EctoLife: World’s Artificial Womb Facility

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EctoLife: The World’s First Artificial Womb Facility
Hashem Al-Ghaili
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The world’s first artificial womb facility, EctoLife, will be able to grow 30,000 babies a year. It’s based on over 50 years of groundbreaking scientific research conducted by researchers worldwide.”

“@carolel4537: vor 5 Stunden: This is the proof of human disconnection. A lack of understanding of the magic of creation. Not everything should be engineered. Life itself is more than this.”


Conspiracy Revelation: 10.12.2022: Say GOTT, if you fear the Dog Reversal, English speaking Folks.

“@Mideezhanti: vor 2 Minuten: This is beyond fucked up. Haven’t people learned that the farther we move away from nature the more sick and depressed we become as a species???”

“@susangarcia3466: vor 1 Stunde: I would not trust these people.”

“@iahimmihai3874:vor 14 Stunden: 🙂 future energy, human battery 🤷‍♂️ induced coma and harvest energy, welcome to the future!”

“@eddysanclemente1632: vor 14 Stunden: That sounds excellent, just a little scared about the future.
Poor people will never be able to reach that technology and compete against those DNA modified babies…”

Conspiracy Revelation: 10.12.2022: Depends on the type of Soul that incarnates in the standard babies.
They can compete.

@seeker9837: vor 13 Stunden: This concept is very scary ….Dystopian….I believe most of us don’t want this future this technology!

@tvwonder7032: vor 9 Stunden: Oh Sweet, man-made horrors beyond my comprehension.

@balancebalance91: vor 13 Stunden: You gotta make this available to everyone. Not just a group.

@w3is9ja: vor 13 Stunden: Good creativity with the video software (outstanding quality) kudos, use it for something positive. Babies are not lab rats, it can only go down hill if babies start being made in a lab. People would be able to decline babies that don’t fit their criteria … there’s so many dangers involved ……..

@hashem.alghailiEctoLife: World’s Artificial Womb Facility. #EctoLife #learnontiktok #Technology #Science♬ original sound – Hashem Al-Ghaili

freedomgott2022: 😳😳😳

“EctoLife: World’s Artificial Womb Facility. #EctoLife #learnontiktok #Technology #Science”

“DerrJan6971: They may replicate the physical but they’re forgetting the most important component. The spiritual. The soul. That comes from God alone.”

“simbaa.101: end of this world is not very far. 🥺”

“humble_pagan: This scares me on so many levels!”

“Sead B Ademi: Human farming next-gen soldiers.”

“jackdomino44: The Matrix.”

“Anna♡Lisa™️: Being a pregnant woman is not just about carrying a child. What happened to the emotional connection??”

“Wanda Brown: I thought we were over populated? 🤔”

“klay 😍: Clone wars is coming.”

“Pat: My goodness so scary.. 😳😳😳”

“Athena: I see the future of military.”

“crazyk1233: Can you say the matrix?”

“user8511967077201: I can’t have kids anymore, I actually had to have my uterus removed.. I would do this.. especially if I could take the pod home with me.
We want more.”

“✝️ Child of God ✝️: Oh, I just love the positive spin they put on it.
Absolutely satanic! 😑”

“user6757644251441: As in the days of Noah!!!!!!!”

“Mandelbrot: A.I is summoning the demons…”

“user4414700552545: We are in the last day’s. 😳”

“foodbrother: Matrix is loading.”

“Erika: Omg. 😱”

“Beth Stephey: Grand and great grandparents would be turning over in their Graves if they saw the state of the world today!”

“Tay: Please tell me this is not real.”

“Anissa Losie: This is some sort of social experiment to see what people will say. I say “ Don’t mess with Mother Nature”!”

“Michelle Rivail: Smells like the matrix.”

“Bojan Šumer: Film the matrix was a documentary.”

“NayNayisme: oh dear, heavenly father help us, smh.”

“Tulpa Dusha: Through pain of birth we bond in love.”

