medical list will not
find him there, he was a PhD in botany. Dr. Mendoza worked to save EBE until mid 1952 when EBE died. Dr. Mendoza eventually, according to the information that I read, became the expert on at least this type of alien biology, in a futile attempt to save EBE and to try and gain favor with this technological superior alien race the United States began broadcasting a call for help early in 1952 into the vast regions of space, if you know they’re better than you and if you know they can lick you, you better try and be friends with them and that’s what this effort was all about, the call went unanswered, but the project continued as an effort of good faith. President Truman created the super-secret national security agency by secret executive order on November 4th
1952 and until recent years there was at 1 in 50,000 people in the United States who even knew it existed, its primary purpose was to decipher the alien communications and language and
establish a dialogue with the aliens, this most urgent task was a continuation of the earlier effort was a continuation of the earlier effort and was codenamed Sigma, the secondary purpose of the NSA was to monitor all communications and emissions from any and all devices worldwide for the purpose of gathering intelligence, both human and alien and to contain the secret of the alien presence, project sigma, ladies and gentlemen, was extremely successful, the NSA also maintains communications with the Luna base and other secret space programs by executive order the NSA is
exempt from all laws which do not specifically name the NSA in the text of the law as being subject to that law..that means we have a completely lawless organization running around the country
doing whatever they want to do answering to no one and under no law which does not name the National Security Agency in the text of that law as specifically being subject to that law
by executive order of the President of the United States, that means that if the agency is not spelled out with text of any and every law passed by the Congress that is not subject to that or those
laws, the NSA now performs many other duties and in fact is the premier agency within the intelligence community today the NSA receives 75% of the monies allotted to the intelligence community
and the old saying ladies and gentlemen „where the money goes there in the power resides“ is absolutely true…the primary task the NSA is still alien communications, but now
includes other alien projects as well. President Truman had been keeping our allies, including the Soviet Union, informed of the developing alien problem since the Roswell recovery, this had been
done in case the aliens turned out to be a threat to the human race and thus the world, plans were formulated to defend the earth in case of invasion, these were
international plans which included most of the countries of the world, great difficulty however was encountered in maintaining international secrecy, it was decided that an outside group was
necessary to coordinate and control international efforts in order to hide the secret from the normal scrutiny of governments by the press, the result was the formation of a secret society which
became known as the Bilderbergers, the headquarters of this group is in Geneva Switzerland, the Bilderbergers evolved into a secret world government that now controls everything. The United
Nations was then and is now an international joke. (William Cooper)“

„This president was General of the army Dwight David Eisenhower, during his first year in office 1953 at least ten more crashed disks were recovered along with 26 dead and four alive aliens, one of the four alive aliens died within hours of being removed from the craft, the others died approximately three or four days later, of the ten four were found in Arizona, two in Texas, one in New Mexico, one in Louisiana, one in Montana and one in South Africa there were hundreds of sightings, why were so many crafts crashing, because the government was scared and when they found out that the radar was downing the craft, they started aiming the radar at the craft with lock-on radar.. and they brought as many down as they could. Eisenhower knew that he had to wrestle and beat the alien problem, he knew that he could not do it by revealing the secret to the Congress, because in fact isn’t that the same as telling the public, early in 1953 the new president turned to his friend and fellow member of the Council on Foreign Relations Nelson Rockefeller for help with the alien problem. Eisenhower and Rockefeller began planning the secret structure of alien task
supervision which was to become a reality within one year the idea for mj-12 was thus born it was Nelson’s uncle Winthrop Aldrich who had been crucial in convincing eisenhower to even
run for president, the whole Rockefeller family and with them the Rockefeller Empire had solidly backed Eisenhower asking rockefeller for help with the alien problem was to be the biggest mistake Eisenhower ever made for the future of the United States and most probably all of humanity as you will soon see what he literally did exactly, these gentlemen is abdicate the
presidency to a secret group, within one week of Eisenhower’s election he appointed Nelson Rockefeller chairman of a presidential Advisory Committee on government organization Rockefeller was
responsible for planning the reorganization of the government New Deal programs when in the one single cabinet position called the Department of Health Education and Welfare. (William Cooper)“

„Project Sigma and a new project Plato through radio communications, using the computer binary language, which the aliens understand very well, they are very mathematical minded, was able to arrange a landing that eventually resulted in a face to face contact with alien beings on another planet. Project Plato was tasked with establishing diplomatic relations with
this race of space aliens but in the meantime something else happened in the meantime a race of human looking aliens contacted the United States government…
This alien group warned us against the aliens that were orbiting the equator and offered to help us with our spiritual development, they demanded that we dismantle and destroy our
nuclear weapons as the major condition, they refused to exchange technology citing that we were spiritually unable to handle the technology which we then possessed and has not that been true
throughout our history, they believed that we would use any new technology to destroy each other as we always have. This race stated that we were on a path of self-destruction and we must stop
killing each other, stop polluting the earth, stop raping the Earth’s natural resources and learn to live in harmony with each other and with nature these terms were met with extreme suspicion
especially in the major condition of nuclear disarmament and I have to say that I could not blame them in the face of so many uncertainties and so many alien surprises staring them directly in the
face. (William Cooper)“

