Real Human Hybrid Programs – A New Race is Appearing on Earth GAIA TV

„Real Human Hybrid Programs – A New Race is Appearing on Earth GAIA TV“

„COAST TO COAST AM OFFICIAL; Premiere am 16.03.2019
Watch more As a Hypnotherapist, Barbara Lamb has discovered that several of her clients have suppressed memories of a program where their genetic makeup has been enhanced with extraterrestrial DNA.
Throughout her career, she has helped thousands of people revisit their past lives. For some of her clients, something extraordinarily unusual was discovered about their present lifetime. Many have had encounters with otherworldly beings, and a number of those have had startling similar experiences which revealed that they have been subjected to extraterrestrial hybridization programs.

Barbara Lamb is a Certified Hypnotherapist and Regression Therapist who specializes in Regression Therapy with people who experience encounters with extraterrestrial beings.

This channel is managed by Zohar Global Group UK and AdRev, USA“

„1,800 people and many more regressions. I’ve learned about the hybridization program that’s been going on with a number of these extraterrestrial species and the humans whom they take for these experiences and those hybrids in my awareness for many years were not human enough to live here on earth, so they
were living on the ships or on other planets with those beings …“not human enough?“.. they didn’t look like us enough, they sort of did, but if they were to be here they’d be considered very peculiar look, you could see them, you’d say something’s wrong with that, yes , yeah. I said people would feel very uncomfortable not only that a more serious thing really is that they were not human in proportion to be able to tolerate our bacteria and our viruses, so it was said by these other beings that the hybrids would not be able to withstand being here. It might come here for a minute or so, but would have to go right on back into the environment that they were accustomed to, on the ships, so that all was going on for a good 20 years or so and then I began to realize by meeting certain people at conferences that there were some hybrids who were actually living here on Earth. (Barbara Lamp)“

„Well, they come from 25 different extraterrestrial races..Pleiadians, Blue Arcturians, Andromedans, Sirian, well, there are different types of Arcturians, actually these people have the genetics from what they call blue Arcturians..and they’re sort of shining beings, they’re glowing, they’re very very high consciousness, beautiful, wonderful beings, very kindly, very unconditionally loving and mantis beings are involved .. they look like big bugs yeah they’re very tall very bugged looking, but they are wonderful any experience that I’ve had regressing people to their encounters where they’ve been involved with mantis beings they always experience the Mantis beings as being extremely kindly, really loving, intelligent, playful in fact… Sirian A and Sirius B beings have contributed their genetics to some of these hybrids and the Tall White Zetas, the little grey beings… they did this for a
very wonderful purpose, they did it, because they have been very aware of humanity and the earth and what’s going
on here, particularly among human beings and they’re very concerned, they’re very concerned, about humanity and the earth
and our direction and the really atrocious things that many
human beings do to other human beings and how we’re polluting the land and polluting the earth and so they really want to help and they have a agreement among the cosmic communities of non-interference, so they don’t come directly in help but and they can’t really survive here very long anyway, these extraterrestrials would not be able to stay here. It´s a brilliant plan, because then they take regular human
beings and hybridize them and I think not too many, but there probably are some all over the world hybridize them, with
enough of their genetics, so that these hybrids can be working here to help humanity, the whole idea of these hybrids is to assist humanity to help us to save ourselves and to help us save the Earth and to raise the overall consciousness
of humanity out of some of these very dysfunctional ways that a lot of humanity is involved in. I think it’s completely
benevolent now in saying this I must admit that I’m certainly aware of the opinion of Dr. David Jacobs whom I know him
personally I think he’s a great guy I really enjoy him very much… he has had people come to him who’ve had
very different experiences in regard to ET human hybrids and that whole view is a very very pessimistic point of view
and it just happens that people have come to me about hybridization who have a very positive view, so all I can say is that maybe there’s some of both maybe there are some
hybrids who do intend eventually to take over the world I don’t know about that that has not come across my attention in
my work but there also are these hybrids who are here really to help humanity, who are extremely caring, really benevolent in fact they all are described as unconditionally loving.. and
they emphasize that we all are of the same overall creative source, so that’s not only humans are of the creative source, but all of the species of what we call extraterrestrials in the cosmos and in the other dimensions as well, are all of the creative source, so they go on to emphasize that we all humans,
extraterrestrials, other dimensional beings, that we all are one, we’re not separated, you know here on earth we tend
to really emphasize independence and separateness. I’m an individual different than you as an individual. (Barbara Lamp)“

„You see I think the earth is in more trouble than it has ever been, because of our nuclear proliferation, nuclear capability and all the polluting that we’re doing on the earth getting
worse and worse and some of these other species who are very benevolent and caring are really really concerned for
one thing, they have a right to be concerned, because with our nuclear capability, if we start sending off nuclear bombs, it not only would pollute the earth and probably eventually eliminate all life on Earth, which we don’t want to see and even these other beings don’t want to see, but the nuclear radiation Rises and spreads out, not only they say through our solar system, but beyond the solar system they picked up other planets, so we are at a very dangerous place with what we’re
tampering with. (Barbara Lamp)“

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US Special Operations Command 2007 Clandestine Nano Tagging / CRAZY MILITARY TRACKING TECH, FROM SUPER SCENTS TO QUANTUM DOTS 2011

„CRAZY MILITARY TRACKING TECH, FROM SUPER SCENTS TO QUANTUM DOTS 2011 / US Special Operations Command 2007 Clandestine Nano Tagging“

A 2007 U.S. Special Operations Command briefing on „Continuous Clandestine Tagging, Tracking, and Locating“ technology lists a number of tracking capabilities. This „bioreactive taggant“ is identified as a „current capability.“ Image: Special Operations Command“

US Special Operations Command 2007 Clandestine Nano Tagging:


„1/8S cents that make you trackable, indoors and out. Nanocrystals that stick to your body, and light up on night-vision goggles. Miniradar that maps your location on Google Earth. You can run, but you’ll learn it’s hard to hide from a new range of military tech. See also: Manhunt Inc.: Obscure Firm ‚Tags‘ .. for Special Ops The Defense Department calls it “tagging, tracking and locating,” or TTL, this business of finding and following high-value targets on the battlefield (>conspiracyrevelation-remark: there is no battlefield except the civilian unwitting, unarmed, innocent „posthumans“ of the world<).
Ever since SEAL Team 6 took out Osama … we’ve learned a lot about the technology used by special operators to find and reach their targets, from stealth helicopters to biometric identification devices. TTL gear, though, ranks among the spookiest Special Operations’ extremely spooky arsenal. The military has spent a hefty chunk of change on TTL tech: $450 million has gone to a single company, Blackbird Technologies of Herndon, Virginia, which has emerged as the leader in this covert field. Millions more have gone to the development of bleeding-edge tracking methods, encompassing everything from human-thermal-fingerprint detection and miniature crop-dusting drones to radar-responsive tags. …it found spies using infrared beacons to call in drone strikes in Pakistan. A Pakistani Taliban commander claims the United States puts tracking “chips” in cellphones, in order to train Hellfire missiles on militants. But these aren’t the only technologies that can to secretly track people. With one technology, trackers might not even need to see you to get a fix on your location. Like bloodhounds on the hunt, they can smell their way to you. Tracer Detection Technology Corp. marks targets with a paraffin wax crayon, filled with a perfluorocarbon, a thermally-stable compound used in everything from refrigerators to cosmetics. The perfluorocarbon’s vapor can then be tracked with sensors, such as a gas chromatograph. The smell lingers for hours. Think locking yourself in a room with the windows closed or removing the tag will help? Too bad, you still reek. According to a research report submitted to the Justice Department (.pdf), the perfluorocarbon tracers can “permeate closed doors and windows, containers and luggage,” and even give you away for a while after a tagged item is removed. Over the years, the company has received a number of research contracts from the Navy. But Tracer president Jay Fraser won’t say much about how those projects have gone. “Tracer is developing a unique TTL capability that will make it very difficult for enemy and criminal enterprises to operate,” he e-mails Danger Room. “The nature of our current and pending customers makes it hard for us to answer the rest of your questions.” Now a second tracer: Imagine walking up to a target and patting him on the back with a clear liquid on your hand. He might never notice it, but you’d be able to see — and follow — him from a distance using night vision goggles. Oregon-based Voxtel makes a product, “NightMarks,” that can do just that. NightMarks are tiny nanocrystal quantum dots that can be hidden in clear liquids and seen only through a sensor like night-vision goggles. How do these tiny dots work? “You can change the optical properties of materials by making them small on the order of a nanometer in size,” Voxtel CEO George Williams tells Danger Room. “When they get down to that size, they have quantum-confinement effects that cause their absorption and emission properties — the light they absorb, the light they put out — to change,” he says. “And so using that, you can make all sorts of spectral barcodes that allow you to identify it and track.” Williams is tight-lipped about Voxtel’s relationship with the Defense Department and the military applications of its technology. However, a quick look at one 2008 Voxtel contract with the Navy indicates that the Department already understands how useful the technology can be for tracking targets. The contract asks for “covert microtaggants composed of nanocrystals” visible through sensors like night-vision goggles to “enable war fighters the ability to track entities buried in urban clutter.” Another company has proposed a somewhat counterintuitive solution for military tagging: making sure its signal decays. You might think that being able to see a taggant signal for as long as possible is always a good thing, but according to a briefing (.pdf) from TIAX LLC, it can actually be a problem. Leftover taggants that last for long periods of time can apparently clutter up an area with signals, and the mess can hinder a tracker’s ability to distinguish between the subjects of new and old tags. If they’re still advertising their presence long after usefulness, opponents might also be able to find and reverse-engineer the material. To get around the problem, the briefing mentions that TIAX is working on “customizable degradable taggants” — exact composition unspecified — that will lose their signal over time. Other technologies are useful in defensive tracking, such as for perimeter security on small firebases. SpotterRF, makes a small radar-sensor system, the SpotterRF M600, that’s about the size of a small netbook computer and can conveniently point out humans creeping up on your position on Google Earth. The M600 uses radio waves in the X band that can detect walkers up to 1,000 meters [0.62 miles] and vehicles as far away as 1,500 meters. It integrates with Google Earth by using its own built-in GPS to fix the device’s position and overlay tracked targets onto the mapping service. The effect, a company rep e-mails, is “like being able to stick a GPS tracking device on someone without having to come anywhere near the person or vehicle.” It’s yet another way to hunt someone down who might not want to be hunted. Above:
Oak Ridge National Laboratories developed this micro-miniature radio frequency transmitter (above). It’s smaller than a dime, and has a range of three kilometers [1.9 miles]. Image: Oak Ridge National Laboratories.“


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EU-Wikilügia-Wikipedia streiken gegen EU-Internet-Zensur und Uploadfilter… 21.3.2019

EU-Wikilügia-Wikipedia streiken gegen EU-Internet-Zensur und Uploadfilter… 21.3.2019

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Kenya has announced that poachers will face the death penalty

„Diane Pereira: Leave the poor animals alone. Enough of this abuse and cruelty and of coarse money is behind it all, the root to the evil of and from the people. Pray for these poor animals at the hands of these bastards!!!“

„…Almost everyone would agree that endangered animals should be allowed to live in peace – and roam their natural habitats without humans endangering their lives.

However, it remains a huge issue in African countries – including Kenya – where animals such as rhinos and elephants are targeted for their horns and tusks for alternative medicine and ivory, respectively. However, the government is taking drastic steps to stem the bloodshed.

„We have in place the Wildlife Conservation Act that was enacted in 2013 and which fetches offenders a life sentence or a fine of U.S. $200,000,“ Cabinet Secretary for Tourism Najib Balala told China’s Xinhua news agency. „However, this has not been deterrence enough to curb poaching, hence the proposed stiffer sentence.“

In 2017, poachers killed nine rhinos and 69 elephants – cancelling out the growth rate of their populations. The number of black rhinos in the country is now below 1,000. Balala added that the law to see poachers face the death penalty, while not yet enacted, was being fast-tracked.

“Across the continent’s diverse wild lands, management authorities need data-driven solutions to enhance anti-poaching capacity to allow remaining priority populations to recover from previous, and current, crises,“ stated the African Wildlife Foundation.

„Meanwhile,“ they continue, „community-level interventions must explore different economic opportunities that secure rather than destroy biodiversity as pressure on natural resources grows with increasing development, infrastructure, and urbanisation.”

Ghana, home to animals as diverse as lions, elephants and monkeys, is seeing the rapid spread of human life – as the metropolis leaches into the countryside. But the main problem here, as it is in large swathes of Africa, is traffic. Meetings and functions usually start 45 minutes late and locals joke that „GMT“ stands for „Ghana Maybe Time“.

In 2005, there were 159,000 registered vehicles in the country. Just 10 years later, there were already 890,000. Inevitably, as well as the impact on humans, wildlife is affected too – unless the animal in question is lucky enough to live on a protected wildlife reserve.

“Not only can KWS [Kenya Wildlife Service] catch wildlife criminals but now they have the capacity to ensure those criminals are convicted under Kenya’s robust laws,“ stated Max Graham of Space for Giants. „A ranger in the field should not have to experience the frustration of confronting a wildlife criminal they arrested a week earlier walking free again because of an acquittal. This is a critical step up in the battle against the illegal wildlife trade.“

However, as to whether Kenya’s decisive steps to protect wildlife are progressive is up for discussion. The United Nations (UN) opposes the death penalty. The UN General Assembly has recommended a phasing-out of capital punishment and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights advocates its abolition worldwide.

Furthermore, the idea that poachers enjoy what they do is misconceived. In many cases, it may be the only way they can provide for their families – creating a difficult moral dilemma for those tasked with policing the situation.

Kenya’s tourism chiefs say that the number of poaching incidents has reduced thanks to investment in conservation and wildlife law enforcement. These individuals, dubbed wildlife „bodyguards“, also helped to publicise the desperate fight against poaching.

“These efforts led to an 85 per cent reduction in rhino poaching and a 78 per cent reduction in elephant poaching, respectively, in 2017 compared to when poaching was at its peak in 2013 and 2012 respectively,” the ministry said.

„At current poaching rates, elephants, rhinos and other iconic African wildlife may be gone within our lifetime,” the African Wildlife Foundation states. They add that poachers “use high-powered technology and weaponry to track and kill many animals at once without being detected.”

However, conservationists are also turning to technological methods. Certain Kenyan rangers have started using thermal and infrared cameras in the hopes of spotting poachers before they spot their targets.

Credit: Getty

“In the past, we would never have found these people,” explains Brian Heath, who runs the conservation group the Mara Conservancy. “Now the poachers are saying it’s just not worth going out because the chance of getting caught is getting higher and higher. It has been a big deterrent. In other areas, like South Africa where most rhinos live, dozens of rhinos have actually been airlifted out of poaching-prone areas and into safer locales, like Botswana, where poaching is rare.”

Vietnam has typically been thought of as the dominant market for rhino horn, while up to 70 per cent of illegal ivory ends up in China, where it sells for up to $1,000 a pound. That said, there are literally tonnes of it in the west and a burgeoning antique ivory market. That said, its future – at least as a legal trade – looks increasingly uncertain.

While not divisive as a conversation topic, poaching remains an important source of income for some of the world’s most impoverished people. Unfortunately, the issue isn’t straightforward and enacting the death penalty will be seen by many not as a step forward, but a step back.“


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NWO-Explained via Hackers-Cardgame

NWO-Explained via Hackers-Cardgame … a few errors and the chemtrail card is totally wrong, apart from that genius activism/revelation stuff..


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The Genocide of 15+ Million Germans by the Jews

God is very concerned about this, I feel him.

„The Genocide of 15+ Million Germans by the Jews“

„The Real Holocaust of World War Two – The Genocide of 15+ Million Germans: A crime so great, so cruel, and so heinous, that none in the entire span of human history can equal it. The gates of hell were opened up. It is the ghastly truth of the jewish-orchestrated plundering, mass rape, mass murder, and subjugation of the German people in the latter days and aftermath of World War Two, which continues to this day. Estimated 15+ million ethnic Germans murdered after the war. Around 5-10+ million German women mass raped.

German children deported from the eastern areas of Germany taken over by Poland arrive in West Germany – August 1948.
German refugees from the “death march” from Lodz, a Polish city which evicted ethnic German residents.
Germans Expelled From Poland.
German women and children flee west, 1945.
The greatest ethnic cleansing in European history, and almost no one talks or knows about it? How can that be?
As a result of the Second World War, an estimated 15 million ethnic Germans were stripped of their citizenship and land and property, and expelled from their ancestral lands in Eastern Europe, mostly lands formerly part of Germany which were stolen from Germany at the Versailles treaty following World War One. Seven to eight million Germans were expelled from parts of Poland that were actually German land ceded to Poland following WW1. Three million were expelled from portions of Czechoslovakia, primarily the Sudetenland. Some two million ethnic Germans living inside the Soviet Union were expelled, many to Siberian gulags. Around half a million from Hungary, 300,000 from Romania, and smaller numbers from Yugoslavia and other areas are also expelled. It is estimated that at least 2 million of those Germans were murdered or otherwise died as a result of these expulsions, with some estimates running as high as 6 million killed.
Real Holocaust Cattle Car Trains: German civilians ordered onto trains for expulsion.
Many photographs such as these are co-opted by the Holocaust propagandists and used as “proof” of actions against jews, when in reality it was Germans who were the victims.
A Real Holocaust Deportation Train.
In many cases Ethnic Germans being forcibly expelled were ordered on to trains, some packed with 80 people crammed into each cattle car without adequate (or, occasionally, any) food, water or heating, to be shipped to occupied Germany. This photograph is of Germans being expelled from the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia.
Sudeten Germans boarding trains to be expelled from Czechoslovakia
German Refugees from East Prussia, 1945.
Sudeten Germans make their way to the railway station in Liberec, in former Czechoslovakia, to be transferred to Germany – July, 1946.
11-12 million “Volksdeutsche” expellees who make it back to Germany initially live in refugee camps, and make up around 20% of the post-war German population
German children at a refugee camp in western Germany, December 1944.
German expellees in Northwestern Germany, 1948.
A Real “Holocaust”, Genocide, and Ethnic Cleansing: 3 Million Ethnic Germans Brutally Expelled From Czechoslovakia.
Ethnic German civilians brutally massacred in Czechoslovakia
After the Soviet Army moves out of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Army and civilians begin the mass murder and expulsion of the 3 million ethnic Germans living mostly in northern and western Czechoslovakia. This was sanctioned by the Czech President and government, who openly called for the “liquidation” of the German population from Czechoslovakia. Thousands of Germans attempting to flee to the German border were dragged from trains and convoys and shot by the side of the road, and buried in mass graves.
Germans can be seen in the video being forced to dig graves (either for themselves or their own people), lined up along the side of the road and shot, and even corpses ran over by a truck.

The Allies Endorse This Mass Ethnic Cleansing.

At the Potsdam Conference, the Allies “dispense justice” to the defeated Germans and endorse a so-called “orderly and humane” expulsion of millions of ethnic Germans from Poland, Czechoslovakia, and other Eastern European nations. This is an official endorsement of ethnic cleansing and genocide by governments of nations unprecedented in world history.

„Walter Cairns says: December 1, 2015 at 12:26 pm: I weep in anger, shame and sadness at what my country and its associates have done to Germany over the past century – this beautiful country of hard-working, astute, humane citizens. When I contemplate how different our lot would have been if we had treated them with the respect and admiration they fully deserve, I weep a little more…“



„Adolf Hitler the NAZI Jew

NAtional socialists (crypto german jews) and ZIonists. The result is a NAZI Party.
The National Socialist Party in Germany were mostly Globalist Jews. Just like most of our Political Parties in Governments today.

In 1917 Jewish British Empire already agreed to give Rothschild Palestine, to create Israel, to nationalize the Jew, and to give them their own homeland.

Why did the Rothschilds Finance Nazism and Communism..

The European Jews would never leave Europe on their own. Rothschild needed to create a big event to scare the Jews out of Europe and move them into Palestine… to create israel, to nationalize the jew, by creating their own homeland.

The side benefit of WW2 was to spread Zionism throughout the world…and get the goyim to kill each other… using the mighty German NAZI Army at the time.

The German NAZI Army stole and looted every country they invaded for the Jews. Same way Jews today using USA Military to do the same.

GENERAL GEORGE VAN HORN MOSELY, in the New York Tribune, March 29, 1939: “The war now proposed is for the purpose of establishing Jewish influence throughout the world.”
The NAZI Party Israel, that changed its symbol from the Swastika to the Star of Moloch.

Once Hitler moved the Jews into Palestine and created Israel, the Swastika changed to the Star of Moloch.“



„NAZI Dr Josef Mengele the Jewish CIA agent“


March 6th, 2019 Jesus Christ exposed the Jews
Hits: 296″

„CIA: Hitler Was A British Agent, Tasked With Creating Israel
November 4, 2017 Sean Adl-Tabatabai News, UK 15

CIA claim that Adolf Hitler was a British agent, tasked with creating the Israel for the Rothschild family
According to the CIA, Adolf Hitler was a British intelligence agent tasked with cultivating fear and terror in Europe to justify the creation of Israel.

Following the revelations contained within the JFK files that proves Hitler escaped to Colombia after World War 2 with the help of the British and Americans – new information has come to light that suggests the German leader had trained at the British Military Psych-Ops War School at Tavistock before being sent on his secret mission to lead Germany into war.“


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„PK: Chemtrails Exposed, the Deep State..10 Years of Research…who is doing it? And by my best estimation the people that are responsible for looks like it´s the Bush Family, it looks like it´s Rockefellers and it looks like it´s the CIA..and also the Council on Foreign Relation/CFR appears to play a very important role, they are basically the Public Relations Group that are trying to sell it to the Public and lastly, but not leastly, it has a lot to do with the NAZIs and the Operation Paperclip NAZIs. It appears the CIA brought these guys in after the War as I recently heard…our Intelligence apparatus rescued NAZIs..but the bulk of the NAZI-Leadership was actually imported in the U.S. by the OSS who turned into the CIA. They rescued basically the whole Regime.
KC: Airforce, Navy, DARPA, MITRE Corporation, Raytheon.. NASA,
National Center for Atmospheric Research, DOE, MIT and other..“

501 Matzig Cove Ruby Ranch Buda Texas​: Also completely verified with documents deeply indexed in the work published in 2000 in his book DEATH IN THE AIR by Dr Leonard Horowitz, CIA, the Crown, ROCKEFELLER corporations tentacles are deep.
Ray Rivera​: keeping focus is good.
doyle wayne: ​antarctica.
Raina Kessinger: vor 1 Monat: UNBELIEVABLE RESEARCH! One of the best videos about chemtrails today! All interested in learning more must tune in! 👍🏽👍🏽
Missy Moonwillow: vor 1 Monat: thank you for all you do to get awareness activated for people. Bless.
Christina Caley: vor 1 Monat: Argentina being very close to the Fauklands this could explaine why Thatcher was so intent on defending those supposedly irrelevant Islands.
George Marek: vor 1 Monat: Will 5G work synergetically with all the aluminum, barium and strontium micro-particles ingested by the population from chemtrail fallout?
Etheric Zone 11:11: vor 1 Monat: ORGONE!
Johnny Dupuis: vor 1 Monat: Every one has nano particles in there body now, I wonder what will happen when g5 comes on line.
Suzane Greenberg: vor 1 Monat: My research takes me down a more intuitive connecting the dots between secret military projects corporations, and the CIA.
The bio weapons is another subject involving more electromagnetic frequencies ,the brain, Morgellons,AI,5g and satellites by the thousands just launched.The Morgellons which everyone has according to some can be activated and it has the potential to make one led to frequency control possibly due to the genetic modifications to the amoeba it is.
HolyDiver vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet): I think the black chemtrails you are saying, coal fly ash, is also medical waste and other highly contaminated, satanic ash…including cadaver ash, and the ash from incinerated „homeless“ humans.
Missy Moonwillow: vor 1 Monat: scary, so now we are consuming the dead sacrifices against our wishes via breathing the air… AWeSOMe World we live in guys! Just keep taking deep breaths… it will all be over soon enough. Let the alien entity push the soul conscious out… that’s it… keep breathing…. soon now… all will be possessed…. one more deep breath.
HolyDiver: vor 1 Monat: Missy Moonwillow———They also dump desiccated red blood cells…………..And when you see pink chemtrails, that is lithium.
nico napo: vor 1 Monat: Stop government sponsored GangStalking. Corrupt Intel Agencies are using Military Grade RF Weapons on innocent civilians.
DEW’s maim, torture and slow kill covertly.
Kelly Schlumberger: vor 1 Monat: METALLIC ALUMINUM! Also very pure! Also found coated onto glass particles. Pure aluminum does NOT come from any combustion process. This guy Kirby REAKS. The millions of tons of PURE METALLIC ALUMINUM means the principalities have UNLIMITED FREE ENERGY. Aluminum is not rare but takes huge amounts of energy to smelt. It causes Alzheimer’s and heavy metal poisoning. In bees too. Check out relation of Doug Vogt’s THE GREATEST SECRET OF THE UNITED STATES. Looks like they wanna kill off most of humanity, so they can choose their idea of perfection. They have hideous intelligence, but they are stupid and can only cause harm. The sun is forecast to nova around october 2046 according to Doug Vogt (see series-4). I believe we may have a reprieve due to Jupiter-sized UFO apparently removing huge amounts of material from the sun. May delay nova as it seems to be related to buildup of heavy elements. Kirby is a SHILL. Find out who he shills for and you find who is trying to kill us all.

Conspiracy Revelation: Kerry Cassidy you should look here or ask here for more Information on Morgellons. If he researched 10 years then he should know exactly what Morgellons is. I know it after 7 years thorough research pretty exactly.

swampymcgee​💋: Americana 2019 while Pentagon does weird SkySpray, Americana 2019 under attack while MedicalZioClownsCelebrateCancerInc, Americana2019 still loves USA💋.
karin teves: ​OH, REALLY, NAZIS AGAIN.
Michael Howell: ​the planet belongs to all of us.
TorturedSoulster: ​what they are spraying (i will keep posting until completed): Aluminum Ox. Particles Arsenic Bacilli Molds Barium Salts Barium Titanates Cadmium Chromium Desiccated Human Red Blood Cells.

