How the field of Psychiatry plays its role in a Targeted Individuals life!

“How the field of Psychiatry plays its role in a Targeted Individuals life!”
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“This was set the stage for DSM criteria currently used to classify
mental disorders at the time of its writing which is 2014 the DMS M4 is
currently in use as a diagnostic Aid in classifying mental illness currently the
DSM-5 is being debated and debated as sold to its strengths and weaknesses.
There’s also currently a Grassroots opposition to the DSM-5 which is fairly
formidable, at this point you’re probably wondering why there’s a chapter on
Psychiatry included in a book about non-consensual experimentation with
non-lethal weapons and directed energy. Allowing me to Enlighten you.
From the beginning the earliest research sub-projects, included MK Ultra, MK search and
similar projects were aimed at controlling the Mind, almost all of the
sub-projects were directed by psychiatrists, driving their funding directly or indirectly from agencies like the CIA, NSA or DOD. Much of the experimentation was performed on all
non-consenting participants who were regarded as Expendable
in the name of National
Security, all of these psychiatrists exposed to fioa. Freedom of Information
Act and the Rockefeller commission, as to directing research went on to be held as
directing research went on to be held as Pioneers in their field and had glowing
eulogies upon their deaths, all of this, despite admissions of Performing
non-consistential experimentation to Congress and citing the interests of
national security for their blatant disregard of victims rights….”

“The technology was painstakingly designed to accurately mimic the symptoms that psychiatrists have determined to fulfill the diagnosis of these respective disorders, as a matter of fact psychiatrists at the community level have long been used as
apologists for non-consensual experimentation many of the victims of
the early radiation an infectious agent experimentation we’re told they were
delusional or schizophrenic once they started reporting symptoms and seeking
medical assistance of course decadeslater after many lives were ruined by
illnesses and wrong for psychiatric diagnosis the government did admit to
non-consensual experimentation and lame apologies were offered to survivors and
families the last such apology was given by Hillary Clinton to the people of
Guatemala for experimentation non-consensually done on them by NIH
with syphilis contagion, of course the experimentation was done from 1946 to 1948 and the apology was given under duress or media exposure 16 years later and 60 years later in 2010 which is typical of our government, current example is a very obvious experimentation such as these victims complain of electronic
harassment and Morgellons disease are likely in the same boat awaiting an
admission of guilt and apology 50 to 60 years later, for those unfamiliar with Morgellons
disease, it is being diagnosed in individuals breaking out skin lesions
from which non-human fiber strains, strands of other material are being
removed despite a number of Physicians sending biopsies from Morgellons
allegiance to Laboratories verifying the presence of non-human matter the excuse
offered by the NIH and the CDC…remember these are the same two agencies
responsible responsible for the Tuskegee simple study in the United States and
reach the exposed simplest study in Guatemala I’m certain these victims were
told that they were suffering from delusions at the same time as their
experimentation as well if it appears this is a dsm-4 was intensely set up to
be able to Sidetrack any truth about experimentation from being found. The
DSM-5 will be worse not only for current victims of non-consensual
experimentation but for the population large as well upon its initial Drive the
DSM-5 was mired in controversy for the vast number of psychiatrists who support
the new criteria and equal vast and equally vast numbers throw thoroughly
oppose it fundamentally the biggest problem with the DSM-5 is essentially no
person no matter how mentally stable can escape getting some type of diagnosis… it has been revised several times with a fifth revision was published in May 2013, the
codes in the DSM criteria also coincide with the ICD billing codes, making it
easier for psychiatrists to build their services to a third party players the
American psychiatrist Association has been under Fire for the DSM since its inception for both this content and money generated by its publication each revision of the manual has included more previously normal behaviors as pathologic worthy of or worthy of
diagnosis the current revision or DSM M5 is no different…the money
generated by the DSM and the influence in some former pharmaceutical companies
have it’s on its own content led to much controversy regarding its use… basically they can label anybody whatever they want…they got a a mental illness for everything…”

“.. it’s amazingly coincidental that the APA, fully complicit in the MK Ultra mind
experimentation projects,
would find a way to include 300 000 plus
individuals…Professor of emeritus of Psychiatry at Duke University School of
Medicine, he’s been very outspoken against the DSM-5 due to the rest of it
medicalizing normality, resulting in glut of unnecessary and harmful drug
prescribing, in Psychology today he listed the 10 most harmful changes to
the DSM-5 and recommends that they not be followed at all, disrupted mood,
dysregulation disorder will turn child temper transoms into a mental disorder
with pharmacological treatment recommended it’s exaggerate the already
excessive and inappropriate use of medication in young children…”

“However because the practice of Psychiatry is pharmaco-financially
driven, the victim is found within the parameters that the dsm-4 dash, soon to
be dsm-5 and placed in treatment, since most victims are in their late 30s to
50s with no history of psychiatric illness, they’re usually spared to
of schizophrenia in favor of a delusional disorder or non-bizarre type
delusional disorders is divided into subtypes of bizarre and non-bizarre and
further broken down…”

When they hit you with the Pain Rays from Raytheon and Lockheed, Sleep deprivation Torture satellites from USAF/NSA, scalar weapons of navy and neuro dews of Arpa/DoD to induce nerve shaking and panic and people go to the hospital to search for help they automatically relocate people to psychiatry, that is the Rockefeller (ICD-DSM) Help-Deflection strategy, to create more trauma….that´s why T.I.s land at the hands of Astra Zeneca (the star killers) and Psychiatry Drug delivery, all a deeply enmeshed cruel systemic Zersetzungs-Mechanism of the NWO Crime Cartel…The Medical Doctors are also guilty as hell…as are many greedy Psychologists and Psychiatrists…

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There is a documentary called psychiatry the industry of death, very informative!!! Thank you David for all you do for us!!!

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Thank you for this video Dave. You are spot on. The COA is in bed with certain psychologists and psychiatrists who make big government money on the side misdiagnosing innocent healthy people. Psychiatry is looked down on by real doctors as a fictitious doctor. Psychiatric diagnoses are vast thanks to a team of social workers who meet every couple of years in New Jersey to add to the DSM5 and tweak the diagnoses they fabricate and invent based on what they observe. It is totally bogus. Stay away from psychiatrists and stay off those dangerous addictive medications that alter brain chemistry and cause irreversible harm.

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TI’s, please listen to full video, so worth it. Great job Bubby.

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You may want to get the book called THE CIA DOCTORS (Human Rights Violations By American Psychiatrists) written by;Colin A Ross, M.D, very interesting book!!! God bless my brother!!!

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Every psychiatrist must know that brain cells work with electromagnetism in similar way to smartphones, and thats how telepathy is done. However, they have usually no idea how advanced this is, and some of them are even in mindcontrol that prevents them from realizing. The most important thing to know is that telepathy is mainly sent silently. Those who dont know it think its somekind of voices, and those who receive telepathic messages often suppose that others know them to be silent too.

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Psychiatry is just somebody’s opinion, it’s all pretty sad but it does make somebody alot of money, what does the Bible say ‘ The love of money is the root of all injurious things’. Sad situation we are in these days!!! Even so come Lord Jesus come quickly!!!!!!!!!

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It´s institutionalized Terroristic Government standard procedure to deflect any attempt of freedom from the oppressors and gaining true independence while you are subjected to the nwo corporate slave system…it is also a way to sabotage competition in many fields, music industry, software security etc… the nwo communistic zionazis want to have total dominion over the digital world and if you have a strong presence they want to crush it…

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Who assigned medical doctors to us?

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