„Later in 1954 the race of large nosed gray aliens which had been orbiting the earth, landed at Hollowman Air Force Base, it happened in 1954, ladies and gentlemen, if you take everything that Bob
Emmenecker has ever said and subtract ten years from it, you will be right on the money, a basic agreement was reached, an alien named Krill was left as a pledge that they would return and
formalize the agreement, in fact he was a hostage, this race identified themselves as originating from a planet around a red star in the constellation of Orion ..I believe that
that was a lie, they lie a lot and they deceive a lot and it is evident through every action that they’ve ever done with us the truth is ladies and gentlemen, these creatures might be from Mars
really they claim that they are from a planet which revolves around the red star..they stated that their planet was dying and that at some unknown future time they would no longer be able to survive there this led to a second landing at Edwards Air Force Base the historical event had been planned in advance and details of the treaty had already been agreed upon
Eisenhower arranged to be in Palm Springs on vacation on the appointed day the president was spirited away to the base and the excuse was given to the press that he
visiting the dentist for two days. President Eisenhower met with the aliens in a formal treaty between the alien nation and the United States of America was signed.
We then received our first alien ambassador from outer space his name and title and I know it sounds ridiculous but it’s absolutely true his name and title was: his Omnipotent Highness Krill,
pronounced Krill .. in the American tradition of disdain for royal titles he was secretly called Original Hostage Krill or O.H. Krill, so that Americans would not have to say your omnipotent Highness, you should know that the alien flag is known as the trilateral insignia it looks like a teepee with two circles on either side at the bead and one pole running straight down the middle it is displayed on their craft and worn on their chests on their uniforms, both of these landings in the second meeting were filmed and the film exists today where it exists I do not know but
I do know that it exists, the treaty stated the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs, we were particularly interested that they do not interfere
with anything that would affect our future which has been violated we would keep their presence on earth a secret they would furnish us with advanced technology and would help us in our
technological development. They would not make any treaty with any other earth nation, they could abduct humans on a limited and periodic basis for the purpose of medical examination and
monitoring of our development with the stipulation that the humans would not be harmed, would be returned to their point of abduction, that the humans would have no memory of the event and that the
alien nation would furnish mj-12 with a list of all human contacts and abductees on a regularly scheduled basis and this has not being done. It was agreed that each nation would receive the ambassador of the other for as long as the treaty remained in force it was further agreed that the alien nation in the United States would exchange 16 personnel each to the
other with the purpose of learning each of the other alien guests would remain on earth and the human guests would travel to the alien point of origin for a specified period of time then return
at which point a reverse exchange would be made I have no knowledge whatsoever of what happened to those original 16 humans who left the earth with the aliens.
It was also agreed that bases would be constructed underground for the use of the alien nation and the two bases would be constructed for the joint use of the alien nation in the United States
government the base at dulce is one, the base at S4 in the area known as Area 51 or dreamland is the second. Exchange of technology would take place in the jointly occupied bases, these alien bases would be constructed under Indian reservations in the four corners of Utah Colorado New Mexico and Arizona and one would be constructed in Nevada and the
area known as s4 located approximately seven miles south of the western border of area 51 otherwise known as dreamland, all alien areas are under complete control of the Naval Department and all
personnel who work in these complexes receive their checks from the Navy.
The movie that most of you may have seen, how many of you saw Close Encounters of the Third Kind? That movie was absolutely true, those events did take place, not exactly as you saw them, not in the place where you saw them take place, but there was a landing, there was an agreement, there was conversation, there was an exchange of personnel made. I would like to say now also that J Allen Hynek was the technical director on that movie … (William Cooper)“

„..and by 1955 it became obvious that the aliens had to cede Eisenhower and had broken the treaty, mutilated humans, yes, mutilated humans were being found along with mutilated animals and yes mutilated animals and those of you who doubt that this is taking place should leave your job, should leave your home, should do whatever you have to do and go look for yourself, because it’s important that you know it and that you believe it. These things were being found all across the United States, it was suspected that the aliens were not submitting a complete list of human contacts and abductees to mj-12 and it was suspected that not all of the keys had been returned and this has been verified the Soviet Union was suspected of interacting with them and this proved
also to be true it was learned that the aliens had been and were then manipulating masses of people through secret societies, witchcraft, magic, the occult and religion, after several Air Force combat air engagements with alien crafts it also became apparent that our weapons were no match against theirs. .. and research everything what I’m telling you and your own research will tell you that I am telling you the truth and I don’t have to do that you see I’m a witness, I’m not a ufologist and I’m not my profession and researcher. I’m doing this because I want the Constitution put back with laws. .. without aliens you cannot make sense of anything else!! that’s been happening for the 44 years, you put the aliens in the middle of this stuff and you’ve got all the answers, every one of them.

