Summary Tiktok – 2 – 2024 + synthtel report

Summary Tiktok – 2 – 2024 –
From abandoned – most ignored and censored Telegram.
“Communism was created by a loser who created an
ideology for losers. An ideology that caused destruction, death, poverty, wherever it was applied…Why is there still people saying Communism >State-Based Totalitarian NWO Communism – she should add -cra)<is a good idea and I will give you the answer right now, because there are still a lot of losers outthere.”
“Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy. (Mao Zedong)”
“First of all, we have to understand what communism is…..real communism, the Soviet communism, is basically a mask for Bolshevism, which is a mask for Judaism. (Bobby Fischer) (a Jew)”
“Utopia is the foundation for Communism, so Communism is Roman..They run on Communist principles of universal equality..So therefore Communism is a brainchild of the Jesuits,
but it has bee made to look to be jewish through implementing it through Marx and his communist manifesto.” [[=>71349]

” The KGB is a hard-nosed bunch of chess players, and they do play both ends against the middle. The “marriage” of the Yakuza and the Russian Mafia (which works for the KGB ultimately), is one of convenience.
The Yakuza in particular have never forgiven the U.S. for humiliating them in WW II, and for dropping the atom bomb on Japan.
One of their goals in life is to participate in the absolute destruction of the U.S.
This is useful to that arm of the KGB still dominated by the old communist diehards, which still adheres to the notion that all evil in the world is due to capitalism and that communism is the only answer.”

@commonsensedose I remember growing up my dad would always talk about how much the government played with people back in Brazil. He used to say they were experienced in creating losers, and losers kept them in power. They always needed losers, so then they could say they were going to lift them up. However, they always kept them in the same exact place, each and each time they made them become more dependent on the government. It was all under the guise of “I’m helping you become a winner”, but they knew that by giving them crumbs, they would keep them as losers forever, and it was the perfect recipe, because it was easy to pretend that they actually cared and were doing something to help them out… Oh, if I’m not seeing the same exact thing happening here in this country right now 😢 #anticommunist #communism #wakeupamerica #lionsnotsheep ♬ original sound – Mackenzie

freedomgott2024: 14.4.2024: Only losers must use genetic weaponry, satellite warfare and scalar weapons…
freedomgott2024: Scream it out. 100% +93.
L6uaPoolik: I grew up in communism, I know everything about it and that´s one of the best explanations I´ve ever heard!
Snaugaard: saying “I grew up in communism” is just a self report for “I haven’t read Marx nor know about different types of communism.”
JankoBranko: And you with all the knowledge will be able to create a true communist state.
Even the hippies gave up on their self sufficient communist communities. (<<< Hippies were a cia psyop movement, when the psyop was over the hippies were gone, so simple, nothing works out of the frame of their control tentacles – Except Me – Conspiracy Revelation)
JankoBranko: Clearly there is something wrong with a system not only in practice, but in theory, if no one can do it not even a small group of people which would
ibbb575: True about communism, but a clear lack of mainstream knowledge of economics – the productive forces from Marx are still considered a staple of modern economics.
@Grapefruit:neither socialism or capitalism works well at the extreme points. Both have benefits and drawbacks. Nordic systems are a good example of mixing both ideologies.
@ibbb575:True about communism, but a clear lack of mainstream knowledge of economics – the productive forces from Marx are still considered a staple of modern economics.
Dave: It’s a very seductive theology if you are a surface thinker that doesn’t have much.
freedomgott2024: 15.2.2024: misdirecting the hopeless slaves in a nutshell, giving them empty straws…
Mackenzie · Creator*in: Have they not seen that it only causes unhappiness? Sorry, but if you think like that after you’re 18, you’re just dumb. 😅
Mysterius: She woke up and chose language of facts.
Sarah 🌼: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 the best explanation I’ve heard. 🥰🥰

@heidiweber381:Europe – The Last Battle.

@vectron:” Exploitation of the working class … inevitably drives the working class to rebel against capitalism.”


“The Annunaki Engineer Humanity 250,000 Years
the understanding of one who gives birth a mother is required.

freedomgott2024: Kundalini says yes. Goddess is behind real Pharaos.
Enki is for freedom.
Jahwe is Enlil.
“It starts with a Woman it ends with a Woman.”
Sophia rescued us from these horrific Destroyers.

#Interdimensional Synthetic Telepathy Report (Synthtel) – 15.2.2024

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