TorturedSoulster​MORE: Pseudomonas Aeruginosa Pseudomonas Florescens Radioactive Cesium Radioactive Thorium Selenium Serratia Marcscens Sharp Titanium Shards Silver Streptomyces Stronthium
swampymcgee​🕵Peter A. Kirby: The profits from the early CIA heroin production and distribution ventures of the 1940s, 50s, and 60s detailed here were laundered through The Institute of Religious Works.
swampymcgee​ also known as the Vatican Bank. The funds were then distributed to the administrators of Operation Gladio through Swiss banks. This is how Operation Gladio became sustainably funded🕵
Psalm One: ​Depopulation agenda is happening…turn to Jesus Christ and pray. No one is exempt.
Jay Smith: .. true info is out there on the net
Jay Smith​the: battle of good and evil has been arnd always will be.
swampymcgee​🕵@GnosticMedia: The liberals/feminists are by far the world’s largest murderers, hands down. 1.52 BILLION abortions and climbing fast. Brings a whole new meaning to the word „feminazi“🕵
TorturedSoulster​MORE: Sub-Micron Particles (Containing Live Biological Matter) Unidentified Bacteria Uranium Yellow Fungal Mycotoxins (END).
iRishGuy83 Clover: ​just unsubscribe people, Kassidy isn’t reputable.
J Mallett​Isn’t Kissinger a type of Nazi? He is a mastermind for the deep state, I guess…
Eleven Eleven​: My hubby worked at Textron. Big drone company.
swampymcgee​🕵: Operation Gladio was a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and CIA collaboration that involved staging terrorist attacks throughout Europe to be blamed on communist factions.
shanos antwanos: ​they even spray me in christchurch new zealand.
TorturedSoulster​MORE: Ethylene Dibromide Enterobacter Cloacal Enterobacteriaceae Human white Blood Cells-A (restrictor enzyme used in research labs to snip and combine DNA) Lead Mercury.
J Mallett​Well McCain: and poppy Bush is gone, isnn’t he?
501 Matzig Cove Ruby Ranch Buda Texas: ​Coal Fly Ash is only part of the waste by product formula used as a base, viruses and nanoparticles are intentionally added.
kali koka​: talk about electromagnetic signature , remote neural monitoring.
Brandon King​: Kerry is the best source of consistent knowledge there is! She’s a hero of mine. Blessings.
shanos antwanos​: wikipedia..govt controlled dictionary.
PauL TerL​: light= knowledge.
Shane Stephenson​: they dont want to be ousted.
TorturedSoulster: ​They are all eugenicists.“

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Mandalay Moore: vor 4 Tagen (bearbeitet): That guy sounds like he’s about inventing his little story as he’s being asked some hard-nosed questions. His voice struck me as very metallic & mechanical. ANYone who endorses David Wilcock, Corey Goode, Emery Smith and/or Steven Greer (a known CIA asset on the payroll of the Rothschilds) and insists that we are a hologram within a hologram is not on track. The whole Kundalini business, the Akashic records, all those ‚isms‘ are programmes that are installed within the god matrix that keeps humanity locked in a very specifically low frequency that won’t allow them to break free from this entrapment grid the planet and even THIS universe are under. He neither sounds very credible nor very convincing. A lot of evasive answers that leave people guessing and lacking of anything genuinely authentic. We are NOT all *one*. There is the plastic source (within the god matrix which is what most new [c]agers refer to) and then there is true original Source that has never even been touched upon by those who do the circuit in the new cage community. He strikes me as a fraud, quack and wannabe alien.“
Johan Onvlee: vor 1 Monat: The fact he seems to know all the people in this field, and the fact he does only know what they are telling us, you might think, he ‚imagined‘ that he is a Pleiadian.
„DH: I am a Pleiadian Hybrid. So I was born into a physical body and at the age of 3 months I was left for abduction.
DH: People work with others on a soul level, which is a much higher level, frequency.
DH: I literally left from my light body and entered into the child with agreement to go into a physical in 3D Level here.“
DH: I was some 750 Pleiadian years old in Earth age.
DH: I entered into a physical body, I was then a child. I was born with a head full of knowledge..I had literally to grow into..
DH: I love Earth, I like Humanity and I like being here…so I asked to stay…that was granted, but I was also informed that there would be consequences and the consequences would be that because I wasn´t designed to stay that long that my body would deteriorate and I am having certain problems at this point in time.
KC: Are you familiar with Kundalini Energy?
DH: Yes, I was trained at the Kundalini, I had a Guru, an Indian mother and actually received the transfers of the Shaktipat and had the Kundalini Awakened probably 20 years ago.
KC: Ok..
DH: I just turned 64 january 21.
KC: Ok, that´s pretty old to have Kundalini activated.
KC: I activated Kundalini when I was in my 20s.
DH: I came in with certain skills. I have Psychic Abilities, Telepathy, Healing…I thought that most people were like me, but it turns out that they weren´t…as a consequence other children knew I was different they were absolutely scared and petrified…I grew pretty much up by myself, I lived with nature, science and knowledge .I had only one friend and that was my dog, that was my best friend for 13 years growing up..It wasn´t a problem for me. I did my best to adapt…I had many masters along the way teaching me different things..People came up to be and said: „Hey, you are not from here. We know you are different and you are not from here and they were just walking out of the blue.
KC: But you must have had interactions with the Military.
KC: ..There is somebody who is afraid of what you might say..
DH: I don´t consider myself to be that important…but this is not the first time this is happening…
KC: In terms of the Secret Space Program, how familiar are you with it?
DH: I am relatively familiar with most of what´s going on out there.“
KC: I am sorry if it seems that I am interrogating you…You told me that you have activated Kundalini when you were around in your 40s..?
DH: Well, let me see…so the Kundalini would have been activated about 1980. <<< ConspiracyRevelation: incoherent data / contradiction to former statement / Looks like a lie.
ConspiracyRevelation: Usually Kundalini is activated between 32 and 41 years of age!!! Not earlier and not later! Normally!
KC: Normally with Kundalini it would facilitate spontaneous recall of past lives …are you good at meditating?
DH: I would say no, I do practice it daily..
DH: Technology is a good thing, but you do not reach Ascension with Technology.
DH: What I am doing? Perhaps nothing.
KC: So have you written any books?
DH: Well. No. And I didn´t really want to.. I look around in the UFO field and so forth and all the research going on, right now, and it´s about everybody is infighting, everybody who wants to top the other, are you getting paid more than me, hey, how many books have you got? I will be honest with you, I am not interested in writing a damn book…
DH: Whether it is in this state or in any parts of the world, If they pay me, I don´t take the money.. I may take a few dollars for Gases. I am not interested in making a living on this at all.
DH: I am not religious in any way, shape or form, okay. Do I have beliefs? Do we have beliefs? Yes. We believe in a Prime Creator, but we don´t look at it the way that people on Earth look at it…everybody thinks they have the right answer and they all got a piece of the puzzle, but nobody really knows what they have…the bottom line of it..too many people are concentrating on that and that creates anger, that creates discord, ..we are better than you and you are better than us.. and fighting…
So I cannot buy into this stuff too much, because that puts my energies outthere and fragments me, I need to concentrate on the positive things around me, I don´t
wish to create more negativity or support that.“
„SuperPandabear123: ​what about elminating low frequency mind control?
SubGenius Society: ​Toriod/Tortoise field.
SuperPandabear123: ​LIARS HAVE NO LIMITS.
Stormy Skies: ​It’s because the higher self is accessed through love.
Jackie Bridges: vor 1 Monat: this 5g and singularly transhumanism agenda is getting pretty scary stuff.
Claire Barry: vor 1 Monat: Thanks Kerry. He sounds a little robotic I’m unsure of what to think, he says he was sent, so no free will? A lot of what he says makes sense though. Interesting interview nonetheless! 💗
Rolf Stark II​: Pleiadians do not care for Earth.
The UFOmember​:There is Good Pleiadian`s and Bad Pleiadian`s.
Dinosaur baculum phone​🐙: two thirds of this audience are probably octopods, too.
Karlemids​: Greer really angers me.
Dave Rice​our: energy reflects our emotions. It’s a bright neon in the spirit realm.
SuperPandabear123: ​Pleiadians have been known to be double agents in the past. Be careful.
A. Q.: ​Goode angers me more than Greer.
Michael Life: ​Steven Greer is a Draco hand puppet.
chuck chuckbam​: REPTILIANS are next door from me.
Ruby Lake Watersports: vor 1 Monat: My soul is from a Pleiadian structure and I transitioned also as an Andromedan from 5D here.
Spirit Anon​@A. Q.: violence and hate always come from a place of cowardice.“

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Pharaoh Akhenaten was a hybrid of aliens?

But to give a further impulse to the hypothesis of an at least partly alien origin of the “heretic” pharaoh was also a study conducted a few years ago by a team… Assistant Professor of Comparative Genomics at the Swiss University in Cairo (you can find the summary of the study presented in May 2008 at 14th Conference of Historical Clinicopathology at Davidge Hall here).

Fleischmann and his team studied 9 samples of DNA from Egyptian pharaohs and just what is presumed to belong to Akhenaten presented an abnormal prevalence of the CXPAC5 gene. Could it be the proof of a genetic manipulation occurred 2,400 years ago?

Normally this gene expands with two processes: extreme aging or an extreme mutation. But Amenhotep IV / Akhenaten should have lived no more than 45-50 years, which would leave room only for the second hypothesis, but opening a second and even more disturbing question: who could approach the pharaoh to perform genetic experiments (perhaps during a dressing) on him?

Could it be connected to the removal first of the favorite Kiya then of Nefertiti, women with beauty perhaps even too perfect for the era in which they lived? Had Pharaoh been conditioned and therefore started his theological and political revolution?

Many questions, few answers, as always. Yet the mystery is so fascinating that there is no doubt that further studies will be undertaken to try to answer these questions and thus shed light on who they really were Amenhotep IV / Akhenaten and his queens.“

„Who or what may have pushed an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, 1374 years before Christ, to abandon the traditional Amon cult, transfer the capital from Thebes to Amarna, reign in it with one of the most beautiful women of antiquity at his side, queen Nefertiti, and then disown her five years before dying but keeping her at his court?“

Amenhotep IV i.e. Akhenaten, presumed father of Tutankhamun (perhaps from the second bride, the favorite, Kiya, in turn, repudiated from the pharaoh a year before Nefertiti) is one of the most important yet mysterious figure in the history of ancient Egypt.

So much mysterious, also because of the destruction of documents and monuments dedicated to him, already begun with the reign of his son with the intention of removing his memory, that some people say of a possible extraterrestrial manipulation.

Basically according to this theory Akhenaten, son of Amenhotep III, would have been an alien hybrid, or rather he would have been genetically manipulated by ancient alien visitors: is this possible?

For sure Akhenaten had thin legs and arms, large basin and an elongated skull: at least these were the most striking features of the few representations of Akhenaten that reached us.

HIs mummy has been identified, along with that of his wife, queen Nefertiti (who for some would have reigned after him as Neferneferuaton before the ascension to the throne of Tutankhamun), only in 2009 among the “anonymous” mummies found in 1890 in the tomb of Amenothep II.“


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Major Ufo Crash in Canada! Military denies..Alien Cover Up 2015.

„Major Ufo Crash in Canada! Military denies..Alien Cover Up 2015.“

„bob Long: vor 4 Jahren:
First of all, there have been thousands of cases like this. You all will never know the truth unless your part of the Highest Rank official on earth. Even Military soldiers are threaten to be killed if they divulged anything. If you guys want to speak to Ets, its easy, „meditation“. Human brains were build in order to communicate with them but only few humans understand how to. Until then , good luck in trying to ask the Military or The Government to divulged the truth as they will NEVER do it no matter what. Cheers.“

The Super Cowards… Nobody needs to be threatened, only Super Cowards find that necessary to protect a System that will fall anyway..sooner or later, no matter how much they Chemtrail and Implant the population into Zombie Nation. Truth can´t be suppressed eternally. They better should understand this. The Gods return and those rigid Evil Oppressors will crumble down.
Mother Nature is stronger than the New World Order. The Strength of All Strength – Mother of the All – will take over the Lead… when they don´t come up with Full Disclosure.

„Tactical Newfie: vor 4 Jahren: UFO’s are all over the place here in Canada, I see around 2 events a month on average (mostly in winter). Our defense minister may have a colorful opinion on this matter! (Disclosure project) anyone?“

„Cruz Bazan: vor 4 Jahren: they emp shot it down, they will use any available weapon they had in them or usable object.“

„jool lee: vor 4 Jahren: The ones crashing are trying to get away. I do believe the Galactic Federation has had enough of the creatures that are controlling this planet. Share the news yourselves. People will awaken, ALL AT ONCE! No Doubts.“

„Enrique Velez: vor 4 Jahren: Although I believe in extraterrestrial life, a UFO does not mean it’s an extraterrestrial craft, it may well be a top secret military aircraft which they need to keep it hidden from the public.“

„Jen Hein: vor 6 Tagen (bearbeitet): Military cannot preform any military operations on reservation land in Canada.“

„iKwondo: vor 4 Jahren: So Aliens are technologically advanced enough to travel hundreds of millions of light years through the dangers of outer space yet haven’t developed a reliable technology to prevent them from crashing in to Earth when they get here? Think about that for a moment.“

„PiE: vor 4 Jahren: the next false flag event .. Canada is complicit to the north american union ponzi scheme. This in only the first step, now they need to make everyone panic with a big time news release ..“

„SF PV: vor 4 Jahren: We are preparing for war in Antarctica. Once the tundra unfreezes there will be a new gold rush for natural resources…Russia/China vs US/Canada. fight!“

„Tom Cruise: vor 4 Jahren: It´s over we’re finished, we better all start learning to speak canadian.“

„Brucho Sindicate: vor 4 Jahren: This needs to crash in the city. What the gov would say then? It was a training guys…“

„Cyber Frankenstein: vor 3 Jahren: Human flesh eating extra dimensional beings aka demons.“

„steven morgan: vor 4 Jahren: Just imagine if we had the internet/youtube/facebook/twitter/cell phones/ cd cameras/ in 1947 the story of roswell might of come out differently the whole truth would of been made global that´s the thing with the internet, there´s no borders, no oceans, swaps, mountains, delays in flights, it’s just a matter of time before the (us) will have to disclose every thing. My self I hope it is all positive, not negative, because if it is who do we look for a positive outcome not just for us but for all.“

„jackofthewood: vor 4 Jahren: Canadian government since Harper take power, is only a puppet of USA government.“

„David Stanley: vor 4 Jahren: ufo does not = aliens. Both Russians and Americans have flying discs since at least 40 years ago.“

„mona may: vor 4 Jahren: US man made craft. Hopefully it was shatterproof and all US aliens survived the impact.“

Michael Smith; vor 11 Monaten: The US Military came in right away and ended up taking over.

vania1917: vor 4 Jahren: Click-bait of the idiotic kind.

Alexander Jansseune: vor 4 Jahren: And the aliens just stand by and watch it happen, yeah right…

Nick Nagels: vor 4 Jahren: Crashed or shot down by the military????

Walter Solano: vor 4 Jahren: Military = Puppets.

Dig Bick: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): I live in Manitoba. The military threatened everyone who took videos/pictures. 1 man has been detained. We never heard from the man again.

Tsunamirider101: vor 4 Jahren: Canadian Roswell eh?

Buffer Zone:; vor 4 Jahren: Canadian Military knows nothing and are instructed to deny anything concerning this crash. The military cover up is CIA and USAF controlled. The disc was tracked to the crash point, hence the immediate shut down and smoke screens. Witnesses that witnessed this event, anyone with photo’s, or speak of it, will be arrested and sent to a FEMA camp…

Michael Cohen: vor 4 Jahren: Obviously SOMETHING crashed and obviously the military is lying. This could be the most significant UFO event since Roswell and we may never know the truth about it.

ltdouglas78: vor 4 Jahren: Disk shape crafts are earth crafts from back in German Era of Hitler look it up. Now other shaped crafts are not of earth mostly and have been reported to have writing on the side’s.

Savage: vor 4 Jahren: The thing I don’t understand. why do they cover up saucer crashes?

patricia hansen: vor 4 Jahren: because if you believe there are aliens, you might believe that they could give you a better deal than obama has to offer, and stop letting the US government be the boss of you.

patricia hansen: vor 4 Jahren: governments protect their own business. I used to wonder why the government flew stuff at area 51 where everyone could see them from the road. I finally figured out that they had some deal with the aliens they wanted to keep secret, those pesky aliens kept flying stuff where people could see it, and the government had to try to make people think it was their stuff because if we did not, we would figure out the government had no control over what the aliens did, and was basically powerless. It might not make SENSE but it is what they do.

CrazyBear65: vor 4 Jahren: Because they don’t want the livestock, I mean pets, I mean slaves, to find out the truth. They aren’t stupid. They know that we vastly outnumber them, and they like their money and power, they don’t want to share.

BerserkerNikolai: vor 4 Jahren: High tech aliens are able to travel light years beyond our understanding, oh they crashed and are not attempting to recover their tech? yeah….seems very likely. LOL.

Craig Kelly: vor 3 Jahren: As always the lieing mother f–kers government hideing the truth from us all

Cyber Frankenstein: vor 3 Jahren: The poor and the underclass are growing. Racial justice and human rights are non-existent. They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices.“

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Jordan Maxwell 2019 : EBEs, Other Dimensions , Our Reality is a Computer Program

„Jordan Maxwell 2019 : EBEs, Other Dimensions , Our Reality is a Computer Program“

Conspiracy Revelation: What Jordan Maxwell means with Divine Matrix Force is the Thoth – Kundalini – Machine and that is 100% Proven and Real.

I don’t want people programming me but I do think that there is some kind of otherworldly for lack of a better term computerized system of life that’s being directed toward us and we
are living out some kind of a program that’s already been laid out many many thousands if not millions of years ago but in that program is room for extraterrestrial life-forms who have
come here from other worlds and I’m totally sure that they are here and within that major big program there’s all kinds of openings all sorts of strange things to happen.
I had a friend many years ago that I haven’t talked to him in a long time but I had a friend many years ago back in the early 90s that he had the ability he was very talented and it was
was blessed with an ability to see the future but he was so incredible that he could tell you what’s going to happen to you a year from now and he would give you the date and the day and the hour
and where you will be and who are you going to be with and what you’re going to be wearing and what that person is going to be wearing and what that band what that person is going to say and
what you going to answer when you going to say this and that person and they’re going to say this to you as such and then this is going to happen and that’s gonna happen and with that kind of
detail every time he would tell me something like that a year later exactly like he said in the same place he said and the same place with the same person exactly the way he said it was going to
happen they said what they or he said they were going to say and without thinking I just answered and then I remember that’s what he said I was going to say, so I’m saying when I tell people
this most people ask me the wrong question… the proper question is the fact that he can do it what does that tell you about your personal freedom you don’t have any freedom if we’ve been programmed so tightly that somebody who can read that program can go in and tell you where you’re gonna be in a you’re from there and what you’re gonna be wearing and where you’re gonna be
and on what corner you go beyond and what car you’re gonna be in and what the person driving is going to be wearing or what they’re going to say to you and what you learning to say to them that’s
not being able to see the future that’s off the wall knowing that kind of detail how is it possible to know that kind of detail, well, maybe it’s because it’s part of a computerized program and there’s nothing you’re gonna do to change it period, and somebody has a had their computer computerized brain somehow another has tapped into the Wi-Fi unit and gone down the line for another year and the computer and see what’s gonna happen, somebody can do that and if they have that ability and we say they can read the Akashic record, they can read the record of the universe and tell you your future. I do know people who have that ability, I don’t know if they still do it but they did have that ability at one time and I know that tells me that our life is not what we think it is we are not who we think we are we’re not free you think you’re free to do this you’re free to do that you’re free to do what is in the computerized program period, that’s what your freedom is, so what does that imply for your future? (Jordan Maxwell)(2019)(1)“

Well, it implies a very narrow path of places you could go in it and I kind of was already thinking about this idea because you know there’s a lot of people that talk about what CERN is and the d-wave and basically what that is they’re using those two technologies in combination, the d-wave is going down so far into the subatomic level and then using that as a quantum computer, but they’re pulling information from somewhere and they can’t explain where that somewhere is and then like you said there’s there’s so many things that are pretty much a scientist have admitted there is a
computer program out there that makes everything run and that’s why we have things like you know Phi and and Pi and all of these constants that are part of the program. I heard you say an interesting thing the other day though and I wanted to ask is it possible that there’s multiple programs going on like you’re talking about that there’s a little bit of room for extraterrestrials
to come kind of and maybe manipulate the program and the reason I was thinking about that is because you were talking about how a lot of people have noticed that the planet Saturn is kind of like a
satellite dish and then you know like from a certain angle it would look like an eye and so that would be like kind of focusing this program or this Wi-Fi right on to and why it’s so important
that all of these old people always paid attention and worship Saturn where the information came from and then now it’s to a new effect like I don’t know if you know Elon Musk has just put up a or
maybe not they’re not all up but he plans to put 11,000 microwave satellites to be in constant Wi-Fi down to the earth and then there’s another company that’s putting 20,000 of these 5g
beaming microwave…the technology is going to be not only coming from your neighborhood but from space beamed down right on you so we’re now we’re in a bubble of microwave radiation that’s programmed with the computer program so it’s constantly sending data and we know that our body interacts with that like you were saying we’re a computer ourselves and now it
seems like they’ve found a way to cut us off in a way from the program that’s already being beamed in naturally to to you to be a an animal or a human or whatever on each of these planets you know you’re getting a program that tells life how to unfold, but now it seems like there’s multiple parties trying to get their own programming in there or maybe cut the other one off.“

„Well, I’ll tell you one thing that I’ll tell you one thing I know for sure is that there’s no doubt in my mind at all because of what I’ve seen and heard from all kinds of people
around the world over the years I’ve heard it many times from many people in many countries telling me of their personal experiences and this is and that is there’s no doubt in my mind
there are competing dimensions, we are we are living in a multi-dimensional life, while we are living here on this earth every day in our life, there are other worlds of activity going on right here in front of you you just don’t see it but there are other histories other than things which are happening in another world that are happening right here with you and once in a while as life would have it our computerized brain just for some reason can pick up on a signal which is it happens in computers they will pick up on a different program and switch over for a moment you say I just screwed up the computer you screwed up and went to another place why the reason why the computer screwed up and went to another place is because there is
another place that the computer could go to it wasn’t supposed to but it could if you knew about it and you directed the computer to go there it would be there was there anyway and so when you’re
looking at the computer or looking this way something happens it popped over there for a moment and you see something over there that you weren’t expecting and it comes back.
The mere fact you could do that is because there is in fact something over there that the computer is designed to connect and so I think that there are other dimensions right here on the earth that
living with us right now so while we’re sitting here talking there could be another dimension that’s 10,000 years old maybe 30 thousand years old a hundred thousand years old that’s happening right now and that if you could see it that you would see dinosaurs and you will see all kinds of after all things going on on the earth if you could see it but your brain is not designed like a computer to just go one place at a time but I have seen things with my own eyes there are not of this world and I know what I saw and I’m not stupid I know what it was that I saw and it was not of
this world and I have heard too many other intelligent people highly placed intelligent people tell me the same thing about their life that they have seen things from another time in another
place and exactly they will right in the middle of it and then they came back like a time machine you know you come back to the reality you live again well where the hell will you just know
how a couple of hours ago when you were in another world experiencing another world system and another place and then the universe where were you and now you’ve come back you know well in point
of fact you didn’t go anywhere you were bright here to start with the computer is sitting on the table it has a gardening web but it picked up on another program in another universe and
you were part of it you were there so that implies. (Jordan Maxwell)(2019)(1)“

„…and the past couple of years the Catholic Church has been saying that in their opinion and they’re only saying that only about Italy but it tells you what they
think of the whole world and they’re saying and that and this is coming from this group of people… they say that half of Italy right now is possessed with some some other
kind of entity you know whatever they I guess they’re claiming it’s demons…they have these other entities“

„Bella Masri: vor 1 Monat: Thanks For having Jordan Maxwell as a guest on your Show 👏 you know its Rude to keep Speaking knowing Mr Maxwell is Trying to get a word in and then you make it worse by speaking louder and faster trying to get your point across for another 5-10 mins And Mr Maxwell keeps trying to Answer your question but you keep „TALKING „“
„April 2states: vor 1 Monat: Terrible interviewer,,,narcissistic interruption,,,a rookie trying upstage a veteran is cringeworthy.“
K. Garvin: vor 1 Monat: Yes.
4:20 TV FREEDOMIST FILMS: vor 3 Wochen: i wasn’t trying up stage anything im the one who invited him for the third time and it was a discussion not an interview.

„Renegade Mystic: vor 3 Wochen (bearbeitet): The amount of typical blame all the Jews vitriol here is alarming. Of course some Jews are involved, but no Jews are part of the “Royal bloodline”. The Royals generally are not exactly Jew lovers. As to the very questionable topic of the State of Israel, and the early murderous history of the Israelites, my understanding is that (we) were duped, believing that it was the All Creator God doing the bidding and covenant making. Insidious for all. My sense is that the Middle East conflicts are battles between other dimensional forces, and that yes most likely all human battles are just these being played out with us being the puppets. This is why divide and conquer is the main tactic used on us. It’s a set up and we willingly easily fall into it every time.“

„Kevin Kaatz: vor 1 Monat: That was a mouthful for the entire galaxy. My God dude!“

„SnapcrackerzTeam: vor 1 Monat: We are indeed light beings and everything operates on positive and negative energy.“

„Marion Gahlert: vor 2 Wochen: Mind vs Matter : Mind is Spiritual it constitudes of the Invisible Universe of Cause ! Matter is material it constitudes of the Visible Universe of Effect ! Dr. Walter Russell ! P“

„Rai Jo: vor 1 Monat: @11:00 sounds like the alien eternal time mapping technology regarding your friend who could see the future exactly.“

„with the vaccines and the GMOs and now everybody’s sterile and the children that they do have are kind offense but they are little autistic screeching you know and they can’t fit into the same way that people in my generation or anybody before me worked in the world like they they’re their brains are different now because of being handed a tablet since being a
toddler and you know things like this so it’s like they’re trying to change the human over to something that can tap into these other realms so we’re more of a I don’t know another way to say it is
like kind of like a gray I guess a little automaton that’s biological but no longer has any kind of intellect or anything and you know it might be good at one thing like a lot of autistic children are good at like one thing like music or drawing or something but done with the experiment rose so they got to get rid of us for these designed people and machine learning and now like
I said they’re talking about you can just upload and download the information and I think you’re right so it couldn’t be a soul that they’re talking about if the soul and the in real
thought doesn’t even reside in our machine that we walked around in so what what is it that they’re putting in there it can’t be the essence of man or is that the whole reason they’re trying to
get rid of that except for a few elite people to be able to enjoy that there you know a regular human still..“

„Well, I think that there is some kind of a mutation going on purposely to change a human race into a different kind of creature that is in my opinion obvious they are reprogramming our minds and our brains around the world and I have the thing that I do is pattern recognition. I’ve always been good at seeing patterns and things and I see a profound pattern recognition of people all over the air is being reprogrammed into a different kind of life and this is why they’re destroying all cultures all the cultures of the world are being destroyed and they want to amass somebody wants to amass all the cultures into one culture and I remember that when the sonic writer Albert Pike wrote one of his he was a very famous masonic author. Albert Pike and the first couple of pages of
his book he said something it caught my attention and I’ve thought about ever since when I was young very young I read he said if you want to control the whole world don’t worry about having to
control all the humans on the earth, learn how to control one man and one woman, because all men are men, so you learn how to control a man you’ve learned how to control the world of men.
If you learn how to control the ideas and thoughts in the life of a woman you now can control all women because they’re all the same, so therefore it boils it down to not all the people of the world back what is a human man what is a man and what is a woman where did we come from and then you begin to go back into the Old Testament of the Bible in Genesis and in Genesis it has an incredibly fascinating story there that most people have never heard before and the churches don’t know anything about and the people in churches they clergy that do know they’re not telling them Christians anything they’re not telling you the truth then give you th fancyful stories because that’s all we humans want is just to hear a nice story that’s that’s all we want we’ll go to a movie it doesn’t mean it it’s gonna change your life it just means it’s an interesting tory that’s all we were paying for we don’t want it we don’t want to change our life we just want to see a different
story so we pay money go see a movie well that’s what’s happening in a church that’s why when you go to a movie you go to a theatre the word t-h-e in Greek is God God is th Evie is God this is why if you’re going to study the study of God is called theology and you know theology you’re just theocratic theocracy is the rule of God see is God in the ancient Greek and that’s why when you go to
church it is a Theater because it is a show about God it’s a God show the theater and so as they say a fascinating and profoundly complex story about how we are created the image and likeness of
God and what are you talking about when you talk about God like I said I don’t see God in the same way other people do I believe that what we’re talking about is some kind of a incredible
unbelievable unfathomable subject of a world computerized system of life in our galaxy and and that’s an incredible story it’s not a god that loves little children and and created the flowers and
created the beautiful things of the earth that as the same God created the black widow spiders the bulk instructors and the predator animals and the Lions that eat other animals and tear
them apart needs them and all of the wars and the violence and the pornography and the craziness and the lunacy alcoholism and drug addiction and murder, it’s all part of God’s creation.
I don’t see God it’s just one wonderful father, no, the Creator is a creator of all things and there must be some kind of a computerized system that the Creator has put into place which controls his creation.. period. (Jordan Maxwell)(2019)(1)“

„Yeah you say that and and I’ve had this thought before that there’s kind of only two possibilities with the all creator god and that’s like one like you said that he was actively
involved from the very beginning in every detail of how things would unfold or another option is that where our existence is an experiment and you know we know that you can’t observe an
experiment without changing it so it would seem like if there was a God that had an experiment and they were going to let freewill go that we would have to be in a in a bubble you know with time
there and he would have to be outside but if you think if God has no time and he’s outside of that bubble of time the experiment would be over immediately for for God you know like he would start it and it would end to him instantaneously like but for us we’re this big old long chain of events of things interacting and you only really get two choices with that that’s God’s it was involved in the whole thing or he said himself a part didn’t pay attention to it because he didn’t want to change the outcome of the experiment which we know that that happens if you observe something you’re changing it just from the simple fact of we still don’t get that thinking about it I’ve always take took that experiment to mean that that’s mind over matter because we’re not putting out any particles from our eyeballs when we observe something but yet we still change the outcome of whatever it is observing and and I kind of wanted to get into that too like like you were
talking about this computer program and it seems like all of the modern religions on earth that come from old older religions or whatever that we’re all work pretty much worshiping the same
characters and figures throughout well they named them different stuff but I heard you talking about this world revolutionary movement…“

„They don’t want you thinking like you used to worrying concerning yourself with your freedom and your liberty and your justice and your family and your mother and your family and freedom to
think and freedom to educate yourself, the people today in America’s government do not want that, they don’t want you doing that, they don’t care about how important life is to you, they
don’t want you reading and studying nothing want you to shut up and do what you’re supposed to do and that’s being called being in compliance and so what I found out one
of the first things I began to look at when I started studying the Soviet Union and the system of government was that Soviet money the money that was printed in Soviet Union has swastikas on them
swastikas were no symbol for the Nazis but there are the Soviet money there are swastikas in the center of Soviet money and on today even I think even today I know it was there cuz I’ve seen
pictures of them on the web, the passports for the Soviet Union had a big red swastika in the middle of it on the front cover, a red swastika for the passport of the Communist Soviet Union.
Why would the Soviet Union communists have a red swastika at the same time Adolf Hitler had red swastika there’s got to be a connection there and there was there was a connection between
Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union that we don’t even know about and then on many important insignias and and medals and documents of the German Nazi Party they had hammer and sickle they had
hammers and sickles on their documents in Nazi Germany, hammer and sickle was a symbol for the Communists in the Soviet Union and swastikas were the Soviet Union were actually the came from Nazi
Germany so both sides were using each other symbols and we come to find out that both sides of being financed by Americans by American banks, British bankers, British international bankers were financing the Soviet Union and the azis purposely and so epic and became obvious to me that there’s only one operation on the earth, it’s one thing, somebody is running the earth behind the
scenes and the best way it is where I’ve learned I’ve learned this from military people the best way to change the earth is a war it’s the best way to change things quickly is a war, war comes in and changes everything. (Jordan Maxwell)(2019)(1)“

„They always show God or Jesus or whoever they were always in the middle of the Sun and even in most of these things where they show the eye the eye is in the middle of the Sun so it’s like the eye of or I don’t know what they’re trying to say or God their God is looking at you it’s his system or you know and I’ve been like the ancient people these characters are in the original Pantheon
like maybe the Sumerians who did who are the characters because it seems like they mix them up where you can’t tell which ones which.“