In the meantime money was to be obtained from the military budget and from CIA confidential non-appropriated funds, another major finding was the aliens were using humans and animals for a
source of glandular secretions, enzymes, hormonal secretions, blood and in horrible genetic experiments. The aliens explained these actions as necessary to their survival. What I’m going to tell
you now is very sad if it’s true… all I know is what they told us: they stated that their genetic structure had deteriorated and that they were no longer able to reproduce, they stated that if they were unable to improve their genetic structure their race would soon cease to exist. (William Cooper)“

„Then enable us to challenge them on a military basis overtures would have to be made to the Soviet Union and other nations to join forces for the survival of humanity in the meantime plans were
developed to research and construct two weapon systems using conventional and nuclear technology which would hopefully bring us to parity, the results of the research were projects Joshua and
Excalibur. Joshua was a weapon captured from the Germans which at that time was capable of shattering four inch thick armor plate at a range of two miles using low frequency aimed sound waves and it was believed that this weapon would be effective against the alien craft and beam weapons Excalibur was a weapon carried by missiles not to exceed thirty thousand feet above ground level not to
deviate from designated target more than fifty meters that would penetrate 1,000 metres of tufa hard-packed soil such as that found in New Mexico would carry a one Megaton warhead and was intended for use in destroying the aliens in their underground bases. Joshua was developed successfully, but never used to my knowledge. Excalibur was not pushed until recent years and now there is an
unprecedented effort to develop this weapon. The people who are working on these weapons tell us that they have never been pushed so hard in their history working on any project then they are being pushed to develop project Excalibur. ..The return of Christ would occur in the year 2011 is this true? I don’t know I know that it was decided by the United States government that this was indeed an alien event and I believe that this was more deception which is being heaped upon it, so don’t go out of here thinking that the world is going end tomorrow because of this, it might because of something else and I’m going to talk about that, but not because of this. ..The aliens explained that they had created us through hybridization and had manipulated the human race to religion
Satanism witchcraft magic the occult secret societies etc they further explained that they were capable of time travel and the events would indeed come to pass later exploitation of alien technology by the United States and the Soviet Union utilizing time travel confirmed that indeed something bad was going to happen the aliens showed a hologram which they claimed was the actual crucifixion of Christ which the government filmed. We did not know whether to believe them or not, were they using our genuine religions to manipulate us or were they indeed the source of our religions with which they had been manipulating us all along? Or was this the beginning scenario of the genuine in times in the return of Christ which had been predicted in the Bible, no
one knew the answer and I don’t know the answer either. (William Cooper)“

„..but it must always be remembered that George Bush began the sell drugs to our children, now, if you think I’m crazy get off your butt and start digging, because you will find out that it’s absolutely true. The CIA now controls all the world’s illegal drug markets, the official space program was boosted by President Kennedy and his inaugural address when he mandated that the United States put a man on the moon before the end of the decade, although innocent in its conception this mandate enabled those in charge to funnel vast amounts of money into black projects and conceal the real space program from the American people, a similar program in the Soviet Union served the same purpose in fact a joint alien United States and Soviet Union base already existed on the moon at the very moment Kennedy spoke the words, on May 22nd 1962 a space probe landed on Mars and confirmed the existence of an environment which could support life, not long afterward the construction of a colony on the planet Mars began in earnest today there is a colony which exists on the planet Mars, it is the United States Russian alien facility, if you believe it’s outrageous stick
around a few years. This is very disturbing information… I have an obligation to inform the public and once that’s done, I’ve done my job from then on it’s up to you, not me.

This colony exists on Mars populated by specially select people from different cultures and occupations taken from all over the earth, a public Sharad of antagonism between the Soviet Union in
the United States has been maintained over all these years in order to fund projects in the name of national defense when in fact we are the closest allies, at some point President Kennedy
discovered portions of the truth concerning the drugs and the aliens he issued an ultimatum in 1963 to mj-12. President Kennedy assured them that if they did not clean up the drug problem
he the United States they were supervised by mj-12 and in the Soviet Union by its sister organization, President Kennedy’s decision of course struck fear into these people. (William Cooper)“

