Johan Fritz: Structure of the SSP, Corporations, Psychology, Mind Programming, Genetics, Experiments

“Johan Fritz: Structure of the SSP, Corporations, Psychology, Mind Programming, Genetics, Experiments
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Awakening Cosmic Reality Show
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A discussion with Johan Fritz about the structure of the SSP and corporations that are connected, psychology, MK Ultra, Mind programming, Genetics, and Medical experiments.”
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“Part of your genetics is in that cyborg or part of your soul is in that cyborg.. while you are still on the base and you are still functioning.”
“Correct, we call it Soul Fragment and that Soul Fragment, essentially, the Alter, resides then in the canister, the sleeve of that cyborg body or brain, when cyborg finally dies or passes away, it holds back the original Soul and that is when people start to have memory call and start having reconnection, in some cases they biolocate, mean they can step into that cyborg body for a second and back in their own, because there is an energetic connection between these 2 particular energy bodes.”
“This video may have been shared on this group already. But for those of your who don’t have time to listen to 3 hours of video discussion, these notes might be helpful. Click the link to see ALL of the notes including the SSP/ICC org chart.
* 9:00 – Mention of using cyborgs (clone) instead an actual human body for dangerous missions in order to eliminate using a human body that might be killed.
* Editor Note: What’s not mentioned here is that the cyborg or clone is inhabited by a consciousness (“soul fragment”) that gets installed into it, in order for the cyborg body to carry out its mission. Otherwise the cyborg would not be able to live and perform its function.
* 11:55 – Mention of Kruger Mercenary Corps.
* 13:05 – Mention of Mars Defense Force (MDF), discussion of Super Soldier armor types.
* 14:15 – Mention of Nacht Waffen (Dark Fleet), Lunar Operations Command (LOC), Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC), US Space Force, black goo
* 15:35 – US Space Force officer is a “white hat” who has taken over the ICC’s operations, which includes Japan’s Secret Space Program, China’s Red Dragon Secret Space Program, Red Star Rising Group (country unstated, possibly Japan).
* 20:30 – Meeting with the Clintons on Moon for a “dog and pony” show.
* 22:08 – Interplanetary Corporate Conglomerate (ICC) contracts with Lockheed Martin, Boeing, NASA JPL (jet propulsion laboratory), Douglas, reverse engineering of ET tech. Merck pharmaceuticals.
* 26:10 – SDI later became Solar Warden (associated with the US Navy. See corporate chart presented to Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.”
30:00 – Mention of Taiwanese med bed technology developed from reverse-engineered Secret Space Program (SSP) medical technology that specializes in a non-invasive cure for brain cancer. Do a search for the term “med bed” on this website for more information.
37:40 – Genetic scanners that analyzes the body’s DNA within 30 minutes. Thereafter, genetic editing device can edit the body’s DNA to correct mutations and other problems.

