Super Soldier Talk – Alex Collier – Andromedan Contactee

“Super Soldier Talk – Alex Collier – Andromedan Contactee”

“Alex Collier speaks of his time on a 800-mile wide Xenateain Andromedan mothership. Learn more about their 5th dimensional lifestyle including diet, food replicators, med beds, A.I. technology, and the holographic rooms. Alex will also be sharing how he survived the targeted attacks against him; this and much more.”

“Alias117: 11 weeks ago: Outstanding James finally got Alex Collier on.”

“Dammitisadog: 11 weeks ago: Thank you, James. Thank you, Alex.
You are both Super Soldiers. Warriors for the Light.”

TheRevelator2021just now: They didn´t kill him because he is an official CIA whistleblower…

“Alex Collier: My public speaking is coming to an end…we are all bridges..even civilizations where they live 1000s of years, it is the same model. They are raised and then they choose their own path…I came here as an Andromedan..there was some kind of a war going on and I and my crew tried to intervene, negotiate peace, and we got killed..
The education about the Draconians, the Greys and the Orion Group, Elements of Humanity, they were actually a part of this… They didn´t want to know. You know who was to came up to me and said keep it up: Retired FBI, 2 retired CIA Agents and New York state troopers, they were the ones(who said): Keep talking, keep talking. You would think they were the last ones to encourage you to do it, but they were the only ones… My parents thought I was crazy. My dad..they are going to kill you.”

“Alex Collier: There are a lot of contactees on the Planet who haven´t come forward yet, because they are scared…They are extremely credible…
There is a unique smell in 5th density, it´s ozone, but there is this overlapping floral is always there. …Light floral…I miss being with them, ..but it´s really hard to come back..Whenever I have to come back to Earth I know I am stepping into a shitstorm.. In 5th density.. you are feeling this enormous well-being and love and appreciation..there is this overwhelming sense of safeness when you are there. There is no predatory tendencies whatsover, zero…and it was heaven, it was heaven…On the Ship. The first thing what they do when they beam me on board is they put a belt on´s like a biosphere belt, what it does, is, it creates a thin atmosphere around me, an earth atmosphere around me, it pulls the gasses from their environment and con verts it into oxygen that we can breathe, it is of course a bit higher in ozone…
The mothership is an 800 miles sphere, it is one of the smaller ones and it has at least 10 floors on it.”

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