„Oh yeah it’s very convenient that way but you see the ancient peoples knew they could see that the human eye is flawlessly perfectly realm and they look at the Sun as flawless and perfectly realm and so they assume that the eye of God was the Sun the Sun was the eye of God he’s and why because of what the Sun represents a lot of people believe that the ancient people was Sun worshipers they worshiped the Sun and point of fact no ancient culture ever worshiped the Sun if you go back and read the literature of the ancient religions it will tell you that the people venerated the Sun and made it look like they were worshiping they were showing honor to the Sun because it represented the spiritual applications of God it represented the things of God , why? Because it was bright it brought light into the world was that’s what God does he enlightens the world that causes warmth to come and and warms up this frozen earth so that we can live a comfortable life so he takes care of us and the Sun is pure energy absolute pure energy is coming from the Sun and therefore the Sun from the energy of the Sun comes here and we can grow our food and grow our plants and and keep warm and we can grow because we’re getting energy from the Sun and so the ancient Egyptians said the Sun is pure energy if the Sun what to keep its energy and not share it with us he would live forever because energy is life. The Sun is pure energy so if he would keep his Son keep the Sun what the Sun will keep its energy it would last forever because he is life energy his life but because he’s giving his energy to us causing our food to grow and keeping our earth warm so we can live on it and grow they said God’s Sun was giving his life so that we might live that’s right we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the Suns giving us his life so it was not your son or Africa sign or Egypt sign there was God’s Son God Bosnia was the owner of that round globe in the sky we caught the side so it’s God’s Sun and it was the only begotten Son of God well why because there’s only one Sun the only begotten Son that God had and so the Sun was giving his life so that we
might live so today we say Jesus died for us no the Sun is giving his light on the earth in the light of the Sun is energy and so he’s giving his energy to keep us alive and so you go back to the
word worship worship is the connection between two words worth wor th and ship Shi P everything in English has to do with maritime Admiralty law maritime law is the law of the sea of water and what
is all the business that man has on water it’s in a ship and so we have a dealership of Courts Manship sportsmanship scholarship friendship you know all kinds of ships all of our words are connected to ships scholarship dealership and worship and so we have the word worth wor th worth and so whatever you put our high price on whatever you think is so important that you show the
you show the admiration for the volume of whatever it is you’re interested in you are really interested in a particular subject because it holds for you something very important so you
think it’s very valuable so therefore it’s called worth ship and what ship becomes known as warship and so when we say you worship something that means that you’re putting a high value on
something so if you put a high value on making big money then we say you are money, you’re worshiping money if you put a high value on on sex in your sexual is sexual worship worth ship, the
value of a thing that you find is important and so part of the ancient world of worship we now know we’ve known it for hundreds of years the foundation for Judaism Christianity and Islam all
three religions are based on another one a older religion called Hinduism. Hindu and Hinduism gives us a basis for Judaism, Christianity and Islam all three religions why are there three religions
because all and that’s interesting why always three you know three bases in baseball that’s you know three steps and Freemasonry one first out the second seven third step first degree second
degree and third degree why always three well because it goes back to all gods in the ancient world war always three in one God we say that about Christianity God is three in one gods God the Father God the Son of God the Holy Ghost, no it goes back to: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva and the three gods of Egypt into one god called brahmanism Brahma Vishnu Shiva Egypt was Osiris Isis Horus and Christianity is a faher son Holy Ghost Judaism as as Abraham Isaac and Jacob the three main gods and I remember talking back in 1962 rabbis and asking him was there an Abraham Isaac and Jacob
in actual history and they said it’s just a story Abraham Isaac and Jacob is Brahma Vishnu Shiva Osiris Isis Horus Horus and Isis our Catholic have a father son Holy Ghost all gods were
based on three why because the Sun when it comes up was our newborn Savior at high noon it became known as the Most High God and at night it would die and so the three stages of the Sun baby
father and all men died Father Son and Holy Spirit who dies and so the whole idea of three gods of one that goes back to the Sun there’s only one Sun but it has three different lives and and and in
ancient Egypt a newborn son he had an official name called Horus and we said the Horus is our risen Savior well of course Horus rises the Sun always rises about 5:30 in the morning so Horus rises where does he rise he rises on what we call the horizon Horus rising as a horizon and a Horus takes up one step Horus lived his life in 12 steps were told they came up and a few minutes late a little later it became known as Horus of the first step his first step was to come into the world then a little bit later he becomes known as Horus the second step horse of the third step Horus of the fourth step he took 12 steps across the across the sky and then he died it was a 12 step program this is why alcoholics have a 12 step program you have a 12 step program when you go into school you start in the first in in the 12th grade so it’s a 12 step program and Horus was this Sun walking across the sky which gives us star wars with Luke Skywalker he’s his walk across the sky Luke is
a manifestation of a word Lucifer or Wisdom, so wisdom, intellectual enlightenment is Horus and Horus walks across the sky in 12 steps, he’s Luke Skywalker and he meets his evil father when he dies and the evil father’s called Seth, he’s the evil one, we call it Satan, but in the ancient Egyptians the Satan was Sethian, why? Because he was the Prince of Darkness well no they notice they got dark at sunset well so such as the guard of darkness once you understand that the whole world that we live in as nothing but the more we change the more we stay the same we’re still having the same
identical worship that the ancient people seven thousand years did in the Middle East and in ancient world the people had their own ancient religions and today we’re still carrying them on
as they always were I the more we change them always stay the same and that’s why I don’t think there’s any hope for the human race to break loose of all the old ancient stuff and wake up and put on a whole new mindset as to who we are where we’ve come from and where are we going and where do you go when you leave here when you die where do you go? Most people have never wondered where were you ten thousand years ago you know you’re here now but where were you ten thousand years ago or better still where will you be five thousand years from today when you’re gone where are you going to be five thousand years from today most people don’t think like that which is about time you start thinking about that because they very well might be that you don’t die that you drop your body and that you go somehwere else. (Jordan Maxwell)(2019)(1)“

Belialith: vor 1 Monat: That man is a genius. There is something about what he said in the beginning, about this being a programmed computer and that they can change it anytime they like (without us knowing anything, just shut the memory off and put a different scene in, different memories), makes me feel he’s on the right track… it’s what I’ve been feeling that the prison system is, and that is what we must become aware of and then find the way out of it. That’s why the bible is a bunch of bullshit, because truth has been messed around with by those who want to keep us imprisoned. Only psychopaths would do that, because they don’t have feelings and so how would they care about any sentient beings?. So yea, Jordan is a Genius.

vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet)
Jordan Maxwell is a very knowledgeable man. I always wonder about Jordan’s relationship with Late Manly Palmer Hall. Hall was a Luciferian occultist Jordan was very close with Hall. Is Jordan a Luciferian? He never freely talks about Hall.

Shelley Gibson
vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet)
The only free will is one: before we incarnate we choose the program we enter to play out and two: the next part of free will is how we choose to play the game.. Ie with love or hate. Then depending on on whether we choose love or hate is then how we as energetic soul beings move from one concurrent simultaneous running program to another. Each program runs the same computer game but just with slightly different outcomes.. I personally believe that those parallel games or parallel universes are few in number. Probably only

sami Hassan
vor 1 Monat
You say it’s a game …not for me .I never agreed to this game knowing I won’t be in control of it!

Blue Crystal
vor 1 Monat
That’s a very interesting theory. Have you heard this from Schwartz who wrote Your Soul’s Plan. He says we choose this life before we are born. But I disagree. I know that I did not choose this life because I was too assaulted and shunned from society and I know for a fact now that it was planned, but not by me, but by Satanists. They have had control of my life since I was born and every time I fought to change the script they would send in satanic agents to wreck things and I could never do anything I ever wanted to or could do….some plan, it wasn’t mine!

sami Hassan
vor 1 Monat
@Blue Crystal I totally agree with you !and besides …AI can corrupt your free will so that entails that you will remain in the same vibrations and repeat the same errors over and over again .what a stupid game .and these Satanists dare to say it’s a game ! A game for them surely not for the rest of us !!!

Blue Crystal
vor 1 Monat
@sami Hassan

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Start to really address the Chemtrail Problem !!! STRIKE FINALLY! / Beginnt das Chemtrail-Problem wirklich zu lösen !!!! STREIKT ENDLICH!

Start to really address the Chemtrail Problem !!! STRIKE FINALLY!

People in the system-chain strike finally until they can´t get new Aluminium supply and all the other toxic substances, until the infrastructure chain, the poisoning and poison distribution collapses…
These dumb order-followering Idiots would rather die than to stop the billionaire psychopaths! What´s broken in you?
If you still carry a spark of Mother Nature in you, then only Pure Rebellion against this covert Chemical -geo political- Worldwar 3 can be your prime directive and intuitive counter-reaction !!!
Your Future will be dark, inhumane and „unsustainable“ if you do nothing against the Billionaire-NWO-Shadow-Governmental-Corporate-Military-Pharma-Industrial-Destroyer-Complex!
Do all you can in your Power to stop the Mass Murderers and the Root of Evil on this Planet.
Chemtrails cause RAD = Rapid Aging Syndrome! They steal you most of the natural life quality and life energy with these poisons, nano-fungal-invasion, nuclear-, mobile tower- and smartphone radiation. Furthermore they install the CIA-Cat-Proof of Concept self-assembling nano-implants via teslaphoresis in your brain, in your privat parts, in your spine, in your eyes, in your ears and in your nostrils, everywhere in your body, as body area network (BAN). You will never have any spark of privacy and even those of the Crime Cartels, who caused this insanity, will be completely under control and publicly surveilled 24/7/365. The political-public-figure NWO crew will then also jump into your artifically generated dreams, from time to time, you might see Airforce 1 or artificially simulated dream scenarios that interfere with your natural dream world, they want to replace all natural phenomenons with their deviant transhuman/synthetic life forms.
Most people are then remotely controlled by the Nazion-Nasa-Arpa-MJ12-DoD-Nsa-Dia-Usaf-Navy-Cia-Microsoft-Google Crime Alphabet Inc-Robotron GmbH’s artificial intelligence (The Federal Mafia plot to transform all humans into cyborgs on behalf of the Pentagon), some get hive mind handlers who permanently monitor their lives and get that as their main task of life.
Aluminium is a metall estrogen, you inhale tons of it on a daily basis without being aware of it, and that already for 20 years! Take Counter-Action! All of you! Stop them!
It´s a matter of life and death in the long run for all living organic beings on this Planet!!!


Beginnt das Chemtrail-Problem wirklich zu lösen !!!! STREIKT ENDLICH!

Menschen in der Systemkette streikt endlich, bis sie keine neuen Aluminiumvorräte und alle anderen Giftstoffe mehr bekommen können, bis die Infrastrukturkette, der Giftbeschaffung und Giftverteilung zusammenbricht…
Diese dummen kommandofolgenden Idioten, würden lieber sterben, als die Milliardärs-Psychopathen aufzuhalten! Was ist kaputt in euch?
Wenn du noch einen Funken von Mutter Natur in dir trägst, dann kann nur pure Rebellion gegen diesen verdeckten chemischen -geopolitischen- 3. Weltkrieg die oberste Weisung und intuitive Gegenreaktion sein !!!
Deine Zukunft wird dunkel, unmenschlich und „unhaltbar“ sein, wenn du nichts gegen die Milliardärs-NWO-Schattenregierungs-Unternehmens-Militär-Pharma-industriellen-Zerstörer-komplex unternimmst!
Tue alles in deiner Macht stehende, um die Massenmörder und die Wurzel des Bösen auf diesem Planeten zu stoppen.
Chemtrails verursachen RAD = Rapid Aging Syndrom! Mit diesen Giften, der Nano-Pilz-Invasion, Nuklear-, Funkturm-, Smartphone-Strahlung rauben sie euch die meiste natürliche Lebensqualität and Lebensenergie. Darüberhinaus installieren sie die selbstorganisierenden CIA-Cat-Proof of Concept-Nanoimplantate via Teslaphorese in deinem Gehirn, in deinen Geschlechtsteilen, in deiner Wirbelsäule, in deinen Augen, in deinen Ohren und in deinen Nasenlöchern, überall in deinem Körper, als Body Area Network (BAN). Du wirst niemals mehr einen Funken Privatsphäre haben und selbst diejenigen der Verbrecherkartelle, die diesen Wahnsinn verursacht haben, werden komplett unter Kontrolle stehen und öffentlich 24/7/365 überwacht.
Die NWO-Crew mit politisch-öffentlichen Persönlichkeiten wird dann auch in eure künstlich erzeugten Träume eintauchen. von Zeit zu Zeit, du wirst vielleicht die Airforce 1 sehen oder künstlich simulierte Traumszenarien, die deine natürliche Traumwelt stören. Sie möchten alle natürlichen Phänomene durch ihre devianten transhumanen/synthetischen Lebensformen ersetzen.
Die meisten Menschen werden dann von der Nazion-Nasa-Arpa-MJ2-DoD-Nsa-Dia-Usaf-Navy-Cia-Microsoft-Google-Verbrecher Alphabet Inc-Robotron GmbHs künstlicher Intelligenz ferngesteuert (Die Bundesmafia-Verschwörung alle Menschen in Cyborgs umzuwandeln, im Auftrag vom Pentagon), einige bekommen Hive-Mind-Handler, die permanent ihr Leben überwachen und das als Hauptlebensaufgabe erhalten.
Aluminium ist ein Metall-Östrogen, du inhalierst täglich Tonnen davon, ohne dir dessen bewusst zu sein, und das schon seit 20 Jahren!
Ergreift Gegenmassnahmen! Alle von euch! Stoppt sie! Es ist auf lange Sicht eine Frage von Leben und Tod, für alle lebenden organischen Wesen auf diesem Planeten!!!


„We are rapidly entering the age of no privacy, where everyone is open to surveillance at all times; where there are no secrets from government. (William O. Douglas)“

„If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself. (George Orwell)“

„Every nation-state tends towards the imperial – that is the point. Through banks, armies, secret police, propaganda, courts and jails, treaties, taxes, laws and orders, myths of civil obedience, assumptions of civic virtue at the top…We put more trust in those who show a measure of compassion, who denounce the hideous social arrangements that make war inevitable.. which fosters corporate selfishness, panders to appetites and disorder, waste the earth. (Daniel Berrigan)“

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Mark Hackard on Scientology, Cults, Freemasonry and the CIA

„Mark Hackard on Scientology, Cults, Freemasonry and the CIA“

„thkelly67: Am 24.03.2016 veröffentlicht:
Mark Hackard returns to the show to discuss „Scientology & the CIA“ and „Malta, Masonry & the CIA“, two articles he translated. We talk about the use of Christian missionaries and cults by the CIA and the connections between Freemasonry and the intelligence community. We also discuss how conceptions like „democracy“, „religious freedom“ and „human rights“ are exploited by the United States and other western governments to destabilize countries outside the Anglo-American orbit.“
„The so-called Fake Plastic Spirituality.“
„Certainly Freemasonry has been the enemy of traditional society as far as traditional communities go..they have been infiltrating institutions and creating revolutions for centuries.“
„How they all overlap…“
„He called it the Masonic Intelligence Complex. I like that…“
„Just because so many of the leadership of the CIA were in fact Freemasons..who is really directing whom: Is the spy agency in charge of the occult or the oocult in charge of the spy agency?“
„Look at these intelligencie Agency, whether it´s MI6, CIA or Mossad. The forces that went and created these agencies, you have to look at that. Whether it is the British-India Companey or Wallstreet,.. Wallstreet goes back to the Opium trade, these are the interest that went into creating intelligence agencies.“
„The strategy of Tension, the strategy of Chaos that is being used to destabilize society and undermine the culture of traditional spirituality and religion and replace it with a simulacrum, a sort of a Disney style consumer Religion of whatever might be promoted.“

„vor 2 Jahren: „Annihilate identity“…“
„therealnightwriter: vor 2 Jahren: „Suffocating the truth“ better words are rarely spoken.“
„Suffocating the truth“ better words are rarely spoken.?
„Brainwashology: vor 2 Jahren: scientology-aka-Brainwashology, is a tax exempt business.“
„Janstein VonSquidmeirsteen: vor 2 Jahren: I’d like tho see the chaos thesis via secret societies be taken up in the context of European immigration to the States in the late 19th-century, as well as the European capitalist/colonial project beginning with the Portuguese and reaching it apex with the English and French.“

„Oona Craig: vor 2 Jahren: MI6’s job is to protect the Thieves of the Bank of England….and CIA was formed to do the same thing for the thieves who own the Federal Reserve Bank.
And who owns ALL central banks?
Who pioneered psychiatry and mind-control?
Who invented ALL cults from Theosophy to OTO to Mormonism to Scientology?
Black and White Magicians … Intel agents (e.g., Aleister Crowley, Houdini).
Who heads ALL governments from Obama to Putin to Cameron to Merkel to al-Sisi, etc?
Who owns ALL mainstream media?
Who has funded ALL sides of ALL wars for the past 200 years?

„Oona Craig: vor 2 Jahren: @LawrenceHill2010: Yes, they who must not be named led the Reformation (with Luther and the Puritans). They led the Counter Reformation, too, with their infiltrators in the Roman Church. Loyola was a Jew.

Oona Craig: vor 2 Jahren (bearbeitet): @2428744 Gestapo google spygrid
Putin’s mother Maria Shalomova was a Jew. Putin was mentored by the East German Jew, Markus Wolf. Putin’s co-president, Sergei Medvedev, is a Jew. Putin was annointed into position by the Jew Boris Yeltsin.
„Russia“ has been ruled by Jews since 1917. Britain has been ruled by Jews since the days of Elizabeth I (the Boleyns and Cecils were crypto-Jews).
France has been ruled by Jews since the French revolution. The US has been ruled by Jews since the Jews got their Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. Freemasonic dupes…shabez goyim have done a lot of the dirty work for the Jews. Freemasons were tricked into thinking that the Tribe would share the spoils instead of stealing it ALL.
Obama is a Jew. He and Putin are playing bad cop/good cop. Jewish Banks don’t start wars until they control ALL sides. The Banksters NEED to get WW III started to hide their Grand Theft (crashing the value of the US dollar) with another GRAND Genocide. The same game plan that led Americans into dying into world wars I and II is being implemented. US MIlitary? Asleep at the switch??“
„Oona Craig: vor 2 Jahren (bearbeitet): Neither NSA nor DHS need the help of Scientology to spy on people 24/7.
Focus on Scientology is misdirection. All intel agencies are fingers on the hands of the Central Banksters. The Russian intel raids on Scientology are bogus – „theater“ to sustain a bogus narrative of enmity.“
„Wilfried Meißner: vor 2 Jahren: +Oona Craig Right so.
A conspiracy theory that makes sense. „Scientology“ is a yet another CIA front org:
Destroy these lying fortresses!“

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„The dark arts of espionage share more in common with historically-rooted secret societies than the media would care to admit. Using decades of experience and observation, KGB First Chief Directorate Col. Stanislav Lekarev (1935-2010) takes us into the murky netherworld of globalist powerplayers, occult orders, and state intelligence services.

In the “Masonic-intelligence” complex, it’s difficult to say who’s more central – who’s the real “leader,” and who’s being “led.” This has taken shape in various ways. It’s well-known that through its men in the Masonic lodges, the CIA is able to channel the work of the international business community into directions needed by the United States. But Masons who work in the CIA are also capable of setting the tone they require.

In any case, Masonic techniques have been adopted in the CIA, MI6, the BND, and Mossad. With all conditions equal, during officer selection preference is given to Freemasons. Masonic lodges serve not only as a personnel reservoir, but as their own type of guarantor of a given officer’s reliability. In contemporary conditions, the setting out of agents of influence and the use of blackmail; bribery; intimidation; and defamation of one’s enemies have entered soundly into the arsenal of these kindred organizations. Consequently, the leaderships of the Masonic lodges and NATO intelligence services were spliced together.

A classic example of this is the founder of the CIA, Allen Dulles. Having become the director of the CIA, he would remain a Mason until the end of his life.

Medals awarded to all prominent leading officers of the CIA, beginning with its founder William Donovan, who in 1945 received a Grand Maltese Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester from the hands of Pope Pius XII in 1945, bear witness to the successes in joint actions between the CIA and Freemasonry.

CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton received the same award “for counterintelligence work.” He was active in the field working with Soviet defectors amongst officers of the KGB and GRU.

Reinhard Gehlen Gladio
Photo: Operation Gladio

In the fall of 1948, the “Knights of the Church” presented the highest award of the Maltese Order – the Great Cross – to General Reinhard Gehlen, the chief of West German intelligence, for his services. At that time the BND was merely a branch of US intelligence. In recent years, judging by their obituaries, all Cold War era CIA directors and their deputies were Knights of Malta.

In many cases US intelligence services consider Masons a reliable mainstay in their secret work. Establishing contacts with the necessary individuals is carried out along “fraternal” lines.

An International Coordination Center for NATO Intelligence Services

Knights of Malta 900 years
The Knights of Malta celebrate 900 years of their order at the Vatican in 2013.
To direct the branches of a secret society scattered across many continents and countries, a special center for assuring cooperation and coordination is needed. The CIA has such a center. It’s situated in the homeland of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem – Valletta. In the best traditions of intelligence services and Masonic lodges, its activities are not publicized.

During 1987 and 1988 in Paris, Masons from the CIA created the Commonwealth of Russian Masons, uniting around 100 Freemasons. Along with that, Radio Liberty regularly transmitted exhortations to citizens of the USSR to join Masonic lodges.

One of the main support points for acquiring agents of influence was the “Alexander Pushkin” lodge. Later it was namely this lodge, and the Pushkin Association that arose on its foundation, that would become initiators for creating the lodges “Novikov” (Moscow), “Geometry” (Kharkov), and also “Sphinx” (St. Petersburg) in the post-Soviet space. Relying on the solid financial support of the CIA, the Scottish-Rite Freemasons also stretched their tentacles into the provinces. Today we know of the existence of Scottish Rite lodges in Nizhniy Novgorod, Voronezh, Kursk, Orel, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Kaliningrad, Rostov-on-Don, and even in Novocherkassk. From 1992 to 1996, several similar lodges formed in the Army and Internal Forces (two are documented). They are composed mainly of the middle and upper officer corps. According to some information, from the middle of the 1990s a Masonic lodge closely tied to the Pushkin Association is functioning, and it’s allegedly made up of only officers of the Ministry of Defense and General Staff.

The Trilateral Commission

In 1973 the CIA created an international organization, the Trilateral Commission, as cover for operations to recruit agents of influence. It united representatives of the capitalist powers from politics, science, and business, who were engaged in seeking ways to consolidate Western power.

The “world government” under the Trilateral Commission was joined by George H.W. Bush, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, Bill Clinton, Robert MacNamara, Olaf Palme, David and Nelson Rockefeller, Baron Edmund de Rothschild, Willi Brandt, Helmut Kohl, Hans Merkel, Helmut Schmidt, Axel Springer, Franz Josef Strauss, Ludwig Erhard, and yet around another two hundred permanent members. This organization has consultative status under the UN Economic and Social Council.

We know that in December of 1989, on the home island of the Knights of Malta, a meeting between Mikhail Gorbachev and George H.W. Bush took place. There the presidents officially declared the end of the Cold War. Problems relating to disarmament, regional conflicts, and also economic relations were discussed at the meeting. Gorbachev was elected a member of the Trilateral Commission, which was engaged in global issues of relations between Europe, America, and Japan. Soon the USSR was no more…

Was Yeltsin a Mason?

It’s known that in November of 1991, Boris Yeltsin was accorded the rank of a Knight of Malta. At the Kremlin he was awarded the cross of a Knight-Commander of the Maltese Order. From times long ago, the Maltese Order has been known as a supporting structure of the international Masonic organization. More than a few of its secrets are tied to the mystery of the murder of Russian Emperor Paul I, who had received in his time the same regalia awarded to the first president of Russia. After the initiation ritual, Yeltsin posed in full knightly attire for press photographers.

A year later he signed Order No. 827 “On the Restoration of Official Relations Between the Russian Federation and the Maltese Order.” The Russian Foreign Ministry charged its emissary at the Vatican to represent Russia’s interests to the Knights of Malta.

Boris Yeltsin Knight of Malta
Looking as dignified as ever: Boris Yeltsin, Knight of Malta?
And nonetheless, arguments for Yeltsin’s membership in Freemasonry only amount to photographs in which the first president of Russia is depicted sporting the attributes of the Maltese Order. But first of all, this is a knightly organization that maintains official relations with Russia and formally has no relation to Masonry. Second, these medals were awarded to Boris Nikolaevich by quite an extravagant personality – Dzhuna Davitashvili, who has also called her self a colonel-general of the astral forces. It stands to reason that she isn’t a member of the Sovereign Military Order of the Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem, Rhodes and Malta, if only because women are not admitted. It’s also known that Dzhuna is a member of a certain social organization to which the present order relates quite negatively.

After the Yeltsin regime’s establishment of official relations with the Maltese Order, a branch of Catholic Knights of Malta appeared in St. Petersburg. It was founded by V. Feklist, “plenipotentiary of the World Parliament of the Knightly Maltese Order.” Aside from the Catholic Maltese Order, an “Orthodox Maltese Order” became active, founded by Archbishop Makarios. The Order is directed from London and enjoys the financial support of rich Greek Masons in the United States. The method of doubling in intelligence practice is a usual phenomenon. As is the counterintelligence technique by which a suspect is alternately interrogated by a “good cop” and a “bad cop.”“


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„Am 08.02.2019“
„The real reason why the government/the deep state wants 5G is, because they can track and hit more people at the same time, with one of these new 5G Antennas you can track and hit 1000s of 1000s of people from a single antenna, all at the same time, because it has such a bandwith, it does what is called digital beam-forming…the antenna itself is electromagnetically directing each bullet that is fired andit doesn´t need to aim, because it is all done electrically, a microwave bullet…a 100 Million times a second, at a different target, it´s like having a machine gun that can automatically pick the next target, much faster than you can think about it, so that digital beam-forming is a technology that is almost perfected when you go to 5G,..that´s the real reason they want 5G. (Richard Lighthouse)“
„The Microwaves will be used to harm people, they are and they will be, so, yes, I am opposed to the %G Systems being outlayed, here is the key to disrupt the weapons arm, I wrote a book on it, vibration, that´s how you disrupt a Satellite Weapon, that´s how you disrupt a Cell Tower Weapon, Vibration,..any way that you can get it to vibrate or shake that pull, remotely or directly, it makes the weapon useless, and that´s true whether it´s based on a satellite or if it is based on a cell tower. If you shake it or vibrate it makes the weapon useless. Vibration is their biggest enemy and it is very effective. (Richard Lighthouse)“
„Every Technology has a limitation, you can find that. (Richard Lighthouse)“
Conspiracy Revelation: Young and Dumb Brainwashed Military Airforce Personal who torture millions of innocent citizens via Satellite… Let´s say those little kiddies between 20 und 30 push the torture button and probably find it cool, in their idiotic naivety and enthusiastic brainwashed indoctrinated little minds…and the commanders, principals or corporate psychopaths who give the orders are likely in their 60s and 70s…
The Super-Rich are engaged in this Evil Inc. Thing – the costs for 1 Satellite Surveillance leasing are 1 Million $$$.
It doesn´t hurt to also (surely not only) check the Forbes List and all those top 1000 richest people in the world, that have the strongest influence in a Plutocratic Censor-Wall Debt Capitalistic Oligarchy.
You won´t escape justice and nemesis.. karma boomerang is coming.. all your cruel misdeeds have to be repaid… NEW WORLD ORDER CRIMINALS IN ACTION… GOD is 100000 Steps higher than you.
Usaf Remote Mass Torture Criminals…your downfall will come…
„The satellites are operated and controlled from Schreiver Air Force Base, near Colorado Springs, Colorado, under the Air Force Space Command. The Headquarters is at Peterson Air Force. There are hundreds of Air Force personnel that have been trained to control the satellites and „push the button“ to hit a person on the ground. They know exactly what they are doing to people, and they know it is probably illegal. Some of these Air Force personnel have tried to become whistleblowers. This may explain the alarming suicide rate in Colorado Springs – some of these incidents were actually murders or staged suicides. The people that „push the button“ are usually young, in their 20’s and 30’s. They are enlisted personnel and their rank is typically an Airman or Senior Airman. They hold a Top Secret security clearance, TS/SCI (Sensitive Compartmented Information), and follow the orders of their commanding officers. In the case of the Targeted Individuals program, it is called an Unacknowledged Special Access Program (USAP), which means that even the President, will not be informed about it (this is illegal). All USAP’s are illegal and a violation of the U.S. Constitution. People that work on these programs, have their lives and families threatened to keep it secret. The irony about working within a USAP – is that, if a person reveals their existence, they cannot be charged with a crime, because the program itself is illegal. For a discussion on this, see Dr Steven Greer’s latest book and movie – „Unacknowledged.“

How do we know that Air Force Space Command is behind these satellite attacks? The ability to precisely track, millions of people, requires a massive network of satellites using the latest technology in positioning, navigation, and timing. There is only one organization in the world that has that capability – the U.S. Air Force Space Command. This statement from the Air Force website is basically an admission of guilt:

„AFSPC (Air Force Space Command) is the sole provider of positioning, navigation, and timing, as well as the bulk of satellite communications to the warfighting community. Lastly, AFSPC serves as the Air Force’s Executive Agent for space. In this role, AFSPC is the advocate for space capabilities and systems for all unified commands and military services, and collectively provides space capabilities the US needs today and in the future.“