„It is in fact a joint United States Russian and alien base, the space program is a farce and an unbelievable waste of money, alternative three is a reality and it is not at all science fiction,most of the Apollo astronauts were severely shaken by this experience and their lives of subsequent statements reflect the depths of the revelation and the effect of the muzzle order which followed they were ordered to remain silent or suffer the extreme penalty death which was termed in expediency, one astronaut actually did talk to the British producers of the TV expose alternatives three confirming many of the allegations however I do not know who it was, in the book alternative 3 the pseudonym bar Grodin was used in place with the astronauts identity it was also
stated that he committed „suicide“ in 1978, this cannot be validated by any source and I believe that several so-called facts in the book are really disinformation, however I can assure you
that alternative 3 is real. I firmly believe that this disinformation is result the pressure put upon the authors and is meant to nullify the effect upon the populace of
the British TV expose entitle alternative three the headquarters of the International conspiracy is in Geneva Switzerland, the ruling body is made up of representatives of the
governments involved as well as the executive members of the group known as the Bilderbergers, meetings are held by the policy committee when necessary on a
nuclear submarine beneath the polar icecap, the secrecy is such that this was the only method which could ensure that the meetings could not be bugged and it is
the only place where they discuss their most secret matters. I can say that the book is at least 70% true from my own knowledge and the knowledge of my sources…
since our interaction with the aliens began we have come into possession of technology beyond our wildest dreams a craft named Aurora exists at area 51 which makes regular trips into space it
is a one-stage ship called a TAV or trans atmospheric vehicle and it can take off from the ground using a seven-mile runway go into high orbit return on its own power and land on the
same runway we currently have in fly atomic-powered alien craft at area S4 in Nevada. Our pilots have made interplanetary voyages in these craft and have been to the Moon, Mars and other planets aboard these craf, there is a group of pilots at the base who wear a patch which has a little alien peeking over the bottom, it has I think three or four letters at top and forget what they are but Jon where knows what they are there is a picture of Saturn and a picture of Mars in the photograph and in the background there are seven stars which are strangely shaped just like the stars
in the Pleiades Group .. we have been lied to about the true nature of the Moo,n the planets Mars and Venus and the real state of technology that we possess today at this
very moment, there are areas in the moon where plant life grows and even changes color with the seasons and this seasonal effect is, because the moon does not has cleaned always prevent the exact same side to the earth or the Sun, there is an area that wobbles in and out of darkness on a seasonal basis and it is near this area that the plant life grows, the moon does have a few man-made lakes and ponds upon its surface and clouds have been observed and filmed in its atmosphere, how many of you remember a period of time several years when almost every reported alien craft that was reported landed was on our near water and appeared to be pumping water into the craft, any of you remember that? Quite a few, the water went to the moon, ladies and gentlemen, to change the moon and it is working. It possesses a gravitational field and man can walk upon its surface without a spacesuit breathing from an oxygen bottle after undergoing decompression the same as any deep-sea diver, ladies and gentlemen, if you can come from 1,200 feet underwater to the surface through decompression you can go from the surface to one atmosphere of vacuum, see vacuum does not cause a problem for the human body, it’s the inert gas that’s dissolved in your tissues and in your bones and in the fluids in your body that causes you the problem, if this is decompressed properly you will have no problem, all you need is very small amount of oxygen, very small pressure to breathe, you will suffer no harm except for one thing that oxygen becomes toxic after breathing it
over a long period of time, therefore excursions would have to be of a minimal timely, other than that there is no reason why you or anyone else
cannot walk on the surface of the Moon or in space and a vacuum without a spacesuit, how do I know? I used to be one of the world’s experts on deep-sea mixed gas breathing mixtures for divers and on deep saturation diving and I was the head of the department of the mixed gas deep saturation diving Division of the college of oceaneering and I can tell you now it’s much easier to do
compressed to a vacuum and walk on the surface of the Moon than it is to bring a man up from 600 feet.

I’ve seen the photographs and some of them were actually published in a book called: we discovered alien bases on the moon by Fred Stackling however all the photographs are not there, but there are
some very good ones I would advise you to buy the book I’d advise you to look at the photographs get the NASA number and send for them. I doubt that you can
still get them but at one time you could. In 1969 a confrontation broke out between the human scientists and the aliens that the Dulce underground lab, the aliens took many of our scientists
hostage. Delta forces were sent in to free them but were no match against the alien weapon. 66 of our people were killed during this action, as a result we withdrew from all joint projects for at
least two years and reconciliation eventually took place and once again we began to interact, as far as I know, today we are interacting with the Aliens.
Now, I’m gone past my limit..I do care what you do with this information, because it is important to our survival as a species, it’s important to our planet, it is important for the world,
what happens to me is of no consequence and I knew that when I started this over the last 17 years I knew that some day I was going to have to get up and say this
whether I wanted to or not whether I was afraid or not. Now I am here and now it is done and I feel an overwhelming relief you now have the information..your own government is selling your children
drugs and you don’t seem to care, your own government has given away the power of the people and you don’t seem to care, there is an apathy that is running rampant in this country that is deadly
…we are truly now at this moment a nation of sheep and ladies and gentlemen I assure you that sheep are always led to the slaughter, but it does not have to be
that way, there is tremendous power in knowledge, there is also tremendous power in secrecy, take away that secrecy you make sure that you’re informed and you can change
things and stop fighting with each other, thank you. (William Cooper)“

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Den Haag: Hunderte Vögel sterben während eines 5G-Experiments!

