Karl Dorey – SSP Pilot and Officer on Saturn, Mars, and Los Alamos

“Karl Dorey – SSP Pilot and Officer on Saturn, Mars, and Los Alamos
Januar 19, 2021”


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I am a former US Marine and have investigated Cramer’s false claims of military service. Cramer’s claim that his service in the USMC is “classified” as well as the existence of a USMC “Special Section” Unacknowledged Special Access Program (USAP), is absolutely untrue. Cramer has also previously claimed he served in the US Navy as a SEAL. The US Department of Defense, and in this case, the Department of the Navy (USMC) does not “classify” or withhold basic information regarding a person’s service record. Such information is considered a matter of public record and information such as dates of service, rank, education, awards, duty assignments, and discharge are releasable information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The claim that his records simply do not exist is nothing more than a clever attempt to mislead and deter anyone from submitting the necessary FOIA requests in order to determine whether he has a record of military service or not. Cramer’s claim that submission of a standard form SF-180 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SF-180

for his records resulted in a series of “rejections” if he had served at all is completely false. Are we to believe that the other 299 “SS/MDF” Marines he has previously mentioned have “disappeared” without similar complaints?

According to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) and Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC), Randy Cramer has no record of service in the USMC or the Department of Defense. My request was then forwarded to the CMC, HQ USMC, Personnel Management Support Branch (PMSB) for further action, but I never received a response. According to the NPRC, the PMSB is the office managing US Marine individual records since the late 1990s. But since the DMDC did not show any corroborating record (dates of Active Duty Service) for Cramer I conclude Cramer is a liar.

Cramer is currently being investigated by GoFundMe and others for fraud. His GoFundMe Campaign page has been removed. Cramer may possibly be facing charges of Theft By Deception pending investigations by law enforcement.

The GoFundMe site was created for Cramer by a female investor in Australia – specifically for his own personal use as income and emotional support. NOT for the research of Holobeds as the campaign states. There is also the fact that the campaign deceptively uses Cramer’s false claims of military service. I estimate at this point, that almost $100,000.00 has been “invested” as well as over $20,000.00 in other personal donations to Cramer. These include money for paying bills, a relocation, an all-expense-paid vacation to the Netherlands in 2016 costing $13,500.00 and computers and broadcasting equipment.

Unlike some crowdsourcing sites which require the goal to be met before any donations can be accessed, GoFundMe allows the immediate use of funds to the beneficiary of the campaign. Cramer is (was) clearly listed as the campaigner and beneficiary.

Karl Dorey appears to be acting on his own for whatever reason. Cramer does have an older brother Kevin Scott Cramer and is the same age as Dorey. Why a material handler working for a plastics manufacturer in Canada would be making similar claims is a good question.

Since Dorey claims service as a Super Soldier on a US base (Los Alamos) as well in this interview:


Karl Dorey – SSP Pilot and Officer on Saturn, Mars, and Los Alamos

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“Super Soldier Talk

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Karl Dorey was a pilot on in the SSP possibly NachtWaffen on a 20 year and back mission which went bad and came back early on his 17th year after his repressed emotions wall began to deteriorate. During his life career, he spent time on space station near Saturn for flight training, mars as a soldier, Los Alamos doing psionic missions. He will be sharing some of his experiences of the different ET Beings he has encountered, the programming, and the technology of the SSP.”


“blonde lebanese

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It would seem possible to disappear military records or any other records by the CIA or other secretive organizations. I do not know anything about this Cramer other than what you have written but there are cases where people vanish, records vanish and to not consider that possibility seems misguided. The only thing I’ve ever heard about that guy, I thought, was that he had been in prison but I could very well be mistaken.Edit: After briefly reading a small part of your website link provided in your comment, I now realize that I was wrong. The person that I was thinking of was not Cramer, but rather it was Casbolt (sp?) that had been put in prison. My only reason for replying was that it seemed strange to me that you were going in depth about this Cramer guy when this man being interviewed seemingly has no connection to Cramer. I try to be open minded about most things and I’m not a huge believer in all of the SSP topics. I just find them interesting. I did bookmark your website so that I can return to read more of your investigative reports. If for no other reason, I think your work is interesting and I’d like to know more. Have a nice day. Annie in TN”

“Gunner65 vor 3 Monaten: @blonde lebanese You are mistaken. Perhaps it is you that has been misguided.

Ozzy Doop: vor 6 Tagen: Just because you weren’t privy to something doesn´t mean that it didn’t exist : sheesh man, you tried real hard to convince people otherwise : it’s a big old world & universe out there, & it depends on your mental capacity & if it’s able to grasp such concepts :

Gunner65: vor 6 Tagen: @Ozzy Doop Your logic is flawed. No one can be “privy” to anything which is made-up fictional bullshit by others. Not unless they are complicit in propagating the lie. It has less to do with someone’s ability to “grasp” the “concepts” associated with the lie, than one’s ability to recognize and expose the lie itself. Since Cramer has yet to present a single piece of evidence on behalf of his claims and has had no response to the evidence, I have presented against him, he is a coward and a liar. And it is his mental capacity (or lack of) that is in question. Where is Cramer been in the last 6 months? Hiding from the people he has scammed thousands of dollars from? <<<<<<<<<<< Ozzy Doop: vor 6 Tagen: @Gunner65 no you just seem annoyed that someone has been given donations & maybe you’ve been kept in the dark just like the rest of us : & in case you didn’t know, secrecy is at every level in many departments where they use people for their dirty work & that includes the military or maritime industries. Gunner65 vor 6 Tagen @Ozzy Doop Go ahead and believe that Cramer is what he claims to be. But you are "dooped" and you have no clue what you are talking about. Ozzy Doop vor 6 Tagen @Gunner65 you just all credibility here, some of us get it, but many won’t ever will, or simply have the ability to fathom existences beyond this little planet :" // "now also there when you go in you get a clone made they take a baby sized piece of whitish flesh, they put it into a giant big big black pill size things on a slight angle and they take your dna and they grow a clone and thinking why, well, uh, in case you die, in case you need spare parts or maybe you're gone but good enough but let's say most of you is gone but they got enough of your bodily energy out to make ... make another one you have a clone so.."" Backup-Link-1 (nothing is lost - with each attack reinforced full disclosure is accelerated and - reincarnation - takes place - they really hit the wrong one - nobody stops the Absolute)(in case of Main-HP Breakdown (for whatever unforeseeable reasons or force majeure in these chaotic totalitaristic times)): https://conspiracyrevelation2021.blogspot.com/2021/01/karl-dorey-ssp-pilot-and-officer-on.html

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