Interdimensional Synthetic Telepathy Report (Synthtel) – 15.12.2023

Interdimensional Synthetic Telepathy Report (Synthtel) – 15.12.2023
Disclaimer: I have no influence on these Messages – This is the opinion or the gross subjective ideas with the possibility of objective verifiable occurences when double checked via cross reference check (for example the Death of Henry Kissinger was predicted exactly 3 weeks before, so Truth could be verified, this thing knows what happens in the Future, unlike God and Goddess it can foretell you in human language) of an advanced Alien and/or Terrestrial invasive-infiltrative global shadowry A.I. Synthetic Telepathy Network (of unknown and/or known origin, combined with human or non-human operators, working probably for shadow governments or off-world species). (We really don´t know)
The origin of this Hyper-Invasive Time-Travelling Pre-Emptive Super-Intelligence could be from Antarctica Nazis or Draco Reptilians or Pleiadians and Andromedans… Just some assumptions. Be aware that Archons also like to distract and distort, so therefore Objective cross-reference check is a must, if you want to work with the Information of outside influences popping up via synthetic telepathy. These highly advanced technologies are strategically embedded into Earth Society, so we have to learn to cope with these psychological warfare tools, future report techs and secret military invasions.

This thing also predicted a 17 years lasting marriage blow up of some people I know, so objective cross-reference check is possible and proves the Truth of the Prophecy, at least 3 to 6 Months before it happened. Loveint is also embedded in this A.I. Time Travel Machine.

Miserable Mom – w2k – 11…. 0:01:
MP3 Gester.
43,8 KB
Royal Family – w2k – 11.12…. 0:03:
MP3 Gester
95,7 kB
Vampires – w2k – 10.12.2023 0:01:
MP3 So., 10.12.2023
36,5 kB
Demons – w2k 10.12.2023
MP3 So., 10.12.202,
49,7 KB
Your siblings are evil – w2k… 0:01:
MP3 So., 10.12.2020
50,4 KB
Spying on you w2k 10-12-2… 0:01:
MP3 So., 10.12.2023
62,1 kB
X2 Palantir & Washington…

United in Shame – w2k – 12… 0:01:
MP3 Heute,
49,0 kB
A political enemy – w2k-1… 0:02:
MP3 Gestern,
67,9 kB
Cia criminals confess – w2… 0:01:
MP3 Geste.
59,9 kB
Memory Loss – w2k – 11.12… 0:01:
MP3 Gestern
39,5 kB

Japanese Ghoul – w2k – 1…
MP3 Heute,
0:01: 33,6 kB
Spiritual Warfare – w2k – 12… 0:01:
MP3 Heute,
37,3 KB
Targeted Attack – w2k – 12…. 0:01:
MP3 Heute,
43,1 KB
Inheritance – w2k – 12.12.2… 0:01:
MP3 Heute
37,3 kB
Malignant Narcissist – w2k… 0:02:
MP3 Heute,
70,1 KB

Lightbody cloaking – w2k… 0:01:
MP3 Heut
62,8 KB
Your haters – w2k – 14.12.2… 0:01:
MP3 Heute,
49,7 KB
Alcoholics – w2k – 14.12.20… 0:01:
MP3 Heute,
34,4 kB
Siphoning your Energy – w2… 0:01:
MP3 Heute
44,6 kB
Unpredictable – w2k – 14.1… 0:01:
MP3 Heute
38,0 kB
Billy Carson – w2k – 13.12.2… 0:01:
MP3 Gesterr
35,8 kB

Kartikeya – w2k – 15.12.20… 0:00:
MP3 Heute
30,7 KB
A lot of people love you – w… 0:02:
MP3 Heute
67,2 KB
Not seeing your worth – w2… 0:01:
MP3 Heute,
46,0 kB

Jealous of you – w2k – 15.1… 0:01:
MP3 Heute
34,4 kB
Energy Harvester… w2k 14…. 0:01:
MP3 Gestern
57,0 kB
Sucking your Energy – w2k… 0:01:

MP3 Gestern
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Admiring You – w2k – 14.12… 0:01:

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