The Real S-Conspiracy – the old CMOS.Rootkit.Virus

TheReal_S_Conspiracy. /(S-Conspiracy)
The Snake-Subversion-CMOS.Rootkit.Virus and Zombiehost is complex….It exists for decades in Computer Systems….I know it and analyze it for 12-13 years know (basically since and before Antikeymagic was born as chaoskarmic Antidote)…but its first unmistakably attack started when they remotely destroyed a western digital harddisk that goes back as far as into the year 1998. It is the essential system for global digital take over…a big part of Skynet…Surely all Agencies and the Ruling Shadow Governments and GOG Ruling Crime Cabal are deeply involved. It even surveils police stations and medical doctors.
It is an integral part of the sabotage actions of Facebook aka FraudBug.
It manipulates TIME/DATE / Time Machine effect in Harddisks.
It uses its own crypto-language.
It manipulates all Operating Systems.
It communicates through Pictures and Stealth UDP/TCP Packets..
It communicates through HAM Radio and via Satellites.
It infects most digital systems and uses on-the-fly Browser Tunnel Infection.
It can manipulate CPU-Data, Grafic Cards, Ram it seems.
It manipulates Network Cards…SSD Harddisks…it is very complex.
It uses RAW Harddisk as Stealth Communication Channel too when an OS is present.
It tunnels all firewalls, most antiviruses and security suites…
It frequently sabotages Routers, Hardware Parts like CMOS, Harddisks and Operating Systems in great numbers around the globe…it´s a standard sabotage and digital subjugation and degradation system that works identically everywhere on the Planet.
It prefers Microsoft, but can also infect most other Operating Systems.
It is a platform crossover malware, a polymorphic super-infector.
The ultimate digital equivalent of a advanced biogenetic weapon like Morgellons/MK Naomi/MK Often.
It is highly adaptable and flexible and remotely analyzes every system to detect its breakpoint or weak spots, that is to say it is also an aggressive artificial intelligence.
It is surely a big part for all targeted individuals and part of the Zionazi-Stasi Zersetzungs CoIntelpro2 ideology, but not limited to dissidents, but infects the whole world, probably on all levels, especially now when everything, via Chemtrails, even your nervous system, becomes digitally accessible.
It uses S as its main symbol, for Snake, Satan, Subversion or whatever your intuition may give you as messages…
It shows itself in Macromedia Flash as the big S.
It even comes through your power grid.
It uses PU + Random Letters/Symbols as identifiable ID, like Processing Unit. Morgellon/Nanotech Hexagons also have the S and NASA engraved…and this technology is also spliced in your RNA. The Microwaved Ultrasonics and/or the S-Squad MK Ultra System/Thought Police in all Cities seem to play also a fundamental role in this system. Its latest developments are involved in behavioral modifications of humans, synthetic telepathy, synthetic dream and body manipulations, mass scenario control and manipulation, brain memory crawling and telekinetics plus AI Download into Humans, Metamagnetic Plasma like Black/Grey/Xeno Alien Goo. Motor Cortex/Spinal Remote Torture, Digital Demon Broadcasting, Hive Mind Left Hook Mind/Heart/Milt Chaining aka John Lamb Lashs and Colin Wilsons Archontic Infection of the Brain, L-Dopa Mimicry Virus, Leucocide, the Mind Parasites and my Left Hook Chest Chainer descripton. With the final End Goal of total restriction, control and Hybridization of Man and Machine and Interdimensional Unknowns.

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