CIA doctor investigating mysterious injuries suddenly gets injured..

“CIA doctor investigating mysterious injuries suddenly gets injured..”
#DEW #Ear Assault #DEW-Tinnitus
“505.343 Aufrufe – 25.09.2022”

Conspiracy Revelation: 27.9.2022: Either a compartmentalization chaos amongst those investigators with different degrees of initiation – age-related eventually – about those weapon systems in their agencies, or a watered-down version for the mainstream… all of us original T.I.s from the last 2 decades would never get such a spotlight, he gets a little ear irritation and receives the spotlight, 1000s were killed with DEWs and you never heard of them.

21. Juli 2021
S.A.T.A.N. is a directed energy weapons system of the U.S. Department of Defense used to silence and kill whistle blowers, activists & dissidents, or anyone the American Shadow Government considers a threat.”

22. Juli 2021
Mainstream science is a farce and is many decades behind the real underground military technology.”

“★ STMAN ★
19. Mai 2021
NSA admits to 200,000 targeted Individual in America of microwave energy weapons, satellite weapons and electronic harassment program.”


“Bioeffects of Non Lethal Weapons
The DOD discovered how to read brainwaves using RADAR systems, without implants decades ago. Dr. Duncan explains the history and patents here: This Schwab guy, as evil as he sounds, is a diversion, a fall guy, the DOD was already doing this.”

“Bioeffects of Non Lethal Weapons
The DOD is a terrorist organization.They want data so their algorithm can identify children most likely to grow up & figure that out.Those kids are microwaved using the missile defense RADAR system to stifle their potential &damage their brain.”

“Bioeffects of Non Lethal Weapons hat retweetet
Len Ber MD
Are we ready yet to have a robust public conversation about #neuroweapons (NDEWS) used against civilians as #publicsafety issue? Or are we going to continue making fun of ray-guns and pretend that neurotech hasn’t evolved since 1960’s, and #MalevolentCreativity is not a thing? #HavanaSyndrome”

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