A Brief History of the French Secret Space Program – An Interview with Jean Charles Moyenn

“A Brief History of the French Secret Space Program – An Interview with Jean Charles Moyenn”

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In this interview, Jean Charles Moyen, who was recruited into a joint US-French secret space program in 1990 when he began serving as a military conscript, answers questions about the origins and history of this highly classified program. He asserts that high-level technology exchange agreements between the US, Britain, and France that were reached during the Second World War continued after the War’s conclusion. These agreements led to the secrets of flying saucer technologies acquired by covert US crash retrieval teams being shared with the UK and France.

This cooperation resulted in French scientists coming up with their own flying saucer and triangle-shaped prototypes that were successfully tested and built. Some of these triangle craft were seen in the famous wave of UFO sightings in France during 1990. The triangle-shaped antigravity craft were incorporated into the ‘Solaris’, the flagship of the joint US-French secret space program. Moyen describes the multinational and extraterrestrial composition of the Solaris crew and the time he spent on it during his 20 and back program. He finally explains how his “20 and back” on the Solaris was illustrated in his most recent fiction based on fact movie, South Shore Origin 2.

Jean Charles Moyen’s website is: https://www.jcmoyen.com/

“But the important thing is there is a good space program and a bad space program, I was on the good space program…there is a dark fleet, but there is a good fleet too and I am lucky, because I was on the good fleet.”

“so we know from William Tomkins yeah uh that in the late 1970s,
that the US Navy retrofitted some nuclear powered submarines to be the
Prototype spacecraft for the future Solar Warden and that the actual Solar
Warden space carriers, you know the cigar shaped ships that would carry..
flying triangles… they began to be deployed in the early 1980s, so that would that makes from what you described then then the Solaris was one of those early craft that were built for Solar Warden and it was a joint American French craft.”

“Maybe there is some advanced technology because inside the Solaris I remember a technology inside wasn’t human, so I think there was agreements…so, it wasn’t a normal Space Program…I want to say about the team of rescue, there was a part of beings
hybrid and human inside the team… the technology is together alien and humans…”

“..there is a different team, a good team, a bad team, they use the technology
and they use it for good and they use it for evil..”

“…but I think it’s maybe it’s right because when I was in the front of this person, blonde person, blue eyes, my name Maria, you can call me Mary, blah blah blah, you know the rest, it’s huge, because like I say when I was young and after when I was adult she never changed, she has the same face and not older. I know in Space the time is
different, okay, maybe two days it’s equal to 20 years but was the same, so they
have the technology to never change, they have the med bed like I said, yesterday, in
the crew, crew room, we have a little med bed program like 8 Minute of med bed is equal to 8 hours of sleeping, because in space you can spend your time in your in your bed…
8 minutes, it’s equal 8 hours, it´s perfect…so this technology uh is different than
technology people say we have a a translucid Metals we we can see through and have a space view all around you…I remember um Melanie… I don’t met and don’t spoke with other human people except in the cafeteria… and when they recover their memory,
we don’t know each other…when the memory rise and you write in in a paper on the book many many years before you meet the people it’s insane because oh my God I check I write this oh my God and I have a chill…”

“..very important…you stopped serving in the French secret space program…I guess, well .. we have many many timelines and uh maybe I spoke to you now and maybe another um another me in a different timeline works for something else because when you have a Deja Vu mhm it’s probably because there is a another timeline with you my friend and me spoke about something else and sometime the timeline cross and we have a oh my God I live this
before so I suppose we have many lives, like many layers and at the same moment there is an echo wave of what we do in another Space-Time.”

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