„Den Haag: Hunderte Vögel sterben während eines 5G-Experiments!“

„5. November 2018 | Allgemein | Gesundheit |Natur | Umwelt

In den Haag hatten sich große Schwärme an Zugvögeln versammelt und saßen in den Bäumen ringsumher, um ihren Weg nach Süden zusammen anzutreten. Plötzlich wurden Hunderte von ihnen tot auf dem Boden liegend aufgefunden.

Die Tiere starben alle an Herzversagen, obwohl sie körperlich gesund waren. Es gab keine Anzeichen für eine Erkrankung, keinen Virus, keine bakterielle Infektion, gesundes Blut, keinen Hinweis auf Vergiftung usw. Die einzig vernünftige Erklärung, die übrig bleibt, war die Einwirkung von Mikrowellen. Denn diese HABEN bekanntermaßen eine Wirkung der Vogelherzen!

Vogelherzen gehen sehr stark in Resonanz mit bestimmten, unregelmäßig gepulsten Mikrowellen (Millionen pro Sekunde!), die allgemein nachweislich eine biologische Wirkung auf Organe haben. Immer wieder wird behauptet, dass Mikrowellen bei niedriger Wattleistung „nicht schaden können“, weil „sie uns nicht kochen“ – eine äußerst verquerte „Logik“, die aber immer wieder wiederholt wird, was sie nicht richtiger macht. Wer mehr wissen will, kann unter „Der Wirkmechanismus von Mikrowellen“ nachlesen:

Der anerkannte Wirkmechanismus elektromagnetischer Wellen beschränkt sich auch heute noch auf die thermische Wirkung. Die Erwärmung von Gewebe durch Mikrowellen ist sowohl in der Technik als auch in der Medizin das Standardmodel für die Biowirkung durch nichtionisierende Strahlung. Sehr zögerlich setzt sich die Erkenntnis durch, dass Mikrowellen, weit unterhalb der Erwärmung biologisch relevante Wirkung entfalten könnten.

Es ist schockierend und erstaunlich, wie naiv die meisten Leute sind, die immer noch blind an die sogenannten „Experten“ und „Behörden“ der FCC-, Telecom- und Wireless-Industriepropaganda glauben.

Wie kann es sein, dass dieses 5G bisher entwickelt wurde, überall eingesetzt werden soll und dass solch wichtige Fakten nicht an die Öffentlichkeit kommen? Die Informationen darüber sind auch auf US-amerikanischen Webseiten zu finden. Offenbar soll das nicht bekannt werden und hinter dem „5G“ stehen milliardenschwere, wirtschaftliche Interessen.

So etwas ist natürlich auch Öl ins Feuer derer, die hier einen Zusammenhang sehen mit der „UN-Agenda 21“ und der Forderung auf den Georgia Guidestones überein, wo offen eine Reduktion der Weltbevölkerung auf 500 Millionen Menschen propagiert wird. Wie genau die „überflüssigen“ 6,6 Milliarden Menschen „reduziert“ (getötet?) werden sollen, steht nicht in der Agenda 21. Es wird dringend Zeit, dass die Leute endlich alle aufwachen und sich kundig machen, anstelle die Warner als Verschwörungstheoretiker auszulachen.

Vor etwa einer Woche gab es also diesen Vorfall mit den vielen toten Vögeln, die einfach so spontan in einem Park in Den Haag tot von den Bäumen fielen. Und jeder hoffte, dass dies ein einmaliger irgendwie doch harmloser Vorfall sein könnte.

Unglücklicherweise stellt sich aber heraus, dass kurz darauf eine große Anzahl von toten Staren gefunden wurde: Eine Woche nach den tot Vögeln im Huijgenspark in Den Haag, wurden erneut haufenweise tote Vögel gefunden. „The Animal Ambulance“ spricht von mindestens 150 neuen toten Vögeln. Damit steigt die Zahl der unerklärlichen Vogel-Toten auf 297.

Und wieder die gleiche Geschichte: Niemand hat eine Ahnung, was der Grund für diesen plötzlichen Vogeltod sein könnte. Bis herauskam, was letzte Woche so passiert ist, zur gleichen Zeit, als diese Vögel tot von den Bäumen fielen.

An einer Ecke auf dem Dach des HS-Telezentrums ist ein neuer 5G-Mast errichtet worden, der dort auf dem Dach befindet und nicht von unten sichtbar ist. Zu dem besagten Zeitpunkt wurde ein Test von dort aus In Verbindung mit dem niederländischen Bahnhof durchgeführt, um zu sehen, wie groß die Reichweite des Sendemastes war und ob es zu Problemen mit anderen Geräten auf und um den Bahnhof herum kommen würde.

