6G MBAN Dr. Engelstein addendum to interview

“6G MBAN Dr. Engelstein addendum to interview”

“Computer Networks
Volume 227, May 2023, 109718
Computer Networks
Intra-body communications for nervous system applications: Current technologies and future directions”

Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1389128623001639#fig2

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) paradigm will enable next generation healthcare by enhancing human abilities, supporting continuous body monitoring and restoring lost physiological functions due to serious impairments. This paper presents intra-body communication solutions that interconnect implantable devices for application to the nervous system, challenging the specific features of the complex intra-body scenario. The presented approaches include both speculative and implementative methods, ranging from neural signal transmission to testbeds, to be applied to specific neural diseases therapies. Also future directions in this research area are considered to overcome the existing technical challenges mainly associated with miniaturization, power supply, and multi-scale communications.”

“The Internet of Space Things”
“The Internet of Nano Things”
“The Internet of BioNano Things”
“Quantum Communications”
“Ubiquitous Computing”
“Mesh Network Personal Area Network”

Internet of things
Nervous system applications
Electromagnetic communications
Coupling technologies
Experimental testbeds
Intra-body networks
1. Introduction

In recent decades, Implantable Medical Devices (IMDs) have become a reality with the progress in engineering technologies that include nano-materials, micro and nanoelectronics, as well as biotechnology. A dominant market for them is North America, where 10% of the population employ IMDs for several reasons: diagnosis, therapy, and assistive technical purposes [1]. Also, the Asia-Pacific market is experiencing a fast growth with consequent improvements of healthcare policies [1]. Some solutions have been already implemented, such as deep brain stimulators, glucose sensors, and heart pacemakers. This will promote next generation healthcare by enabling personalized medicine through real-time physiological monitoring and proactive drug delivery, as envisioned in the fifth and beyond fifth generation (5G/B5G) communication scenarios [2]. However, more challenging applications can be designed, for which the current single transmission between an implant and an external monitoring center would not be sufficient. Rather, it would be necessary to ensure the communication among implants, requiring the development of body-centric architectures for the exchange of information inside/outside the body [3], [4]. These solutions may leverage both intranet and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) architectures.”

“They are working on the Digital Twin for 50 Years.”


“Temperature: Swelling and Deswelling your Tissue.”

“Human Radar Activity Recognition: Radar: Sometimes the Micro-Doppler, sometimes your Indoor-EEG. Whatever we need to in order to see. It´s a Wall-mounted RADAR CHIP and Antenna, in this particular example.. however it is also still using the 802.15.5 Clouds, they are also watching everything in your room, your chairs and your tables.. To follow you around with those algos.. watching you and your couch and what you do. Video-Bases, Sensor-Bases, Radar-Based, Radio-Frequency Based.. and from your sensors your Internet of Medical Things and of course your Phone.. Stand and Sit, static activities, dynamic activities, stand up sit down, walk to stand,.. in different ways they are able to watch everything you are doing, everything you are thinking and everything you are saying, they don´t need to guess.. regarding human radar, the data collection, it goes into a database..”

“Information Surveillance and Reconnaissance.
You have no access to your Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN), that is only for the people in Machine Learning for Human Activity Recognition Radar.”

“The WBAN has been around in Cyber Security for a very long, it is not new…convolutional Neuro Networks.”

“Multi-Input, Multi-Output…and indoor environments…
Electronic Warfare is a Dual-Use System.”

“Point Scatterers are used for Human Activity Recognition Radar…Behavior of Human Segments..and they know exactly what you are about to do because they watch you 24/7 and calculate your Bio-Electromagnetic Algos for Bio-Informatics, and something..called.. predictive analytics.”

“Internet of Medical Things”

“DARPAS efforts of N3 – Non-Surgical Neurotechnology.”
“bidirectional BCI-Interface”
“Non-Invasive N3”
“This N3 Technology I physically watched in 1983,…this has been out for a while.”
“So when your Doctors and your nurses tell you that they are so dumb they have no idea what a bio-sensor is, I would go to places like Medical Design Briefs. Data Precision Wearables. Sensors Data and Acquisition.”
“It is pretty disgusting, it really is.”
“We have been attacked multiple times for being over the top in regards of medical nurses…”
“Project Salus, which is an Artificial Intelligence.”

“The first time you have to go to the hospital, the first time it happens to you, you will find out, you have nowhere to go…If something happens and you don´t like it, the A.I. doesn´t care. That is precision A.I. Health Care…
Telehealth is here to stay.”
“There is a lot of money here in all of this…I would warn anybody..your wireless drugging, your actual activity recognition…your wearables, all of these things are available online to anybody who wants to cut you off from your DIGI-ID.”

“A Computernetworks article for the Taxonomy of intrabody communications which is going to include all implantable medical devices, nano-materials,. nano-electronics as well as biotechnology.”
“Nano-Sensing Devices.”
“Graphene-Based Sensors for Human Health. June 2019.”

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