A list of commonalities of Medical Side-Effects of being attacked with Neuroweaponry from the Govs…

Conspiracy Revelation: 20.4.2023: A list of commonalities of Medical Side-Effects of being attacked with Neuroweaponry from the Govs…open end…

A T.I. (Targeted Individual) is someone who becomes tortured with radar scalar weaponry, sleep deprived, destiny relocated so to speak, in a counterproductive way, blue boxed infected with genetic bioweapons, censored, ostracized, attacked with neuroweaponry, gang stalked and put into honey traps to justify cruelty and surveilled 24/7/365 for being a superempowered Godman that doesn´t submit to a criminal Mafia called NWO.

So T.I.s are sabotaged in many ways over decades, long before they even know that they are flagged by Military Intelligence Criminals (DoD/Arpa/Navy/USAF), Alphabet Agencies (GeStapo, Stasi/CoIntelPro/DIA/CIA/FSB/Kgb/Mossad/NSA and so on), Corrupt Rockefeller Research Universities, MIC-Contractors and several Religious-Spiritual Mafias (Jehovas Witnesses, Vatican, Jesuits, New Age Movements, Scientology and so on…) and Corporate Technocrats (Google, Facebook), Billionaires, Megalomaniac Politicians, Royals, Ruling Classes and criminal cult organizations like Skull & Bones, Knights of Malta, U.N. Lucis Trust (the Hexagram Faction of the NWO Shadow Mafia (Freemasons & Zionazis), they love to burn people´s skin with magnetic scalar weapons, not the Octagon Faction in this case), Governments, Competitors, Envious People and Oligarchs or from central hostile controllers of the synthetic Matrix and entertainment and pharmaceutical Industry.

I collect the general Medical Symptoms that happen during a Zersetzungsprocess due to sleep deprivation, radiation assaults, remote neuroweaponry and hostile toxic Biotech used against the hosts DNA.

Morgellons, Proteinuria, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Accelerated Aging, Weight Gain due to disrupted circadian rhythms, short term Neurological Damage from Directed Energy Weapons and counterproductive Pharmaceuticals. Neurodamage from Sleep deprivation and Psychotropics can be reversed to 99% in many cases. Tetraspasms due to Motorcortex Sabotage from hostile Aggressive Quantum AI Computers…I also call it now the DARPA-Beetle-Syndrome, due to synthetic invasion of Brain functions. Cramping, Diarrhoe, vomiting, short term, transient, from various remote influencing Technologies.

A more interdimensional-spiritual side-effect, but not less important, because it costs a lot of time, but can be counteracted:
Don´t forget the Left Hook Chest Chainer (LHCC), I coined the term in 2012/2011, after noticing what was going on, which appears to be a Draconian or Archontic Suppressive Parasitic Entity (SPE) persistance on the left side of your chest that must be interdimensionally combatted and “exorcized” regularly to prevent foreign AI Exo-Plasma to vampirize on your Royal Human Ressource and to prevent the Human-Battery-Drain effect. I think it is partially, from the biophysical aspect due to the DoD Sabotage Project called Nano-Domestic Quell, but there is an undeniable non-visible interdimensional-parasitic aspect to it.

Stridor from Dugans Remote Strangulation Technology shot from NSA Satellites, Larynx Spasms due to Brain Stem assaults from Satellites during Sleep.

Ataxia from direct assaults to the Cerebellum.

Vibration of the Entire Body from a Distance while lying in bed. I call this Quantum Gravitation and HAARP realigning Technologies.

Swellings in the Abdomen or Legs…from secondary damage of organs due to radiation attacks or genetic weaponry like Morgellons.

Heart Arrhythmia through direct assaults on the circuit via ELF Weaponry and sleep deprivation…

T.I. Tinnitus which indicates that you are linked to a Quantum AI Supercomputer bidirectionally.

Synthetic Rattling and Shrieking in the ear channels, due to CIAs-Cat-Cohlear Technology nano-implanted in human brains via Chemtrails. Ear infections, because they use Ear Channels as central command and control and spy signal trigger tech to control the populace via BCI-Invasion.

Invasive Synthetic Dreams with worldknown political figures…that would otherwise not occur, but due to Image and Video 2 Skull tech they project via Satellite prefrontal cortex pulsing to your brain.

The most vicious blitz attack is a sort of Short Term Near Death Experience (NDE) or illicit Soul Extraction Attack, it is a vertical crunching attack, probably with Orion Cube Alien Technology from the Greys or Aggressive Quantum AI Neuroweaponry from the Shadow Gov, it feels horrific, I survived one of this in 2017.

and the list goes on…just a few commonalities.. that people understand what happens to 100000s when not Millions of People simultaneously during the Emergence of Ultra Totalitarism and Ultra Fascism and Negative Zionazi-Bolshevic Eugenics called New World Order… since approximately 2003… Don´t forget the daily assault with Aluminium from the skies and otherwise… so they always threaten humanity with dementia too, that is also what they transmit via synthetic telepathy cult networks into all of your brains and it is not v2k but w2k. Words to your skull.

These are all side-effects of so-called “Transhumanism”, what the World Economic Fools try to sell you as bliss, but I explained you now the curse of their Dystopia which certainly has some Utopain possibilities too.

Historical-Reference to SPE:


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