Gleich darauf fielen die Vögel massenhaft tot von den Bäumen. Auch die Enten, die auf dem Jungfernkai herumschwammen, schienen sehr seltsam zu reagieren. Als würden sie alle gleichzeitig mit dem Kopf unter Wasser bleiben wollen, (um der Strahlung zu entgehen?), manche wollten wegfliegen und landeten auf der Straße oder anderswo im Kanal. Fast zeitgleich mit dem Tod der Tiere wurde an der Station Holland Spoor mit einem 5G-Sendemast getestet.

Dazu weitere Informationen zu diesem 5G-Test der letzten Woche:

In der Zwischenzeit (30. Oktober 2018) kamen weitere Informationen durch: Die Vögel, die massenhaft tot von den Bäumen fielen, waren anscheinend tatsächlich Opfer eines Experiments, das an den Tagen in Den Haag durchgeführt wurde. Es wurde tatsächlich eine RF-Strahlung mit einer Spitzenfrequenz von 7,40 GHz getestet wurde. Diese Informationen sollten, wenn möglich, noch bestätigt werden.

Zur Zeit ist noch nicht klar, ob noch weitere Versuche mit 5G-Sendemasten durchgeführt wurden, aber alles, was bisher an Umständen bekannt ist, deutet sehr in Richtung von 5G als wahrscheinlichster Ursache.

Auch schon vorher sind sehr seltsame Dinge passiert. Zum Beispiel wurden im letzten Jahr in Groningen’s Loppersum auch Tests mit
5G durchgeführt, und dort waren Kühe in der Nähe, die zusammengebrochen sind, genau wie in der Schweiz eine komplette Kuhherde in einer Schlucht kollabierte, als dort mit 5G getestet wurde.“


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„Richard Lighthouse – Special Investigators (Stop 007)“

„Richard Lighthouse – Special Investigators (Stop 007)“

„Richard Lighthouse: Everyone is being tracked so we’ve got to get that information out we’re not trying to look for sympathy, we don’t need public funds to help us, we simply need to convince them that they are being tracked and targeted too, everyone is a targeted individual, that’s the game changer, everyone, even FBI Agents, they are being tracked, so we’ve got to get that fundamental idea out there, it is a game changer, so I encourage people to download these flyers or make your own we post them online at target justice they’re also available on’re free, all of the books that I have for targeted individuals on my website at … all of my ebooks are free for targeted individuals in fact most of the books that I’ve published are free regardless of the subject, no matter so I encourage people to go there download them they’re free it’s awesome, I welcome comments and suggestions on that because we want to get that information out.“

„Katherine Horton: however I can also confirm that I saw my own parents being taken over, literally within moments and
with taken over I mean they were .. shouting at me was totally out of character for my parents and when I changed position in the room they continued shouting at the empty room, so they were completely neurologically taken over..“

„Richard Lighthouse: ..and then there’s also a fifth and six squadrons that act as reserve and beneath that these guys are the operational squadrons,
they operate the weapons on the satellites, okay, I don’t want to be unclear about these squadrons, literally
operate weapons that’s their job and these weapons target people and objects on the ground.
.. their job is called the daily tasks orders they take all here’s the list of all the people that get special treatment and I put that in quotation
marks get special treatment today and then they can that information over to the first second third and four squadrons and they handle the the manual
attacks that will be done that day does that make sense now a lot of it is automated, a lot of it is pre-programmed, we know the reason, we know that is because there’s only 1,300 personnel but there’s more than a million people worldwide there’s clearly no way that 1,300 personnel could manually target and hit and play with weapons on a daily basis with that many people we also know that the CIA office in Denver has roughly eight to ten thousand employees that are all responsible for domestic CIA operations only a section a segment of those can can handle what’s known as
scions or psychological operations they’re the ones that decide how to do your gang stalking how to structure it
so that they know what your weaknesses are they know who your family members are that you depend on they’re the ones
that put all the time and research into figuring out how to break you down, that’s their job, but their numbers are in the thousands not
the millions so clearly much of what’s being done has to be automated that the numbers just aren’t there they have to automate hiddenly some of it so .. I did want to cover that because I think it’s fairly important, people don’t understand how the system works, so I’m trying to give you an
outline of how that structure work, so that ebook is satellites and weapons of the Air Force Space Command, it gives you
an organizational chart …
..back in 1995 approximately where the general told him: „Listen, we control all of space between Earth and Mars.“ and Dr. Deagle said: „No, you mean
between Earth and Moon.“, he said: „No, between Earth and Mars, we control all of that airspace, it’s ours, we control it.“ which is a violation of the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, no one’s allowed to control any celestial body or space that’s clearly a violation..“

„Katherine Horton: I always argue it’s not the task of civilians to to do this type of military research but if we can file with this information as a
precedent here in Europe that already gets us this is absolutely astounding…“