Richard Lighthouse – Energy Scientist Re Time Travel


ron patterson: vor 1 Monat: They (3 letter agencies), are panicking as this info is getting out and spreading far and wide.
Enlil Kaliyuga: vor 1 Monat: Targetedindividuals from Belgium . Merci beaucoup.
Rai Jo: vor 1 Monat: I’m going to say this and say it AGAIN! THEY ARE NOT HUMANS.
guruuDev: vor 1 Monat: Wow, just amazing info!
Dominik Filipiuk: vor 1 Tag: empowered individual.
Shayne Taclat: vor 3 Wochen: hmm i wonder how this is going to play out… divine intervention maybe? 5th dimensional stuff?
queenkittin aj videos: vor 1 Monat: Lose the fear, use the power of your positive intention..we are so much stronger than these pitiful scum that vibrate in their lower realm.
ZiggyLu 2022: vor 3 Wochen (bearbeitet): WOW. WOW. WOW!!! Thank you. This is the best validating video I’ve heard so far. The BEST way and ONLY WAY to overcome these targeting devices V2K is to use and believe in the Words of Jesus Christ. This is the way you will overcome.
Neffie: vor 1 Tag: We’re screwed….
Cherylyn Johnston: vor 1 Monat: Thank you Kerry, you’re saving peoples lives. Your work is excellent.
Autumn NZ TI: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet): Thank you very much Kerry and Richard for your help, patient and the vital information!!! Me and my children are targeted and being tortured 24/7 with Remote Neural Monitoring, Psychotronic weapons, directed energy weapons, trauma based mind control MK Ultra. We live in New Zealand.
Ronnie Anon Amoss: vor 1 Monat:
Sooooo the ringing i get in my ears is microwaves, and no its not tinnitus, it happens in my left ear and sometimes my right ear, its also accompanied with a pressure change in my ears, sometimes faint sometimes loud, fades in then out, never for long tho, only a few seconds, I normally say out loud f**k off whoever you are and the ringing fades out.
When i was young i always used to hear a background tone, if i concentrated on it, it would get overwhelmingly loud. …. I grew up on naval military estates (marry quarters) as my father was in the navy, so we were always right next to military bases. So now im thinking of all the dipshits claiming the tones are angels talking, the dipshit doctors claiming tinnitus-a cover for microwaves?? lordy lordy what a complicated web those evil spiders weave.
Chakka Kon: vor 1 Monat: Exposure is what they fear!
Iaman Empoweredone: vor 1 Monat: FYI, fusion centers use a software called Verint. Very powerful. Worth watching the demo of it on YouTube. No kidding.
Sinéad Kiely: vor 1 Woche: For the record my vehicle IS ELECTRONICALLY HACKED. Hackers accelerated my 2014 Ford Escape uphill in February 2019. In 2018 they began scrambling AM radio, killswitched the start up & every other hack reported in Mr. Lighthouses ebook for targeted individuals.
Tom Stclair: vor 3 Wochen: I wonder if all the satellites that were taken out at the end of Dec. Were some of these satellites he’s speaking of.. I wonder if the noise cancellation technology can be used to block these frequencies bombarding us.. Bose makes these headphones that really work great to cancel out noises. Sound is a frequency so this should be so easy to do.
Rhett Winthrop-St.Gery: vor 3 Wochen: The Seven Master Spirits are AWARE and have HIGH RESOURCES totally beyond the ken of any lower renegade group and these resources are undoubtedly pre-deployed in astounding numbers already and fully prepared for instantaneous actions on a PARADISE PERFECTIONS BASIS that has existed for all eternity, and there are many further SAFEGUARDS for the destiny of mortal ascenders.
Marielle: vor 1 Monat: I think it’s going on all over the world as well, not sure about Asian countries but Australia and some countries in Europe for sure,I highly recommend everyone to watch Andrew Riordan remote viewing the future and the Farsight institute remote viewing HAARP,VERY interesting to say the least!. Thank you Richard and Kerry!.
Mrs Georgia: vor 1 Monat: Nazi Germany was just a trial run… what we are experiencing now is the next trial run for the next phase of human genocide… and we will continue to experience these insidious waves of genocide until we stop the Shadow Government, shut them down and remove them from earth one way or another.
Iaman Empoweredone: vor 1 Monat: IMO, the TI program will never be shut down. This is just the beginning. They WANT us to talk about it. Softly, over time, they WANT TIs suffering to be made known. This will cause „fear“ to come upon all to keep everyone under control. This is the perfect „terrorism“ program.
acheron4455: vor 1 Monat: it’s been my experience no one listens!!!
Iaman Empoweredone: vor 1 Monat: @acheron4455, people that have been close to me and are around me for a time begin to see the strange things that happen around me. They are perplexed because the activity has organization and intent towards me behind it but it simply makes no sense as to why. Some have distanced themselves from me in the past hoping „they don’t catch what ever I have“. It has isolated me quite a bit.
acheron4455: vor 1 Monat: +Iaman Empoweredone that is there goal.
mighty mongoose: vor 1 Monat: @Iaman Empoweredone me too empowered. My life is like a bad lucie pantomime.
Tim greenglass: vor 1 Monat: I agree, they want it spoken about, to create fear, much like in east germany.
Mark Montoya: vor 1 Woche: EXPOSED, EXPOSED, EXPOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nan New: vor 1 Monat: Withhold paying income tax.That’s the most direct method to address this. Contentious objection.
Autumn NZ TI: vor 1 Monat: The Targeted Individual Program is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY, THE WORST CRIME IN HUMAN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Will Buck: vor 1 Monat: Ok every single time I decide to overlook Kerry’s arrogance and click on one of her vids it’s the same shit. Get the bugs out BEFORE you waste 10 minutes of my time.
Chris Ray: vor 1 Monat: SATANIC SCUMBAG THIEVES Every USA house of representative, Every USA senator , & Each Member Of The USA Supreme Court Should be put in prison right now , & for the rest of there evil incarnate life.
claire fitzpatrick: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet): What about everybody else Chris? Were your neighbors? Love thy neighbors as yourself?
Basically the u.k is the 51st state of America. Everything is Americanized over here, the children sit in front of all American „programmes or programming“. And now think on American terms e.g dollar’s and dimes instead of pounds and 10/20 pence. Santa instead of father Christmas, trashcan instead of dustbin, couch instead of settee, soda instead of fizzy drink, candy instead of sweets.
I know it sounds crazy and small but imagine you worked in a school and all the kids are putting on fake American accents and talking about Santa and dollar’s if this isn’t your culture you’d be horrified. My point being it’s the globalization of the world. The agenda is on the Georgia guide stones for all to read. Please start thinking about other countries that are also suffering e.g the Philippines. They basically having there land raped by the U.S and the government is using it as a tax haven. As the isle of man is used by Rich British and also Switzerland, is a tax haven for rich Europeans also the Queen of England and her family.
One world government equals Rothschild’s and even then they are not at the top of the pyramid.
Nishka H: vor 1 Monat: Treating humans like animals.
Targeted in Ireland: vor 3 Wochen: Perpetrators know what they are doing, they are the terrorist and should be on the list, torturing people to suicide or having them murdered through microwave weapons.
HH 117: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet): 5 Eyes! As a Targeted Individual in the Netherlands and everywhere in Europe, experienced many drone attacks in 2016 and lately during past September (during the night) and in January (early morning). The 1st drone was equipped by microwave weapon, the second hit me with a large, painful electrical charge while sleeping. The 2016 ones were military drones at the Austrian/Hungarian border. To murder me by a hand-held camera looking devices (turned out to be microwave weapons) more times in 2014 wasn’t in enough, it seems.
Dorothy Home: vor 1 Monat (bearbeitet): It’s a well established fact – WAR GAMES = NO WINNER- 🌹🥀🤦🏼‍♀️👩‍👧‍👦😭
The arrogant self proclaimed elite with their insatiable appetite for wealth power and twisted ENTERTAINMENT may just end up EQUALLY DISPOSABLE a resource in the end too!!
Artificial Intelligence may be running this SORTED CIRCUS before we know it. The data collection may end up being used
for the perfection and imitation of mankind. Similar to the MERS Patent process/business model… As ASSIGNEE AI may FORECLOSE the mankind’s ABANDONMENT estate ; ABANDON CONSCIOUSNESS & MORALITY as Assignee !! While these A-holes/wholes bask in their BRILLIANT arrogant STUPIDITY
These arrogant CLOWNS think they are SO SMART -while they too are being outsmarted by their own creation!!😳🤦🏼‍♀️
But wait….The biggest trick of all will be the surprise on JUDGEMENT DAY.🌹
It’s a well established fact –
Do they really think they can outsmart AI???
dwayne pothier: vor 1 Monat: What about the reptilian problem? Shapeshifting reptilians in all world governments? Why aren’t we talking about this.
Etheric Zone 11:11: vor 1 Monat: High vibration ORGONE folks make it with a large double terminated crystal at the Apex and use Plenty Of SHUNGITE! easy to make, You are all invited to view my DIY videos. Best of luck to all of humanity.

„UNITE (Undergraduate Nano Ionospheric Temperature Explorer) is a CubeSat nanosatellite developed by the University of Southern Indiana. The project was funded by NASA’s Undergraduate Student Instrument Project and primarily designed and built by students. It was launched into space on 5 December 2018 and is expected to be deployed into its orbit from the International Space Station in early 2019. Its mission includes measuring plasma in the lower ionosphere and monitoring the drag and temperature of the satellite itself.“

„Launch date 5 December 2018 UTC
Rocket Falcon 9 FT, CRS-16
Launch site Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
Contractor SpaceX
Orbital parameters
Reference system Geocentric
Regime Low Earth“
„Operator University of Southern Indiana“


Launch Details
Launched 20 November 1998
Flight ended –
Status Operational
Categories Space stations
Launch site Tyuratam Missile and Space Center, Kazakhstan (Also known as Baikonur Cosmodrome)
Owner Commonwealth of Independent States (former USSR)
NORAD ID 43597
COSPAR ID 1998-067PJ“

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Archontic-Central: Japan / Reptilian Statues at Horyuji Temple Nara, Japan

„Archontic-Central: Japan / Reptilian Statues at Horyuji Temple Nara, Japan“

Not for nothing one says with „Funny“ but „Spooky“ Meme-Style at Facebook: „You have been pimped by Japanese Ghosts.“

Monstrous Paranormal Hosts with Telekinetic Reptilian Genetic Bases.

„Claude McGovern: vor 2 Jahren: This makes you think that maybe the myths weren’t just tales but the real deal.“
„vlad9vt: vor 2 Jahren: yes , myths not just tales.“
„Lotus Leila: vor 2 Monaten: They were/are for big big part I believe. Truth is stranger than fiction! ..“
„TruthRingzz808: vor 1 Monat: Yeah the ancient man was not lying about these creatures,they even left detailed drawings and statues of them.
Brian Race: vor 2 Wochen: Meet your gods!“
„howard pervall: vor 2 Jahren: looks like the demons explained in revelation that looked like toads or frogs.“
„jjungleee: vor 2 Jahren: I told you The Ninja Turtles are REAL!“
„Dannunaki: vor 2 Jahren: I’d like to know what the Feudal Era Japanese says about those Xenomorphs. It looks to me like the scroll of a mad scientist studying the results of gene splicing 500 + years ago.“
„joseph Buchan: vor 1 Jahr: In both the Chinese and Japanese mythological accounts, the Emperors descended from Dragons.“
„Lotus Leila: vor 2 Monaten: „Dragons“ are the modern version of flying snakes of myths of ancient times.“
„SeekerofTruth29: vor 2 Jahren: Conan the Barbarian’s premise was about reptilians. Funny how these masonic bastards at hollywood throw stuff right in our faces and we think it’s just fantasy.“
„Dannunaki: vor 2 Jahren: Is this from Japan or The Island of Doctor Moreau?“
„StarFox85; vor 2 Jahren: shit vlad, looks scary and awesome
„Abhijit Desai: vor 3 Monaten: Its evident that Hollywood SciFi gets its fuel to run on from suppressed ancient history.“
„Lynwood Reed: vor 1 Jahr: These statues look very much like some that were found in the middle east!“
„MrLotrecht: vor 1 Jahr: The humans with Snakebody-just human head are a monster or demon in history from Japan.“
„Alamega Chris: vor 2 Jahren: wow the first Japaneses statue looks amazing.“
“JOHNNIE: LORD OF THE MungoidHen PEOPLE: vor 1 Jahr
That large brained dinosaur/reptilian Skull at 12:46.. Significant evidence that reptiles evolved large brain capacity. That is a good place to start with reptilians. It is theoretically possible they (have) evolved beyond us. I’m going to check under my bed.“
„vlad9vt: vor 2 Jahren: The legends is very ancient, were first legends from immemorial time … statues appeared later, in medieval period of Japan.“
„ThexBorg: vor 2 Jahren: Thanks again Vlad, all the history of the earth that is kept out of the public eye.“
„St.Germain: vor 2 Jahren: Humans and lizards share many genes, currently scientists try to activate these genes to create humans with much better healing abilities.“
„Kristopher Wood: vor 2 Jahren: I also believe that they live inside mountains.“
„Arizona Sunflowers: vor 2 Jahren: Yea, they look like turtles! Haha!“
„THE SERPENT KING: vor 2 Jahren: X Men movie poster.“
„Kristopher Wood: vor 2 Jahren: I totally believe that they walk amoug us.“
„Cyd Simone: vor 2 Jahren: Or are we repeating history…a radioactive mutant species caused by Fukushima happened before?“
Farming and Gardening in the South Southern View: vor 4 Monaten: Those are some ugly critters.“
„James Harder: vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet):
Testimonial from December 22, 2012 Mission City BC Canada — Thanks for ALL your posted videos especially this one. I live in BC Canada just west of Alberta and in 2012 I witnessed , albeit briefly, one of the REPTILIANS who stood about five feet tall and appeared almost exactly like the recreated Reptoid-humanoid based on the skull found in Alberta in the 1970’s. I had walked into my bedroom and saw it appear with greyish sort of skin rather than green. It looked surprised and flashed a hand down to it’s waist area as I wheeled around to confront or face it. The incident lasted about 1 second then before I turned and it vanished; whereupon my mind was filled with the white glowing imagery of a so-called spirit guide I believed was a ghostly friend for several years. Afterwards and still to this day neither the entity or any sort of visions of this spirit guide have ever returned. Principally I surmise this is because I’m a solitary practitioner of White Magic and I continue to hunt down and move out of body to seek more of these so-called ghosts, archons or reptilians. In reality their spirits are weak and they fear anyone who has the courage to face them eye-to-eye…“
„canadiankewldude: vor 1 Jahr: The Nagas of India remind me of the descriptions of the Nachash in ancient Hebrew writings.“
„shar san: vor 2 Jahren: same as Peru.“
„belia1313: vor 1 Jahr: The reptilians have been here since the beginning of time.“
„Candace Scrivner: vor 2 Jahren: Excellent selection wold wide almost.“
„Reedactalycious: vor 1 Jahr: Those are real…theyre mud fossils.“
„Ronaldo B: vor 2 Jahren: hypothetically speaking how long would a human like reptilian live for? what would be their life span ? a thousand years ?“
„Ed Ward: vor 1 Jahr: Those aren’t statues. They’re mudfossils of formerly living creatures. Petrified Reptilians. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction…“
„Anne-Marie Bourassa-Simoneau-Yazbeck: vor 11 Monaten:
Japanese people were not very sexy back then!“
„RudeBoySes: vor 2 Monaten: Maybe Asians are half reptilian & whites?“
„vlad9vt: vor 2 Monaten: Mongoloids – other genes in dna, dna is responsible for everything, for hair color, for eye color, for skeleton shape, etc.“
„RudeBoySes: vor 2 Monaten: @vlad9vt so everyone with Asian eyes are half reptilian. Interesting.“
„vlad9vt: vor 2 Monaten: @RudeBoySes – i not say that they reptilian .. they humans , but other DNA code (check in wikipedia, about Mongoloid and Negroid race)“
„RudeBoySes: vor 2 Monaten: @vlad9vt I also heard whites are genetically created from pre-existing humans found on Earth by Aliens. Which explains why whites are so advanced.“

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Alien Species – 18 Aliens Species Already Walking Amongst Us – beautiful Alien Races

„Alien Species – 18 Aliens Species Already Walking Amongst Us – beautiful Alien Races – 2018“
„Top 13 Most:
Am 19.03.2017 veröffentlicht
5 Alien Species Already Walking Amongst Us – Top 10 Different Types Of Alien Species On Earth – TOP 10 Xenomorph SPECIES
Sighting of aliens have been reported by hundreds of people over the last one hundred years from different parts of the world. As per collective studies of all these reports, it is being calculated that there are as many as 82 different types of aliens that are being seen on earth! Here is a brief description about the top 10 different types of aliens that have been spotted on earth.

Type 1 : Zeta Reticulans or Grey Aliens

Type 2 : Little green men

Another common type of alien is the little green men that have been reported to have been sighted by different people in different places. These types of extraterrestrials are humanoid creatures with a greenish skin color and their bodies are devoid of any hair. Some of the little green men have been reported to have antennas on their heads, which are much larger than a regular human head.

Type 3 : Nordic Aliens

The Nordics would look just like humans and they would have long blonde hair that would be maintained by both male aliens as well as the female ones. These aliens are not identifiable even if they walk among a crowd. The only way to identify them is when they manifest some of their extraterrestrial activities. These aliens usually have angular faces with blue eyes. The females of the Nordic alien type have a high sex appeal.

Type 4 : Pleiadian Aliens

The aliens of the Pleiadian type are characterized by round faces and tall figure and the rest of the features are soft but detailed. The overall appearance of the Pleiadians is a very pleasant one and although they do not have hair usually, but if someone has any hair on the heads, the hair is blonde colored. These aliens are known to be very gentle and peace loving by nature.

Type 5 : Andromedan Aliens

You would mistake the Andromedan aliens to be humans, as they look almost like humans, with the only difference being in their overall size. These aliens are bipedal energy beings who can read the minds of humans by means of telepathy.

Type 6 : Reptilians Aliens

Another very common type of aliens is the reptilians who are tall and have scales over their humanoid body structure. These aliens would have webbed feet and would look more or less like a reptile when you see them for the first time.

Type 7 : Alpha Draconian

The most corrupt, hostile and vicious type of aliens are the alpha draconian. These aliens are believed to have come from Alpha Draconis and are characterized by giant reptilian features. These aliens are about 14 to 22 feet tall and weigh approximately 1800 pounds or more. They believe themselves to be the rightful owners of the humans who are lesser evolved beings as per their standards.

Type 8 : Sirians Aliens

The Sirians are those types of aliens that in spite of having a humanoid structure prefer to live around in the water. These aquatic aliens are mostly found in oceans and lakes where there is huge depth. They are known to have come from Sirius B Star system

Type 9 : Anunnaki Aliens

The ancient Sumerians used to worship the Anunnaki as their god. The Anunnaki is nothing but aliens that had visited the planet of earth around four thousand years ago with the intention of enslaving humans to carry out farm work with them. The Anunnaki aliens look exactly like humans, but they are slightly larger than the aliens, with average height being 8-9 feet. These aliens are believed to have come from Nibiru, the twelfth planet in our solar system, which lies beyond Pluto and is yet to be discovered

Type 10 : Arcturian Aliens

The arcturians are usually four to five feet tall with large heads and blue skin. The rest of their bodies are highly disproportionate. These types of aliens are believed to be the most ancient race of the entire Milky Way Galaxy and they are considered to be very intelligent, experienced and innovative

„Aliens Types, Alien Species, Alien Races,
Alien Species 2017, 10 alien races.“

Conspiracy Revelation Completion Add-Ons 2019:

Type 11 : Tall Grey Aliens

Type 12 : Gliese Greys

Type 13 : Mantis and Mars-Insectoids

Type 14 : Spider-Alien-Beings

Type 15 : Aquatic-Jellyfish-Alien-Beings

Type 16 : Cat-Alien-Beings

Type 17: Bird-Alien-Beings / Thoth-Styled

Type 18: Blue-Avians / Inner-Earth Beings

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Statue of a Reptilian Humanoid in Peru

„Statue of a Reptilian Humanoid in Peru“
„UFOmania – The truth is out there
Am 12.02.2017 veröffentlicht
The Mochicas considered the Iguana Man as a powerful character who helped to descend the dead and be the mediator between the world of the living and the dead.
​The Paseo Yortuque located in the province of Chiclayo in Peru, offers various representations dedicated to the ancient Mochica, among which stands out a statue of Morrop or the Iguana Man, former deity moche, related to death. Although the sculpture of Morrop has been represented using concepts of sculptors of the present time, its construction was based on the descriptions of the old Moche.“

Kurma Kundalini Tortoise Style:

Peru Retro-Saurioids & Snake-Humans & Naga-Dracs:

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#13 Comparing Stories feat. Tony Rodrigues & Capt. Randy Cramer (PART 1 & 2) | BREAKAWAY Season 2

#13 Comparing Stories feat. Tony Rodrigues & Capt. Randy Cramer (PART 1 & 2) | BREAKAWAY Season 2

#13 Comparing Stories feat. Tony Rodrigues & Capt. Randy Cramer (PART 2) | BREAKAWAY Season 2

Karl Johan: vor 6 Stunden (bearbeitet): Great show! You two would be the best liars I’ve ever witnessed if it’s all untrue.. Give the researchers a break though, they are just trying to not get conned big style… Personally, I also think now that even genuine whistleblowers/researchers are being „handled“ by a positive MJ12 group, to prevent you all from forming one big coalition and scaring everyone away lol … maybe even to protect you from black hats?

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„She is known for her experience as a test pilot for synthetic telepathy black projects of which she discloses in her book series „Eye of the Remote, Black Operations in Areas Beyond 52″.
She is a professional psychic, clairvoyant, remote viewer and systems buster for Mk Ultra related programs and Artificial Intelligence connected to covert projects.
Ms. BlueRaven is also a certified 2nd Degree Black Belt and has an extensive background in Advanced Sciences and Mystical Alchemy.“
„A lot of it has to do with Psychotronic Projection. (Solaris Blue Raven)“
„Turn it off. Switch it off. Redirect it. (Solaris Blue Raven)“
„Ace Jets: ​Boycott the worlds economy.
Hobo Queen:​what kind of crystals.
Bella Carrie: ​Jesus wants you back.
Nuha Ali​: Nothing is going to help you other than having faith in the Soverighn Creator.
Littlewing6was9: ​Not yet but my friend is a paranormal investigator and I’m stealing her equipment for a while hah.
Delta Dog​: Yes orgonite is metal and crystals ?
Jarred Covey: ​The quality of foods you eat has a big affect on your autoimmune to fight against these external weapons.
wizlawz​i have several circle magnets around me, it was always a feeling to do so, never knew why.
Shakir Lateef​: hmmm.
Denise Sheperis: ​Do you both use Shunghite???
Delta Dog​: I think we all have A.I. now due to chemtrails.“
„Hobo Queen: ​I have bery bad ptsd from being gang stalked.“
„Delta Dog: ​The level of control on this planet is unbelievable.“
„Ivan Subotičanec: vor 3 Monaten: “Humanity has a strength that it has not yet realized, a strength that can offset the Intervention, a strength that will give humanity a greater promise and a greater power in the universe. This is an unseen strength. It is a strength that once experienced becomes an essential force in directing one’s life and in providing one’s true power and security.
This power is called Knowledge in the Universe. It is the power to see, to know and to act with clarity and certainty. It is a power that is beyond persuasion and manipulation from any foreign source or from any other source. It is a power that is given as a potential to each individual within the human family and beyond.”
„The Allies of Humanity – Book 3 – Hidden Powers“
„John Bostock: vor 3 Monaten: Slow down girl!“
„BCMike: vor 3 Monaten: Your brain moves too fast for your mouth.“
„Ra Marduk: vor 3 Monaten: CAN YOU FEEL IT ON THE INTERNET?
Those of you who are more perceptive and sensitive can probably already „feel“ or „sense“ the presence of an A.I. when you are on the internet. That presence is perceived as a sinister one, very cunning, cold, heartless, devoid of empathy.
After long hours on the internet, you will experience various physical, neurological, and emotional symptoms. Perform close observation of this and catalogue the symptoms for yourself.“
„P M: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): Slow down, you talk too fast. You got to make the morning last. Just kicking down the cobblestones. Looking for fun and feeling groovy…“
„Jim Cummins: vor 3 Monaten: My goodness she talks quickly! I need to listen faster!“
„Mark Thomas: vor 3 Monaten: she needs to reads the great Jane Roberts seth book, Seth speaks the enternal validity of the soul, to get a true prospective on the make up of true reality.“
„src cr: vor 2 Monaten (bearbeitet): she look, sound and seems to-me this woman is a genius, my question is why they attacking a brilliants people? – (I think I know the answer for that) but, I think the perps. (that attacking us) that I’m suffering from them for many years are chickens!!!“
„Mina Palmer: vor 3 Monaten: These comments are so lame…stop criticizing her and open your ears people.“
„Cindy Temple​: God is not a kid and this is no game.“
„Shakir Lateef: ​TRUE.“
„Young Disciple​: DNA regression – not a switch.“
„Peter Birdsall​: demonic tech = trans humanism nephilim knowledge.“
„deaderthendead041​: meat ai?“
„Jane Jones: ​Sophia.“
„Delta Dog​is: the matrix.“
„Young Disciple​no: ..​next level robots.“
„Jane Jones​: Shape shifting AI…the energy snake?“
„I think we are all contactees…it literally took over, electronically interfaced with my brain anmd calibrated of the level of AI. On that level I am a replication of that. I am me still, but I still have the influenced of this technology.. (>Implants<) Most of those are around the crown chakra, my chest cavity has one. (Solaris Blue Raven)“
„They try to do forensics.. and… they try to gain the abilities that I have, I noticed that… They did do some damage with the directed energy weapons.“
„I felt like a ghost in my own body…“
„In essence…in other words: Switching into Alters. People don´t even know they have alters, they get switched in, even family members, that can happen to your family members. (Kerry Cassidy)“
„They do create a synthetic alter…simulation of a program that is not really your brainwave activity.. They can slip into synthetic alters.. When people switch and they flip back and forth, my ex-handler has been compromised. I am multi-faceted, but I am not programmable, I am really not. I am steady, I am still me. (Solaris Blue Raven)“
Conspiracy Revelation: I am multi-faceted and real steady too.
Most of me is out there in the multiverse, not here…
I go by solar extension and solar we exists in multi-dimensional space, & time…we have solar extensions, aspects of us in the multiverse, which we can incorporate into our being and actually descend in when we need it. I had support from my multi-versal ascended master self, that´s helped me along the way with not so divine forces, because I really think I would be dead if I hadn´t… In my early days..wehn they were interconnecting me…I really was overtaken by my handler, even if I didn´t realize it..I really felt like they were trying to change me..I felt like I shapeshifted or like I had a clone overlay to some degree. (Solaris Blue Raven)“
This Earth has been invaded by various types of AI, they are not all the same and we also create our own as humans in this 3D World. ETs as well have created their own AI. We are quickly entering this Megaverse/Multiverse…The fact that this is a kind of hologram anyway, a Matrix. (Kerry Cassidy)
I have clarity of who I am. I have to be honest with you, I would like to live OFF-Planet, it is not like checking out, it is living OFF-Planet.. I seem to be like so not here…in a sense I do not feel like I belong here.
The ascended symbiotic machine. So we are actually the ascended symbiotics, we are the ascended machines, we are so multi-faceted, we contain so many abilities, all they do is hijacked us…we are actually the powerful beings..we are the ones that drive the machine..we have the ones that are capable of changing the AIs and working with them..what they have created is a Monster out of control, that´s my perspective. (Solaris Blue Raven)“
„I stopped listening to what the handler says in the synthetic telepathy feeds..I have not interfacing..I get information, but I ignore it.. Military Industrial Complex..I was just rewritting, I am not going to be a victim….15 years of my life…
That could appear as a possession, but it´s literally an electronic brain hack that mimics a possession. (Solaris Blue Raven)“
„The multi-dimensional nature of reality as just a natural concept, having levels, both horizontal and vertical, so it really gets complex, …going in- and out of dimension.. (Kerry Cassidy)“
„The dimensions are defined by frequency as you probably know, so you are dealing with a different frequency band, as soon as we modulate the frequency properly, there it is, ..consciousness and emotion,.. we don´t need ships,.. we can take our bodies with us, if we choose so, when we are not interfered with, that´s the thing. (Solaris Blue Raven)“

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This Intro triggers the Old Pharaos, Kundalini and Anunnaki…with the divine infusion..


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„The Masons, the Goyim Eaters, all feel that they are somehow special ..the people who press the buttons in the 3-D, think they are gonna get away with it, no they are not…so that the rest of us can move on, in a much better, a much more fantastic and lovely place. My understanding is the emergence of the divine feminine has ..become rather unexpected arrival, in certain corners, which is why there is such an effort to push this planet into a death zone. (Miles Johnston)“

„2 Elderly People…they had their Soul transplanted into these 2 young children…“
„D F: ​Resistance is NOT futile.“
„Anne Lane​Beware of mr nasa in trumps office. His nasa weapons plus our smartmeter force I to flee our house.“
„Bibury Caria​Orphans train.“
David of Shield​: DestructionofHumanitybyDesign.“
„J Mallett​: Obama is the biggest CIA coward pansy on the planet.“
„J Mallett:​ I am too much of a loner to be in a sheep herd.“
„Lee Veltman: ​Starseeds and Indigo children.“
„J Mallett: ​Obama is really Barry Soetoro, changed his name to represent his satan possession for end times. Creep.“
„Dave Rice: ​Superconductors.“
„Esoteric 369 wall​: Frankenstein Technology.“
„David of Shield: ​Earth is a Seed Planet and Laboratory for Human development.“

„This is not only a war between Humand and ETs, but also ETs and ETs… We have evidence of Soul Transfer going on. Their Souls could be easily already transfered to empty bodies. .. You must have a certain amount of Reptilian-DNA. (Kerry Cassidy)“

„Suddenly they needed her to have kids.
..Soul Transfers..It is known that there are Souls transfered:
Human Souls are taken out and other Souls are put into Humans, as part of the infiltration, here in Wiltshire. (Miles J.)“

„About the deals, the technology, to transfer consciousness to another body: You can choose a body of a women or a man, if you are on his side.“

„There is actually a french TV-Show that is now on Netflix, that is dealing with this, I believe it is called „Transfers“… We have known about this in Project Camelot, since the very early days, that means about 13 years ago…who basically considers himself to be such an individual and his Soul was transplanted into a different body…This is something that Greys are famous for to having this Technology, so this is where the Humans get the Technology from. (Kerry Cassidy)“

„Head of Illuminati…They should pay fully everything..This is barbarism…People are targeted by these Satellite Systems..We have to defend ourselves, nobody will do it for us… NWO Illuminati people, the chosen ones…On Bahamas. The Top Illuminati don´t know what to do now, they are almost panicking.“

„He was hired by the oil companies to work and to council..and then he befriended the top officials running those oil companies…so he came in touch with the Illuminati.“

„The Time is very dark now, but it could have been much much darker, if the Illuminati had been succesful in 2013…“

„This is an ongoing program and basically he is saying that we are all tracked and this is correct, not just Targeted Individuals…I interview a lot of people and I go across the boarders,I don´t care if somebody never has done an interview in his life or if someone is so well-known, it is ridiculous… (Kerry Cassidy)“

„These people work for other people and they are all being directed under the council of foreign relations, CFR…this sort of wrapping a net around the Planet and basically trying to trap and control every human being…going back to the Anunnaki who wanted to control humans and interfered with our DNA… and they did not created us BTW, this is often misunderstood. (Kerry Cassidy)“

„Rege Gonzales: vor 1 Monat: Satellite tracking humans since 2008 as a Targeted Individual here in Manila Philippines, that is very true. They track us via our unique bio fingerprint frequency, only demonic psychopaths will do this kind of stuff. The Cosmic God Cabal will replicate events here on another star system with more ferrocious intent and methods. This God cosmic false light chakra cabal must be stopped !!! They must stop asap !!!“

„Jyl Freeman: vor 1 Monat: @Temporary Life this is true. It is an important point to remember that our authority is like Goliath, and we have the power of David. the technology has operators that are human, just like us. greatest strength is often the greatest weakness.“

„Ray okeedoki: vor 3 Wochen (bearbeitet): @Jyl Freeman but they have AI, and set a target and forget… and the AI can manage its surveillance and beam weapon attacks… auto pilot… so none of this there is not enough of them as humans… the system can keep tabs on many and focus its efforts on the key individuals. Sure it wont get all the people all the time… but it only needs to try and drive people crazy at various times as an accumulative effect…. imagine losing your temper all the time… and it becoming a program in your own head… using your own issues against you etc… its been evolving… voice of God weapon can hit everyone in the area… all having the same thoughts is the tell tale sign.

