Studies show that infections cause Morgellons disease…

Conspiracy Revelation: 19.11.2022: We need to start lawsuits against multiple major social and governmental institutions, that help to cover up the biggest genomic crime for 2 decades, also against Wikipedia for calling a proven advanced bioweapon delusional. Furthermore we must force the Rockefeller ICD to list this serious attack, that we can get compensation from the evil military, alphabet and gov institutions who are responsible for these assaults. They are helping to mask a potential genocidal and military-grade advanced genetic biotech bioweapon from Darpa.
CIAs and NIHs tactic to downplay a serious genetic weapon that mutates the human dna on a global scale is outright criminal and must be punished. Everyone can prove this bioweapon easily and objectively, with a microscope, with the skin lesions or angiomas and with Spooky Scalar, the most affordable DNA-Scanner for Civilians.
Almost anyone who has been targeted and neuro-tortured by the evil shadow government got this DNA-Sabotage as a lasting present from the New World Order Crime Syndicate. The DARPA Bills from 2013 openly show to everyone how they audaciously test these genetic quantum bioweapons on everyone and the so-called special operations command Smart Dust or Archon Dust, how I call it, inhaled daily via illicit Chemtrails, plays a big part in the Morgellons Disease.
This BAN – Body Area Network – Nanotech Evil Dust acts also as a spy, torture and sensoring and measuring tool and Brain-Computer-Interface plus acts as a DNA-Resonance Bioweapon, if the inventors activate this feature. From my 10+ years of Research, it appears that the Bioweapon was invented at the University of California in 1998, sold to Rheogene / Big Pharma and then sold to the U.S. Military/DARPA to deploy it globally for the NWO into the atmosphere as Smart Dust with a Bioweapon activation switch.

“Studies show that infections–not delusion–cause Morgellons disease”

“Press release from Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation

June 15, 2016”

“Morgellons disease is a multi-system illness characterized by the formation of unusual, sometimes brightly colored fibers within skin.”

“In 2013 an international group of scientists contradicted this theory, finding Borrelia spirochetes (corkscrew-shaped bacteria associated with tick-borne disease) in skin samples of 4 patients (1) followed by a larger study in 2015 (2). Despite this evidence the medical community at large has been slow to acknowledge the association between Morgellons disease and Borrelia infection.

Two additional laboratories have now replicated this important research. Oklahoma State University-Center for Health Sciences research team led by Randy S. Wymore, PhD reported finding Borrelia DNA in Morgellons skin samples. Dr. Wymore’s presentation at the recent medical conference, Multiple Bacterial Species Identified in Morgellons Samples, provided much anticipated results and independent corroboration of previously reported findings.

Additionally, IGeneX Laboratory found DNA from three different species of Borrelia in patient skin specimens (3,4). Independent laboratory confirmation detecting Borrelia in Morgellons skin specimens is an important step in proving that Morgellons disease is a true somatic illness..”


Conspiracy Revelation: 7.11.2022:

7. Nov.
A shame that this is not in the ICD… It is 100% proven, due to negative eugenic strategic reasons they keep it away from being mentioned in official diagnostics.

7. Nov.
Nearly every Targeted Individual who has been blacklisted by NSA from 2000 onwards has been biogenetically attacked with Morgellons.

7. Nov.
There are Thousands and Thousands of M.D.s globally and only a handful approach the topic Morgellons…what is wrong with all the others..

7. Nov.
The whole Medical Community under Rockefeller is cursed for staying in line with genocidal mass murderers and for not being able to emancipate out of the claws of NWO and not acknowledging Military Grade Bioweapons.

7. Nov.
Lyme Disease is a Nazi Bioweapon from the 50s, but it is not Morgellons, there are massive differences.
Morgellons is a Bioweapon that was invented by 3 Criminals from University of California.

7. Nov.
Hier laufen aktive Desinfokampagnen über Morgellons, diese U.S. Biowaffe ist patentiert und dokumentiert und alle, die sich aktiv an der Verharmlosung dieser negativ-eugenischen Völkermordwaffe beteiligen, machen sich der Tatsachenverdrehung und Verdunkelung schuldig.

7. Nov.
We are objectivists, plausible deniability does not work. Hard, solid, factual, proven.

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