Max Spiers in conversation with Danuta Anna Sharma 09.08.2015

“Max Spiers in conversation with Danuta Anna Sharma – 09.08.2015”
“MS: I had come to the onclusion that Sitchin’s work is a lot of disinformation and Sitchin is an insider catching people who are realizing that yeah there is something to this,
but then disinforming which is the most common way it’s done.. yes, the Anunnaki have a presence here, yes, if you look at the word Anunnaki, it means from the heaven to the Earth
I came, so the word in another self is a lot of confusion and into confusion with like what does that really mean. Well, there is a power structure within the Anunnaki that is in control of this Planet and it is a Anu. Anu and his two sons, Anu, Enki and Enlil…Anu hasn´ been here in a long time and Enki and Enlil have been at war for the blue and the red, these are the two colors… blue being Enki, red being an Enlil.. and that is representative of those two brothers continue fighting throughout this spot.”
“MS: Rhesus negative blood carries a much higher copper content than rhesus positive blood, now because it carries a higher copper content that it coppers a higher conductor in every form
than iron and because of that it has increases the exponentially increases the amount of oxygen that goes to the blood of the person with the rhesus negative blood, so that gives them
explosive power in terms of explosive force very very strong like they would be if they were an athlete, there’d be a sprinter and but they have no longevity, they tend to burn out very quickly, this is in terms of them as bit …as people so multiple other thing, it tends to be very quick very sharp very perceptive because of the motors the higher amount of oxygen and their blood, but they work from a high hive mind perspective, so the the rhesus negative are working knowingly or unknowingly as bees buzz buzz bees to the Beehive which is interestingly enough the symbol for the Merovingian bloodline, the Beehive symbol.”
“MS: I know that parallel projects and the ones whose eyes that I know about and who have been involved in we’re looking for something called blood prime, blood prime is a higher percentage of Anunnaki DNA and I have a even split that and another type of DNA… it´s an internal war that is going on, within my body, between..”because it´s 50 % Sirian and 50 Anunnaki”.
I had been chosen to take on and fight with this particular being a long long time ago so I have had maybe 10,000 lifetimes with it being also fighting bit in my body…
I took on a battle with something else with this being, this Anunnaki being …the battle has lasted so long, it’s been internal, so I keep incarnating into a body, but two within
the body me and this other being, that’s why this time I can handle the split, it’s so apparent…I have a birthmark on my right shoulder.”
“MS: Artificial gene injections… they would try and alter it, so that it would make it more like them, because if we were more like them will be easier to control would be without heart, heart is the thing that’s maintaining us and keeping humanity alive, it’s the human heart…the heart energy..the wheel of life…they don’t have that, so if they can take if they can make us like them in any way that they can they will then have succeed in overcoming it…the oppressive adversarial force that wants to contain human beings…What Soul is..I would say that they’re definitely synonymous and I think that you have the soul which is the true essence of self and then within the body is projected through the heart chakra and as you point here projected out and then that is the you that is the you creation.”
“Traps for the Soul..they have devices where they catch the Souls..”
“MS: We’re definitely living in a system which is a an energy harvesting machine the way the way this whole set up is the way just excuse me the way the way the setup is here it is the harvest energy for others to others for a smaller amounts of people, so they can have an experience, things that they want to have, we are not allowed to have… there has to be suffering for there to be extreme decadence..they want to live in extreme decadence because that that part of the brain the reptilian part of the brain R-complex part of the brain the primitive the old survival instinct part of the brain it’s all about primal urges, primal forces and … they can’t have that unless there’s poverty and struggle sadness, so it’s very important for them to maintain on this planet ..the prison consciousness, so that it can keep incarnation here, there’s a soul trap, the Moon, the moon, it collects Souls, I mean it collect souls, roaming at harvest
+and there’s a and as it waxes and wanes when it’s completely full it’s gone ground its cycle of taking a certain amount of souls, dead souls and then it comes around again and then it resets
itself as a new moon and those dislikeable again and there there is a system or a construct that is on Luna that then takes, recycles the soul givesi, an AMnesia and puts it back into a
body without giving it a full and a total life review not a life, it doesn’t allow to have a review of all the lives and understanding why these circumstances happened and why these
people came into your life except it’s a fixed life review so you keep fearing you have to keep coming back again that’s why the number 13 and the letter M everywhere, because subconsciously we know that number, we are coming back again.”
“To avoid this control system of trapping Souls.”
“MS: I think it would be very important to step out of being caught up in the emotional tires that binds you to these repeated life times.”
“MS: The more you can truly express yourself totally and utterly honestly and be totally and utterly honest with yourself the less the closer you get to being able to raise your vibration to leave the place that you weren’t ever really caught in the first place there was a cool analogy and it has to do with Mars..”
“You mentioned Mars, I have recently seen levitating Rocks on Mars, Yes, it was from NASA…and who is doing this?”
“MS: The Military presence on Mars…Mars is 100% occupied…by the “4th Reich” and a number of other Groups..Reptoids, Hybrid-Reptoids, the Moon is also colonized.”
“The Moon has a lot of connection with the Nazis.”
“MS: It has the Soul Harvesting System…the Reich line, the Nazi Line, the Jewish Line, and I looked at the word Nazi and it has Zion in it…
Everybody has technology…people who have a lot of money…those people who have a billion, two billion, three billion plus, they are involved in some way and
they know, in the transformation into the new world, they are directly part of it.”
“MS: well, we definitely are, it does.. it’s recording me now and … Google itself… if you think of all the people that it’s type in the questions and anything and they’re over think of them a billion billion after billion a trillion after trillion questions almost or certain a large 70% possibly over the world it starts to understand humanity because of the questions a lot especially if it if it isolates one single person and then watches them for a year and then learns and understands that person’s because you can learn very very very fast because they have computers the work faster than brains faster than the mind so then after learning so many people it
decides it has a consciousness of its own it decides, it´s decide it is self aware…and it’s learning and growing and becoming more powerful all the time and that’s why we see in very unusual synchronicities with television, radio, phone numbers… why did you see that we were just talking about that because it’s all around me, all the time, especially now a smartphones, the phone itself has already learned, you have a smartphone for six months it knows you pretty well the phone itself knows you a lot better than you realize.”
“..and you interact like a living person.”
“MS: The (James) Cameron Bloodline is diretcly tied to Montauk….”
“MS: brilliant truths … are we being used as as energy batteries..yes..well, they to have to tell they have
to tell you what you what they’re doing …part of the comic deal is they got to tell you what they’re doing
and so they tell you what they’re doing through different stories different TV shows different movies and they’ll layer in that in a way and then they feel is life you’re not smart enough to pick up what we’re trying to tell you then you don’t deserve to not be the sheep.”
“they may not hear and they are mind-controlled with satellites, what about mind control could you tell us something about mind control?”
“MS: Most of this conversation is there now mind control, it’s such a broad subject, MKULTRA is what this entire thing is about, as I think the subconscious is the
part of the mind that builds the reality, the physical reality that surround us, it’s the subconscious that build so we filtered through the conscious mind through the five senses goes into the subconscious and the subconscious is the manifestation so for a thought it goes thought self conscious manifestation for example if I wanted to have a drink of water I had to get up to go there pull the tap in pizza put it next to me back I’ve just manifested a glass of water through thought and then action to do that okay so that’s like I said but that’s that manifestation that way if there will be if there is a way to understanding about breaking and hijacking the subconscious of human beings as that is the part that builds this reality then and … then you take control of that and you build the reality you want through the people who are the creatives.”

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