13-year-old on Ukrainian gov’t kill list speaks out

“13-year-old on Ukrainian gov’t kill list speaks out”
“The Grayzone
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The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal speaks to Faina Savenkova, a 13-year-old resident of the Lugansk Republic who was placed on the Myrotvorets (Peacemaker) “kill list” of the Ukrainian government after she issued a call to the United Nations for an end to the war she has lived through since 2014.

Meera Terada also joins to provide background on Myrotvorets in the killing of many journalists and doxxing of hundreds of children, and to identify the Ukrainian officials and public figures behind the disturbing website.

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“Along with these figures are literally hundreds of children whose profiles are
listed on the mirotvorets blacklist, these children’s profiles include their
photographs, their phone numbers, their home addresses and information
about their families.. and she is also a target of the ukrainian government´s psychological war as she has been listed on Mirotvoretz.”

“People grow up and mature at the war faster..”
“I´m trying to do everything faster, because I understand that I might not
have a next day..”
“Everybody is scared, a lot of people die.”

“The same day when we had press conference they put me on the kill
list, they found out information about my mother and they put my mother on the
kill list, even though my mother is not a public person and has nothing to do with
all these activities but still.”

“As long as they can keep people in fear, meaning under their control..
“and how does the site function who’s behind it?”
“and ..how is it updated?”
..a former employee of the ukrainian special services and
…a ukrainian statesman and public figure…adviser to the minister of
internal affairs, so actually it’s the ukrainian government behind it..”

“12 have been killed already…”

“.. it still has to be a traced and confirmed by I believe the special services and the
agencies that do this because whatever we do we can do only on the field of the
law. I just want to tell uh everyone who is on kill list or who is disagree
with what is happening who understands that this is a criminal website, because
it does violate the country’s laws, national laws, international laws…. so
this website can be closed and people finally can be safe, work safe, like in
the case with journalists. Journalists are just messengers, they are not saying,
at least should not be saying personal opinion, all what they do, they just pass
information, pass what happens, it’s like in the middle ages…when the messenger brings bad news he used to get killed but we are not in the middle centuries anymore,
people cannot be killed for just doing their job, telling the truth…”

“Think about all the criminals that are out there the human
traffickers.. they can go on that website open it and it’s like a
menu for those criminals, because there they see the picture the address the
social network all kinds of activities for those people like where they go, it’s
completely dangerous and it should be shut down, so I´m asking everyone for
help to shut this website down and finally get some privacy, peace and

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