800-Million-Years-Old Sarcophagus In Siberia: Tisul Princess

“800-Million-Years-Old Sarcophagus In Siberia: Tisul Princess”

” 800-Million-Years-Old Sarcophagus In Siberia: Tisul Princess
Universe Inside You:
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In 1969, at the Siberian village of Rzhavchik in the Soviet Union, a remarkable event unfolded. Deep beneath the surface, a miner named Ivan Karnaukhov discovered an 800 million-year-old sarcophagus with a woman inside. The beauty lying in the sarcophagus soon became known as the Tisul Princess, with Tisul being the name of the district where the Rzhavchik village was located. Eventually, the high-ranking Soviet officials from the district arrived. Accompanying them were KGB agents. Just six months after the KGB confiscated the sarcophagus, a wave of misfortune swept over the village of Rzhavchik. Tragedy struck relentlessly, beginning with Ivan Karnaukhov, the man who discovered the sarcophagus of the Tissul Princess. His life was cut short in a harrowing accident. A month after his death, a miner met his demise by drowning. The sole survivor of these ominous events was geologist Vladimir Podreshetnikov, who revealed that the discovery of the Tisul princess was not the only one of its kind. Valery Malevanny, a retired KGB agent, stated that in 1973, additional sarcophagi were uncovered. These sarcophagi were transported to Moscow and were estimated to be around 200 million-year-old.”

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lesson if you find anything at all like this … DO NOT TELL THE GOVERNMENT …
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As if you could stay unsurveilled in todays time…60 Satellites above each square on this Planet.

vor 2 Tagen
The hair is brown, the hair is blond, the eyes were closed but they saw that they were blue😂
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Yes, I noticed this mistake too… My vision is still brown haired… but confusions and distortions can happen…

vor 2 Tagen
“There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

vor 2 Tagen (bearbeitet)
800 million years eh? Wtf 😂 they don’t know what happened 10 years ago.”

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The human form has been around for 1.2 billion years old in this universe. I am not surprised if other humans find cryo stasis pods that are 800 million years old.”

vor 20 Stunden
According to whos claim? Last time i checked the oldest remains found was nearly 300,000 years old.”

vor 2 Tagen
Mermaids? Sea Monsters? Big Foot? Aliens? 800,000,000 million year old hot chick? 😮”

vor 2 Tagen
Come on 100s of million years, and the lady looks like fresh from the beauty salon, that´s only possible in Florida😊”

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My grandfather told me:”There are more secrets underground than on the ground.”

vor 2 Tagen
Thank you Universe Inside You for giving us another brilliant and fascinating video. 👏🏻👏🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻💯💯”

vor 2 Tagen
In the Urantia book there are many science fiction revelations.”

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This planet is over 4 billion years old.. just think about what has come and gone in that time. Open your mind to that fact. It’s amazing to think about.”

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We could have let her rest in peace. Instead, we murdered her. She was probably alive but preserved and resting, to awaken later.”

vor 2 Tagen
Loolz this was probably an earlier civilization attempt to revive the princess in the future like in those cryogenic labs used today but the soviets removed the liquid and killed her…”

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Das war endlich mal ein aussergewöhnlicher Bericht, endlich mal was ganz neues für mich, ich glaube es gibt noch seeehr viel mehr das vor uns verborgen wird, leider- sonst könnten wir schon viel weiter in der Entwicklung sein.”

vor 2 Tagen
Probably a Pleiadian the pale white skin, long flowing white hair and deep blue eyes make sense plus a strange liquid probably not from Earth.”

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if the people in the village got unlucky and died in random ways, you can bet it was kgb silencing them. Back then they were more ruthless.”

vor 2 Tagen
No only back then. The FSB is the KGB, just with a new name. The KGB never left Russia as the FSB is said to be even more ruthless and deadly. As seen by recent assassinations or attempted, as seen in the UK etc.”

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Anything that proves that man is more than ordinary is silenced.”

vor 2 Tagen
Believe if the black box could be located, it would provide some more clues about its final owner.
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Aliens use Black Boxes for Multi-Dimensional Healing, they can regenerate Lungs and Organs with it.”

vor 2 Tagen
That princess must have come from the Pleiadis.”

vor 2 Tagen
story has been around for 50 years, only Universe inside you could uncover it.”

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An extra terrestrial. The black box being a beacon to locate her – perhaps damaged millions of years prior to this, still preserved in the special liquid.”

vor 2 Tagen
I really missed the female voices you used to have.”

vor 2 Tagen
She sounds Pleadian…and the little black box reminds me of the Jews and their little black box…and the the Muslims with their black box they walk around in Mecca.”

vor 2 Tagen
Yeah she definitely like a hybrid human Pleadian because real Pleadians are actually really tall.”

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This’s enormously big story tell us how much we don’t know about the life, ourselves and history of earth.”

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Maybe that’s why aliens keep coming to Siberia… 👽”

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This is the best story I’ve heard yet. Next, we will find more vampires being preserved in their own liquids.”

vor 2 Tagen
They should have pour that pink substance back in the sarcophagus, to see if it restored her..”

vor 20 Stunden
The Gilgamesh tomb picture had this pink look to it.”

vor 7 Stunden
… the Siberian Ice Maiden is the real story and its nothing like you describe.”

vor 2 Tagen
Wow! Thank you very much this was amazing and very interesting.”

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I learned 2 things from this video. Don’t taste the liquid of a very old coffin and Carbon dating doesn’t work.”

vor 2 Tagen
This is seriously well presented research.”

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1969 such a find and we haven’t heard of it till now.”

vor 2 Tagen
What sorcery is this?!?!😮

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Cryo Regen Tanks…”

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