Putin critic Alexei Navalny dies in Siberian jail, says Russia

“Putin critic Alexei Navalny dies in Siberian jail, says Russia”
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Alexei Navalny “was so many things Putin was not: brave, principled and dedicated to building a Russia where the rule of law existed” – the words of President Biden on Russia’s most prominent opposition leader, whose death was announced today.”

“And Nawalny became one of the most prominent faces of the country’s embattled opposition, in Russia that’s a dangerous role to play. Nawalny was attacked on multiple occasions and dragged through the courts. In a country ruled with an iron fist he dared expose the rot at the very top.”

“If they decide to kill me, it means we are incredibly strong. (Nawalny)”

“So political killing or not, it was a killing by the state.”

“He was assassinated by the state, I totally agree, he was slowly killed during three

“He was sent to what they call shazor, punishment cell, 27 times, each time for two weeks, so I
don’t think anyone would have been able to survive this ordeal for long, so they
killed him…and I think this is going to make the system weaker definitely
because a dead a killed political leader becomes totally Immortal and he becomes a symbol a
banner and a big big problem for the state and the thing is that you can do anything more to him.”

“Nawalny now he’s become a symbol he’s become a martyr he already has been a
Marty but now he’s cemented his uh as this symbolism, so weak states have weak liberties, so it’s going to get worse and worse and more oppression will come uh
which now Putin gets more and more paranoid, so the more you kill, the more you need to kill, in order to keep yourself in power. I don’t see unless he’s taken out uh how he’s going to be
held accountable however of course as Russian history once again uh shown us..Stalin got held accountable after his death in 1953.”

“to start negotiating with Putin, this is someone who cannot be dealt with.
That person is a criminal, he´s a Monster.”

“Remember uh when Donald Trump was becoming president and uh he was told that Putin kills his political opponents and Putin is a murderer and to which Trump shrug his shoulders and said well we kill people too, so for him another death is probably not something of a big deal.”

“most attractive feature was his optimism, his wit, he made fun of everything, even from his prison cell and it is something very rare for Russian revolutionary, most of them tend to be
very you know gloomy, determined, fanatical, he was not like that he was not like that and but I think that now he will become even bigger than he was in life, because what we are witnessing
now is the birth of a legend and legends politically and historically are a very powerful thing.”

“There is no room for Putin-Apologists.”

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