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How to Escape From a Sick Society – Academy of Ideas

The 20th century clearly shows that totalitarianism is not a solution to any problem, but a social ill of the most horrific kind. More innocent men, women, and children were killed by the totalitarian regimes of the 20th century than by natural disasters, pandemics or even the two world wars. If, therefore, we are unfortunate enough to be living in a world flirting with the sickness of totalitarianism, what can we do to escape?”

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ConspiratorRevelation2022: 20.5.2022: Should be watched by everyone…a must see…

“How to Escape from a Sick Society
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“tezrh: vor 8 Monaten (bearbeitet):
What has truly shocked me over the past two years, is to have watched very intelligent and well respected academics I once worked with, and doctors and barristers who I’ve personally known for years, become some of the most ignorant, hateful, gutless cowards I’ve ever imagined.”

“James Steele: vor 8 Monaten:
I too am shocked at how many intelligent people are eagerly going along with this virus scam. I feel like I’m living in a Twilight Zone episode.”

“Good Life: vor 8 Monaten:
For years I used to believe that “one day the masses will rise up and take down tyranny”. I now understand how deluded, and dangerous that idea is. At any given time, it’s only a minority of the population that is discerning enough to see the nature of the control system for what it is. Creating a parallel society, first starting with one’s self, now looks like the only way to go. Thanks once more for your videos, always edifying.”

“Mark O: vor 8 Monaten: Any alternative to totalitarian society must be based on love and empathy just as much as it is based on respect and freedom. If there is no love, totalitarian violence will only be perpetuated. This is why Nietzsche warned that when fighting monsters, we must be careful not to become monsters ourselves.”

“sebastián Contreras: vor 6 Monaten:
Well, I’m from Venezuela, a country that has a totalitarian goverment. Sometimes I feel pessimistic about my future, is difficult to know that every day things gets worse: food is more expensive, insecurity is rising, colleges are not working, etc. But I realized that doing nothing is not going to make things better, so I decided to move on and try to make some good, to make things a little better for me, my family and my country. …
For now I just have to say that a love this channel, it’s a great content, keep going!”

“Jake Stollery: vor 7 Monaten: I live in Melbourne, Australia. Thank you for describing my society so eloquently.”

“Paul Bryant: vor 7 Monaten (bearbeitet):
I have read much of Solzhenitsyn. Even reading from those who discovered Individualism we must be careful not to slip into complete isolation, for it is very difficult to rebuild society as mentioned here. And we must be careful not to become ‘mini-totalitarians’ in the process!”

“Seth Bob: vor 8 Monaten:
To the creator of this content, you are certainly doing your part! Such grounded reason presented in a very straightforward, digestible manner. Excellent video yet again, thank you.”

“Live 15:13
vor 8 Monaten
I’m surprised YouTube hadn’t tried to shut this channel down yet. The man is dropping pearls that can burn the ocean.”

vor 1 Sekunde
Short answer: Chemtrails…are the reason…Total Intrusion Systems give them a certain security over the wild population.”

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