Surviving Electronic Harassment, v2K, Gangstalking Ex Military Engineer Powerful Testimony

Conspiracy Revelation: 7.6.2018: The nightmare dream infusions and music title skip switch playing during sleep started around 20 years ago in my case…they used locations and DUMB projections below Moscow and projected forest scenarios of regions around Kiew..this is fundamentally communist Russian MK Ultra first of all…before all U.S. Intel which is probably either way totally infiltrated by the Russian or East Block Stasi Mindset…
Later on..past Millennium the Dumb dream and sky projections were more U.S. Military styled…

“Surviving Electronic Harassment, v2K, Gangstalking Ex Military Engineer Powerful Testimony”
“Am 24.06.2017 veröffentlicht
In this powerful testimony, ex-military Engineer Tivon Rivers gives a detailed account of how he became a targeted individual for covert electronic weapons harassment, V2K and community gangstalking programs.
Tivon comes from a US military background and spent 6 years in the US Navy. He moved to the UK where he lived for 9 years. While in the UK he was stationed at Royal Air Force Menwith Hill Military base, which he later discovered had been the central point for employing microwave weapons on local citizens.
Tivon describes in detail his experiences with being targeted by V2K or “voice to skull” technology along with other forms of electronic harassment. He also goes into detail about the community Gangstalking program that he became a target of while in the UK.
Tivon “left the grid” of the UK and moved to Morocco in order to escape his targeting. This testimony / interview is conducted by his partner Naima who ads to the conversation by recalling the events that occurred during the time that Tivon was escaping the grip of these programs and working on his way to healing.
Several solutions that Tivon has been experimenting with to minimize his symptoms are also discussed, including technology like orgonite that helps to block the harmful signals, heavy metal detoxing, and fighting this battle on a spiritual level.
Tivon and Naima have written a book called Forbidden Tech that describe these programs and the technology used in them, you can get the book here:
Read the blog post on this here:…”
“gretta fahey
Currently nano technology is unknowingly being ingested and inhaled by human beings and is then accumulating inside their bodies. This internal technology is being covertly used to both physically and psychologically torture said individuals inside their own homes and this is happening throughout every country in Europe and farther afield. I am profoundly aware of this because I was once a nano-weapons test subject for many years in the very distant past.
The following scenario is what you may expect to experience in your future if you do not dismantle all cell phone towers. A small sample of your DNA will be taken at the time of your birth or any time you donate blood or if ever you have a DNA test. Then at some time in the future your unique brain signature will be taken by a small brain signature reader held near the back of your head for a period of approximately five minutes, unbeknownst to you. You will be made to inhale nano-technology via chemtrail aerosol spraying. This nano-technology will pass through the blood brain barrier and go into your brain. You are then locked on permanently to a super-computer via a brain computer interface using a stream of microwave energy which currently eminates from cell phone towers, but later may be made to come from other sources.
Over the next number of years your brain is mapped by a team of neuro scientists and technologists who operate mostly above the law but with the tacit approval of the law in all cases. From that point on said super-computer can be made to carry out a situational analysis of any and all aspects of your life at any time by any or all brain entrainment technologists who work under the cover of anonymity. You are then known to be captured.
From the neuro scientists point of view, the bodily response of the targeted individual, their metabolic processes, their reactions and behaviour, their life and death are all potential phenomena to be studied by a large variety of scientists and university students from all walks of life, who are willing to be extremely incivil to the targeted individual via voice harassment technology because they believe that their extreme cruelty can never be exposed to anyone but their scientific colleagues.
Said super-computer then collects all of your thoughts in real time as you think them. It also collects data on all of your verbal output and every stream of incoming data including everything you hear and everything you smell and everything you taste and everything you see. It also collects data on how often you sit down or stand up or lay in bed. It collects data on how often you laugh. Because of this capability test subjects are often provoked to laugh artificially many times throughout each day in order to give the illusion that this human data analysis control system is easier to endure than it actually is for the unwilling human data analysis test subject.
