Understanding Anunnaki History, the Return of Enki and the Impact on UFO Disclosure

“Understanding Anunnaki History, the Return of Enki and the Impact on UFO Disclosure”

“Cosmic Alchemist”

“They have this ability to access the immortality of the flesh if they want so,
so that’s what EA decided to do for certain reasons. he decided to
undergo the journey to reach out through alchemical transmutation
immortality of the flesh, that means that his body now is stable, he won’t decay
and this allows him to preserve his knowledge but also access
higher Realms of Consciousness, higher Realms of understanding and
connect directly with Source. We can all connect with Source because we are all fractals of it you know but what he can do is actually
manipulate and use the very substance of source, he can tap
into it and create himself using the source material, that’s why he is so

“I think that we have a tremendous advantage and gift to know more about his wisdom.. His wisdom goes beyond what we could expect…”

“Ganymed, for instance,..it’s a uniformity in their standards, for the Anunnaki it is different, because there are I would say two main speeds, there are
the people like us who live their lives very long, they can prolongate their life
using monoatomic gold and when they feel their body is tired enough, they clone themselves, they can they can’t clone themselves and transfer their Consciousness, but they will undergo the cycle of Reincarnation of course, but they will never be able to do what the Royals can do,because there are specific type of bloodline.
The Royals can access this immortality and because they can access this immortality, they are they live out of time, so on the NIbiruship, the Royal quarters where EA lives, it’s absolutely mind-blowing, it’s Baroque architecture, you would think you
enter like in an Indian Temple.”

“Yahweh was Enlil and he wanted to play with humans and rule this world, he was a cruel, evil person, he was sadistic, he wanted to to play with humans and torture them and this evil entity…”

“…And get out of slavery, because that’s what he wanted Humanity
to get away and out of this slavery inflicted by Enlil (Zeus/Yahwe/Satan/Jehova)”

“So then we have this kind of historical understanding of how
the Hebrew tradition kind of like change from a polytheistic
approach to the Divine to understanding life where you had different
Gods, different deities that were worshiped, that were part of their
way of kind of like accessing Source energy, if you like, to one where there
was this kind of growth in monotheistic Faith systems and of course Yahweh was
like a pretender, really he was a pretender and those that challenged that like
Yeshua Jesus were excluded and we know that the gnostics were
persecuted very badly, especially once Christianity became the official religion of the Roman Empire that the kind of monotheistic Faith system became dominant,
so now we have this kind of Return of Enki and you’ve been talking about that and not just you you’ve been talking about that since 2021, that he returned…”

“It means that we are free from the slavery, we are free from the Millennia of enslavement that Enlil had set up on Earth, he is back because
the chains have been broken.. this religions, this what and Enlil/Yahweh has had constructed, it was a whole power system of control of humanity, they created, he and his team, his followers, the Deep state, the Deep State,
he is inside the origin of it to continue his work, it hasn’t changed
since the time of the Expedition, when Enlil managed to enslave most of the population on Earth…but until now he is the origin of the deep state of the Illuminati, the Illuminati or the products of Enlil..and the big religious institution in Rome that we know about, that’s all Power and Control.”

“Michael Salla
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Elena Danaan has had several face to face meetings and maintains regular communications with Enki/Ea since his return to our solar system in 2021. During that time he has shared with her detailed knowledge about the history of Earth and the role his half-brother, Enlil/Yuh had in the destruction of Atlantis and the Great Flood. Enki/Ea explained how Enlil/Yuh subsequently allowed Draconian Reptilians to interfere in the Earth experiment to ensure that humanity would never live up to its potential, and ensured that Enki/Ea’s influence on Earth would be minimized.

Enlil/Yuh and his supporters subsequently allowed the development of the Abrahamic religions which promoted dogmatic belief systems and demonized the alchemical, kundalini and other genome activation practices that Enki/Ea had encouraged for the awakening of the human potential. Enki/Ea is the current heir to the Anunnaki Empire which has given him the opportunity to redress the many atrocities committed by Enlil/Yu against humanity’s development and alliance with the Dracos.

Today, Enki/Ea is collaborating with US Space Command and the Earth Alliance (CRA: That is a lie, he would never cooperate with these crooks who spray the atmosphere full of bioweaponized nanotech) //in helping humanity take over the control of former Anunnaki bases on Saturn and facilitating humanity’s awakening. Elena Danaan next discusses the apparent rift in relations between US Space Command’s James Dickenson and Northcom/NORAD’s Glenn VanHerck when it comes to relations with extraterrestrial visitors, and the implications when it comes to sharing the fruits of advanced technologies that are currently being reverse engineered on the Moon and corporate facilities.”

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