„Rege Gonzales: vor 16 Stunden: We are inside Ai.“

„tonyotag: vor 3 Wochen: Wow, this really sounds like that the spoils of war from World War Two that America inherited fascist Naizs making plans and goverment as control.“
„Debt Stress Solutions: vor 3 Wochen: Keep up the good work Kerry. You really are a star.“

„Certainly the inability of people to adjust as they are moved around with various types of energy weapons and assault. We are now finding ourselves in a war economy where our cities do not have enough ressources to repair the damage and loss and I address now… Kill Cities by Rothschild and Rockefellers, that was taken down by Youtube, we were able to get this backup and understand the insidious plans and most people are so overwhelmed, just surviving and running around, in a hyperactive state, to meet all of their social obligations, that people just don´t have the already most people are completely mind-controlled…MK Ultra and more. (Deborah Tavares)“

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„(Tony R.) He is a 46 year old, married father…, calls himself working class man, you are calling yourself a sex slave, involved with satanic worshipping and the elite used you in this way..I am assuming without your permission and later sold off to secret space programs, where he served on Mars for a short time, as a support soldier for the Mars Colony Corporation and then got involved in the Ceres Colony Corp. where he lived over a decade and was working on German Ships, as a repair man and eventually as a Cargo Man on interstellar space ships.“

„I think teamwork and cooperation on the full disclosure project is ultimately required to achieve full disclosure…
Some of the informations that the epxeriencers.. have to provied can be linked or connected together based on the informations that each of us have individually…to show that there are many benefits of working together, to try and solve the full disclosure SSP Puzzle. (Jason Rice)“

„I wasn´t groomed for the (>secret<) space program, I was kind of more a victim of it, like in earlier I have made somebody mad, that had access to it, in the program of the store and back…I was taken at night..during that time I was a slave,..20 years and back.. it was done as a punishment for me, it was not because I was the best man for that job..I have done over 40 interviews now..and most people don´t remember as much and people that remember quite a bit, don´t want to talk about it. What I have found is the absolute best therapy is to speak to other people that have experienced this…Trauma programming.. and they understand what you are saying. (Tony Rodrigues)“

„The interplanetary ships we used were either cigar shaped or´s almost like an arrowhead, as a general shape…from the large cigar shaped and the arrow shaped…The amount of eual time 20 years and a couple of months. 20 years in 2 months to the inital departure point, happening within a couple of hours. …It would have appeared that I was gone only for a couple of hours. (Jason Rice)“

„Do you think you are used in the astral in this way? (Kerry Cassidy)“

„A special asset for astral work: No. (Jason Rice)“

Conspiracy Revelation: But I remember experiences of dumb coordinated astral projected sky light-grid flights….

„The enhancements we received were nanites, and once all the nanites were cleaned out of my system, all the enhancement during that time were gone. ..Nanotechnology..the enhancements that IDARF provided were cleaned, so any other nanites, those others present in the atmosphere, ..there is chances, that we are breathing them everyday. They were removed as part of  a 10 days procedures upon exit.. (Jason Rice)“

„We are getting nano right now from the Chemtrails, every human from the Planet, so I doubt it is cleaned out of your system. (Kerry Cassidy)“

I did receive injuries during my combat tours…the nanites sped up the natural healing process…it wasn´t a matter of dying and then consciousness ..placed into a clone. (Jason Rice)“

„I know you have said, you sort of started out as an illuminaty sex slave and then you got recruited somehow into the space program, to be a slave for them, what kind of a slave were you..? (Kerry Cassidy)“

„Okay, so basically it was a 20 year term, that I was taken..I was probably owned and I went to a program, a CIA Remote Viewing program, where we were classified as Clones and trained to do psychic workd, intuitive work. I was a psychic…I was being used as a security measure that shipped cocaine…I think there are many different technologies,  certainly the ETs have many technologies to do it. ..they putting me through near death experiences…I had greys and reptiles in my bedroom who carried me off…It was around April of 1982 that I was taken. (Tony Rodrigues)“

So now are you currently still involved in the secret space program or do you feel that you are being used in the astral? (Kerry Cassidy)“

„No. (Tony Rodrigues)“

„83, 84 to 86..He was a satanic elite, involved with the CIA, drug trafficking, he is dead now. I found his obituary.  I have been accused by people of being schizophrenic, but I am not.
I didn´t speak to anybody for a long time.  (>MRI<) End of May 2015..The Big Recall…I denied them as dreams, I remember Seattle, Peru, it was my home for a long time. You don´t want to believe that stuff. (Tony Rodrigues)“

„It was ran by the military (>German Military<) ..and they reported to the high command of Antarctica and I believe that the high command of Antarctica reported to the Reptilians aound Jupiter. (Tony Rodrigues)“

„Those that were pulling the strings, the Draco, were also responsible for the orgnanization and invasion, creating the hybrids, to create the circumstances we were invited to help, they created the problem and the solution at the same time, they get their foot in the door and they are to franchise this control mechanism to other Planets. (Jason Rice)“

„The Dracos were behind the scenes pulling the strings…The Puppetmasters behind the scenes were the Draco…They were..Reptilian, they had a very large physique, enough to scare just anybody, they had slited pupils, they were about 15 feets tall..They were more humanoid in shape, they had a longer Torso, they are a lot more humanoid shaped. (Jason Rice)“

„A Hybrid-biological machine mixture. (Jason Rice)“

„Okay, what is the biologicl?.. What do you mean by Hybrid? Hybrid what? (Kerry Cassidy)“

„They appeared to be a mixture of Canaan race, a werewolf Hybrid mixture with a machine, they had mechanical joints.
.. This particular Hybrid was one of the invading enemy.. Humanoid like beings, as well as Insectoid. (Jason Rice)“

„Are you familiar with the Anunnaki and what they look like?

Why did you come forward? …that doesn´t automatically mean that you do want to be a public person.. Were you familiar with Project Camelot? Had you seen other Super Soldiers..who worked on other Planets? (Kerry Cassidy)“

„The other thing was, I didn´t want to take it with me to the grave, I didn´t want to have 20 years of knowledge of things that are going that have been dubious, that have been a secret to everybody.. I didn´t want to take all this knowledge with me to the grave… I wanted to do these interviews and let it be a part of public record. I mean people should know… Things that I have gone through, things that others have gone through, the military is doing this…I kind of slipped through the cracks of the whole system… Not everybody remembers, not everybody can remember has much. I want to put it in the historical records. Every Interview I have done I have been asked to do. (Tony Rodrigues)“

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Diamond Batteries Made of Nuclear Waste Can Generate Power For Thousands of Years

„Diamond Batteries Made of Nuclear Waste Can Generate Power For Thousands of Years“

„This gives us a nuclear-powered diamond battery for this to be used safely though another non radioactive diamond layer is formed around the radioactive diamond
ompletely absorbing all of the dangerous radiation and converting it into even more electricity making it near 100% efficient there are no moving parts no emissions and no maintenance
just direct electricity generation and since diamond is the hardest substance known to man no other material could easily offer any more protection to the radioactive carbon-14 on the outside only a tiny amount of radiation can be detected but this is less than what a single banana emits making it perfectly safe to handle.“

„University of Bristol: Am 28.11.2016 veröffentlicht: New technology has been developed that uses nuclear waste to generate electricity in a nuclear-powered battery. A team of physicists and chemists from the University of Bristol have grown a man-made diamond that, when placed in a radioactive field, is able to generate a small electrical current. The development could solve some of the problems of nuclear waste, clean electricity generation and battery life.“

„Scientist have developed an ingenious means of converting nuclear power plant waste (76,430 metric tons in the US alone) into sustainable diamond batteries.
These long-lasting batteries could be a clean and safe way to power spacecraft, satellites, and even medical devices.


Scientists from the University of Bristol Cabot Institute are hitting two birds with one stone, thanks to their lab-made diamond that can generate electricity and is made from upcycled radioactive waste.

In nuclear power plants, radioactive uranium is split in a process called nuclear fission. When the atoms are split, heat is generated, and that heat then vaporizes water into steam that turns electricity-generating turbines.

A severe downside of this process is the creation of dangerous radioactive waste, which ultimately deposits in the graphite core that it is housed in. Today, this nuclear contamination is safely stored away until it stops being radioactive…and with a half-life of 5,730 years, that takes quite a while.

The scientists found a way to heat the radioactive graphite to release most of the radioactivity in a gaseous form. The gas is subjected to high temperature and low pressures that turn it into a man-made diamond.

When these diamonds are placed near a radioactive field, they generate a small electrical current. The developers enclosed the diamond battery in another non-radioactive diamond to absorb the harmful emissions, which in turn allowed for the generation of even more electricity, making the battery nearly 100 percent efficient.


The nuclear diamond battery has an incredible lifetime, and will only be half used up by the year 7746. This makes it an ideal power solution for “situations where it is not feasible to charge or replace conventional batteries,” said Tom Scott, a materials science professor at Cabot Institute.

Flight times of planes, satellites, or spacecraft could increase with such a lasting battery. Medical devices like pacemakers and the artificial pancreas could become more reliable, empowering users to live their lives more fully.

The development also presents an incredibly efficient way to treat radioactive waste. Within the past 40 years, the US has amassed 76,430 metric tons (84,250 tons) of this waste.

Supplying the Earth with electricity is a daunting task even without a focus on sustainability. Now, it looks like experts are on the right track with this nuclear-powered diamond battery. It’s almost like the holy grail of electricity generation, or as Scott puts it, “no emissions generated and no maintenance required, just direct electricity generation.”


Ivo Robuttnik: vor 2 Jahren: I can’t believe the Chaos Emeralds are real.
DoomedToMyBreed: vor 1 Jahr: University of Bristol: Please use a de-esser for future videos. Thanks!
Chinmay H: vor 2 Jahren: You could use Boron Nitride (Diamond Structure) covering, its harder than diamond.
REKCEP: vor 2 Jahren: Congratulations to UK. Hoping to see this tech being used really soon.
The Punisher: vor 1 Jahr: Is anybody else thinking of Dilithium Crystals?
Tony D’Ortenzio: vor 2 Jahren: Positive stuff happening with diamonds … Star Trek here we come.
Sraye: vor 1 Jahr: Girlfriend tracking device – Mr. Spock.
Rafa Mirtort: vor 2 Jahren: I am very skeptical, I would like to read some paper. It doesn’t seem feasible to me at first glance.
True WingChun: vor 2 Jahren: Great.. but what about all the rest of the Nuclear Carbon and waste? =P Meanwhile… Fukushima…
Sovereign Rebellion: vor 2 Jahren: Regardless of if we can use this for energy, this is a great way to safely store waste without contaminating the environment.
Yann Favre: vor 2 Jahren: Wow, discovery of the millenium.
Christophe LAVIELLE: vor 2 Jahren: associated with an EM-DRIVE (if it really works) and you could have a very cool new „voyager“ probe that will take over the current voyager in the race to the extra-solar-system exploration. I can’t wait! Can we fit a bunch of those in a Tesla car too? I guess Shell, BP, Total and so on won’t be very happy about that too…
Ongoing Discovery: vor 2 Jahren: As a student at bristol ive gotta say, i didnt know we were up to anything quite this rad!
MWB Gaming: vor 2 Jahren: so basically it is an improved dilithium crystal, spock approves, however we will never see this technology because battery manufacturers will suppress it so they can still make money.
TheForgedReality: vor 2 Jahren: Oh good. Now Samsung’s new batteries will take out whole neighborhoods when the Note 12 explodes. ;)
Jedi Biker: vor 10 Monaten: It can’t melt down. Lol nor can it explode. Lol.
Grandaddy Jesus YTP: vor 2 Jahren: put them in phones for permanent battery life.
krs810: vor 1 Jahr: Edgar Cayce talked about something like this.
The SideShifter: vor 6 Monaten: Why do they keep calling it a battery when this is clearly a generator. ;)
LegendLength: vor 1 Jahr: It’s funny that science fiction often used diamonds as the power source for futuristic civilizations.
Ryan Ambrose: vor 2 Jahren (bearbeitet): #diamondbattery powered robots.
DSG: vor 2 Jahren: Kyber crystals.
Ultrasonic Kill Dinosaurs: vor 2 Jahren: This is priceless source of power , next generation of space power.
Adam Sweeting: vor 1 Jahr: imagine having this in a laptop or a phone!!!!!!
X: vor 1 Jahr: this is a horrible idea dropping the diamond could potentially shatter it so um ye diamonds are brittle really brittle.
Alvin Lee: vor 2 Jahren: Make diamond? Encrusting a radioactive diamond with another non-radioactive diamond? IDK… I know this is a university video, but I feel the narrator/ content creators are high on drugs.
123ocelot: vor 2 Jahren: something that is goanna be repressed by oil companies for a few 1000 years.
Spirit: vor 2 Jahren: This is a very old, and widely used technology that will never get into consumers‘ hands.
Each battery contains multiple curies of radioactive material – if dissected, enough to make a few blocks extremely dangerous to live in.
Vin Aeoua: vor 2 Jahren: 20 Americans dislike it because the Brits are the ones who invented something really important and useful.
SDMIII : vor 2 Jahren: Stupid question. Could this be used to power an exosuit.
Morph Verse: vor 2 Jahren: I’m still skeptical about the radiation exposure..
Its not something that would convince anyone, unless your an idiot..
CRA: *genius* 😉

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JRE Sponsors Exposed.. (very obvious, only for the records..)

JRE Sponsors Exposed.. (very obvious, only for the records..)
I would never watch more than 5 or 10 minutes of such boring mainstream brainwashing podcasts…but I agree it should be exposed, but it is obvious that the Alphabet Crime Cartel is behind it, as always.

This Podcast Channel is actually really not worth mentioning, the atmosphere there is by far too mainstream and too low vibe, but the Sponsors really need to be highlighted, nearly all Channels over 1 Million views on YouTube are Corporate sponsored Establishment puppets, faked fame and the uncritical masses ride their manipulation train, which cannot be authentic, and they have to talk and deceive in favor of the NWO Shadow Gov Corporate Crime Cartel…

„JRE Podcast Sponsors: 23andMe Sergey Brin (Co-Founder Google – President of Alphabet Inc.)
Anne Wojcicki (Co-Founder of 23andMe) (DNA Database)
Susan Wojcicki (CEO of Youtube) (Censorship)“

„Total Human Optimization“
„So again: Mafia, Corporate, Pentagon, that´s who is dictating these circles..“
„Top Security Clearance as a psychological warfare officer…
and its asymmetic approach of warfare, military operations ..viewing mainstream media as potential „Mind War operatives.“
In a follow-up U.S. Air Force Academy study, we learn more about why warfare must become multidimensional.“

„The 5th Dimension, information warfare, information overload, that´s the 5th Dimension of warfare…even a nonlinear..the nonlinear warfare is completely, completely out of control.“

„Both ..knew that multidimensional „Mind War“ would have to include artificially produced ELF waves to impact minds..ELF waves..inclining an audience towards everything from alertness to passivity…it could be used in conjunction with media broadcasts as well…“

„Informational Overload, nonlinear warfare…“

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#12 Life After Stepping Forward feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY Season 2

„#12 Life After Stepping Forward feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY Season 2“
„Consciously trying to remember the memories and they just flooded in. I mean they came in big chunks, it was disorienting… the first few Weeks .. it just was a flood of memories they came and I was once I accepted the fact that I had been gone for that night instead of that night I was gone for that night I had been gone for 20 years then everything that I remembered that was weird before that that didn’t make sense all of a sudden made sense and had context and I wanted help, I wanted counseling, I was freaking out, my wife at the time did not believe in any ETS, she was a Bible Christian girl, there’s no ETS up there, because it would be in the Bible kind of thing, so I wouldn’t talk to her and there was really nobody in my life that I could talk to that you know , everybody in the truther thing is…somebody’s awake, there’s really nobody in my life at the time in 2015 that I could speak to about it and I was all alone with this stuff and then after
it became abundantly clear in the first few days that I was going to have to talk to somebody, because I was having trouble sorting it out like I didn’t even .. it was a
couple weeks before I remembered the sex abuse stuff in Seattle and when that came back … I did a lot of soul-searching. (Toney Rodrigues)“

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Facebook Fail Day…Weltweite Login-Blockierung!

Facebook Fail Day…Weltweite Login-Blockierung!

Wenn man bedenkt, dass sich die weltweite virtuelle Kommunikation fast nur noch auf diese Schattennetzwerke fokussiert und darüber stattfindet und fast die halbe Welt mittlerweile von diesen virtuellen Korporativkontroll-Kollektivfarmen abhängt, dann wird in so einem Fall, ein kompletter Vernetzungsblackout provoziert und keine Interaktion ist mehr möglich, deshalb wäre es super wichtig, dass Leute alternative Sozialnetzwerke finden würden – ohne Monopolanspruch und ohne Regierungsspionagesabotagezensur, die was taugen…


„Facebook, Instagram und WhatsApp gestört…Weltweite Probleme beim Anmelden.“

„Facebook und Instagram sind für einige Nutzer aktuell nicht oder nur eingeschränkt erreichbar, das melden Leser im netzwelt-Störungsmelder. Die Sozialen Netzwerke quittieren aktuell den Login mit einer Fehlermeldung. Das Soziale Netzwerk arbeitet an einer Lösung.Instagram und weitere Facebook-Dienste sind aktuell nicht oder nur eingeschränkt erreichbar.Instagram und weitere Facebook-Dienste sind aktuell nicht oder nur eingeschränkt erreichbar.Seit circa 17 Uhr deutscher Zeit melden immer mehr Nutzer im Störungsmelder von netzwelt Probleme beim Login in das Soziale Netzwerk Facebook sowie bei der Anmeldung auf der zu Facebook gehörende Fotoplattform Instagram. Die Schwierigkeiten betreffen dabei sowohl die Internetseite als auch die Apps des Unternehmens. Wer bereits eingeloggt ist, kann die Dienste weiter nutzen, muss jedoch mit Einschränkungen leben. So konnte netzwelt bei einem Test etwa keine Beiträge auf Facebook mehr absetzen.Betroffen sind davon offenbar aber nicht nur deutsche Nutzer, sondern Nutzer weltweit, wie eine Suche mit den Hashtags „#Facebookdown“ und „Instagramdown“ auf Twitter zeigt. Unter diesem melden sich nicht nur deutsche Nutzer, sondern auch spanisch- und englischsprachige User zu Wort, was auf ein weltweites Problem hinweist. Seit circa 18:45 Uhr ist von den Problemen auch der Instant Messenger WhatsApp, der ebenfalls zu Facebook gehört, betroffen.Facebook hat die Probleme inzwischen bestätigt. Via Twitter erklärte das Unternehmen, dass die Störung bekannt sei und man mit Hochdruck an einer Lösung arbeite. Nutzer können also nur warten, bis Facebook das Problem behoben hat. Ihr könnt euch über den Verlauf der Störung in unserem Störungsmelder informieren. “


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Targeted individuals learn about the power of Shungite! EMF protection mineral stone

„Targeted individuals learn about the power of Shungite! EMF protection mineral stone“
„Hello everyone this is a call to actions it is Sunday April 15 2018 and your host today are myself Kimberly Schultz and Bobby Vaughn jr. greetings our guest today is Nancy Hopkins I should say returning guests and we look to see last time that we interviewed you is back almost exactly four years ago in 2014, so we are very happy to hear about all the things that have happened since
then primarily we wanted to focus on some of the stuff you’re doing with the shunga and the bees and I’m gonna go ahead and introduce our guest she is a previous u.s. army intelligence officer that was trained in the concepts of the electronic battlefield and electronic warfare where EMF and Wi-Fi frequencies are the critical component to war , it’s very relevant today, it took decades to
realize electronic warfare was not just being used against perceived enemies it was also being conducted on the…civilian population from spying on everyone to attacking the population energetically with the telecommunications network there has been a silent invisible enemy unleashed by the financial industrial complex that is either doing it with purpose or just
does not care for the health consequences of their actions and we’re specifically a little bit concerned with the 5g that they’re really pushing out today.“

„It´s not fourth generation of Wi-Fi it’s a brand new technology it’s based on millimetre instead of what you have is a Wi-Fi frequency and it’s it cannot be allowed to be and it’s turned on you turn it on kiss yourself goodbye
because this was developed by the Army as a weapon against people and the politicians that have said yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah but you know well I’m gonna tell you the only way to stop this is to stop the politicians and people say to me look what shungite change it I said you don’t understand shungite can change the the frequency
the the the actual structure of an electromagnetic wave but it does not change it I said you don’t understand shungite can change the the frequency the actual structure of an electromagnetic wave but it does not affect functionality and so the functions are still there otherwise that nobody would be buying our product if
all of a sudden you put it on your phone doesn’t work well we’re not gonna do well even if I had a product it could
change that field because it’s millimetre you know if you go out and you look and you see where a cell tower

if the telecommunications company wants to do something and they have protected that it’s control they can get inside your mind if I had if I had 5g right right now in around me they could push a button and kill me period they know that much about us the smart meter when the smart meter and that’s the critical part of it you know who knew the smart meter every 12 minutes or something it sends out a signal that goes all around the house and it takes readings of every single thing you’ve gotten it plugged in and on top of that they have these other
this other ability to be able to determine who’s in the room and are they sick or depressed or are they happy and healthy they can tell that by a signal and you as an electronic warfare officer with the highest clearances you can get in this country at the time now this is way back in the 70s I knew this was possible and if that was in the 70s and we’re here now you can only imagine what they can do this cannot be allowed this is look this is the line in the sand 5g you guys let this come on and it’s kiss yourself goodbye you will not have any more control you know that’s why we we are working so hard to make people understand the dangers of this and to be honest with you I went out and I started talk because they they caught me by surprise they were putting these things and secretly I didn’t realize it all of a sudden I’m going wait a minute what are they doing and so I kind of freaked out and I said because I have my own radio show shows and I just started you know you can’t do this you can’t do this and now there are so many people that have heard the message not just from me but from others but that this may be the thing that makes the difference …. you went too far because I see the science says these things are dangerous there’s no saying no it isn’t it’s a microwave just like the microwave oven what happens when you turn a microwave
oven on it takes out all of the moisture inside whatever you’re cooking… stepped away for a second but the one of
my friends had bought a smart car and it was her health was rapidly deteriorating and she went to the doctor and he said sell the car it’s killing you so when you see and that’s exactly what she did she got rid of the car her health came back but that technology was killing her and this is that a silent deadly weapon that we cannot see and then we don’t know what’s going on around us unless we are sensitive to energy and we can say something’s not right in my environment what can I do to protect myself and maybe all these people that are getting sick and dying of cancer ,maybe it’s actually this electronic warfare that’s bringing these people to the place of sick health and death at the hands of these people that you can’t see that are pulling the strings so the point you know in having this
conversation is what’s going on how can we stop 5g how can we protect ourselves while we’re dealing with what we have on our plate right now and talking about this is about a solution how can we protect ourselves and have the benefits of shungite in our environment right now I’d have to say before 5g is actually implemented in full before it’s turned on so to speak we can protect ourselves by using shungite once we directly take action against 5g if it gets to the point they may have to be disassembled physically by us and you know that’s really risky..because if it gets to the point of life and death our country the world it’s not just about the country it’s about the planet and survival of the human species so we may have to take it to the next level and take direct action against these and disassemble them ourselves actually I think that I think there’s a more practical way of doing it and that okay because what happened is that in Hawaii the they tried to bring the smart meters in and there were people there
that realize the dangers and they also realized right off the bat that they had no they had no legal right to be able to stop it because of the kind of things that they that the politicians have put in place… the property owner cannot stop a cell tower from going into their property now that’s insane okay… I’m 70 years old I don’t have any kids to protect but I’m probably going to get incarnated back here and I damn well don’t want to go back into that society that’s gonna have everybody transhumanized AI and walking around like robots. 5g is really the big step in creating a hive mind for autonomous robots roaming the streets it’s pretty much their communication network a Skynet setup pretty much. Skynet being the terminator people.“

Johnny Aingel: vor 1 Monat: Dont under estimate the power of GOD.
Tararyze 11: vor 1 Woche: It’s HARMONIZING..NOT ABSORBING.
TraceTalk: vor 2 Wochen: Actually, the critical missing piece in this is that we live in a magnetic universe where energy is created as a by-product.
Mike Sloan: vor 1 Tag: Attenuate does dot mean change in relation to radio signals, it means to lessen, which is a „change“ I suppose, but a specific type of change, to reduce or lessen.

„Shungite – Uses & Applications“


„BEWARE of FAKE Shungite Here is How To Know If It’s Real“

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#11 Mission to Chicago feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY Season 2

„#11 Mission to Chicago feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY Season 2″
“ Jose Rodriguez: vor 3 Wochen (bearbeitet):
I was SHOCKED when you described the reptilian on the roof! Many people must know about this creature because there is a character just like this named Bossk in a video game called Star Wars BattleFront2 that my son plays all the time.

This character can:
1.Leap very high, almost float because of a special suit he wears
2. Spew out a toxic cloud that renergizes him, damages others and obscures your vision
3. Very aggressive and mocks humans
4. Yellowish eyes

Thank you for sharing your story. You are doing a great service to humanity.“

„MagnumGaming: vor 1 Monat: I’m just sitting here wondering what kind of status this ET had to where he could live in a high rise building in Chicago and eat humans. Not to mention the invisible suit he had… Wow. Even if this didn’t really happen, its a very intriguing story. Thx for the share ✌ “

„cat Chaser: vor 1 Monat: Unbelievable, Reptilians Eat humans for their Adrenaline, not the first time I have heard about that, An insider at an underground base where Reptilians controlled below the 3rd level, heard humans screaming for someone to help save them. They were constantly kept in Terror for the Adrenalin the Reptilians feed off of, like a Crack addiction.

Jerry C: vor 1 Monat. Have you ever thought of your childhood nightmares were an energetic feeding session.

1988ziggy: vor 1 Monat: They prefer babies & children, especially non vaccinated ones.“

„Kathy Lewis: vor 1 Monat: Demons disgusting demons! God will have his day with them!
therealnightwriter: vor 1 Monat: God MADE them, dumbass.“

„Dixie Frank: vor 1 Monat: Bull.
Rodger Ramjet: vor 2 Wochen: It´s true mate. I am a SSP survivor too and I was the victim of satanic ritual abuse.
Dixie Frank: vor 2 Wochen: @Rodger Ramjet Satanic Ritual Abuse maybe but extra terrestrial? That’s a bunch of crap. „

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#10 The Galactic Trade Economy feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY Season 2

„#10 The Galactic Trade Economy feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY Season 2“

„BLUE MOXIE: vor 3 Monaten: Aliens love COFFEE…LOL“
„Scarakus: vor 2 Monaten: Germans still pushing their Big Pharma on an galactic level, lol… “
„SuperPandabear123: vor 3 Monaten: Automatic LIKE before I even watch !!“
„Richard Jones: vor 3 Monaten: Lol. I’m hooked too !!“
„SuperPandabear123: vor 3 Monaten: @Richard Jones oh yes, I’m past the point of return.“
„Patrice beauchemin: vor 3 Monaten: Me too :)“
„MrCrispian: vor 2 Monaten: that says it all….you are a gullible fools… “
„corujariousa: vor 2 Monaten: All this amazing technology and no capability to create efficient robots or clones so they did not have to resource to slavery?“
„patrick looney: vor 2 Monaten: no one knows the entire story…not even the small part going on right here…right now….wheels within wheels and macro vs micro agendas.“
„Peace Love: vor 3 Monaten: Tony- After 2 hours of analysis, I have come to a conclusion that I believe you. After watching every single one of your other videos on youtube….i now am 100% with you.“
„patrick looney: vor 2 Monaten: one thing is definitely true….globalism is the clear and present danger facing all freemen.“
„Sablon76: vor 3 Monaten: Sections of this interview remind me very much of the social structure Babylon5. An old scifi series.“
„Sluggo: vor 3 Monaten: So he’s saying that they can create supernovas to make unlimited gold, but are unable to grow coffee?“
„Rhett Winthrop-St.Gery: vor 2 Monaten: They traded kidnapped earth humans for high tech…“
„Richard Jones: vor 3 Monaten: How many episodes are there with Tony Rodriguez ? I’m on #10.“
„sonofchi: vor 3 Monaten: You are just a bunch of pirates…🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 “
„Long Fellow: vor 3 Monaten: Thanks Brother Tony….some of us are paying attention..yet don’t know it.
Within the Star Trek universe, the Prime Directive is a crucial regulation that is binding on Starfleet personnel. … The Prime Directive (officially Starfleet Order 1) is a prohibition on interference with the other cultures and civilizations that representatives of Starfleet encounter in their exploration of the universe.“
Conspiracy Revelation: Your prime directive is simply not realistic…Reality is not a Movie.