1:11:55 – Johan states he remembers seeing Corey Goode on his ship while Corey was doing was doing repairs on the ship.
1:33:35 – Johan speaks of his service on Jupiter and a Jupiter moon. Randy Cramer may have discussed this also.
1:37:15 – Jupiter moon location does cloning done by Monarch Security Solutions LLC.
1:40:40 – Metagene discussion.
1:43:40 – Hyperion Space Station was built in the 1960s by the Tall White ETs – not Earth-human technology. Then run by Russians, then taken over by ICC when Red Rising Star program failed. Hyperion can jump to different physical locations.
1:47:15 – “Alters” or “clones” or “version 2.0” of one’s self. Usually used by Super Soldiers. Basically a physical copy made of a body for high risk missions. If the body dies on the mission, the consciousness of that body goes back to the source or original body, then the body is re-cloned and inserted into a time (time travel) before the mission was performed to re-do the mission in a way so that the mission was successful. This practice was typically used by Kruger Mercenary Corps, but was not favored by Nacht Waffen (Dark Fleet), Mars Defense Force (MDF), and the Alliance AKA “White Hats”.
1:55:05 – Johan’s recommendations for people with special experiences who are first “coming out of the closet”.
2:32:40 – Difference between a “screen memory” and an actual memory.”
“I was given access to medical labs to do genetics and all that..heavily working and doing that stuff, because that´s what I did in the SSP and it still comes obessively compulsely comes up…I do stuff on myself medically…test & stuff to just try to figure out what I can improve healthwise, but I do it through the medical system. I am not afraid of medical system or alternative medicine. I use both, because they advantages and disadvantages. (right)”
“So what would you recommend people first coming out?”
“Okay.. I did it the wrong way. I am just going to be blunt,, when I initially first start talking about some of the stuff I went through, I did it completely the wrong way. I came out using my actual name initially and that´s where I got doxxed, so that´s the reason why I am using one of my alter IDs as the name that I speak under publicly. From my experience here is what I will see: One, if you have family, if you have children, if you have significant others and people who are dependent on you, for safety, for income, for security, you need to think very hard and very carefully, if you really want to step into this arena, because there are people, we have already talked about, who will actively go after you and try to complete and utterly destroy you in social media and in direct in person interviews and all kinds of stuff, secondly, I would say if you decide to come it, if you still feel your message is important enough to come out like I did, then you have to figure out how to safeguard, both the people you care about and yourself enough, so that you are creating kind of a barrier between them and you… If you look up that name, that Johan Fritz, it brings up all these guys in Germany who are very pissed off, looking like a near bear, okay, it´s not me. I am doing this, because it creates that safety buffer
until I am ready to come actually out under my real name,.. as a response for an adult, I have to think about other people, not just me,..there are some people who don´t have any sort of siblings or children or significant others..the need to come out, I understand this too…So If you come out you can turn off the very people you want to have in your life as well, I experienced that first hand, in terms of family. … People in my family they don´t want to hear that stuff, because they don´t believe it´s real. The idea is, what I would say is safety is the number one thing, that is the number one thing you have really closely look at, if you have people, especially people who could be medically at risk, do not risk coming out. So I am being flat blunt with you, do not do it, because there is a possibility that that could be use against you or your spouse or your significant other later on the line.. If you have someone who has a genetic disorder,…or if you have someone who has a very severe medical issue that needs constant mediating all the time…let´s say you have children that are autistic…they don´t have a finger in the fight and in my case what happened the first time I got doxxed, was, that these individuals, that came out as one group, they were targeting me and my significant other at that time, because of the fact I have said stuff that they didn´t happen to agree with..whatever. The point is that when they started coming after me, they were not only attacking me, they were
attacking someone in a complete innocent situation…now I am in the process of getting my divorce done… When I step into a dating relationship…to absolutely understand that there are certain safety concerns when I talked about this stuff…Nevada, Las Vegas, we had 2 individuals come into the room, I knew for a fact these individuals were out in a medical suit where intelligence people, one was CIA, the other was Mossad, they were listening to everything we were saying. I started to enlarge my auric field…one guy was trying to attack James..
and then I started dipping into the person that was doing the attack, I started dipping into his brain and I asked, why are you here, why are you doing this behavior? “I am Mossad” Then you need to leave the room.”
“Safety is now paramount.”
“To gain some of this knowledge we are talking about..QHHT..Healing schools.. In the US/Canada/Overseas..PHR.. I recommend finding a practitioner who is metaphysical, not an atheist, ok. I am saying this for a reason, because the practitioners who tend to be more atheistic, have a real problem when we start talking about shit out in space, I don´t know why that is the case, but they do, finding someone who tends to be more of a metaphysician, so more spiritual, right….Shamanistic Soul Retrieval.”

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    We wanted to hear JOHAN speak….we don’t really care about your genetics! BORING!
    On and on about your self….Too many questions not asked!! Too much time wasted..

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