This is a warning to those of you in your f*ck* whitecoats – Sabrina W

“This is a warning to those of you in your f*ck* whitecoats – Sabrina W”
“February 12, 2024”

“I brought the Data. This is a warning to those of you in your f*ck* whitecoats. I am a non-invasive DARPA survivor…30 different doctor´s offices..CIA with your Tax ID…When you got Tax IDs in those Doctors offices that´s why they are working with you in one way or another..The DoD…Here I am, as a young Mother and I am trying to figure out, what the hell pseudo tumors cerebral actually is, you have a fake tumor, how is it fake, when I am half physically blind at the age of 26 years old. CIA…Testing, you want to talk about it?”

“I know exactly how your systems work now, because I wanted my life back and I got it…I was fairly disappointed to discover that there were no physicians, there were no IT people, no hackers. Nobody wanted to tell the Truth about any of this and I couldn´t figure out why. So for 5 Years I have been sitting here watching people die, wondering why, we can´t talk about what´s going on….”

“All to come back to Electronic Integrated Disease Control Systems…and your Pathogen Database with all of these 500000 Pathogens that you can remote log into any human body ..and do whatever you want, as log as you got the cyber security access…FBI Jump Drive DNA of your loved one.”

(Conspiracy Revelation: 15.2.2024: globally – not just U.S. – Germany is also fully invaded, since 2005 wban aka Morgellons chemtrail pathogenic dna trojan switch)

“Neurotoxins in the Air – meanwhile you are f*cking up the atmosphere with Geoengineering in an obnoxious manner.”

“I come from the highest levels of the NSA.”

“Las Vegas, that is where I lived…and yet nobody could help me, nobody could solve the fake brain tumor…no, you have to stop that signal.”

“These are Eugenicists, period, they will not stop. They are after the Genetics.. The reason for that: We write DATA to DNA, it is called DNA Steganography.”

“The Depopulation component, but augmenting Humans.”

“Brain to Brain Interface…since 2014…available to any f*ck* nerd…”

“You people have done this to all of us *whitecoats*..Telehealth won´t get away… Your Radiofrequency Engineers…”

“Then I found the Genetics Programs, then I found the DNA Steganography, you store your DATA in people´s TISSUE. Cisco. Hospital. Specialized Routing Protocols…you did this to everyone, since the 50s…The NSA writing every synaptic expression at 1500 Bits.. storing it in Supercomputers.”

“Here is Elon, making Jokes…You do realize that they are going to kill you? Right`?”

“Neutrino Arrays, in Antarctica,.. we have them all over the world.”

“He doesn´t have the biggest Libraries…”

“Lying everybody into the Grave.”

“1954..Digital Twin…Nürnberg didn´t happen, but Project Paperclip sure did.”

“This is synthetic biology and human augmentation…we have already lost our Nation…to not be cyborged or just flat out dead. These systems are not friendly to human tissue, period.”

“And there is not one of you in a debunk me…”

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