This super computer enabled human data analysis control system also has the capability to analyse all of your moods and it will highlight each and every time you feel a sense of suicide ideation. If you are speaking to somebody who controls this super computer enabled data analysis control system they can tell from their data analysis readouts if you are currently experiencing hostile feelings towards them and they will discontinue the conversation immediately. This has happened to me via a thought control analysis platform. You can also be sent a stream of video images directly into your mind which will invariably be accompanied by voices and sensations. The capability to send pain signals to you can be incorporated into this technology if you refuse to obey said voices.
Humanity now has metallic nano-particles throughout their bodies, which we have both inhaled from chemtrail aerosol spraying, and injested through eating processed foods. These nano-particles are being used along with directed energy weapons to manipulate our bodies in ways that were previously unachievable by scientific means at any time in the past
The super computer enabled human control system will also develop muscular control over various human body systems over the course of many years. Targeted individuals of this cruel system begin to feel both their facial muscles moving and their facial expressions changing totally against their will from time to time. The cover story that is currently being used to cover up this phenomenon is demonic possession. Targeted individuals may also feel their intestines cramping against their will and various other body parts move against their will. Targeted individuals can be made to press on the accelerator of their vehicles totally against their will and they can be made to mow down pedesterians. The cover story of the onset of motor neurone syndrome could be a useful decoy in order to hide this neuro weapons capability. These actions are being erroniously presented by the main stream media as the deliberate act of crazy individuals, because main-stream media staff are not informed as to what is really occurring.
All of this super computer enabled human data analysis control system can also be locked onto small children for experimental reasons. Their parents would later be informed that they are suffering from a mental illness in order to cover up the true facts. It is commonly believed by those in the know that many individuals throughout the world have committed suicide because of being harassed by this body and mind invasive technology which is believed to be widespread at this current time. However, the whole situation is being covered by erroneous mental health diagnoses and also a false belief in demonic possession, extraterresterials, religious apparations, near death experiences, and a host of other cover stories.
All we need to do to stop this cruel mind and body invasion is to dismantle all cell phone towers…. This feat has never been achieved in any laboratory setting ever….. Lies are being manufactured to fit whatever purpose is necessary by the Dark Luciferians who pull the strings behind the scenes of our lives…the existence of satellites … make the unelected cabal of would-be dictators seem invincible and…make the rest of humanity feel disempowered.. The technology to support the internet, and so called satellite television was available for free since before 1943, as developed by Nicola Tesla. The would-be controllers wish us to pay exorbitant fees for technologies which are cheap and simple. The would-be controllers monetized free technology… All materials known to man would melt and evaporate if exposed to temperatures and radio active conditions in the thermosphere…
People…can be enslaved inside an electronic surveillance and control grid, because they will fail to realize that to escape this electronic prison is only a matter of dismantling all cell phone towers, and stopping all chemtrail spraying.
A major whistle blower called Bryan Kofron who recently used an alias called Justin Carter has recently come forward with intelligence about the surveillance network and total individual control technology which is in operation throughout Ireland and the wider world, unbeknownst to the majority of the human race. …
The technology induced internal voices are being transmitted to the craniums of individuals who are being targeted by directed energy weapons by both neuro weapons research teams and security analysis teams who normally work in co-operation with each other.
vor 8 Monaten”

