1870 case was a fake….but 1971 is real…

1870 case was a fake….but 1971 is real…
“Is This the Oldest Known UFO Photo? One NH Researcher Finds Out”
“Ryan Mullahy, a UFO writer and researcher, set out to either verify or discredit the photo.
July 17, 2014”

“If you look closely at this old stereoscopic image, you can see a dark, cigar-shaped object that seems to be flying in the clouds over Mount Washington.
Wherever the image might have been over the years, it showed up on eBay one day in 2002.”

“He says he does “real, classic research” on UFO reports to establish their authenticity so people can take the incidents seriously: “I don’t have a bias to prove a case true or not. I simply seek out information and put out what I find.”

“The object in the photo is not in the cloud, but on the surface of the mountain itself.”

Source: https://www.nhmagazine.com/is-this-the-oldest-known-ufo-photo-one-nh-researcher-finds-out/

“But, because he takes his UFOs seriously, “I’m happy to get rid of a case that clearly was not credible so we can provide a clear picture of what the actual history is.””


“One of the first claimed photographs of a UFO, in reality a cropped image of an elaborate frost formation USA, 1870.”

“Mystery airships or phantom airships are a class of unidentified flying objects best known from a series of newspaper reports originating in the western United States and spreading east during late 1896 and early 1897. According to researcher Jerome Clark, airship sightings were reported worldwide during the 1880s and 1890s. Mystery airship reports are seen as a cultural predecessor to modern claims of extraterrestrial-piloted flying saucer-style UFOs. Typical airship reports involved night time sightings of unidentified lights, but more detailed accounts reported ships comparable to a dirigible.”

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