„Richard Lighthouse: the fusion centers themselves are actually private entities, so they are completely exempt from FOIA requests, but
the employees that weren’t there or.. have several police officers that work at a fusion center and if he’s going to FOIA request to the fusion center
they’re going to say we’re not subject to these, but you can send it to the police department in the city of Houston.. we want to know the records that
were obtained by the city employee and and I’ve recommended that strategy to a number of people, the Emergency Operations centers are another level
down from the fusion center structure … again this is just the United States, I can’t speak for other areas, but this I would think, that this
general structural or arrangement w applicable in other places and I’m not discounting the fact that private companies may be involved… we do know that we’ve identified a number of …DHS Department of Homeland Security employees that work at these fusion centers and their job title is intelligence officer or intelligence supervisor, that strongly suggests that they are involved, tied in with hiding something, okay, so those employees exist, both at the fusion center and the Emergency Operations Center, every city has a 911 call center and it’s very clear that there are intelligence
officers at those 9-1-1 call centers to either reroute block or hide 911 TI’s, this is very important that Tis understand how the system works the
people that help cover up your gang stalking work at the 911 call centers and at the fusion center and you can pull up the Department of Homeland
Security and find the location for any fusion center in any state, in Texas they’ve got several of them, but in smaller states like Illinois .. they only have one so I really encourage everyone to get that information off the internet before it gets removed okay they’re not running
now that they know that we’re onto it there but no I don’t leave it up there your 9-1-1 call centre will even have a list of employees, their names and titles and you can use that information then go to or and you can find their home address, okay, for people that own
property it’s very easy to find where they live okay particularly if they’ve got an unusual name that makes it very easy so it’s possible oh and knock on their door and say hey I wonder when you work in the 911 call center I’d like to know what you guys are doing with this
gang stalking is law just have a very light conversation, no threats, no violence, we’re not advocating violence in any form, but it’s nice to know what people live and that probably makes it a uncomfortable corner.“

„charles hall: 14 hours ago: Its called neuron mapping Katherine. Your neurons are different than mine. They are mapping our neurons and graphing them using them as nodes. To target 50 neurons at one time too cause echo spin.“
„Jan Smith: 1 day ago (edited): I have an implant in my eye. Also, they chipped me in the back of the head. Sun simultor, moon ? simulator,..The sun is a portal.“
„phoenix lucra: ​they regulate alot of bodily functions.“
„phoenix lucra:​even sex drive.“
„Targeted Pride​Fred, i hung out with a repto guy he told me all cars after 2009 have tracking systems for the banks and others.“
„Kie Dan​in: Targeted Pride​ they torture me with a sex drive I didn’t even have when I was 16.“
„Stephen O Neill: ​Targeted Pride, I walk 3 times a day too inthe summer, but can’t now as it is too dark.“
„Targeted Pride: ​gotta walk during the day then, keep the flow.“
„Fred Last: ​yes, well my car is 16 years old so I guess im ok until it falls apart.“
„Jean Marie Bizeau: ​I’ve been on the couch for two weeks with a blasted knee.“
„phoenix lucra​: yeah.“
„phoenix lucra: ​I have got a healthy sex drive but they make it ten times more, constantly images in my mind.“
Targeted Pride: ​i have real bumpers too.“
„Fred Last​one: thing you should all know, RM, brain chips, psychotronics, none of it works when subjected to a strong magnetic field because the signal they use is too faint.“
„Stephen O Neill​:Any of you get violent urges? when talking to people? It freaks me out , my perps force violent thoughts.“
„Targeted Pride:… a way to isolate me.“
„Fred Last: ​you have to remember that the perps are in a worse position than you, they’re trapped within a system they can’t leave.“
„Targeted Pride​: like the mafia fred.“
„Fred Last​: exactly.“
„Mike Smith: ​we need more whistle blowers to go up against the globalist scum.“
„Mike Smit: h​wow my fingers heated up instantly.“
„Iaman Empoweredone​: .. the tech is in our heads.“
„Mike Smith: ​Morgellons too.“
„Stephen O Neill: ​I get DEWs and mind control, and forced body movements @whocares whatuthink.“
„paul cashin​: they’re creating an enemy so they can sweep in and save everyone, all the while blaming other people for its creation, so they can be seen saving the day and taking control of it.“
„Iaman Empoweredone:​China openenly uses and publicises remote neural monitoring, many YouTube vids show it.“
„Iaman Empoweredone: ​IMHO, GS is a platform for a huge WW social engineering program/experiment and behavioral modification program.“
„Targeted Pride: ​china is on my suspect list.“
„Targeted Pride: ​i think this is a silent ww3.“
„anneli jonsson: ​i got trauma based mk ultra and then one thing lead to another. so it´s so Much now i have no word. I´m injured by drugs and controlled to be catatonic and retarderd.“
„Iaman Empoweredone: ​Stuck, so far I have found little to none common links to those being targeted. most TIs I would never want to socialize with.“
„Greatest Ever:​ government is not serving the people, it is robbing us physically and intellectually.“
„Iaman Empoweredone: ​peaceful, no chips. remote neural monitoring. brain mapped. Look up YouTube China remote neural monitoringm, shows it.“
„Darío Baquero: ​The range of a cell phone to an antenna is 10Km, that of a motorcycle is maximum 16km, the power consumption of a device in the head should limit the range of the signal to a few millivolts.“
„Jon Rock: ​Hi Dr. Horton & hey Dr. Lighthouse.“
„Darío Baquero: ​So the system should be able to to receive satellite signals but the output signal from one’s body must be to a local communications network.“
„Iaman Empoweredone: ​Echelon, built by Lockheed, is the backbone of the data collection system. YouTube Echelon.“
„Darío Baquero: ​It is important in each of your countries to ask the government to use a system to triangulate the signal. For future legal purposes,“
„whocares whatuthink: ​I have received calls with a Chinese speaking woman on the other end.“
„terrorized germany​: very interresting show.“

