Social Stream of the Days, W2k, News, Tok, X & more – 13/12.6.2024

Conspiracy Revelation: Social Stream of the Days, W2k, News, Tok, X & more – 13/12.6.2024
Mann im Aufstieg. Vor 3T.
2030 werden 45% der Frauen Single sein
Warum werden bis 2030 45% der Frauen Single sein?
Es wird erwartet, dass fast die Hälfte der Frauen im erwerbsfähigen Alter in den nächsten Jahren Single bleiben. Warum?
Karrierefokus und Unabhängigkeit: Frauen setzen immer stärker auf ihre berufliche Laufbahn und finanzielle Unabhängigkeit, was zu späteren Heiraten führt. Beziehungsdynamiken: Viele Männer bevorzugen traditionell feminine Partnerinnen, während Frauen häufig nach Partnern suchen, die auf einem höheren sozialen oder wirtschaftlichen Niveau stehen.”
sunrisesunset176: This was actually in 2020 but no one listened. 😢
Vor 2T.
freedomgott2024: 12.6.2024: Morgellons is a verified dod nanotech bioweapon since 2005…still ignored 20 years later..
Lesliebranch: There will still be those who refuse to know…
Heidihawaii808: Pure blood.. 🩸
HiddenByTheBloodOfJesusChrist: No weapon formed against me shall prosper.
freedomgott2024: Unfortunately an illusion…they have gene changing nanotech in your dna since the first chemtrail drop.
HiddenByTheBloodOfJesusChrist: NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE with GOD.
Michael: If you believe in God then why did you take the shots? God gave you an immune system.
HiddenByTheBloodOfJesusChrist: My medical history is none of your business.
New_Earth_22: Factz!! He said he will allow strong illusion to come over them for he knows wats in their hearts.

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The chosen ones.
The chosen ones are individuals that suffer daily
To individuals that accuse
These individuals that are not doing anything.
Because these individuals itself refuse to remain in a system
that helds and hold people captive, mentally.
The same individuals that prosecuted
chosen one
of the same individuals that haven’t done anything the entire lives.
Been held in the prison of their minds
and surrounded by prison guards.
They remain loyal to their captives.
They are loyal and do anything for their captives,
because they don’t know how to do anything but remain in prison.
After these individuals are exposed by a chosen ones wisdom, light,
To free said individuals from the prison cells to their true identities,
these individuals have become corrupted and mentally
manipulated to the point of the matter is remaining in the prison
after the prison´s gates have been opened.
They love their captives.
They love being manipulated and programmed by their captives.
Then anybody that goes against their captives,
they’ll attack them.
A chosen one is individuals that are sent
by the creator.
Divine beings that hold the light of the universe.
Divine beings.
Lights are so bright
that they trigger individuals that they are coming into contact with.
That have a lot of issues that haven´t dealt with yet.
These individuals are always prosecuted,
they always attacked.
And people are always envious of these individuals with the jealousy.
Chosen ones are sent in
to help enlightened humanity with their wisdom of experience.
Of physical lifetimes.
A chosen one is a prophets and major prophets.
They are the ones that have been prophesized of, prophesized about,
the same individuals that go to church worshipping a chosen one, as in Yeshua or Jesus.
But the same individuals that are going in there worshipping the devil,
coming out worshipping the devil.
All they know is the devil, and when they attack a chosen one,
they are attacking god. So I’m here to tell you,
if you’re going up against a chosen one, prepare for divine judgment and karma. As it is like a death sentence.
Trying to challenge a chosen being.
It won’t be an easy death either.
The same affliction, the same prosecution, the same mocking that you have done to these chosen individuals, it will be done to you
twenty thousand times more, compared to that what you had issued out.
Spreading false allegations, spreading false lies about these individuals.
Because you can’t understand these individuals.
You don’t know exactly what you’re dealing with.
When it comes to these individuals.
You are in for one heck of a surprise by the universe.

Everybody gets rewarded for their duties,
whether it be right or wrong.
It’s just a frequency that must be dealt with.
The chosen ones are afflicted… They suffer every day,
they sacrifice every day. From the corrupt minds of the population
that these individuals are dealing with.
They are targeted.
Their light is the brightest.
To have a shine that is of a divine nature.

Fresh off of creation.
This light inspires many and it exposes millions more.
These individuals are constantly stabbed in the back,
they are constantly looked at to be prosecuted and taken down
by high government systems.

Comes down to the people of the population.
They are always watching these individuals.
Cause these individuals are loyal and compassioned
about what it is that they are doing with their soul.
Bringing it into the physical reality and expressing it
in a everyday life.
They don’t take a day off.
Every day is a day to free of mind,
evolve a human beings conscious to their true identity.
To get rid of the false identity with the Social Security number one.
That’s the prison cell.
That’s your prison number.
People love the prison numbers
and people love to attack those that expose the prison numbers.
Everyday is a lie going up against a chosen individual.
Everyday is a jealous person
trying to bring down or say some against a chosen individual.
And they can’t do anything with a chosen individual
but talk behind their backs of a chosen individual.
And they see them face to face.
They don’t do nothing but smile angry.
A chosen individual
because they are terrified of this chosen individual’s light
that is coming from this chosen individual.
That is the power that we are being put in position
and given from a purity of our hearts.
Earth angels, high ranking Beings in the spiritual realms,
you don’t know who you up against.
Treat everybody with respect.
Everybody’s being watched,
everybody’s being judged.
There’s nobody to get away with nothing.

You wanna prosecute and you wanna mock somebody,
you prepare for a reward every day.
Allegations that a chosen individual go through.
Sometimes those individual wonder why they even come to this location.
They show challenge every day by society.
Chosen individuals don’t do nothing to anybody,
but they’re the main ones that are targeted.
Because it is anointing that these individuals carry.
Some people call it a gift,
some people call it a curse.
I call it the light of the creator.

That is exposing individuals whether they like it or not.
These individuals have come many light years,
many lifetimes, many trials and tribulations,
suffered and afflicted.
A chosen individual is the ones that are here to change corruptions to the light, change the dark to the light.
To bring a different divine divinity and expression to the planet.
To bring something new about.
Not to follow the trend, not to follow prosecution, not to follow corruption,
but to start a new path.
These, the ones that are travel the narrow path. The road to heaven is a narrow path. The road to hell was filled easy.
Every day at the beach. Your illusion that thinking that you’re doing something, but you’re not doing nothing.
But holding up the jail for your captives that you praise and worship. Every day, there’s something I wanna enlighten anybody on.
Enjoy the rest of your day.”

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