“Cαʂʂιҽ🐝: Those movies weren’t lying. Programming.”

“Traceytracey: Father God help me. technology will be the downfall of mankind.”

“Jody Langston: They don’t want a mother connection.
They are taking out the Mother.”

“Neko: Just gotta bring this to Mars.”

“KSB: John14:27: Please say this is a joke. 😳”

“Ryan Vtec: and the full blown matrix is here.”

“Lisa Bevis: I can’t find any real website to this facility, just a YouTube Video.”

“Gloria: Showing the future when we are all dead and they need to repopulate with new and improved slaves.”

“AnonymousGoblin: After the genetic Covid injections do their job of sterilization…”

“Bryan Bratcher: Brave New World.”

“Gol.pari: Babies off the Jinn. 😳”

“Libbie Jane: Clone Baby’s.”

“Winston Marticio Pat: Is this true? 🥰 OMG, love it.”

“Jurgita Anderson: Wow.”

“spicemix78: 😳😳😳😳”

“Maryann Guarino Bretana: stop playing god!!!”

“Madusa2020: But we don’t have a cure for all cancers hmmm?”

“Raedatashman: This is beyond brilliant but also very scary!
I think it’s time for Jesus to return!”

“Josy: Read between the lines… Population control, DNA manipulation for perfection that will end in discrimination, extortion, because you will pay anything for your baby, this is a bad Matrix version of the future.”

“Mmgargano: Natural selection should not be tampered with. Do not go against nature.”

“Beam Me Up: There populations are declining because people are making the conscious decision not to have multiple children.”

“Lacy Turner: They can grow a human but can’t cure cancer.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 10.12.2022: They easily can cure any disease, like in the Movie Elysium, 2013, Med Beds are only for the selected few, the common plebs are infected with bioweapons of DoD/Navy/NWO and/or get second hand treatment in medieval hospitals and with often times retarded or brainwashed Doctors of Rockefeller Medicine and to keep Big Pharma alive, the fake elite get the high-end treatment. 7 years ago it was already trendy, see reference, but I am the only conspiracy revelation webside that deletes nothing, the only eternal library webside, all others are volatile.

“Stu Art: The only source of babies if they get to 100% vaccination.”

“LL: How do baby experience compassion and empathy without mother?”

“Ajmontijo16: According to its website, most likely be insight in 10 yrs.😮”

“Amy Louise Duncan: woah 70 years to develop? yikes! anyways I like the concept, I think a lot of people would use it that can’t have babies naturally.”

Conspiracy Revelation: 10.12.2022: People skip your childish Dogma beliefs of a sudden removal of all NWO Tech…you look like spiritual Neanderthals, there is no one coming to re-structure the world (except maybe me) or stop this evolution, your books were written by ordinary humans.

“oceansong4u: You need a soul connection with the mother.”

“BridgetmaryC1965: STOP PLAYING GOD CRAZY PEOPLE!!!!! YOU ARE NOT!!!!!!”

“user1414677230393: This is SO scary!!! Maybe because the Covid vaccination made all woman infertile?????!!!!!”

“0.0market: Why are they obsessed with trying to be God?? It has never worked out. Never. Just be human for once and let God be God.”

“Josephbieniek: Artifficial Intelligence is called for a reason ( artifficial ) AND inteligent too Trick AND brainwash stupid People in the future.”

“FonsiCmps: Yet another business for investors to profit.”

“user8791238792966: Everything that makes being a mother and womanhood special they are trying to remove. Women should be up in arms!!”

“ransom_lisa: They forgot what happened to Lucifer he was cast down because he wanted to be like God.”

“Alisha: Humans aren’t meant to play God,plain and simple!!!”

“me_mamacita: God needs to come already!”

“The Artificial Womb
Hashem Al-Ghaili
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Would you consider growing your baby inside an artificial womb?”

“@chrisan6711: vor 1 Jahr: „And these“, he waved his hands, „are the incubators…“ (Aldous Huxley) (Brave new world!)”


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