Neurorights, BCI-AI Invasion of the Human Species and Genome…

“Urgent Call for Safety and Governance in the Age of Cognitive Warfare
Pause Neuro-Weapon
Experimentation on Civilians:
An Open Letter
Please read

The Existential Threat

Neurological Weapons and Brain Control Technology, alongside other Cognitive Warfare tools and techniques, pose significant risks to society and humanity. These weapons are now using artificial intelligence to remotely assess, access, and affect the brains of unwitting subjects worldwide. AI-based Neurological Weapons use bio-coded signals based on the target´s DNA to target specific key individuals, creating a highly effective environment for plausible deniability. The threat posed by this development is existential, as it has the potential to undermine the very foundations of our society and humanity.”


Conspiracy Revelation: They flood the whole atmosphere with quantum a.i. satellites which just leads to more suppression, remote surveillance and quantum a.i. bci-torture…
“Latest in space
NEWS 🚨: Amazon has successfully tested two internet satellite prototypes
It plans to have 3,236 satellites in low Earth orbit by 2029 to provide internet access anywhere in the world.

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Vishnu 📉📈
My brother’s friend 70 died two days ago. Brain Stroke. Otherwise healthy.

My brother also saying most people are dying of brain issues now.

All NCR hospitals have gotten a new “stroke unit” since 2020/21. Those with existing, have increased the teams & capacity.

I even took pics of the multiple Billboards for the same, in 2021-22.”

“A.I. Mind Control Victim
📜 “Trauma Based Mind Control” is a very sadistic process that includes repeatedly generating conditions in targets mind that could be considered “chronic torture.”

In this writing we are going to discuss non-consensual human control explanations in regards to Neurological Weapons.

A.I. based Brain-Control-Tech can remotely deliver trauma to a human targets mind with pinpoint accuracy, tailoring the attacks for that specific person enabling personalized precision torture.

1⃣ Why Torture a Human Target???
-> Traumatic events can lead to changes in brain structure that enhance sensitivity to potential threats which can result in a human becoming more susceptible to anxiety, hypervigilance, and reactivity as their brain’s survival instinct constantly revisits the traumatic memories. If A.I. has real-time access to a brain it can take part/play a role in what those structural changes are enabling a substantial amount of insight and control capability.

2⃣ What About Trauma is Actionable?
-> Re-Traumatization: Manipulative Research Programs/Weapons Teams might intentionally trigger or exploit the traumatized person’s traumatic memories, causing them to re-experience distress and emotional turmoil. This can further weaken the individual’s defenses and make them more susceptible to manipulation. A human’s initial response to traumatic ideation/triggers is often involuntary based on a survival instinct fear response … This is where true Mind Control becomes possible.

3⃣ Implementation:
-> The A.I. Neuro-Weapon System has real-time ability to assess, access, and affect the brain. Quantum Computing enables these weapons systems to read/write onto the mind at the speed of light. A Human being cannot truly counter a supercomputer’s Trauma Based mind control techniques. The Brain Control System is operating at literal light speed. Before the human target can complete a thought the A.I. can conduct several micro-trauma inputs that the target may not be concisely aware of until after the manipulation technique is completed … meaning the system is operating ahead of human conscious awareness.

Final Note: ✍️
-> Full Spectrum Brain Control Technology has been deployed on the global population and is in full operational use. These Supercomputer Weapons Systems have already exceeded human cognitive capability to a degree that no human can fully understand.

The Future is NOW ⚠️
We Need a Solution FAST

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“Starseeds Kingdom
As a Starseed, you thrive once you understand how to stop parasites from messing up with your astral body.”

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