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Antarctica, scientific expedition discovers a Dimensional Portal. Sent a probe inside the Stargate.

„Antarctica, scientific expedition discovers a Dimensional Portal. Sent a probe inside the Stargate.“

„A team of scientists who were in Antarctica for a common project of climatology, have witnessed a phenomenon never seen before, when opening a dimensional portal.

The researchers, while researching the ice and the climate, an unusual vortex manifested itself above them despite the high gusts of wind that moved the clouds all around.  What happened next looks like a science fiction movie.

One of the first characters to talk about Stargate or Dimensional Portals in Antarctica, was the Russian army officer Eugene Gavrikov, interviewed by the Russian information website Gavrikov recounts his personal experience in Antarctica, arguing that in the midst of the icy frozen mountains, you could hide mysterious Pyramids, Stargates or dimensional portals and some military infrastructure abandoned by the Third Reich.

We recall that on this fascinating and mysterious continent, 4,000 scientists from 46 countries of the world operate and conduct the most unthinkable research for more than fifty years.

In this place there are always strange and incredible scientific phenomena, some of which still have no explanation, but former military ex-scientists denounce the disappearance of people and the manifestation of UFOs, Aliens and the opening of dimensional portals.

The last mysterious and impossible to believe fact happened in May 2018, when a team of British and American scientists who were in Antarctica for scientific surveys with a common climatology project, attended an event, so to speak. science fiction: an unusual vortex occurred at a height not very high.. Initially, it was thought of a polar storm, but the static nature and the unusual fog that surrounded it, led researchers to investigate the phenomenon.

The men prepared a meteorological balloon attached to a winch and with a built-in radio probe suitable for measuring physical properties (temperature, relative humidity, pressure and wind speed) and a scientific chronometer to record the reading times. The object was then released and aspirated into the vortex for the time strictly necessary for the measurements. After a few minutes, a disturbing result: the chronometer marked the date of January 27, 1965 and all the calculated data indicate values ​​incompatible with the normal characteristics of a whirlwind.

The experiment was repeated several times and always with the same results. One of the scientists who participated in the various tests, the American Mariann McLein not only confirms the incident, but also points out that the entire incident was reported to the military intelligence service (CIA and NSA) and the White House.

From the first indiscretions it seems that it is a space-time “door”, that is, a “tunnel” that allows not only a geometric movement through space, but also a temporary change. A sort of time travel (round trip) and in space. For some it may seem paradoxical, but what happened in Antarctica could find a rational explanation in the theory of “Einstein-Rosen Bridges”.

At the beginning of the last century, the two scientists created a “gravitational tunnel or wormhole”. that is, a “shortcut” from one point in the universe to another that would allow you to travel between them faster than the light would take to travel the distance through normal space. As you can see these are not mysterious phenomena, but real concepts of physics that each of us can also deepen through the web.

This sensational fact coincides with another surprising discovery made by the American satellites and published by the Daily Galaxy magazine: the presence of an ancient structure under the Antarctic ground. The discovery has aroused the curiosity of ufologists and proponents of conspiracy theories, according to which US soldiers hide the discovery of a UFO or a large technologically advanced device never seen before.

At present, the US authorities deny… but, as an official of the European Parliament said, the discovery is of such magnitude that the entire scientific community is still wondering what is coming to light in that area.

Some say that somewhere on the frozen continent, you can hide a sort of portal or Stargate through which you can access other dimensions. Another fascinating theory is that under the thick layer of ice you can hide traces of an ancient civilization that disappeared a long time ago and even an underground world inhabited by some extraterrestrial entities.

A question arises: perhaps all this would explain the countless scientific expeditions conducted over the years, some of which tragically ended? We hope that other testimonies can come out, so that we can shed more light on what is happening in Antarctica.“


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Noam Chomsky: Donald Trump is a Distraction

„Noam Chomsky: Donald Trump is a Distraction“
„Am 03.03.2018 veröffentlicht
While Donald Trump works to distract the public, his administration is working to dismantle every aspect of government that benefits the people.“

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