You are watching their hijacking of your natural molecular communication networks
Bannet and Blockchain
7. März 2024
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“This is exactly why ole Gates had the patent for his cryptocurrency using body process data as the proof of work. People are currently creating the new digital global currency, just by going about their daily lives. Already slaves to the system and would never believe it.”

“Soon, very soon, the changeover will begin. Will be a massive global event, all current money will disappear. Be ready.”

“Scalar, now you are looking at it, from the nano to the macro and backdown again…
You are watching their hijacking of your natural molecular communication networks, at every level, all the way down to the subatomic level.”

“Wireless Biomedical Sensors.”

“Networking professionals, it´s time to admit to people that you are in their skin, because you are and you have been.”

“2012,.. you had plenty of time to tell people, oh yeah, we know all about the nano-network routing to make sure humans don´t combust.”

“We use NANO-SIM tools, to make sure before we route all the data through your body that you do not explode.”

“I am sure everybody wants to know that they are part of a network node.”

“2 different energy harvesting protocols.”

“Nanonetwork Routing.”
“NANO-SIM tools

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