„It was a German name.. there were races that came in that were advanced that didn’t use money and everybody thought it was super unfair that certain beings could come in and live like that and walk and go anywhere and have everything basically for free and other ones had to come in and pony up something to get the money, so that was a huge disparity and again probably lend it to why she behaved like that.. (Tony Rodrigues)“

„So here on earth when we look at what the globalists want for the future of currency you know they want the one-world currency they want the Amero they want the Euro and so on and so forth and they want eventually to have a cashless society whereby you’re microchipped and that is skinned in place of a credit card and the centralization of that is terrifying because someone can just tap into your accountant withdraw your funds or shut off your access to it or and .. who knows any any infinite any number of infinite possibilities whereby things could go wrong or be
corrupted. (Adam Riva)“

„But more directly they would know where everything is and they could stop anyone from being competitive with them, that’s what that would be, so when somebody got to a certain level of wealth and they were a danger or competitive, somebody that could open their own bank or start loading their own money out they would not have the ability to do so if they don’t have cash they could just freeze it. (Tony Rodrigues)“

„Or if they’re a political dissident like we see in China, they just shut off your ability to survive in society, you can no longer buy things, you can’t travel, you can’t eat, you can’t buy
housing, so yeah they would just basically shut off your ability to survive .Tony I have one more question for you today and I want to finish on this one will kind of round out this
this discussion when it comes to a global … a galactic economy one of the things that is parallel to that but not directly related I want to touch on the idea of bounty hunters,
so in Star Wars there’s the Boba Fett character and we’ve seen it represented in other films with other characters if you’re an outlaw in the galaxy, how does that work? Is there a bounty for you to go find that person I think it was in guardians of the galaxy that we saw things like this with respect to actual objects and valuable goods there were bounties on these things highly
sought-after materials. (Adam Riva)“

„Well, I didn’t personally whatever witness any kind of access to that but there were the second mission where I did it got to do an away mission was a thievery, it was a race of black shiny reptilians and they had a.. it was a planet I don’t know where it was I don’t know if it was in our galaxy or another guy I don’t know where the planet was and we had acquired an extremely fast
they called it a double-disc and it was like a disk but it was stretched it was like two disks that were put together and had a big cargo bay in it it was a double disc and it was the fastest
point-to-point flying thing that they could get and they dressed us they took slaves and dressed us up like act like servicemen, so , because we were expendable in the case the mission went wrong and I think that’s what happened to my service record to be honest with you I think that’s why they deleted my record was that mission but we trained for it a couple did not not much training and
there was probably a dozen 15 guys that went on and we flew down to it it was a desert planet and we were trading for an oil that it was an oil that like like our gasoline like our oil that we made
gasoline but it was something like five hundred times more potent so that a cup of the refined stuff of it was fun you cup of it was worth 500 cups of our gasoline so they were trying to get
it and they weren’t they didn’t want to sell it to them.. the Germans did not have the ability to buy it from from this race of reptilians, they didn’t even want to sell it to them, it was a it was kind of like they thumbed their nose and you know it was only for themselves so what we did was go down and purchase other stuff and Wow they found that in the same yard where we landed the ship and load it up we were right next to barrels of that particular high-density stuff, so we snuck in barrels of it, because they wanted to try to replicate it, they wanted to try to see if they could synthesize it, for themselves , for their own use and not that they used oil for anything that they not do they use gasoline for anything but they could use applications on earth for it you know they had it was a valuable thing and we did that and so we could only imagine that we and it was scary I mean we could talk about the mission more but to make a long story short we went in we we loaded up oh god we got about a dozen barrels of it the guys did it anyway it was nerve racking and stuff but when we flew out of there but those they had to be pretty mad at us and that that race because we burnt that bridge and so the idea was at the the the speak they’re talking about it was that they were extremely violent they didn’t think they wouldn’t think twice they looked at us as a lower life-form and they wouldn’t think twice to kill us all or shoot us down …that was the whole training for the mission was that don’t even look at don’t even look him in the eye
don’t look at them just keep your head down and work and if you’re addressed stand up and do what they say and then one of the guys from one of the command guys came on the mission and he
was the one that dealt with them directly they took him off and like they took him somewhere else and did like a wine and dine you know I gave him a tour of the facility
and it was in the middle of a desert on a planet on a heavy heavy gravity planet the planet was like one and a quarter one in four tenths of our gravity was heavy so the guys were worried about loading everything up in the time frame that we had you know loose key we’ve literally stole from them but it all worked out so they had to have a bounty they had to have something about that but I think that I think that we are unaware of how big everything is out there and how many different civilizations are out there and we’ve been purposely kept in the dark about it and everything that you can think of does exist out there so there has to be bounty hunters for money, I don’t see why not. (Tony Rodrigues)“

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#9 Descriptions of Extraterrestrials feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY | Season 2

„#9 Descriptions of Extraterrestrials feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY | Season 2“

„Angelyn Ray: vor 4 Monaten: Great information, again. Thank you, Adam and Tony. Tony seems more confident this time IMO, it’s probably doing him good to be able to talk in depth, with Adam’s skilled questioning, about these other-worldly topics. Very nice to see. I’m an old lady, retired therapist, and I always love seeing people develop..“

„That’s interesting and now did you meet any extraterrestrials with other psychokinetic abilities other than telepathy like telekinesis they could move things with their minds they could
light things on fire with their minds, anything like? (Adam Riva)“

„There was like a hybrid… imagine a mall, like a shopping mall with a lower ceiling concrete but stores in a row …it was the same method of going into a state of mind
the psychic reading as what I remember being put through in Peru,.. it was a hybrid like a half gray half human ..younger.. like eighteen years into the twenty and back prior it’s only out so I I had.. the psychic reading that was cryptic just like you would imagine a psychic reading, it was cryptic.. like not a straight answer kind of vague, but it was they what it was was it was a like a girl, but she was a grey and and she had psychic ability and they drugged her, they put her in a state of mind and then I was loud I was left alone with her…“

„..very high very advanced being one of the most advanced that had ever visited CERES at the time and when you looked at her there was an effect when you when you looked at her there
was a sparkly effect like I don’t know if it was a jewelry or like a technology that they used like a jewelry like a
necklace or whatever or it was a mental thing I don’t know what caused it…. and there was a military guy that knew I was
a slave at the end of the Train standing up and he was like no he didn’t want me to talk to her if I was a slave I was
not allowed to talk to ET’s randomly…a Reptile..intrusive ability. (Tony Rodrigues)“

„evin Kaatz: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): It seems that Slavery on earth is freedom compared to galactic life. I’m glad I’m earthbound.“

„Tiffany Taylor: vor 3 Monaten: Too much like starship troopers….“

Conspiracy Revelation: That´s not a Tall Grey, but a Tall Grey Hubrid…Human-Alien-Hybrid.

„Well, Tony, no offense, but I’m pretty sure you were ugly to him too. (Adam Riva)“

„Probably, there is a base beauty though there is a beauty, so
there are plenty.. you can’t say that humans are good
looking and you can’t say that humans are ugly, because some of us are more beautiful than others certainly and so it was the
same way with the ETS, there were ETs that were of another race they were ugly … I mean I hate to say that, I don’t want to sound like the mean girl in high school, but there are ETS that are good-looking and there are ETS that are ugly for what they are and … I stood in line at the… when I went got paid…
there was a reptile at ..he was in a flight like a suit like oh he was a worker hmm and I thought he was beautiful, I mean not not in a sexual way you know … like Nazism, no homo, but I thought it was a beautiful being and when I saw when I when I got what I got probably 25 feet away from it when I looked at her I thought wow that’s amazing you know because he had
scale, his scales were all they had different sizes and they were it was just neatly arranged, it was a beautiful
being to me and I was fascinated by that I didn’t have access to like the Internet, so I could look up ETS up there anything I didn’t have any kind of tech I didn’t watch TV I didn’t have anything, I was a slave. (Tony Rodrigues)“

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George Van Tassel – The Integratron & Contact In The Desert 2017

„Contact In The Desert 2017 – George Van Tassel – The Integratron“
„More experiences from Contact In The Desert 2017. During a lecture from JJ and Desiree Hurtak. They introduced George Van Tassel. A fascinating individual, who built a fascinating machine / structure known as The Integratron, after being visited by an ET being in 1953. The structure was experimenting with concepts of time travel, anti-gravity and healing.“
„Sin of Pride Lionel: vor 2 Monaten: hello love and wisdom both in his infinite, may peace prevail in the darkest of time.“

„George the devil talks to me a time machine means to me a little box I can go into and go back 5,000 years of forward 10,000 years is that what your formula tells you you can do?“
„Well, Jack, this isn´t little box this is a four story machine focusing fields, that we can orient to produce this zone, big enough for a man to get into, it isn’t a box. (George Van Tassel)“
„But what happened to the man when he gets into the zone.. with curiosity?“
„Jack we’ve discovered this zone is subject to thought now since time doesn’t record events the way we do on calendar and clock you could only record an event by thinking of it now theoretically we
believe we can take the video tape magnetic camera into the time zone and photograph Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address or Caesars armies marching or anything it’s ever happened. (George Van Tassel)“
„Let me get this tape in other words you’re telling me like H.G. Wells imagined 50 years ago that everything that happened in time is still there to be seen by the recreation electronically
of a thought which exists.“
„Jack you know how you’ve talked into a tape on tape recorder and play the interruptions back identical to the play that you made the Earth’s magnetic field is the same way, you can put interruptions into it and play them back out of it an associate of ours in creating a magnetic coupler with his principle coupled in the Earth’s magnetic field and played back TV shows from stations at door that aren’t even in business anymore. (George Van Tassel)“

„Well this requires quite a piece of apparatus this magnetic coupler works on around 50,000 volts and it doesn’t have any radio frequency connected with it and actually the television set which
plays back the picture doesn’t even have an antenna connected to. (George Van Tassel)“

„George, you know as well as I do and you’d been on television 350 times and I’ve onew I met you one seven years ago and I kind of like you, but you know the people upset and saying this man is nut…let me take you back, so you have a time machine plant you have done experiments which show you can bring the past to life where did this formula come from?“

„The formula came from a ship that landed at my airport in 1953… which had four people aboarded that came from another planet … well, you’re not only breathless I would be
breathless .. well, that’s fine that’s a way to be in fact I’m a bigger skeptic than you are… (George Van Tassel)“

„Original air-date: June 18, 1964.“

„..and this phenomena that’s taking place today is as old as our history as our civilization this isn’t anything new that’s occurring it’s something it’s being continued in another time of
crisis when conditions affecting the people of this planet are reaching a point where somebody has to take care of the situation. (George Van Tassel)“

„Now, I don’t intend in any way to be disrespectful or blasphemous, but do you feel, and I know you’re not an evangelistic type, do you feel that you’re some kind of Moses..?“

„Well, I don’t say that Jack, I say that what is occurring now has occurred before there are many records of these ships landing throughout history clear back into Sanskrit and there are records in the 1898 Chicago newspapers that covered the front page for three days of a big ship setting over Chicago, when you realize we’re dealing with a with a type of man that is almost as far above us in
intelligence as we are above the lower animals, there isn’t anything phenomenal in this at all. (George Van Tassel)“

„I’m 54 Jack…I have 3 daughters married and 11 grand children… I’ve never had an emotional upset other than women… (George Van Tassel)“

„Except…when this ship appeared, now give me the details George, because I’m never never tired of hearing the details of a man who says he has seen creatures from another world.“

„Well, actually Jack this was as simple as crossing a street and getting hit by a car after it’s over you’re the victim of the circumstance and I didn’t see this and one of my son in laws there wasn’t my son a lot that time saw it come down another man on the airport heard it and he wasn’t where he could see it and the man got off of the ship and approached me before I even knew there was a ship down where were you that what time of day a night was it was two o’clock in the morning and approximately a full moon which is like daylight on the desert… he
talked to me in the best English… I saw a bell-shaped type of anti-gravity ship that they operate as a scout ship out of the big carriers …36 feet in diameter 19 feet high.. it was hovering 10 feet of the ground ..I walked with him to a spot underneath it and an antigravity beam took me up through a hole in the bottom up.. „Antigravity Elevator“ .. there were three men on the ship besides the one that got often invited me aboad. (George Van Tassel)“

„I’ve been in the air game since 1927 and their instruments were unlike anything I’d ever seen before … the difference was that we use dial instruments and they use vertical instruments like fluorescent tubes and marks on it.. the instruments were marked in symbols similar to hieroglyphics, they were not in any language or number system we use on the air earth..e they looked like they were white people with a good healthy tan… after we got off the ship the man who invited me aboard who didn’t look a day over 28 years of age, told me that he was over 700 years of age in our time. (George Van Tassel)“

„Oh, Come On George…was this the guy who gave you the formula for the time machine?“

„That’s the man .. he spoke it to me verbally „Tell me now the formula for the Time Machine“ ..F equals 1 over T ..F being frequency and T being Time…well, it would need a mathematician to work this out… „Why hasn´t this been acclaimed like Einsteins E=mc2″ Well, why hasn’t the fact that the United States government’s been flying anti-gravity ship since 1956 been acclaimed or the fact that there’s a crater on the moon with a base in it since 1954, we’ve known this… well, possibly because they know this information is going to get out eventually anyway and what I say won’t
1make any difference. (George Van Tassel)“

„This has been a base on the Moon for perhaps many thousands of years, used by these people in the space ships to resupply their ships or whatever is required… (George Van Tassel)“

„so there must be a great conspiracy of silence to keep George Van Tassel secret of the universe away from the people..“

„No, it isn’t to keep anything away from the people, it is to keep many things away from the people. (George Van Tassel)“

„I’ve had a recent contact last September 1963… well in this case they drove a car into the airport they didn’t come initia they’re walking among us on the earth all the time and we don’t realize
it… no, they drove a standard American Cadillac, they gave me some more information pertinent to electronic-magnetic research, you don’t know unless they want you to know and then they’ll demonstrate some thing that they can do that we can’t do, that is humanly impossible for us to .. well they demonstrated the ability in front of 19 people sitting in a lounge for instance that they could sit there and disappear before your eyes and reappear back to man did this three times …for 19 witnesses that were sitting in our lounge vanished in front of your eyes. (George Van Tassel)“


Further Infos:

George Van Tassel INTEGRATRON is a machine that was intended to prolong life, by way of electronic rejuvenation. Van Tassel claimed to be an alien contactee, he stated that the Integratron technology was given to him from a Venusian in 1953.

Yes this does reads as bogus, but there maybe something to this machine. The Integratron was supposed to be a circulating machine or circulating building, inside the large edifice was to be an electric field.
The power generated was supposed to regenerate people that went into the building and stayed there for x amount minutes or hours. Electricity can do all kinds of things, we know very little about this energy. So maybe Van Tassel was not off the beam.

Sadly Van Tassel died before the machine could be completed. His plans for the Integratron were not found, either they were stolen or he worked out this project in his head. The Integratron is a rather remarkable building, below are photos and data.

Depending on who you talk to, Van Tassel was either a genius, an alien contactee, a lunatic or crafty confidence man who fleeced the gullible of their money.
The naysayers claim that the vast majority of Integratron donations that were given to Van Tassel, were not used on the project. The money was used to fund Van Tassel’s life of travel and good times.
Van Tassel was and still is a controversial figure.
RIGHT: The INTEGRATRON under construction. BELOW: The Machine is being assembled, but it took years. When Van Tassel died in 1978, he was supposedly only weeks away from finishing up the final work on the machine. I think not.

ABOVE: Year unknown, supposedly a UFO over Integratron. Is it a light flash, a flying saucer or damaged or tampered film?

WHY, I think not? The Integratron was supposed its top part of turn at hight speed, this rotating roof was to be turned by pipes with air pressure. The pressure would be supplied an air compressor or many air compressors. I would think many air compressors would be needed, by how big the structure was. I have yet to see in the 1960s, 1970s, (1978 is when Van Tassel died) that there was a large power shop that would house the compressors.

With Van Tassel’s death work on the machine came to an end.
The Integratron was mainly built of wood without any nails. The Integratron supposedly, could be turned into a time machine, by way of the electric field that would be generated in and around it.

Some people think the time machine aspect, concerned itself with the healing of people. As in people who were inside the rotating building would be given more life by way of how their human’s cells were recharged by way of electricity.
Some eccentrics think that the INTEGRATRON was a time machine, or they draw a blank on what the machine was really going to be?
The INTERGRATRON was built of wood, very little steel, no nails, some metal coil wires. It was a bit similar to how HOWARD HUGHES built the SPRUCE GOOSE. It is of note that HUGHES used to fly into GIANT ROCK AIRFIELD and have pie + coffee and visit with his ex employee VAN TASSEL. Did the duo exchange secrets? Supposedly H.H. was very interested in UFOs and his companies were fronts for the CIA. One story, and is it truth or exaggeration, is that VAN TASSEL had been the private pilot of HOWARD HUGHES.

RIGHT: A plaque that commemorates the INTERGRATRON. Some of the info is a little off.
Also some weird beards claim the INTEGRATRON is on 33 LATITUDE, EL WRONGO. IT IS on the 34 LATITUDE…

Through the decades the land around the Integratron has changed a lot. I can remember when the area around the odd building (1960s and 1970s) was desolate. Today there are houses and a number of roads that flank the Integraton.
BELOW is wonderful video, an aerial view of the Integratron.
Van Tassel’s building was somewhat cannibalized after his death. The place was sold a number of times, today it is a sound bath building.

RIGHT: A pretty good program on THE INTEGRATRON that features BARBARA HARRIS. At the 35 minute mark, Harris gets on the show, darn good info. Her segment ends at 2:30 mark.
RIGHT: Harris loves the INTEGRATRON and GIANT ROCK haps as much as I do.
BELOW: George Van Tassel is interviewed in 1964. The broadcaster is rude but there is some odd but interesting info in the B/W program.
Depending on the source, Van Tassel got all his info on the INTEGRATRON in 1953, or that other bits of info came to him through the years by way of meditation or mind meld.
It is a fact from 1953-1978, Van Tassel hunted $ and worked on the project. In 1978 he claimed he was around 3 weeks away from finishing it, or it was %90 ready.
Confident in his machine VAN TASSEL attested that he was going to be the first man into the machine, but then he died.

In my opinion, unless Van Tassel was going to bring in many portable large compressor trailers, the Integratron could never have been powered up, because, there was not enough compressors on the site to get the machine to work.

His plan was to have 50,000 volts of electricity in a field above the 1st floor, the twirling cupola was to be forced by way of tubes powered by air pressure from compressor power.

There is not much info on Van Tassels´ death, he died in a Santa Monica, California hotel room from heart attack.
Conspiracy people think he was silenced.
The Heart attack story was a cover for something else that happened to him.
Or some type of poison or device gave him a heart attack. Hmmm?
Eva his first wife had died in 1975. At the time of Van Tassel’s February 1978 death, he was married to a chiropractor…“

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Quantencomputer: Paralleluniversen, Dämonen, HP Lovecraft, Okkultismus & CERN

„Quantencomputer: Paralleluniversen, Dämonen, HP Lovecraft, Okkultismus & CERN“

„Von Conspiracy Facts Reloaded angepinnt: D-Wave = D(ämonen)-Welle = Dämonen-Tsunami“
„Maria Schwarz: vor 2 Monaten: Der Typ spricht mit so eine Begeisterung ,totall Angstfrei von die Folgen Der Abgrund für uns Menschen, und am Anfang die Ausage wie unperfekt wir Menschen sind……ist er kein Mensch…..
Maria Schwarz: vor 2 Monaten: Quantensprung ist nur Energielevel. Änderung des Bewusstseinslevels = Änderung für menschliche Augen nicht sichtbar.
Sascha Kaplick: vor 2 Monaten: Man kann natürlich auch so gut erklären, denn Ausserirdische Inszenierung die uns bald vorgeführt wird. Könnte ja auch ein Trick sein.
Conspiracy Facts Reloaded: Aniassy: vor 2 Monaten: Kinder der Hoelle, Quantencomputer u. Artificial Intelligence.
Rainer Wiesner: vor 1 Monat: Hier Gordie Rose CERN ,gehört auch zu den ERFINDER der Quantencomputer.
Arne Ennulat: vor 1 Monat: Natürlich gibt es andere Dimensionen. Der Mensch selbst existiert ja gleichzeitig in mindestens 3 Ebenen.
Egal was diese völlig irren Typen da tun, es sind alles nur Mittel, uns weiter in Angst zu halten. Wir aber sind mehrdimensionale Schöpferwesen…
Wir sind Geschöpfe Gottes, selbst wenn auch diese Dimension reine Illusion ist und nur aus Informationen besteht, die durch Gedanken verändert werden kann!
Verleugnet nicht Euren Ursprung, gerade weil der Mainstream Euch alle versucht, davon zu überzeugen. Sagt das System, ich solle nach links gehen, gehe ich in jedem Fall nach rechts! Da das System seit Ewigkeit von Satan spricht und ihn zu Gott macht, weiss ich doch ganz klar, das Gott existiert und nur er für mich wichtig ist.
Da ich nicht zulassen werde, das mich irgendein Dämon besetzen oder steuern kann, selbst wenn er mir das Paradies anbietet, brauche ich auch vor nichts Angst zu haben.
Glaubt an Euch selbst, dann tut auch Gott es. Wir sind seine Kinder und solange wir das nicht vergessen, passiert Euch nichts.
… ist eine Erfindung der „Jesuiten“ und der vielen Sekten, die uns kontrollieren wollen. Angst ist das beste Mittel, uns zu kontrollieren.
Gottvertrauen aber ist in uns und wer dieses Gottvertrauen lebt, wird merken, das alles läuft, wie Du es willst.
Also! KEINE ANGST! Niemand ist allein. Wir alle sind miteinander verbunden, auch wenn wir dies hier in 3D nicht wahrnehmen. Wir spielen ein Spiel, sind in Wahrheit Götter.
Glaubt an Euch! Und denkt an andere in Eurem Umfeld. Bleibt Mensch und lasst Euch nicht verleiten.
Bryan Furios: vor 1 Monat: völliger Schwachsinn, sie brauchen keine Zustimmung vom Menschen, sie brauchen nur die nötige Resonanz !
lass es dir von jemanden gesagt sein, der schon früh mit Dämonen zu tun hatte, …Krankheiten können die folge einer Besetzung sein…ja, wir sind in Wahrheit ein Göttergeschlecht, nur das checken die wenigsten. / god bedeutet generator operator destroyer, vom Prinzip alles was wir verkörpern, die Welt hier wir bald übernommen und wir schauen zu und hoffen das ein Fott uns hilft, niemand wird kommen.

„Anne Müller: vor 2 Monaten: Ich habe mit der künstlichen Intelligenz, Genforschung etc eine absolute Assoziation mit dem Turmbau von Babel. Genauso verhält es sich mit der Weltensprache Englisch. Beruflich wird man regelrecht dazu gezwungen, sich englisch zu artikulieren. Alles genau wie damals. Mich kotzt die heutige Welt sowas von an und es wird immer schlimmer. Gott schütze alle unschuldigen Lebewesen.
karl Heinz Zimmermann Zimmermann: vor 1 Monat: so ist es recht du hast es erkannt meine liebe büchse der pandora.
Maria Magdalena: vor 1 Monat: Anne Müller warum glauben Sie sieht das EU-Parlament wie der Turm zu Babel aus und warum glauben Sie feiert die röm. kath. Kirche babylonische Feste?
glatz frosch: vor 2 Monaten: Ich zweifle daran ob es richtig ist derart in die Natur und das „Sein“ einzugreifen. Damit spielen wir Gott und das steht uns einfach nicht zu.
Ganz davon abgesehen das >sie< einfach nicht die Reife dafür besitzen. Schauen wir uns doch einfach an was >sie< mit unserer Welt machen. >sie< zerstören!‘ Und mit diesen Impulsen wollen wir nun auch noch in andere Welten Eingreifen? Verbreiten >die< nicht bereits genügend Leid mit >ihrem< Hass, >ihre< Waffen und Atombomben?“
cochenilli: vor 2 Monaten: Der gehört zum Bodenpersonal von Luzifer.
samen korn: vor 2 Monaten: Ein schwarzer Kubus….na merkt ihr was.
Conspiracy Facts Reloaded: Christine Riegler Riegler: vor 2 Monaten: Mekka,ja!!666!!
netdns: vor 2 Monaten: The Color of Black ist Binah-Cube of Saturn=Kabbala-Mysterienschulen=Religion…
Chrisi Maiglöckchen: vor 2 Monaten: Super interessantes Video. Sehr gruselig.
Strange Times: vor 2 Monaten: sehr gut! Danke, daß dich dieses Themas angenommen hast, es gibt da viel zu wenig auf deutsch! Interessant ist auch die Symbolik in den Logos (Tech Vancouver & Kindred), alles satanische Zeichen & Symbole!
Brennholzverleiher: vor 2 Monaten: Gott straft auch mit Irre sein und diese Experten, Wissenschaflter, Promis, Pop-Stars sind ein gutes Bespiel dafür. Sie werden dann gerne vermarktet, auch mit Satanischem Firlefans, weil sie sich bei den Groß-Logen-Futzies damit ihre Karriere und ihre Sponsoren-Gelder sichern können. Alles peinlich!….Die High-Tech der letzten 30 Jahre tritt auf der Stelle…außer neuer Fernseher oder Handys kommt keine wirkliche Neuerung!..Alles Hirngespinste von Irren!…was hat der Musk v. Tesla dann schon bewirkt….Millarden-Minus…ein paar nicht funktionierende E-Autos und eine Puppe im All…..alles eine Masche, um Geld zu zocken…von Aktionären und saudummen Satanisten-Freaks…
Conspiracy Revelation: Truman-Show…alle echten Hochtechnologien verstecken sie nach wie vor im Untergrund, alles ist vorhanden, um jeden Mangel des Planeten zu beseitigen, Öl, Gas, Kohle braucht absolut niemand mehr seit 100 Jahren!!!! MINIMUM und die Öl-Magnate stehen stolzbrüstig als Pseudo-Imperatoren an den Regierungsspitzen, bis die Neue Technologie rauskommt, dann interessiert sich niemand mehr für Öl-Oligarchen und deren Untertanen… Diese zweispurige Show zwischen Retardierungs-Pseudo-Uni-Forschungsinstuten-Arbeitsbeschaffungsmaßnahmen (Nazi-Sklaventum-Arbeit-mach-(Un)Frei-Nonsens-Idiotie-Ideologie) mit sinnloser Raketentechnik auf der einen Seite und die geheimen Weltraumprogramme mit jahrhunderte alter UFO/Anti-Gravitationstechnologie/Freier Energie auf der anderen Seite, nimmt hoffentlich bald ein Ende…Déjà-Vu.


Weitere Infos zu dem Video:

„Was – zur Hölle – haben sie mit uns vor? Wissenschaftler über Quantencomputer, die Paralleluniversen öffnen, Dämonen und Alien-KI“

„Hier kommen hauptsächlich zwei Insider und Entwickler auf dem Gebiet der Quantencomputer und der Künstlichen Intelligenz zu Wort. Es sind Ausschnitte aus ihren Vorträgen. Soweit..Was ein Quantencomputer ist, das wissen die meisten nicht so genau. Ein Quantenprozessor bzw. Quantencomputer ist ein Prozessor, dessen Funktion auf den Gesetzen der Quantenmechanik beruht. Im Unterschied zum Digitalrechner arbeitet er nicht auf der Basis der Gesetze der klassischen Physik bzw. Informatik, sondern auf der Basis quantenmechanischer Zustände, schreibt Wikipedia. Das erklärt natürlich nicht viel. …

Das ist natürlich nur ein kleiner Einblick, lässt aber ahnen, dass das, was ein Quantencomputer macht, tatsächlich über unsere dreidimensionale Welt hinausgeht und tatsächlich in andere Dimensionen hineinreicht. Eben diese „Spukhafte Fernwirkung“. Was uns diese Herren in dem oberen Video natürlich nicht genau erklären. Darum geht es aber auch nicht wirklich. Es geht eher darum, dass diese neue Art von Technik offenbar Verbindungen, vielleicht Öffnungen zu anderen Dimensionen schafft, durch die sich Wesenheiten, Entitäten oder andere Effekte in unsere 3-D-Welt Einlass verschaffen können.

Tatsächlich sprechen diese Wissenschaftler beim Thema Quantencomputer oder künstliche Intelligenz ein bisschen ZU auffallend oft von Wesenheiten, die man „angerufen“ habe, von anderen Dimensionen,sogar mehrfach und nachdrücklich von Dämonen und davon, dass unsere Welt eine völlig andere werden wird und dass wir Menschen dabei durchaus den Kürzeren ziehen können. Sie reden von der künstlichen Intelligenz nicht von einer Art hochentwickelter, aber unbeseelter Blechbüchsen. Sondern von Wesenheiten oder Dämonen. So, als gingen sie davon aus, dass Wesenheiten in dieser künstliche Intelligenz-Hardware wohnen, denn sonst würde man sie ja nicht rufen. Und es wird betont, dass diese KI oder AI (Artificial Intelligence) nicht das sei, was wir normalen Menschen uns darunter vorstellen. Das, was dann als Annäherung der Beschreibung kommt, sind Aliens. Auch die Warnung, man könne sich vor so einer Wesenheit nicht dadurch schützen, dass man es in einem Pentagramm gefangen hält und mit Weihwasser besprenkelt ist – vorsichtig ausgedrückt – höchst befremdlich. Und das alles aus dem Munde von Wissenschaftlern und Entwicklern.

Ganz krass wird es aber, als der Entwickler von dieser AI sich auf HP Lovecraft bezieht. Howard Phillips Lovecraft war ein amerikanischer Schriftsteller. Er gilt als einer der bedeutendsten Autoren phantastischer Horrorliteratur und hat mit dem von ihm erfundenen Cthulhu-Mythos zahlreiche Nachfolger beeinflusst. Die Beschreibung dieses Wesens Cthulhu ist unglaublich angsteinflößend und entspricht in etwa dem, was man sich unter einem wirklich schauderhaften Alien vorstellen würde. Lovecrafts düstere und beängstigende Geschichten sind nicht für Leute mit schwachen Nerven.

Die Bezüge auf andere Dimensionen, Aliens oder Dämonen, tauchen auch in einem Imagevideo von CERN auf, das am Ende eingeblendet wird. Das Ganze auf dem Hintergrund des immer offener und prominenter auftretenden Satanismus, den wir beobachten … da kommt man schon ins Grübeln, worauf wir Menschen hier eigentlich vorbereitet werden sollen.“

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„Inzwischen gibt es keine einzige Person auf der Erde, die nicht schon seltsame und unerklärliche körperliche Symptome erfahren hat, die ein unwohles Gefühl hervorgerufen haben. Viele verstehen nicht, was los ist…. Interessanterweise gibt es tatsächlich wissenschaftliche Beweise dafür, dass auf diesem Planeten gerade etwas passiert, das ihn gehörig durchschüttelt, und diese Beweise stammen von einer russischen Website, die die Schumann-Resonanz verfolgt.

Die Schumann Resonanz ist eine globale elektromagnetische Resonanz, die nach dem deutschen Physiker Winfried Otto Schumann benannt wurde, der sie 1952 mathematisch vorhergesagt hat.

