Dangers of Cowardice | Uvalde, Texas Shooting Case Analysis

“Dangers of Cowardice | Uvalde, Texas Shooting Case Analysis”
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“Why did the police fail to confront the perpetrator when it could have made a
There are probably many reasons, I’ll go over a few here: the police are trained that the world is an extremely dangerous place, everybody is out to get them.
They live every day believing that they are just a hair’s breath away from death,
this creates paranoia and encourages the officers to behave defensively,
they are trained to prioritize their own safety above anything else. This is one
of the reasons that we have seen so many incidents where the police shoot unarmed
civilians. That same fear creates the opposite reaction when they are faced with an
armed suspect, rather than motivate them to engage, their fear motivates them to stay in one place, to avoid getting involved, amazingly the police are within their
rights to do this. They have no responsibility to act if someone is being actively harmed, they are not obligated to protect citizens.
Another key element here is courage or in this case a lack thereof.
Police officers are not soldiers in the military, they are not selected for
fearlessness and bravery, rather they are selected simply because
they are willing to take an unpleasant job that few people want.
Police officers are typically high sensation seeking, but that doesn’t
necessarily equate with being fearless, there’s a lot that police officers can
do to appear brave, they can dress in a uniform, carry a gun,
terrorize unarmed civilians, drive unnecessarily fast, but none of these is
a true sign of bravery. Many people have accused the officers in
Texas of being cowards, a coward is someone who is shamefully unable to control fear
and hides from danger. I don’t think that these officers were necessarily cowards,
it may have been that they were simply not prepared to deal with the stress of
an armed confrontation, in the moment of action they held on tightly to their most basic value: self-preservation, their decision-making process was biased
toward defensiveness, the way that some soldiers survive
intense combat is to accept that they are going to die, therefore if they live,
it’s like a bonus to them. It would not be possible or healthy for police officers to have that type of mentality, it might even make them too reckless, like they’re not afraid of anything.”

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