Vatican secret societies: Jesuits and the New World Order (Part 2)(REVIEW)(REMINDER)
Vatican secret societies: Jesuits and the New World Order (Part 2)(REVIEW)(REMINDER)

“Vatican Secret Societies Jesuits and the New World Order
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“The Pope is a Monarch….according to various books.. The Pope is the Monarch of the World…Not just a religious leader, he is actually a political leady…The actual name Vatican I found very interesting. It actually means: Worship of the divine serpents…so we find the very basis of the Vatican, the very word itself means the Worship of Serpents.”
Redpill Drifter
Full Documentary
“A 3 hour deep dive into the Vatican Jesuits involvement in global politics and Infiltration of all aspects of government and society.
From the American colonies to present day, their influence is vast.”
“Guy Theobald – #TI – “VICTIM OF “CYBER-TORTURE”
NWO United Nazis Fake Human Rights – most breached – explained below…
UN & UDHR Human Rights &
WAS Brother of Allen Dulles Who created MK ULTRA! (MIND CONTROL 1953 DIRECTOR CIA)
This is Key! = Advanced Deceptive Illuminati Brothers!

Historical Reference Link:

““The Jesuits created the Illuminati…”
“It is therefore no one wonder that the vengeful eye of the Jesuits was focussed on George Washington.”
“1799..From the onset of his illness…the symptoms leading up to Washingtons death were difficulty in breathing, tightness of the throat and burning pain. Washington was only 67 Years old when he died.”

“What many fail to understand is that Marxism was based on the Jesuit Slave Plantations.. in South America. And Sir Thomas Mores Book Utopia…”
“What the Jesuits did was..they were the Master of Communism…Sir Thomas More is the Author of Utopia. Utopia is
the foundation for Communism, so Communism is Roman..They run on Communist principles of universal equality..So therefore Communism is a brainchild of the Jesuits, but it has bee made to look to be jewish through implementing it through Marx and his communist manifesto.”
“The Archbischop completely controls all the Corporations in this Country…the Jesuits created a Dictatorship.”
“Wallstreet..” “Money for this young revolutionary also came from indutrialists in the west..Hitler rise to power was financed by London and New York and Berlin. They were the Knights of Malta running the Bank Institutions of the World.””

““Thule Society…These evil organizations that perpetrate the ugly things that these criminals are doing in this country for which they must be held accountable…The American Branch of the Illuminati was called Skull & Bones and has its headquarters at CIA recruting ground Yale University…Bush was a member as was his grandson…are under and have been under control of the Jesuits for decades..Hitler did not write the book.”
“The Vatican had not been punished for these crimes.””

““Churches have always been tax-exempt.”
“All the churches by 1981 were completely taken-over…What is the ultimate goal of the papacy?… the answer is domination of the World. The Vatican is seeking a new world government or new world order.””

“@ukman1211: vor 3 Jahren: Here during covid19. Fauci went to Jesuit college, imagine that.
@jraydaly: vor 6 Jahren: Brilliant stuff. We with eyes to see and ears to hear are all in for it!
@DrBill-zv5dx: vor 5 Jahren: All roads lead to Rome…
@reformedstoic1320 vor 4 Jahren: God bless those who made this documentary, and God also bless those who have watched it and received it.
@josephlewis1295: vor 4 Jahren: The best YouTube video around.
@bearingwitnesslive: vor 5 Jahren: WE WIN…
@sudharshanmur: vor 1 Jahr: Wow. Simply an amazing and extremely informative documentary. Crystal clear with so much facts. Thanks.
@kennymeyerowitz509: vor 6 Jahren: Americans are not living in the world of the free and the brave.
@hopeneverdies1: vor 5 Jahren: Absolutely brilliant documentary! To think our current pope is a Jesuits. Prayers to all those strong men who tried to stop them.
@micahlee8935 vor 6 Jahren: Mankind PLEASE research the words God, Christ, Lord, Bless and church before u use them. Etymology. English is the language of confusion and has multiple meanings.”

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