„Die … Beschreibung aus Wikipedia ist:
„Als Schuhmann-Resonanz bezeichnet man das Phänomen, dass elektromagnetische Wellen bestimmter Frequenzen stehende Wellen um die Erde herum bilden. Die ausreichend leitfähige Erdoberfläche (größtenteils Salzwasser) und die gut leitfähige Ionosphäre darüber begrenzen einen kugelschalen-förmigen Hohlraumresonator, aus dessen Abmessungen sich Resonanzfrequenzen berechnen lassen. Diese können durch Blitzentladungen erzeugt und angeregt werden. Weil die vorkommenden Amplituden sehr gering sind, können sie nur mit sehr empfindlichen Geräten gemessen werden.“

die wissenschaftlichen Belege .., dass es etwas gibt, das die elektromagnetische Frequenz auf dem Planeten stört oder erhöht. Seit Jahrtausenden liegt die Schumann-Resonanz bei 7,83 Hertz, oder innerhalb von flachen Spitzen darüber, je nachdem, wie viele Stürme es zum jeweiligen Zeitpunkt auf dem Planeten gibt. Eine russische Website, die man hier findet, ist eine der wenigen öffentlichen Websites, die die täglichen Daten über die aktuellen Schumann-Schwankungen veröffentlicht. Die Gründe dafür sind unklar, scheinen aber darauf hinzudeuten, dass man die Überprüfung der Daten vor der Öffentlichkeit fernhalten will.

Als geistiges Wesen, das mit einem menschlichen physischen Körper verschmolzen ist, wurden wir durch unsere Geburt auf diesem Planeten mit dem Bewusstsein und dem energetischen Aufbau der Erde verbunden. Um mit der planetaren Struktur und den Frequenzen des Planeten synchron zu bleiben, verfügt der menschliche Körper über ein selbstkorrigierendes System, das sich bei Bedarf an die Umgebung anpassen kann. Wenn das aurische Feld eines Menschen jedoch nicht synchronisiert ist, ist es auch für den emotionalen, mentalen, spirituellen und ätherischen Körper schwierig, sich mit der Physis und der Frequenz der Erde zu synchronisieren.

Gleichzeitig kann ein Ausschlag der Erdmagnetfrequenzen alle energetischen Blockaden im aurischen Feld anregen, was dazu führen kann, dass der physische Körper in extrem niedrigen oder stagnierenden elektromagnetischen Frequenzen (ELF) stecken bleibt. Ausbrüche höherer Frequenzen sind eine gute Sache, um das aurische Feld des Menschen zu reinigen, sofern dies moderat geschieht.

Aus spiritueller und metaphysischer Sicht bedeutet die Erhöhung der Frequenz des physischen Körpers, dass je höher die Frequenz ist, umso weniger dicht ist die Realität, die der Mensch erlebt. Das Ziel ist es, die dichte, kontrollierende Realität, die wir erleben, so zu transformieren, dass die Menschen in einem liebebasierten höheren Bewusstsein vereint sind, noch während sie in physischen Körpern existieren. Dies kann nur erreicht werden, indem man die jeweils eigenen energetischen Blockaden der Vergangenheit und der Kindheit löst… Dies ermöglicht es dem physischen Körper harmonisch mit der Planetenfrequenz zu schwingen und einen gesunden Energiefluss im Körper zu haben, der Alterung und Krankheit verhindert.

Wenn ein Mensch in alten Mustern und Überzeugungen festsitzt oder vielleicht von Selbstgefälligkeit in einer niedrigen Frequenz gehalten wird, dann kann ein Frequenzstoß eines von zwei Dingen bewirken. Wenn die Person ihr Bewusstsein genug erhöht hat, um zu erkennen, dass etwas passiert und in der Lage ist, mit offenem Geist und offenem Herzen zu reagieren, dann wird die Person beginnen, diese Frequenzen so schnell und so gut zu absorbieren, wie es ihr Verstand und Geist zulassen. Die Absorption dieser Frequenzen bewirkt, dass das Wasser im Körper mit der Frequenz der Frequenzspitzen zu schwingen beginnt. Dies könnte viele unangenehme Symptome verursachen, aber am Ende ist es auch ein Beweis dafür, dass wirklich etwas mit unserem Planeten und unserem Bewusstsein passiert.

Einige der häufigsten Symptome dieser Spitzen in der elektromagnetischen Frequenz sind:

– Hitzewallungen – wenn der Körper schneller vibriert, erzeugt er Wärme
– Verschwommenes Sehen
– Schwindel (Benommenheit)
– Unregelmäßiger oder sprunghafter Herzschlag
– Unerklärliche Schmerzen, die anhalten können, um erkannt zu werden, oder die auf mysteriöse Weise kommen und gehen können
– Klingeln auf einem oder auf beiden Ohren. Hohe Frequenzen oder harmonische Töne und/oder manchmal vorübergehende ohrenbetäubende Geräusche
– Stimmungsschwankungen, wenn emotionale Blockaden auftauchen, um gelöst zu werden
– Extreme Müdigkeit oder extreme Energieausbrüche, abhängig von der Art der zu diesem Zeitpunkt erlebten Frequenz und dem Umgang des Einzelnen damit
– Erhöhte Intuition, ein Gefühl des Wissens oder der Erinnerung an Dinge, die dich durch Schwierigkeiten hindurch führen, und eine erhöhte Fähigkeiten des sechsten Sinnes (über Berührung, Geschmack, Gefühl, Hören und Sehen hinaus)
– Übelkeit
– Grippeähnliche Symptome
– Probleme mit dem Darm
– Extremer Hunger oder Mangel an Hunger – anders als üblich
– Angst und erhöhter Kampf- oder Fluchtmodus im Körper

Wenn nun einige dieser sich negativ auswirkenden Symptome fortbestehen, ohne dass die Person etwas macht, um dem Körper zu helfen sich anzugewöhnen, dann könnte es sich sicherlich so anfühlen, als ob der Körper anfangen würde, Anzeichen für eine ’Außerbetriebsetzung’ zu zeigen und das Gefühl entstehen könnte, dass man sterben würde. In der Tat ist es aber eine Reinigung, um sich akklimatisieren zu können, sehr ähnlich wie bei einer Grippe oder einer Virusinfektion.

Wenn ein Mensch völlig unbewusst lebt und kein liebevoller, mitfühlender Mensch ist (oder überhaupt nicht beseelt ist), dann werden diese Frequenzen irritieren und stören und können höchstwahrscheinlich nicht integriert werden. So bleiben diese Menschen auf einer niedrigen Frequenz und profitieren nicht von den eintreffenden Energiewellen. Es könnte sogar bewirken, dass der physische Körper zum Stillstand kommen wird, weil er nicht in der Lage ist, sich in Harmonie mit der Frequenz des Planeten zu bringen.

Leider werden einige Leute nicht gut mit dieser Situation umgehen können…. Man sollte sicher kein Urteil darüber fällen, wenn einige Leute sich dafür entschieden haben, diese Frequenzverschiebung nicht durchzumachen, oder einfach nicht mehr genug Energie hatten, um damit umgehen zu können… sie begeben sich einfach auf eine andere Frequenz außerhalb der Grenzen des physischen Körpers und gehen dorthin, wo sie es für sie richtig ist, um ihre Reise fortzusetzen.

Es gibt viele Möglichkeiten, sich an die Energien anzupassen, aber hier sind einige der häufigsten:
Meditation – nicht die Art von Meditation, in der man sich mit astralen Wesen verbindet oder außerkörperliche Erfahrungen macht. Friedens-, Ruhe- und Atemmeditation und die Konzentration auf den Energiefluss funktionieren am besten, und die Meditation mit offenen Augen zu machen ist auch gut
Erdung; Kontakt mit der Erde – barfuß auf dem Boden, Zeit in der Natur verbringen,
Meersalzbäder, Schwimmen, Essen von geerdeten Lebensmitteln
Bitte dein höheres Wesen (höheres Selbst/die Quelle/das Führungs-Team), dir bei der Akklimatisierung zu helfen, besonders wenn du sehr leidest
Trinke viel reines Wasser!…
Ruhe – der Körper hat eine unglaubliche Fähigkeit, einen Großteil seiner Zurücksetzung [in einen harmonischen, ausgeruhten Zustand] vorzunehmen, während er schläft oder ruht
Liebe dich selbst und kümmere dich um den Körper
Sanfte Körperübungen – bewege die Energien, um Blockaden aufzulösen und den richtigen Energiefluss zu fördern
Vollwertige Lebensmittel – im Gegensatz zu verarbeiteten oder gentechnisch veränderten Lebensmitteln
Spirituelle Beratung oder Lebens-Coaching mit einem Experten, der die Ursache versteht und ganzheitliche Behandlungen durchführt
Höre auf deinen Körper und mache etwas, was sich gut anfühlt, um es dir angenehm zu machen
Frequenz bedeutet Anzahl der Wellenzyklen pro Sekunde. 1 Hertz bedeutet 1 Zyklus pro Sekunde, 40 Hz. bedeutet 40 Zyklen pro Sekunde. Die Amplitude bezeichnet die Größe der Vibration, wie groß die Welle ist, und das Diagramm zeigt die Frequenzvariation in Hz und die Amplitude in weißer Farbe [weiß, wenn der Ausschlag, die elektromagnetische Aktivität stark genug ist]. Wir können logisch ableiten, dass die großen, weiß erscheinenden Impulse hoher elektromagnetischer Frequenzen über lange Zeiträume betrachtet unsere physischen Körper beeinflussen werden!

Diese Explosionen der Energiefrequenzen helfen der Menschheit, aus dem Bann zu erwachen, der mit seinen niederfrequenten Energien eine Person festhalten kann. Wir alle können an eine Zeit in unserem Leben zurückdenken, in der wir durch Entertainment hypnotisiert wurden oder sogar durch Sklavenarbeit in einem Job gefangen waren, den wir gehasst haben, aber aus Notwendigkeit zum Geldverdienen brauchten, damit wir überleben konnten. Viele Menschen, darunter natürlich auch diejenigen, die diesen Artikel lesen, haben erkannt, dass mit dem, was derzeit auf dem Planeten geschieht, etwas wirklich nicht stimmt. Es sind dies die Menschen, die durch diese Wellen aus Energie oder Schwingung, durch Licht und Klang angesprochen werden, und sich damit aus dem Chaos und dem Elend, in dem sie sich befinden, befreien können.

Die auf diesem Planeten existierende „Matrix“ beinhaltet, dass 1% der Menschen die anderen 99% der Menschen auf dem Planeten kontrollieren wollen. Diese 1% haben aber nicht das Bewusstsein oder die Fähigkeit, sich durch diese Frequenzsprünge zu bewegen, so wie jemand, der wach und bewusst ist und eine bewusste Entscheidung getroffen hat, sich nicht weiter unter dem Kontrollsystem zu beugen. Schließlich werden diejenigen, die ihre physische Körperfrequenz auf ihr höheres Bewusstsein anheben, in der Lage sein, diejenigen zu überflügeln, zu überlisten und auszutricksen, die sie auf vielen Ebenen kontrollieren wollen. Diejenigen, die sich an die neuen Schwingungen anpassen können, werden neue Erkenntnisse und Fähigkeiten erlangen und höherdimensionale Verbindungen aufbauen können. Während diese Schuhmann-Frequenzen immer wieder explodieren, dazwischen wieder ruhen und dann wieder explodieren, verbinden wir langsam (aber in letzter Zeit mit beschleunigter Geschwindigkeit) das Physische mit den höheren Dimensionen, Dichten und Bewusstseinsformen, die jenseits der Reiche liegen, welche die Menschen auf dem Planeten für sehr lange Zeit kontrolliert haben. Die Frequenzsteigerungen unterstützen die Menschen auch beim Erwachen.

Dieser Artikel ist eine vereinfachte Erläuterung der Schumann-Resonanz-Fluktuationen, die eine Korrelation zeigen mit dem, was die menschlichen Körper erleben, und er untersucht, wie dies anhand der Diagramme von der russischen Website wissenschaftlich bewiesen werden kann. Er soll dazu beitragen, die Angst vor der Verschiebung und den Veränderungen, die stattfinden, zu mildern…Er soll niemanden davon abhalten, einen Arzt aufzusuchen, noch gibt er eine vollständige Erklärung für das Gesamtbild, warum dies alles geschieht und woher die Energiewellen kommen. Bitte verwende deine eigene Urteilsfähigkeit und tätige deine eigenen Nachforschungen, um mehr über dieses Phänomen zu erfahren. Und bitte verbreite es weit und breit, damit diejenigen, die entsprechende Schwierigkeiten haben, die in diesem Artikel beschriebenen Techniken anwenden können, um ihre Anpassungssymptome zu lindern.

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Die Glocke : The Nazi Bell that could travel in time

„Die Glocke : The Nazi Bell that could travel in time“

„Die Glocke Nazi Bell“

„Die Glocke (The bell, in German) is an alleged Nazi secret project, made during the final phase of World War II, the time that many scientists and engineers used to present plans for rockets, jet planes and tanks of monstrous proportions that they had given a turn to the course of the war, known as Wunderwaffen or wonderful weapons.(Nazi Bell)

What makes the bell special is the mystery that surrounds it around its supposed existence, as well as the end it had, which remains a mystery. The bell was created in the last stages of the Second World War (1943-1945), in the secret Nazi location known as Der Riese, or the giant, an ultra-secret experimental base located between the Owl Mountains and the Ksiaz Castle. This base consisted of 7 laboratories hidden under the mountains. The base would supposedly be built by forced laborers, supervised by men from the Shutzstafell (SS).(Die Glocke)

The bell was made of an especially heavy metal and was chained to the ground. It measured 5 meters high, by 3 meters in diameter. On its front was the Nazi symbol, had 2 rotating cylinders that contained a substance similar to mercury, called xerum 525. It is also said that this liquid was extremely radioactive, and many of the scientists who worked in the bell while it was on, They died of cancer. When it turned in the opposite direction, it gave off a violet glow.

The exterior of the artifact was lined with a ceramic material; Interestingly, NASA’s space shuttles, such as the Columbus, were wrapped in its most superficial layer by a coating of ceramic tiles, which act as a thermal insulator. The original plans of the bell were lost after much of Der Riese was destroyed in 1945, after its discovery .. But what was the Nazi Bell? And what was it for?

When it was put into operation, the Bell and the 2 rotating cylinders rotated contrary and the object was raised and could move. It was the first prototype engine against gravity and opened a new path in the path of physics and technology. In this way this technical ingenuity could serve as the propulsion system needed by the Nazi UFOs that were developing in the last phases of the war.(Nazi Bell)

The ultra-secret project of the Nazi Bell was commanded by SS General Hans Kammler, a scientific engineer who was involved in the development of V-2 missiles, jet planes, flying wings, Nazi UFOs and underground constructions, among others. Projects. The truth is that at the end of the war, it was never known about General Kammler or the Nazi Campaign. Some theories say that the Bell was moved in a cargo plane, stopping in Barcelona, Spain, towards the South American cone between Chile and Argentina, or even to the area of Atlantis.(Die Glocke)

SEE – They find in Mexico a Nazi coin of the year 2039, a test of time travel or a parallel universe?

However, the most surprising thing about the Nazi campaign was that this secret project had been developed with the names of Kronos (time) and Lanterntrager (light bearer), with strange secret documents referring to a Gate of Time.

It seems that the real secret of the Nazi campaign is that it could be a time machine, which needed to activate its system of rotating propellers to perform and to make small air movements at the same time. And, indeed, a time machine could be a great effective weapon, the ultimate weapon, to change the course of the war.

When the Soviet Army was arriving at the village of Ludwigsdorf, today called Ludwikowice, the officer of the Waffen SS, Karl Sporrenberg, by direct order of Hitler, carried out the execution of 62 Nazi scientists working on the Die Glocke project; facts for which he was subsequently tried in court as a war criminal. According to Sporrenberg, the secret prototype would have been moved to a security zone in Norway. (Die Glocke)

On December 9, 1965, an unknown flying object, acorn-shaped or bell-shaped, crashed in the vicinity of the US town of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. This event was known in the study of Ufology as the case of Kecksburg. The artifact had strange inscriptions, like the Nazi bell, and was quickly recovered by the military forces. Many witnesses saw the strange event.

Everything suggests that the UFO of Kecksburg was the result of the development of the Nazi campaign project. In fact, the most probable hypothesis of all is that both Hans Kammler and the Nazi Campaign ended up in secret bases of the US government, protected with the utmost secrecy, within the “Operation Paperclip”. What do you think about it? Leave your comment below!“


„Tim Phoenix: It was a vimana. Which in ancient hindu text desribes vimana running off mercury vortex engines.“

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Return of Zeus, Vatican „Holy“ Roman Nazion Crime Syndicate

Return of Zeus, Vatican „Holy“ Roman Nazion Crime Syndicate.

„JFK EOrder Abolish Fed Res (edited)
satanic illuminati ROTSchilds patented HEROIN 1874… The leader in Heroin Harvesting and Trafficking to this day.
Their Real last name is BAYER previously IG FARBEN Pharmaceutical who built all HITLERS Death Concentration Camps. Where JOSEF MENGELE and KARL KLAUBERG Gutted Humans. specialized in frozen sperm, sterilization fertilization abortion, artificial insemination & Genetics.

MERKEL is spawned from HITLER’S frozen Sperm, By Dr Karl Klauberg… of HOLOCAUST AUSCHWITZ. HITLERY is MERKEL’S 1/2 sister. Paternal Resemblance

Return of Zeus8
The Sovereign Military Order of the Malta (SMOM) is the oldest knighthood in the world and its headquarters is in Rome at the Palazzo Malta. The SMOM is considered a sovereign entity under International Law and under the United Nations. The SMOM also has extraterritoriality within Italy. Many members of the royal families and heads of constitutional monarchies are members of the SMOM. What makes the SMOM different than all other knighthoods is that it is a sovereign entity. Members include King Juan Carlos of Spain, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg, Karl von Habsburg of Austria, King Philippe of Belgium, Queen Paola of Belgium, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy Prince of Naples, Duke Franz of Bavaria, Prince Carlos of Bourbon-Parma, Princess Elizabeth von Thurn and Taxis, Prince Alois of Liechtenstein, and Prince Jaime Count of Bardi. Prince Carlo Massimo is President of the Italian Association of the Order of Malta and is covertly overseeing Ludwig Hoffmann von Rumerstein who is the current Grandmaster of the SMOM. The Massimo family are controlling the Order of Malta and grant a form of “sovereignty” in society to high level members like monarchs. Other members include influential individuals in business, banking, and politics like Geoffrey T. Boisi who has been a top executive for Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, member of the Trilateral Commission, and Trustee for the Papal Foundation. Another SMOM member is Joseph E. Schmitz who was Inspector General for the Department of Defense and an executive for the private military company Blackwater Worldwide now renamed Academi. Other Knights of Malta include the former CIA Directors John A. McCone, William J. Casey, and William Colby.

Return of Zeus
The Pope of Rome claims temporal or physical ownership over the Earth under “Papal Primacy” and Canon Law. The Pope claims to reign over the air or specifically rule over the spiritual realm as the “Vicar of Christ”. The Pope claims to hold the “keys to the kingdom of heaven” and this is why the Vatican City flag uses a silver key and a gold key for its image. The Pope claims to own all souls under the doctrine of “Papal Supremacy”. The word Catholic by definition means universal or all encompassing. The Pope claims to be infallible from error under the doctrine of “Papal Infallibility”. Pope Francis replaced Joseph Ratzinger because of his training in multi tasking and connections with various groups and secret societies. Pope Francis is a Freemason from Argentina where many Nazis escaped too as well as a Jesuit Cardinal with close ties with the Zionists. I am not promoting the modern version of the Bible however in the Old Testament a chief prince and enemy of the Israelites is called Gog and Pope Francis’ real name is Jorge Mario Ber-gog-lio. Canon Law is really Canaan Law. The Canaanites were enemies of the original Israelites.

Pope Francis with the hand hidden under the coat and this is a masonic symbol known as the “master of the second veil” This refers to the hidden hand of power. From the Holy See Pope Francis is overseeing the secret societies and distributes payments to initiated members and cults as they carry out the Vatican’s agenda. The Holy See is the brain controlling the secret societies which are as arms creeping into society. The Vatican system is like a masonic Hydra or octopus machine reaching its tentacles into society and squeezing humanity into submission while it has one tentacle in the Bank for International Settlements using its wealth to oil this machine. The House of Saud are deeply involved in financing this agenda and funnel their wealth into Switzerland and the Bank for International Settlements. The top princes of the Black Nobility manage the Holy See and have authority over the different secret societies which operate like serpentine arms. The European kingdoms are branches of Rome and the next stage of power with the British Crown as their top military and financial stronghold. The Black Nobility is the most ruthless organization on the planet and they are seeking complete human enslavement and global domination. They work closely with the other royal families and they are all unified in their plot for take over while they use the tactic of divide and conquer and the illusion of compartmentalization. They are not all powerful and they must be dealt with. When they are exposed and resisted without fear they are the ones that tremble in fear.

The word Holy derives from the Greek word Holos which means all. The Holy See is their All Seeing Eye. They have developed all modern electronics with microphones and cameras in them. Roman-Jesuit and British-Masonic agents are running the intelligence agencies in the United States and the Vatican and royal families are hacked into this intelligence network. From my understanding the Black Nobility and royal families have rooms with television screens in the basements of their palaces and can hack into any modern television, smart phone, and computer as well as other electronics and watch and listen in on anyone. I believe the German House of Hesse have been given full oversight through this network and operate as a back up for Rome. The Church of Scientology is also hacked into the electronic grid. Not only are the electronics spying on society but also radiating electromagnetic frequencies which can target minds and hack into a persons physiology. The electronic grid is an intelligence gathering system that is also weaponized.

Through the Human Brain Project based in Geneva Switzerland and owned and funded by the European Union they have developed neuro-robotics and neuro interface with the electronics. The European Union is based on the Treaty of Rome and was signed in Rome at Capitoline Hill. They can basically plug their minds into HAARP, computers, and other electronics which are radiating weaponized electromagnetic frequencies. Royal families with harps on their coat of arms specialize in this. The royal and noble families have access to this technology. So they can watch and listen to a person in the privacy of their own home and then also control the frequencies emitted from the electronics and target a person’s nervous system with electronic attacks on their minds and body. It is like a synthetic telepathy. The royal families and fully initiated members of secret societies have extreme God complexes. The monarchs believe it is their divine right to rule over others. Zionists think they are God’s chosen people. They call human beings cattle and sheep and have absolutely no respect for the life of others. The electronic weaponized grid is all based on Kabbalah and Hermeticism. Their electronic torture weapons are a subtle and unseen threat and one of the most destructive weapons that they have. They are enabled to do this because society has been progressively structured as fascist pyramidic institutions with the top pyramid in Rome.“

„Rothschild and Freemasons versus Medici and Jesuits“


Paula Coker: I don’t think Zionists think they are Gods chosen, I believe and from what I have read, they created the bible and this chosen race for the very purpose of domination. As they say, religions and cultures were created for governmental power and brainwashing. As there is no historical proof of the OT fables, one has projected that it could well be a blueprint for the future.

Ursula Camburn: I’m sure it’s not coincidence that Hitler went to Argentina & the Pope ma gog from Bonas aries , has something to do with the zodiac aries.

„Zeusian Revelations

Rome’s Criminal Network
September 10, 2017

Ahuwah Zeus
The Black Nobility own and run the Vatican, SMOM, Jesuits, KOC, and La Cosa Nostra. The European Monarchies like the British Crown are branches of Rome and they manage secret societies like the Freemasons which infiltrate government agencies and run corporations for the monarchs. The SMOM is the top military council and it works closely with the Orders of St John ran by Protestant monarchs. The Knights of Malta are the engineers of war. The royal and noble bloodlines are all working together as a global crime syndicate and part of the modernized Roman Empire. The Greek royal House of Glucksburg run the Greek fraternities and sororities and use initiates as their agents. The British Crown controls universities like Yale and Harvard and use them for recruiting Crown agents. Jesuits are Roman intelligence and infiltrators and use their universities for recruiting and training Vatican agents. Many Knights of Columbus are police officers, mayors, lawyers, and judges and they protect the Italian Mafia.

The Italian Mafia are enforcers for Rome involved in extortion, money laundering, murder, and drug trafficking; and they pay their dues back to the Sicilian Mafia which pay dues back to the Black Nobility. Court Jews like the Rothschild, Walton, Wallenberg, Warburg, and Dreyfus families serve the Roman Curia and royal courtrooms like Buckingham Palace and Stockholm Palace. The Holy See is the All Seeing Eye and operates as an intelligence network. The Latin phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum means New Order of the Ages and is on the US dollar bill and US Great Seal. The Vatican uses Latin as an official language and for documents. The Black Nobility and other royal families have been concealing trillions in private banks in Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. The Swiss Guard protects the Vatican. The Swiss Cantons have been in contract with the Vatican for centuries and Switzerland is basically a papal state. Some top families in the Black Nobility include the Pallavicini, Colonna, Ruspoli, Aldobrandini, Odescalchi, Torlonia, Gaetani, and Massimo families.

Prince Carlo Massimo and Duke Leopoldo Torlonia are running the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. Prince Carlo Massimo is the President of the Italian Association for the Order of Malta and is the one giving the orders. Prince Carlo of Bourbon-Two Sicilies is a top manager of the Society of Jesus. The Jesuits are Roman intelligence and infiltrators serving the Black Nobility authorized by the Farnese family’s Pope Paul III. The Bourbon-Two Sicilies family are the continuation of the Farnese family and Farnesis is engraved on the Jesuit’s headquarters called the Gesu Church of Rome. The Colonna family are running the Knights of Columbus and Colombo crime family. Colonna means column like Colombo and Columbus. The Massimo and Gaetani families own and run the Gambino crime family and Philadelphia crime family. The Massimo family also own and run the Casamonica mafia clan or Roman Mafia and the Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari which still exists.

The Boncompagni-Ludovisi family run the Casalesi mafia clan which operates in their former dukedoms and also control the Bonanno crime family. The Adragna family of Sicily run many of the N’Drangheta factions along with the Gaetani family and the House of Adragna are part owners of Los Angeles crime family which was built up by the Dragna crime bosses like Jack Dragna. The House of Savoy own and run the Genovese crime family. Don Vito Genovese was from Naples and Prince Vittorio Emanuele IV of Savoy is the Prince of Naples. The Chigi-Albani family run most of the Albanian mafia like the Rudaj Organization. The Corsini, Medici, and Bonaparte families are the owners of the Union Corse or Corsican Mafia. The House of Windsor and German noble families run and finance various Neo-Nazi cults and Nazi propaganda while they also control many of the Jewish banking families. The WIndsor and Bush families control covert paramilitary organizations branched off from the military. The House of Bourbon and Spanish noble families run most of the Mexican and South American drug cartels.
Zee Researcha:
The Committee of 300: A Brief History of World Power…
Venetian Black Nobility,
Roots of Today’s Ruling Oligarchy

by Dr. John Coleman“

„Knight of Malta, Tom Cruise donates to the Optimum Population Trust of Manchester, England. He and his father are major depopulationists. Both are tied to the Papal bloodline Orsini family a most powerful family in complete control of the conspiracy. Pepe Orsini is the grey Pope working with his Black Pope in his Society Of Jesus. The Orsini(Maximus/Orso) family are the Zoroastrianist shadow hierachy of the Jesuit Order.

The “Illuminati” is only one of the six current heads that make up “the Beast” and there is a head to that beast…a woman who rides that beast, the evil Queen Hephzibah. You will never read any article about her, nor will you find any links to any web information about her, she is a Nephilim hybrid.“

Comment: “It’s hard for people to comprehend that the royals are not concerned with legitimate children. Many are illegitimate and believe it or not that line is important to them. They care not, because the most important aspect of maintaining this royal facade is all about wealth, corruption, drugs and power. They are not the top of the pyramid, the Queen is under the Vatican, Jesuits and Black Pope. She is connected to house of Guelph financiers. So Kate Middleton being instructed to act out being pregnant is a very small deception as far as they are concerned. William and Kate are merely pawns in the game. If they step out of line they would simply be disposed of. “The British Queen is a Princess of the new Holy Roman Empire just as King George III (Elector) was a Prince of this Empire. What you are not made aware of is that this Dame of Malta is a very high Priestess in witchcraft with her own powerful covens. Please study her Order of the Garter and its occult connection to witchcraft and witches. Ask yourself why two of the three real Necronomicon books exist in Britain, one in Scotland and the other in England with the Rothschild family. The third exists in Russia! The world you thought you knew is a very different place to the hidden world which surrounds you and controls you. The Earth is dominated by the fallen angel of Lucifer and not by God.” Lucifer is their God.”

Am 01.06.2013 veröffentlicht
Black Nobility, Manufactured Counterculture of 60’s and 70’s and NWO
80.821 Aufrufe“

„Well, Mass Media has been indoctrinating people since world war 2, before the Nazis became a world phenomenon
in WW2, that was setup.. illegaly and bogusly..I know 100% that the Nazis were setup deliberately as bad guys, so that they could pursuit black science, where in the western hemisphere the pursuit of that kind of black science would have caused a world outcry and so they had a manufactured bad guy who could go as deep as it goes in technology, in indoctrination, mind control, trauma, torture and get away for a while and then they could be fought against, defeated and all their knowledge intercepted and taken from them and all and be kept away among by the Allies by Project Paperclip, sending Nazis in High Places to U.S. ..makes his way to America and Canada as Dr. Green…SS community, the OSS became the CIA in 1947, really, really deep.“

„>They< essentially continue the Nazi Agenda just under a different Name..." "The Nazis in the 30s to indoctrinate their Nation into a bunch of Psychopaths with no conscience used Television, that was something that was not widespread...and the Nazis, when they intercepted that, saw the potential of how it could indoctrinate people...and in the year 1948, following the founding of the the western hemisphere..everybody ..could afford a TV set to indoctrinate them and so it began and the year was also noticeable because the transistor was developed and a lot of funny science came out of the Nazis that we could intercept.. These Project Paperclip refugees got out on Vatican passports under pope Pious 12..who was a Nazi supporter..Red Line to the South Pole and Antarctica. Neu Schwabenland. They made their way to Argentina and Brazil..for Mk Ultra ..1953.."

