UPSA: Public Order 2020-12-11.2 Closing The Rockefeller Foundation

“UPSA: Public Order 2020-12-11.2 Closing The Rockefeller Foundation”
“1.204 Aufrufe•11.12.2020”
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405440cookie-checkUPSA: Public Order 2020-12-11.2 Closing The Rockefeller Foundation
Dieser Beitrag wurde unter Allgemein, Alliance/Ermächtigung/Empower, AlphabetAgencies/NSA/CIA/BND/MI, Anti-CointelPro2/Gangstalking, Anti-Fascism/Anti-Totalitarianism, Banker Cartel/Slavery/Oppression, Biochemquantum Warfare, Chaos & Karma, Chemtrails, Collectivism/Statism/Dictatorship, Combat Cruelty & Insane Avarice, Corporatistic Terror, Counterdefense/Cyberterror-Morons, Demonic Artificial Intelligence, Detection, Detox/Medizin, DNA-Tracking/NASA/NAVY, DNA/RNA/BioGenetic Terrorism, ELF/RF/WLAN/Radiation, Endgame/Endzeit/Endtimes, Feldphysik, GangsterPolizei&Justizmafia&Mörderärzte, Genocide/Migration, Geopolitik/Geopolitics, Gov/Cults/Sekten/Religion, History, Hypergame/ConsciousComputers/CFR, Hyperspace High Tech Methodism, Implants, Intelligence/Surveillance/Sabotage, Kabbale/Cabal, Klerusmafia/Clerical Mafia/Vatican, Mafia&State Crime, MainstreamMediaDeception, Milabs/Psychics/DeepBlackMil, Military&Mind Control&Hollywood, Multitoxifikation/Umwelt, Nano/DARPA/Nasa/DoD, Natur/e/Gesundheit/Umwelt, News, Nuklear-Pharma-Mafia, Nwo-Matrix-Fence/Fakes/Corrupt Doctors/Sleepers, NWO/Agenda21/Zion/Fascism, Petrofascism, Pharma Mafia/Military Terror vs Civilians/TIs/Electronic&Biogen Warfare, Politik, Protection, Public Counterintelligence, Quantum Mechanics, Revolution/Rebellion/Freedom FIghters, Sabotage durch korrupte Milliardäre, Satellites & AI/KI & Brainscans, Skalarwellen/Tesla/Echelon, Skynet/AI/Software/Autonomous High Tech, Sociology/Soziologie, Sozialnetzwerke/Socialnetworks, Strike/Streik/Protest, Synthetic Biology, Technofaschismus/Technocracy/UN/NWO, Truman-Show-Retardation-Loop, University misuse, USAF Deception/Criminal Syndicate veröffentlicht. Setze ein Lesezeichen auf den Permalink.

2 Antworten zu UPSA: Public Order 2020-12-11.2 Closing The Rockefeller Foundation

  1. nonense pete sagt:

    so… more total nonsense, as the video is gone and there’s nothing to reference.

    • AdminVI2021 sagt:

      Yes….it was nonsense…. but it can act as a blueprint to put an end to the Ruling Crime Cartel and the Global Shadow Gov..and give people a red marker that they can use to disempower the core problem in this world…that is the message…Because these things act on the subconsciousness….and we can reform this world accordingly…

      “Closing The Rockefeller Foundation” starts with Removing The NWO UN Cult..
      and disempower the corrupt Alphabets that are subordinated to them..
      When they become disempowered this Planet and the material substance can heal from all their cancer bioweapons… These billionaires want destruction for all except themselves and a few of their cult followers and the falsely so-called “rich” people, that this is an absolute idiotic, completely demented strategy, knows everyone who has a slight intuition about the fractal holografic structure of the Universe.

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