Interdimensional Synthetic Telepathy Report (Synthtel) – 31.3.2024

Interdimensional Synthetic Telepathy Report (Synthtel) – 31.3.2024

Incomprehensible – w2k – 3… 0:01:
MP3 Heute,
The Deity is in you – w2k
MP3 Heute,
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Katastrophic Consequence… 0:03:
MP3 Gestern
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Tethered to your Brain – w2… 0:03:
MP3 Gestern,
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Energy Vampire – w2k

NRO – National Reconnaissance Office… 0:04: MP3 Mi., 27.03.2024
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lesus is in You – 5th time-… 0:01 :
MP3 Mi., 27.03.2024,
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MP3 Mi., 27.03.2024,
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She is having
MP3 Mi., 27.03.2024,
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Alyssa Milano – w2k-27.3…. 0:03:
MP3 Mi., 27.03.2024
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He is diminishing your light..

The Messiah is coming -… 0:01:
MP3 Heute,
M-rna – w2k
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Historical Reference:

Conspiracy Revelation: 31.3.2024: Indeed, I couldn´t have said it more poetically.

“Seeking Mary Magdalene
~~ wynn manners
Yeshua married Infinity
when he married Mary Magdalene
for She was One with the Infinitude of Sophia.
And Mary Magdalene married Eternity
when she married Yeshua
for she *knew* his Love for her would be Forever.
And thus Infinity and Eternity
came together as One…
experienced for the very First Time
by two *mortal* human beings
(altho Immortal *Spirits*)
like you and *i*!
— showing the Way for *us*
to be experiencing this
with the one *we* love
and who loves *us* this completely!
With her sacrosanct form, this wonderful
enfleshment of the Paradisical,
his arms around her,
holding her so preciously *near*
… so forever dear to him…
Yeshua rejoined his Angelic half
Come from the Pleroma, itself,
to be *with* her.
And once again, looking
deep into each other’s eyes
they co-experienced the
very Beginning of it All,
two Universes of Pure Love
joining… intertwining… pregnant
with the Future of Womanity
that could blossom infinitely *too*…
simply by living *their* example
(with each other)
for All Time to Come…

King = Pharao, just a reminder.


“Wisdom is the highest peak. It is the most profound level of reality, the highest level of cognition, the most potent force for action, and the source of all other levels and forces.”

They have been searching for you… 0:02:
MP3 Heute,
81,8 kB
Draconian Empire – w2k – 2… 0:03: MP3 Heute,
97,9 kB
Prisoners of War – w2q – 24… 0:01:
MP3 Heute
ANTI-VAMPIR – 24.3 2024
MP3 Heute,
Lhcc cleared out – reglow –
MP3 Heute,
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70,1 kB
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“Your independence bothers them. – w2k.mp3”

“You are embarassing people. You have the energy of a deity – w2k – 28.2.2024…”

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