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  1. Gerardo J. Espinosa \\\" The Wiser \\\" sagt:

    This is \\\” The Wiser \\\” . Expert as a victim . Independent Investigator , Researcher and Experimenter . Creator of \\\” Vaccine for Schizophrenia , PTSD , ( other brain disorders ) , when neuro-technology in the form of energy beams and lasers are utilized against humanity . Orbs is this technology : Dod \\\” talking balls \\\” \\\” Pentagon Scientists are making talking balls for use as non-lethal weapons \\\” . Study Physics and CMOS multispectral image sensors already installed in our smart phones . These images have been captured since 1992 when these phones appeared in the market . These images are : Microwave Downlinks . LDAL from BAE / Laser Developed Atmospheric Lens , Laser Induced Plasma ( whitish balls ) , Laser Induced Plasma Channel created with High Energy Lasers in the 400 to 10 nm\\\’s ( ultraviolet ionizing radiation ) . All these beams or lasers create a thermal effect in gases existent in our atmosphere ( greenhouse gases ) , at their path or trajectory they go from just heating ( distortion effect ) , partially ionizing ( thermal blooming effect ) to ionizing where the gases are totally ionizing giving the impression of a lightning . Laser Induced Plasmas or white ball is a super comparative to electrodes , an invisible massless highly electrically conductive device . Study about Patrick Flannagans invention \\\” Neurophone \\\” , you will find out by associating my little information given to you all as a contribution to humanity . These invisible neurotechnology devices or weapons can attack , be installed or locked-on to your brain , any other organ or part of the body which will make it intentionally exposed or bathed into their EMF . These EMF locks-on deeper than just your skin ( skin, muscles and bones ) . Skin is an excellent carrier of electromagnetic frequencies or waves to the brain , one way or method of indirect brain tapping . If you hear voices , create a dimmed light scenario , put you phone to video record with flash light ( same thing as those capturing and talking to orbs on internet … but point the phone towards you person instead of your surrounding … if you capture any of these white balls or similar to pipes installed , passing through your body or pulled out or up from your body … Yes ! … you succeeded by following the injection of my \\\” Vaccine for Schizophrenia \\\” which is nothing more than many years of studies , investigations , research and experimentation to decipher the Psy-Ops tricks and be able to assist humanity with technical , scientific and medical information , instructions , methods in how to detect their technology or Psychological Warfare . Experimentation and Replication is the proof of all truth … Achieve a few of these replicates and you have a case . God Bless you all .

  2. Jesse tripp sagt:

    My name is Jesse Tripp and I am a ti. I have my bone marrow removed I don’t think its the fbi I think they are black market operative who purchased medusa tech to fetch genes for mutagenis research CD geonomics

  3. Jesse tripp sagt:

    My name is Jesse Tripp and I am a ti. I have my bone marrow removed I don’t think its the fbi I think they are black market operative who purchased medusa tech to fetch genes for mutagenis research CD geonomics most the seem to have a psychic tendency or strong immune system I think people are bidding over our bodies and genes its a secret society they kidnapped me then released me I think they didn’t take my body because they are trying to remain secret

  4. X sagt:

    a Cure Fore Remote neural Control is Injections of Iodine at spot behind neck etc. but of course the fake Doctors will not do with the stazi’s mouth talking to them

  5. Vaibhav sagt:

    How to stop electronic mind reading but first you have to know real physics. Which is hidden from us. Physics which we learn at school is fake.

    All this universe is made of 2 thing’s. Force and matter. Its the force which controls matter.each matter got electron and proton. They are south pole and North pole . They are negative and positive is a lie. Even paper rubber got magnetic field but it’s so much low. You need 5000 times powerful magnet than normal. This magnet can even lavitate water. Amazing isn’t it.

    Fake physics tells us in schools. Electron travels in conducter. And in iti collages electron vibrates. Electron got negative chage and proton got positive charge. Despite this they can’t answer.
    How lighting happens.
    How battery generated electricity has magnetic field.
    How kinetic energy works.
    They can’t answer this.

    Well here’s the real physics.
    Electron neither travels nor vibrates but it spin on its axis.
    If you spin electron you got travelling magnetic field.
    Electricity is nothing but travelling magnetic field and in standing postion it is magnetic field.

    This travelling magnetic field is EMF. That’s why it can pass through anything.

    Each Electron is south pole and each proton is north. Each Electron and each proton magnetic field depends on kind of material they are.iron got too much magnetic fields and other materials got low. Like copper aluminium etc.

    Both this forces north and south pole always collides at centre. In single conducter respective of their side one moves above conducter and another at centre but in opposite side of each other.

    To stop this EMF we need 3 mm of magnetize iron plate wrap it in normal iron plate.after put 1 mm of paper on it and put 2 layers of copper plate. Each one separated with paper. Then give alternating cutter to it ( I mean is alternating current). One copper plate should have negative ( south) signals and other copper plate should have positive (north) signal.

    This negative ( south) and positive (north) generating circuit can be buit for just rs 250.

    With this real physics students will become nuclear scientist in 10th standard. This is the reason they have hidden it. To stop forces you need forces. absorption won’t work with forces.

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