Anti-NWO-IV-Mix & CubeSat Synthetic Biology and they want to augment themselves to be Super Soldiers – Sabrina W


“🤐 Stop censoring this @elonmusk
Thinking: how to come together
February 25, 2024”

“CubeSat Synthetic Biology and they want to augment themselves to be Super Soldiers – Sabrina Wallace”

“27 Years is a long time to Gaslight.”

“Men-Oh-Men what have you done to God´s Creation?”
KARMA will be done…for all of these evil people.


“Epoch Times Deutsch
Globale Eliten, Massenmigration gegen die Nationen und eine grüne Ersatzreligion – das, was der deutsche Kardinal Müller im Interview ausspricht, wagt nicht jeder zu sagen.
< Notizen
“Sie wollen, dass jeder völlig isoliert ist. (Kardinal Müller)”

“Improving the Security of the IEEE 802.15.6 Standard for Medical BANs:
#MedicalBAN #MBAN

“Use case 1: Neural Dust
U1.1: The IEEE 802.15.6 standard claims to be designed
for low-power devices, supporting data rates up to 10 Mbps,
while keeping the specific absorption rate (SAR) to a mini-
mum. At the MAC level, the standard provides recommenda-
tions for power management of nodes, in which they have
the ability to enter hibernation or sleep mode for energy-saving purposes”

“Although sub-dural transceivers and implanted dust nodes are of passive nature, this is still relevant for the external transceiver as it is battery-powered and the main source of energy for the entire intra-MBAN network.
This means that if the external transceiver is not powering the sub-dural transceivers via RF power transfer, the underlying
nodes are always in a hibernation/sleep state” <<< FORCED PATHOGENIC ENSLAVEMENT BIOTECH IMPLANTS THROUGH CHEMTRAILs – MILITARY MEDICAL CRIMES THAT MUTATE YOUR DNA standardized as if this would be the most natural harmless thing ever…

“Elektra Angel
As long as Doctors stay mute, they are part of the problem. No better than the genocidal maniacs perpetrating great irreversible harms on the world population. #doctorscomeclean”

“”“Wisdom fears no thing, but still bows humbly to its own source, with its deeper understanding, loves all things, for it has seen the beauty, the tenderness, and the sweetness which underlie Life’s mystery. ― Manly P Hall”

#IntraBodyNanoSensor Network
Understanding the interaction between nanomaterials and the brain (nano-brain interface) is critical for the rational design and safe application of nanotransducers for neuromodulation. Nano-brain interface includes nanomaterials delivery to the brain, interaction of nanomaterials with different types of cells in the brain (i.e., cellular tropism), nanomaterials transport (extracellular, intracellular, and intercel- lular), the immune response following nanomaterials administration, and the brain clearance of nanomaterials (Figure 5 and Table 2). We will discuss and highlight recent advances in these areas.
Delivery of nanomaterials to the brain
To enable nanotransducer-mediated neuromodulation, nanotransducers must be delivered into targeted brain regions. There are four main routes for nanomaterials delivery to the brain, including intraparenchymal, systemic, intrathecal, and intra- nasal administration. The major drawback of systemic administration is the limited accessibility of the nanomaterials to the brain from the blood. This is largely due to the presence of the BBB, which blocks most nano/micro particles from entering into the brain.
Most studies so far directly inject nanomaterials into local brain regions (intraparen- chymal injection). Intraparenchymal injection bypasses the BBB but requires stereo- tactic insertion of an invasive injection needle. Direct administration to the CNS via intraparenchymal injection can achieve high local concentration near the injection site with relatively low dose. While this works well for proof-of-concept studies and may be adapted for large animals and humans, the invasive procedure may pose a challenge, especially if it requires repeated injection over time. The approach is promising for selectively modulating specific brain regions, but it is less suitable.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 26.2.20024: Look at this farce, the Nano mafia has done the most criminal act in this Universe, the Rockefeller Cancer Mafia surely does not monitor cancer before introducing Bioweapons into your body via Chemtrails…causing them in the first place #Morgellons (since 2005 weaponized WBAN, Punish the Genetic Weapon perpetrators, who used bioweapon Nanotech from University of California (1998 invented, dispersed via Chemtrails/DoD/CIA/NSA/ARPA) against 1000s of unwitting humans worldwide)



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