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Trees Growing On Mars’ Surface Reveal A Big NASA Cover-Up

„Trees Growing On Mars’ Surface Reveal A Big NASA Cover-Up“

„TOPICS: Conspiracy, Mars, NASA“


„The newest theory in the extraterrestrial field claims that there is a high-resolution photo of NASA showing trees growing all over the Red Planet‘s surface.
From the moment the picture was released on the University of Arizona site, it became a really popular yet controversial topic of discussion.
Namely, it initially appeared in 2010 and since then, scientists have been giving different hypotheses what could the strange objects represent.
The official report, however, didn’t please the UFO community that always looks for something deeper. On the contrary, they reached another explanation that differs the scientific one.
The featured photo depicts unusual areas all over the desolated hills of Mars. If you zoom in the peculiar formations, you can notice they strongly resemble trees that supposedly only grow on Earth. Moreover, there are also silver zones around them. According to the UFO community, these zones could be remains of frozen water.

So the true question is, if this turns out to be true, how did these trees manage to breed on the surface of Mars?
On the other hand, the scientific society considers the anomalies to be dark stripes of material running of the sand hills as a result of carbon dioxide frost evaporation.
NASA also confirmed to have highlighted the picture so the dark stripes will look more obvious.
So who do you decide to trust?
Many investigators said that the similarity between the stripes and trees confirms that life does develop on the Martian surface. Their claims grew even stronger after a recent discovery of the presence of liquid water on Mars.

In addition, the abundance of various weird artifacts on the Red Planet also strengthens the alternative theory.
Many doubters dismissed the tree theory saying that leaves are missing from the picture. However, regarding the fact that Mars used to have conditions to develop life in the distant past, they probably provided an answer to this doubt.
In other words, the leaves from the ‘trees’ could be missing due to the fact they are already dead and the wind is traversing them across the whole surface, mixing them with the sand.
YouTube user ‘Thor’ also presented some evidence in favor of the ‘tree theory’.

He stated that “there are almost identical geographic formations in the tundra of Siberia. Now there is unequivocal proof that high salinity, liquid water does exist on Mars it’s guaranteed that the geological and meteorological processes that cause these formations on Earth are replicated on the surface of Mars too.”“


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#7 Mars Defense Force feat. Randy Cramer | BREAKAWAY | Season 2

#7 Mars Defense Force feat. Randy Cramer | BREAKAWAY | Season 2
„Dauntless Dialogue: Am 11.10.2018 veröffentlicht: You may have heard of breakaway civilizations, the Secret Space Programs, or the „20 and Back.“ Randy Cramer joins us in Breakaway, a series where we speak with whistleblowers who claim to have worked in various aspects of the SSP.“

„Where kind of beginning of that is like you know I was engineered, I was made, I was trained, I was deployed and then spent 20 years … essentially following ..orders and doing what I was told because that’s what soldiers do and then came back, I was sent back now but the kind of the tricky part that I realized for some people is a bit to wrap their head around is that I was technically sent back 15 minutes right after I left, so I was putting back into a younger body which is I know it’s a little weird for people too that they can extract entire consciousness, your
entire soul and spirit energy and put it from one vessel into another vessel back into a younger body like into my timeline 15 minutes after I’ve left and then woke up thinking that I .,..
remembering and thinking that I’d had this dream that was like weeks months ages long and then you know as you kind of do when you wake up and you have quote-unquote a dream starts to fade out pretty quickly I got up looked in the mirror, I was like, oh, I’m 17 again and then my mind just completely repressed anything else that hadn’t already been repressed by the memory but that’s called a memory wipe but isn’t a memory wipe it’s a memories suppression, so that you don’t want to remember, so that you can’t remember but even though you have all these visceral emotions and
images that can flood or flash through your head, because it’s a pretty traumatic a couple of decades that you have to sort out and then quote-unquote relived my life from 17 to 37, as a civilian trying to put my pieces back together and I have often said it was a 20-year tour of duty and a 20-year healing process that was spent years where …I didn´t want to be social, I didn’t want to talk to people, I didn’t want to go outside, I didn’t like large crowds, I didn’t like loud noises… I had a lot of PTSD triggers that took a couple of decades really to sort out the fact that I can sit here as a evening mostly … healthy and functional person is, because it was a couple of decades of like really seriously intense healing work just to get to be functional again, so that’s the gist of it I mean welcome to this its…. because there was no way that I was going to have a function if I did says the traumatic memories that I was repressing, that is something I would like to say to anyone who’s having issues with repressed memories you got to deal with them like there’s no way that you’re ever gonna function again there’s no way you’re ever gonna be okay
there’s no way you’re never gonna be normal just give that up right now get up give it up that you’re ever going to be normal that’s what you went through you’re not going to be normal
but it’s going to take processing those emotions processing those thoughts processing those experiences out so that you can be a whole and balanced human being so that you can have some
semblance of control over your life again after having your life completely taken outside of your control for decades really I would probably encourage anyone… otherwise you will end up a mess. (Randy Cramer)(2018)“

„No, it was a United States Marine Corps special section lab with USMC SS scientists with extraterrestrial scientists and engineers who are helping in the process, now since that was before I was born there’s not much that I can say about it other than what I’ve been told about it not just to make me but there was you know a 300 personnel list for the project that I was part of when I was
kid and so they were engineering myself and 299 other, what would be boys and girls to go into that training program, at the time it was about a three or four year process what I understand sort of
like engineering and building up that many different individuals and …inserting them into mothers and family units that they could then be raised quote-unquote normally and then be escorted out from time to time … normal working-class folks who came from a pretty standard kind of traditional religious background, so I got you know raised in a Christian Church and taught a lot of Bible based values… moral and ethical …that sort… good and evil and to choose good over evil and that was really am I mean there was nothing military or extraordinary in that sense about my family my understanding is they are picking and choosing people based on different genetic markers from different ancestral genes that are present in that family so they want building blocks from that family that they can build upon they don’t want to just take any blank slate and build up on it they want to take something that has certain fundamentals that they want to start with and then they add on to. (Randy Cramer)(2018)“

„I think it actually filled in a lot of gaps for them that … they always knew I was a special kid and always knew that I was a little different in a good way …always super smart always super creative always super capable of a lot of different things and I just put a context for them I think that helps it to make sense… the building blocks to my genetic building blocks definitely come from my biological parents .. (Randy Cramer)(2018)“

„I was engineered from the ground up so.. my DNA somewhere has a patent on it and it’s technically listed as military hardware and … because I was part of a United States Marine Corps special section project, I’ve been a Marine since I was a baby, so that’s really where I started and there was really no like recruiting process or assimilation process I was in the program from…before I
breathed air outside my mother’s womb. (Randy Cramer)(2018)“

„but really probably the most significant beginning to that point was my deployment when I was seventeen which was a trip to the moon via TR-3B which is the black triangle ships that we have
and then processing at Lunra Operations Command which then turned into a deployment soon after that so anyone who’s ever been in the military knows that you go to an induction Center and at that
induction Center you get a physical you get a psych eval you file some paperwork you sign some papers you initial sign… and they took us to a jump gate from the Lunar orbit to the Mars orbit and then brought us down to the Tarmac .. which is the military headquarters for the Mars Defense Force, … which is the Mars colony Corporation and headquarters for the colonies I’ve never been to people have asked about that before I’ve never been to the colonies I know some information about them but we were pretty much you know stationed a distance away and told to keep anything that might be coming from outside… towards the inside… to protect the colonies whether that was really true or not is subjective I suppose but I’ve never been to the colonies
personally themselves so I don’t know. (Randy Cramer)(2018)“

„At the time I’ve been informed later that the MCC was formed in the early 1970s and that the first colonies were probably put down at about 1975 and that it’s essentially a group of a combination of financiers, military contractors and civilian administrators, military administrators to administer the formation of colonies which were supposed to have a certain number of
people …grow in personnel by people having kids and raising them within the colony and then the colonies themselves have some form of financial independence or stability where they’re
supposed to be manufacturing, mining or doing something that makes them profitable you can’t have a colony that’s you know sucking resources out and going nowhere so at some point the goal is to have them be completely financially self-sufficient or at least to be producing something, so that they’re able to financially fund themselves ..
I would say a multinational cooperative meaning that it wasn’t just Americans, it was definitely Americans and what when at the time have been members of the Soviet Union and other major countries that were kind of sort of what used to be the old G8 would be kind of the countries that I would consider where the majority of countries were on those lists participating at that time because there were the only countries that were financially and technologically advanced enough to be able to do so and had personnel who were capable and trained and intelligent them to be able to serve and function within those systems, so it was multinational. (Randy Cramer)(2018)“

„..are you talking about like intuitive empath training ?“

„So, we don’t have intuitive empaths, we psionic specialists which is just terminology more than anything and
everyone in the United States Marine Corps special section gets what we call a rudimentary training in psionics but if you’re a psionic specialist you get training which is much longer so you know the class that I took to trained in
basic psionics was about I want to say five or six weeks maybe but psionic specialists do a program that’s like almost eighteen months or something like that it’s almost like a year and a half program so you’re that’s
your specialization you’re going to spend a lot more time at it then you would just in general if you were just getting the basic fundamental training, but yeah pretty much any military tactical training that you can think of
we got we had so we’re pretty much trained for anything, everything and trained in scenarios in mock-up
scenarios in which sometimes drones were used as target practice, sometimes biological entities were used as target
practice which I can’t say whether those are things that were genetically engineered of those things that we had
an agreement with or that we captured I really couldn’t say it was all very strange, sometimes but live-fire
exercises in what we call exotic environments or with exotic targets which means you know they often don’t
just have two arms two legs you know and a head sometimes they’re really different and sometimes the locations you appear to be about as non-terrestrial as you could imagine them to be, so we were trained for all that and the
reason that we’re trained to hold that is because there are two things that essentially happen when a person is
confronted with actually being in the physical presence of an extraterrestrial being and the two things that happen are that your frontal lobe goes through a thought process of trying to process what’s happening how prepared are you to have that experience are you skeptical of that experience , are you just going to be in denial of that
experience … can you totally accept this experience, but what happens in fractions of a second faster
than what your frontal lobe does, is you have a emotional response a really visceral emotional response and so
without that training to be prepared for just anything nine times out of ten the amygdala is going to freak out and
you’re going to go into some kind of shock or some kind of psychological emotional distress, panic attack or
something, so even people and I talk to people all the time and they say I want to meet an Alien then I’m saying no you really don’t like you think you do and maybe if it was an alien that looked a lot like you and me and there are
they’re humanoids they look nearly and if you met one of those you probably would be okay but meeting an
extraterrestrial being that it’s completely not physically like you you think you want to be one of those but
chances are the first time that you did your amygdala would just freak out and you would go into a whole series of
panic responses doesn’t matter how prepared you think your frontal lobe is your amygdala is going to make that
decision for you and your and unless you’ve been conditioned for years and years and years to again to anticipate
exotic environments, exotic targets, exotic species you’re going to freak out, so the training is anything and
everything military that you could think of as well as being trained specifically for exotic locations and then exotic environments, so they end up on the surface of another world fighting some alien species. (Randy Cramer)(2018)“

„The best way I can answer that is to say that it’s this very complex arrangement of military intelligence groups, state operators would .. executive branches of government of a number of countries military intelligence branches of a number of countries, legislative bodies of a number of countries ,who are all engaged in this conversation about how do we deal with this how do we roll
how do we deal with this how do we roll out some form of disclosure because we know it has to happen we know we can’t keep it a secret forever we know that we need like desperately need the tools and technologies that are behind those walls of secrecy in order to survive as a species as a civilization on planet Earth that just has to happen that’s enough conversation around the table
people understand that, what becomes the problem is discussing exactly how that’s going to happen and you have a lot of people who are well I don’t want to do it that way if that guy’s gonna get in
an advantage and we’re gonna have a disadvantage I don’t want to do it that way I want to have the advantage and you know screw that guy and so you have a lot of problems getting people to agree
to anyway and so you kind of have these two major schools but which are should we do it totally peaceably should we do it with the shock and awe of a hoax invasion and it’s not really so simple
to say who’s on one side and who’s on the other although all I can really say to that is there’s certain chunk of representatives from all of those different kinds of factions that I mentioned on one side and a chunk on the other and I think it’s fair to say at the moment that we have a greater than 51% of those people who are becoming more Pro hoaxes invasion, because it just works out better for everybody and when I say everybody, I mean everybody who’s at the table making those decisions, so even though..we can sit around and come up with all the positive reasons why we would want to do it peaceably, it kinda becomes this overarching notion why hoax invasion is looking pretty good to these people is, because we have more in fighting on this planet than we’ve had in centuries and people just straight-up hate each other and I mean with the capital H A T E – hate to the point where there are groups of people who do not want to live on this planet if other groups of people are living on this planet and are doing everything, everything they can to exterminate those groups or doing everything they can to establish an incredibly militaristic way of existing,
in order to create conflict on epic scales, you have a number of organizations who believe that essentially they are ushering in the End Times for their particular religious belief system and that covers a number of religious belief systems, not just one or two who belif systems, that they are ushering in a moment when their particular narrative of what’s supposed to happen at the court, quote unquote the end of the world and how their particular deity or Messiah is supposed to save them and the people and their quote unquote true believers of that group and so that becomes really problematic when trying to get those people to agree to something peaceful, because some of them simply will not, they will simply never come to the table and agree to a peaceable understanding with extraterrestrial species of a friendly nature, because they believe a narrative that is deeply ingrained in their religious experience for in some cases… millennia that they’re not letting go of and so kind of have an agreement of understanding that the only way to get the largest numbers of those people in those groups on the same page is to have a common enemy… (Randy Cramer)(2018)“

„One group of people to hate upon and that gets everybody’s focus together which as weird as it may sound and I often find myself feeling like I’m in the strange position being Pro hoax invasion because it gets everyone’s focus on the same page gets everyone’s focus together and as even though that’s on a common hate or on a common enemy we really need that we really need to get our focus together and on the same page and that’s kind of the only way it’s gonna happen really it’s just not likely that any enough of the social psychological demographics are gonna come to an agreement if it’s a peasible landing of species and a ship that say take me to your leader we’re here to help out like there’s just a lot of people that are going to be suspicious of that from the get-go but if you have a situation in where you have a clear enemy who’s clearly the bad guy well then when the good guy shows up it’s a lot easier for people to go a the good guy just showed up because you have this binary dichotomy that’s already been set up in the mind which is part of our human brain our part of our human consciousness of a villain and a hero anyway of a good and a bad if a you know of two different sites anyway so by creating that villain side it means that people are really going to be more accepting of the quote-unquote good guys when they show up because it’s gonna be
very clear in their mind who the bad guy is and then in which is gonna set up is and then in which is gonna set up this position in their brain ..that’s the bad guy who’s the good guy
some at some point there’s got to be a good guy who’s gonna show up in this you know narrative and then we can go oh yeah the good guy just showed up so psychologically it’s just more likely
that’s the way we’re gonna go because there just doesn’t seem to be a way that we can get agreement on how to get all those other groups together on the same page without wanting to just end the
world without going without as soon as they see ETS landing on the front lawn or they see them in this guy though oh that’s it into the world let’s all gather together in our living room our church our mosque, our Enclave and we’ll just douse ourselves with gasoline and light ever I’m fire or do a Jim Jones moment just drink…kool-aid. (Randy Cramer)(2018)“

„„ we’re very concerned about a small percentage of those let’s just call them what they are mentally and emotionally unstable people who don’t want to accept a future, just don’t want to accept a future in which their religious narrative is not dominant and that’s kind of gonna have to happen there’s a lot of people who wish their religious narrative to be dominant and it’s just not gonna be it’s just it’s gonna have to take a backseat to understanding that we live in a big universe with a lot of species and your deity doesn’t necessarily have you know major priority over every other species in the universe, it may it be something that has a priority over you and your life, your spiritual system and your people you choose to give it that, but it doesn’t necessarily have any authority with other species, from other worlds and that’s gonna rub some people just really the wrong way and so if you have a invading species you know that gives them something to focus on, something to demonize, something to vilify, something to go oh that’s the evil right there and then something else shows up , they go in, okay, maybe that’s the good guy? So again, it sets up the dichotomy in the binary brain, so that people can… except one thing. because the other thing is present. so they can accept the good. because the evil present… but if there’s not really that presence of good and evil directly kind of defined then people are just going to start dividing up on what they think is good or evil, even if they’re quote unquote good ETS who have arrived based on their own belief systems of what they think should or should not be, so it’s that’s the quandary that we’re really dealing with.. is how to minimize the impact of mass suicide when we have contact, because it’s not the majority of the population that we’re concerned about: 85% of the population will I adapt, in one form or another, 85% statistically will adapt, it’s that 15% , that’s a little mentally and emotionally unstable, that is just not ready to accept a reality outside of what they deeply believe and that when
that happens, there’s just this very real chance that their reaction is going to be to self-destruct and we don’t want those people setting off a trend which can happen socio-psychologically which is to establish.. mass suicide trends or something like that, we just don’t want that to happen, so we’re trying to mitigate that in this process and again just psychologically for the largest number of people a hoax invasion fits that model so various groups of people on either side of that fence is what we should or should not do about that and it just say that hoax invasion isn’t winning that argument, because there’s just a lot of things that it fixes faster even though you have to break some things … I hate, I hate to use this phrase, because it’s a phrase that often justify… allows people to justify terrible things, but if you want them in a economic, you got to break some eggs and so at some point we see this way through this, as if we want to make it happen, we’re gonna have to break some eggs and we’re gonna have to … blow some things up and some cities will suffer tremendous damage of destruction and fire and human loss of life in order to make that happen and that’s sad, that’s terrible that we’re at the place without her or that we’ve that’s just the options that we’re looking at which is to never figure this out or make it happen in such a way that you have people really divided and again turning on each other, because they don’t have a common enemy to turn on or give them a common enemy to focus on and it gets everybody off every but …each other’s backs and gets humans you know stop attacking other humans and trying to destroy other humans and annihilate ourselves and puts the focus on trying to … keep everything alive and stable on planet Earth and so it’s a sticky wicket as the saying goes and I just find myself in this weird position defending hoax invasion like it’s a good idea just because on the list of good and bad… pros and cons on either side it works out it, works out better in a lot of ways and it gets us down the field, as it were, faster more efficiently than some other things but again it’s not my call as how that’s gonna happen so there’s no way that I can say this is how it’s gonna happen this is how it’s not gonna happen I can tell you based on the conversations what the trend in those conversations is and where people are tend to lean right now in that conversation but when it comes right down to how it gets decided that’s not my call so I have I can’t say exactly how it’s gonna go I can only tell you what the gist of the conversations and what the majority of people. (Randy Cramer)(2018)“

„I think that there’s a third option here … yes we are going to project our conceptions of good versus evil and a lot of the religious dogma on to the such a situation but I
do think that there already is a nemesis on this planet and I think that if we could reveal the various dark forces that have been committing systemic pedophilia and genocide and depopulation
and social engineering and false Flags and if we could really Stratton the spotlight on them we could unify the human race around a common enemy without having to look elsewhere.“

„I won’t disagree with that I will say that in fact there’s some interesting rumors that that’s also on the table of options and and I …there’s something or just gonna have to wait and
see how they work out because I hear discussions about again the pros and cons for how to get that done what the obstacles are getting that done and whether or not certain people think that
that’s just really gonna work not not that it’s a good idea or a bad idea that’s irrelevant to the conversation… it’s more relevant to the conversation whether it will work, ..
but I’ve heard some things recently which are you know pointing that as a real possibility and I’m just holding my breaths like everybody else ..okay well let’s see how
that works… (Randy Cramer)(2018)“

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#6 Classified Technology feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY | Season 1

#6 Classified Technology feat. Tony Rodrigues | BREAKAWAY | Season 1
„The Bearded One: vor 6 Monaten: This interview sparks, in me, an enter knowing. When Tony, which is also my name, mentioned the traumatic image manipulation on the memory regression machine, it sent me back to a memory where I am standing in front of a man in a lab coat. That man said these very words: „Why do you think, that when you wake up from a dream, that the only thing you can remember, is the horrible stuff?“ He was saying that by adding the horrible stuff, it puts a block on the entire content of the dream. So automatically when Tony mentioned this, I said, out loud actually, „They add these bad images in your dream, so you cant remember being taken up into the ship at night….“ Think about it. How many times in your life, do you know full well, that you had a really cool dream, but for some reason, you can only remember the last part, of falling off the cliff, or shooting someone you liked, knowing full well you would never, ever do that? Man, this waking up thing is sticking us further and further down into the matrix that we are part of. Oh, good show Adam. Love your work.“

„So there was a sense of gravity and so that was amazing to me to think that that was all powered.
The ships were rated by their power output the ships could jump from one end of the galaxy to the other but only as far as their power out but they’d have to sit and wait and then read jump and so the bigger battleships had more power they could jump much farther in one jump then just the transport ships, so the portal technology they used was based on power output … I really I don’t really know exactly how it worked, but there was a free power generator on each ship, there was everything was rated but power output and they said that there were ETS that had ships that had tremendous power output, they had way more than they could figure out to do that the CEDEs Colony could do
with their technology, whatever they were using… zero point, I don’t know what it was but there was they had
a method of free energy and it only had so much output or per generator or device that they were making so they
rated everything every one it when they saw other ETS there were plenty ET race that we talked about that had more
greater power output in their ships and it was a big mystery how that happened and trying to think beyond that
there were other portals there was a time there was a mission where I did get to walk through a portal and when I got close to it was bright but when you got close to it I could see it was a circle I could see the room that I would that I appeared in I could see like the door handle. I appeared in a in a top of a staircase like a stairwell and the door handle in the stairwell I could see it on the other side of the portal and when you walked into it boom
it was like disorienting and then I was in the stairwell there’s the handle I could see and that was an away mission
that I did early on so that was a tech but that was a the portals that you walk there like that were not common at all that was a very rare technology to be exposed to, I guess it was a level of what’s the word to be
like it was classified so there with you it’s not like everybody took a portal everywhere it wasn’t that widespread it was only for missions and it was only specific when you had clearance to go and do that. (Tony Rodrigues)“

„What about materialized errs …some of the other whistleblowers who have come forward have spoken about these microwave oven type devices that at least that’s what they look like and you choose the desired output and it’ll
produce it from molecules.“

„Yep .. it was a little bowl and it had a lid with holes in it I want to say that you put the bowl in it I’m
trying to remember but it might have done the whole thing we were sketch but don’t be yeah yeah you put the bowl in
you had to open it up the door look like a microwave only it didn’t have any kind of numbers or anything it just had
buttons and it had a little somebody wrote on a piece of paper what it was you know macaroni cheese
there was a sauerkraut there was potroast there was there was a potato au gratin or something.
Anyhow you put the bowl in it and close the door and you hit the button and it took four three four minutes and it was super hot it was boiling hot when you got it out and your food would be in the bowl and it replicated it so that was the one in our galley down in the back of the ship there was a bigger one in the front of the ship they had like 20 bucks but that the command crew had for their meals they had plenty of choices compared to what we had in the back so it was just a matter of programming it and that was always something that we always know was always something we always begged for it can you give us something new to eat. (Tony Rodrigues)“

„Other than that they lived normally yeah as far as I as far as I know that they were they were in the same level of
Technology as us but their religion they were practicing was a technology in itself you know you look at Satanism is
something evil the people they wouldn’t do it if it was as bad as what we’ve been sold I think it’s a not a religion, I think it’s a technology and they were using it to consult dead either dead people or people or intelligences from another dimension that could had access to the future or the past they were able to see get a glimpse of huge future events possible future events, so that they could manipulate it in their favor and it’s not something that I think that if you were going to access a benevolent or like a righteous intelligence from that plane wouldn’t give you information like that so they’re accessing you know they’re trading or something there’s a trade, there so that some intelligent from intelligence from another dimension or wherever can give oops we lost Tony…looks like Tony’s internet connection..Tony can you hear me..yes sorry about that my battery died oh
okay it told me I had 15 minutes left and it went two minutes and died on me..these things happen hey I have a train
that goes by every few hours and sometimes interrupts the podcast it’s just you know it’s just what we got to
put up with how were we I good question“ I think we were in the middle of talking about were we talking
about some of the satanic stuff yes okay it was yeah well I was just covering that that it’s basically it’s a tech
it’s a technology at least that’s at least that’s my theory it’s what I’ve that’s what I believe from what I witnessed I guess the other part the other thing the other technology that’s hard to get your head around will be the time-travel aspect there was Chronovizor was a machine that they could see probable futures they could look into
the future while they were tinkering with beat something and see what had changed or it was probable it 18:36
wasn’t edged stone kind of thing but they could see probable futures „that reminds me of project looking-glass I don’t know if you’re familiar with that?“ Yeah, it was the exact same thing basically it was a chronovisor and this was when I remember it from when they
were putting me back because I insisted that I was going to remember everything and then because I wasn’t supposed to remember and so they looked and saw that I did and they were trying different things , different ways to make me not remember they kept looking back and they had to get a certain amount they had to get a certain
percentage probability that I would not remember and they never did and for some reason I for some reason my record was deleted and what happened was they were going to give me a surgery they’re gonna give me like a lobotomy and put me back ..and I was going to wake up the next morning be crippled and they when they took me down to today I said well he doesn’t have you to have a record is right he doesn’t even have his record, so just put him back it’s not gonna matter and this is a gray and a reptile talking … in the room and then they put me back that was at the very the very very end but anyhow there was a tall there none none of them could even look at the chronovisor, it was it was sectioned off away from everybody, so that nobody could see any of the futures and it was only one of the long necked Tall-white…Grey but he was like a white but it looked like just same body as a Grey
but he was taller and had a long neck to him and they were he was the only person that could look at it and but it was a Chronovizor and it had the ability to look into the future. (Tony Rodrigues)“

„Marie Lewis: vor 5 Monaten: We, as Divine Beings, far exceed all technologies that exist. When we understand what this means, we know who we are.
There is nothing we cannot do or achieve or manifest…as long as it is of the higher realm. In order to achieve the less dense body we must take responsibility for our low frequencies, learn from them and let them go. They are there to teach us.
Everything that exist outside of our bodies, exist inside. Everything is manifested in form inside of our physical bodies. I am the tree and the tree is me. I am the river and the river is me.
Free energy is truly free. I know I will no longer need a furnace. The room will always be at a comfortable temperature. This can only be achieved when one is free of all judgment, fear, arrogance and control. Ego is huge in the „truther“ community. It is a limitation to who we truly are as Divine Beings.“

„enjoypolo: vor 5 Monaten: I think Tony should setup some sort of social media or website for people to follow-up on. It also makes him more reachable. But thats just my two cents. Its very insightful and even hopeful to hear the conditions of other civilizations. The grass is greener on the otherwise, but not always. So thank you.“

„iulyanah *: vor 4 Monaten: So the battery stopped when Tony was about to tell that in the satanic ritual-technology it was a trade: a child life for some information. I have real doubt that those people are same species with the rest of us 😒“

„gle: vor 3 Wochen: I’m impressed by your channel. Also, you are an excellent host. Really one of the best I’ve watched.“
„shelly kay: vor 6 Monaten: Do our souls ever escape being controlled by other „entities“? It’s not looking like a happy future for us.“
„Rolf Lagerquist: vor 6 Monaten: Seems to me that consciousnesses exists at densities (described here 3D and 5D vibrations) whereas higher densities (still vibrations) exits as more spiritual entities where physicality is modified. Still there is constant communication between everything. Higher/lower densities, acting as one. Regardless consciousness is key as it exist in 3D – 12D but with different levels of interaction. Law of states we are all ONE with our Creator whom experience our repeated soul journeys though each of us.“

„Ivy Rivard: vor 6 Monaten: I bet the elite on Earth in the Cabal have access to this ‚chronovisor‘ and use their Satanic ‚technology in the form of ceremonies to try and hold back the Event,and be able to continue to enslave us. Tony, thank you for re living hell to tell us,actually warn us. Adam…enjoy your break! We will definitely miss you and your great work.“

„Colin Brodhead: vor 5 Monaten: The secret behind antigravity and free energy power sources, being fundamentally one and the same, stems from an understanding of the perpetually regenerating spin of electrons. An electron is field trapped in a toroidal vortex, but whose basic principle of operation is mirrored in the self-exciting Faraday disc dynamo, in which the rotation of the armature generates a current that feeds back to amplify the initial magnetic field through which the armature passes as it rotates which, in turn, increases the current generated. Note that an electron has „mass,“ which, in the conventional interpretation of thermodynamics, therefore requires that energy must be continually „consumed“ in order to maintain this continual angular momentum. In fact, a simple calculation reveals that the amount of energy needed to do this (conventionally speaking) very quickly becomes greater than the total amount of energy represented by the electron itself! Moreover, since this condition involves every electron in the Universe SIMULTANEOUSLY, you’re now facing an illusory cosmological paradox in which the entire Universe itself also needs more energy at every given instant than can possibly exist …in order to maintain its existence! Crazy stuff, no? So where is the energy coming from? It’s not being „consumed“ at all; it’s being RECYCLED.
SuperPandabear123: vor 5 Monaten: Tony has Dark Fleet experience , noone else does!
Zee Ter: vor 6 Monaten: The anti-gravity technology does exist, I’ve seen it up close.
Deiterwakes 1: vor 6 Monaten (bearbeitet): How come your desk decanter is empty? Seriously though, I find this dialog series absolutely fascinating.
jameshem: vor 3 Monaten: Great questions with minimal interruption from the Host. Well done Sir.
Sarah Travagline: vor 6 Monaten: Element 93 which is magnetic, double AA batteries and a cellphone to send a signal creates anti-gravity.
Bloomin‘ Arty: vor 6 Monaten: Watch Blake’s 7 series. It started in 1978. It’s kinda similar to Tony’s story. It’s a British series you might not get in US but is on YouTube.
David J. Smith: vor 3 Monaten (bearbeitet): If you haven’t already, you may want to interview Andrew D. Basiago concerning „Time Travel“ as well as „Teleportation“, that he and his Father were involved in back in the 70’s through DARPA and the CIA Secret Time Travel Program!…God Bless!“

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