Advanced Materials To Enable Wireless Brain-Machine Interface (we did not consent, it is still a violation of cosmic law, because of clandestine criminal infusion)

Advanced Materials To Enable Wireless Brain-Machine Interface (Conspiracy Revelation: 16.4.2024: We did not consent, it is still a violation of cosmic law, because of clandestine criminal infusion)

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Prof. Sakhrat Khizroev (University of Miami) discusses how new and advanced materials can be used for interfacing machines and the human brain!
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“Brain-Like Computing (BLC) and Neuromorphic Computing (NC)
Problem Significance
The current CMOS technology cannot longer maintain the Moore’s Law, Quantum Computing (QC) might be a promising alternative for some niche applications, e.g., encryption, however, its capability to replace an entire computer remains a major open question.
Solution: Brain-Like and/or Neuromorphic Computing In contrast, Brain-Like Computing (BLC) and/or Neuromorphic Computing (NC) is a viable alternative. The concept works. However, there are open engineering questions to implement the new hardware.
Supercomputer (China), Cost: $500mln Energy consumption:
a power plant (~700 MW)
➤BLC is vital to implement computationally powerful neuro- biological architectures present in the nervous system and thus create superior artificial intelligence (AI) systems Reciprocally, BLC will improve our fundamental understanding of the brain and thus enable many disruptive medical applications
The human brain is still more superior in every respect…,
Uses only 200 W of power…

“Open Question:
>To date, we still don´t know how the brain works (computing architecture of the brain), because it is challenging to establish contacts to 80 Billion Neurons !? The engineering which underlies the communication between neurons, i.e., spatial and temporal dependencies of electric currents and thermal management, is an open question.
We know the brain follows a very different computing architecture compared to modern computers.
>Thermal management: Temperature variation in the brain is < 2°C compared of >50°C in CMOS chip ➤Fan-out is 105 compared to 3-4 in CMOS chip.
>Power is ~20 W compared to 7 MW in CMOS >Noise is stochastic resonance compared to …
>Error Rate is ~75% compared to -0% in CMOS.
Unit size: ~10 microns compared to 10 nanometers in CMOS.
>Operational voltage: 0.01 V compared to 1 V in CMOS.
Speed: 1 msec compared to <1 nsec.
Dimensionality/Geometry: 2D (more than 3D) compared to 2D (or 2.5D) in CMOS.
Hypothesis: Directly learning from the brain by building high-precision wireless brain-machine interface (BMI) might help shed light on understanding the brain’s computing architecture… We solve the open question of the brain computing architecture. We also learn how to cure currently untreatable brain-related diseases. At the end of the day, by connecting the human brain to A.I., elevate the homo sapiens to the next level…

“Advanced Materials: Intelligent Materials
Magnetoelectric Nanoparticles (MENPs) (NOT TO BE CONFUSED WITH MAGNETIC NANOPARTICLES) can be used for both writing/reading information in/from the brain at the single-neuron level
Writing: P1 = -dG/dE, = -a,H
Note: Each nanoparticle acts as a nanoscale site that converts a magnetic field into an electric field and vice versa
Reading: M = -dG/dH1 = αE,
Coreshell Magnetoelectric Nanoparticles
With MENPs, local electric fields can be controlled with remote magnetic fields
MENPs can be navigated and imaged via an external magnetic field
Because the conversion of remote magnetic energy into local electric energy takes place at the quantum-mechanical level, it is extremely energy-efficient process, compared to existing state of the art approaches
**Chemically engineered graphene-based 2-D organic molecular magnet,” ACS Nano 7(11), Article ASAP 10011-10022 (2013) **”Nanolasers to enable data storage beyond 10 terabit/in2, “Appl. Phys. Lett. 91 (15), 3115-6 (2007)
***”Physics of perpendicular recording: writing process,” Appl. Phys. Reviews -Focused Review, JAP 95 (9), 4521 (2004)
M-core shell

Keyword: Battelle: Reference Link History:

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“@weareallbeingwatched4602: vor 4 Monaten: Moscow state university psychiatric department, Gulag division. We have ways of making you talk…

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@coolkid-gl4sf: vor 10 Monaten: Cool video. (I commented this wirelessly with my brain)”

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