William Tompkins: Reptilians Eat Humans

“William Tompkins: Reptilians Eat Humans”
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“But I do want to say, my philosophy on this, which is, humans are not protecting themselves, they’re not protected and so if you don’t warn them you’re culpable the next time somebody gets snatched and eaten they’re taken away or their child…because again you get humans that will not be able to protect themselves and also not understand you know some people get the wrong idea about camlock but I’m actually in favor of the military I know it sounds crazy but I actually understand that we have a lot of military that are putting their lives lives on the line yes in a daily basis to protect humans that have absolutely no idea that they’re in danger …so..I realize that people have no idea what a brave man you are oh you are I mean no I just I just want it the
statement made on my interview here that the courage that it takes to actually doing right now is phenomenal.. but someone
with your stature .. with your reputation and your documentation and who you where you worry now where you come from and all of that this is substantial I don’t think people can ignore you I don’t think they can. (Kerry Cassidy)”
“Well, I sure hope they don’t and because frankly we need help, we need everybody involved in this, it’s not a lie, we need help. We have Draco reptilian guys running your governments of every country on your planet. (William Tompkins)”
“When we got to the moon we found out a lot of surprises,
okay, the Draco and Reptilians were already there and we knew, because we had probes when we went, non-manned probes that we turned around the moon, so we knew it they were Vasily on the backside we knew a whole lot that people didn’t
talk about, but we were in a position where this moon is not a moon, okay, it’s not your moon in the first place, actually, this is not your planet, this is their laboratory. (William Tompkins)”
“They’re ugly looking lizard alligator type people they got they got the same skin as the lizards got okay and
terrible looking faces, but then they have the ability to shift and look like a human, all of them do, okay. (William Tompkins)”
“Do you think Von Braun was a reptilian? (KC)”
“No, your president, yes…George Bush Senior, yes,
and Bill Clinton and this guy you got oh just got rid of yeah yeah they all were, right, okay, so they all have this ability to make themselves look like real good-looking people. (William Tompkins)”
“And you’re saying Trump isn’t one? (KC)”
“No he’s not and he knows more about this subject than people realize, okay. (William Tompkins)”

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