Toxic Archontic Blitz-Attacks

“Defense Against The Dark Arts
We Can No Longer Stick Our Heads In The Sand… We Need To Raise Awareness About Assault & Harassment From Toxic “Negs” — Here’s My First Aid Guide To Defense Against Etheric Predators
Robert Bruce
I do not “like” discussing gory details of psychic self-defense. It’s horrific. I am not a fiction author and even after 40 years of being a ‘psychic bodyguard’ it still creeps me out. But an entire world of assault and harassment occurs from etheric predators on innocent human children, adults, elderly, the disabled, and even your pets.
I kindly ask that you do not deny or hide that these etheric assaults occur simply because they scare you. It helps more to study it and protect against it than to stick our heads in the sand.
Neg attacks typically come out of nowhere. They are never anticipated. There is usually no rhyme or reason involved. When they happen, there is no time to prepare — much like freak accidents and bear attacks. Someone is hiking peacefully away, then… BAM… a grizzly attack just happens. An unseen beast attacks.
Very little is known about negs (short for negative inorganic beings – basically anything that harms innocent humans). It is also a difficult area to research and to explore, not to mention dangerous. People are generally in denial and do not want to know about it. And what they think they know comes largely from movies, which is far from helpful. Real anti-neg countermeasures work are virtually non-existent.
Traditional Wishes Of “Love And Light” Will
Not Protect Your Child From A Heartless Neg Just As It Will Not Protect Them From A Bear Attack
Just try sending love and light to a neg, or telling it to go into the light. It will have a good laugh. Try calling on spirits or angels for help, or try calling on God by whatever name you like. All great in theory and widely believed, but usually nothing happens. In my estimation, less than one percent of people have any spiritual associations that ‘might’ help. Most of us are on our own when things go bump in the night. But there are things that you can do to help yourself, simple things that work.
The True Story Of My Neg Attack Two Weeks Ago
Let me tell you a story about what happened to me less than two weeks ago. I have not had a major neg attack in some years, so I guess I was getting complacent…
After a quiet evening, we went to bed around 11pm. My wife had been sleeping badly, so I tried to be quiet. The atmosphere in the bedroom was tense. I dismissed it as probably coming from my wife’s work-related stress. I could not sleep, so just laid there and meditated. I did a few silent banishments and etc., but did not want to disturb my partner.
After about two hours trying to sleep, the atmosphere had increased significantly, and there was now direct interference that was becoming painful. My feet were buzzing and there were stabbing needle pains. Then I felt physical touching and knew that a major attack was in progress. I was laying on my back and it felt like someone was ramming two wooden sticks under me, between my back and the sheet. This hurt, and it was moving directly towards two of my spinal injuries, lower and mid back. Then I acted and did what I should have done hours ago.
An Ugly Critter… Leathery With Groping Tentacles
Annoyed with myself for waiting so long, I rolled onto my side to do a banishment and saw the neg. It had achieved physical manifestation – meaning part of it was physical and solid. It was an ugly critter. I had encountered it before, several years ago. Imagine a dull blue-grey leathery misshapen beanbag about three-feet across (one metre) with hundreds of thin tentacles over varying lengths, and several much larger tentacles, two of which were moving under my back, and others were busy hammering at my feet. This had a background of swirling dark-grey on black filled with faint static-like sparks. This was the portal through which it had shifted into our reality.
The time between my rolling on my side and acting was less than two seconds. I did a full volume pentagram banishment with all the strength and ferocity I could summon. The neg and its portal vanished in a heartbeat. You have to be quick with this type of neg. The first time I encountered it I delayed action, in a WTF moment, which allowed IT to act first. Never again! After banishing it, I turned on the lights and got some Frankincense going. The tense atmosphere faded away and, after about fifteen minutes, it was back to normal. We fell asleep easily and slept well for the rest of the night.
It is not my intention to write horror stories. My point here is, if I had not been so lazy and had done the banishment and incense before going to bed, this attack would never have happened. Anyone can do what I did. A pentagram banishment is so simple, I have taught this to some five-year-olds. It is not difficult to turn on all the lights and get some incense happening.”
Defense Against The Dark Arts”

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