Targeted Individuals by Military Super Cowards who Play Mouse Click Heroes by Dirigating Combat Satellites on innocent civilians

Conspiracy Revelation: 4.11.2023: Targeted Individuals by Military Super Cowards who Play Mouse Click Heroes by Dirigating Combat Satellites on innocent civilians.

Officially they revealed their gruesome loserdom assaults in November 2011.

Military Pseudo Mouse CLick heroes… they feel strong while dirigating a combat Satellite on an innocent civilians head and giving them sleep deprivation torture impulses or burn their skin tissue with ZIO/N/A/ZI Symbols through Skynet Triangulation DEW Attacks…THESE LOSER themselves MIlitary.

“Info: Sichtbarkeit eingeschränkt: Dieser Post verstößt möglicherweise gegen die X Regeln zu Hass schürendem Verhalten.” /Wahrheit, die eure Verbrechen enthüllt. Twitter hilft den Mafiosis bei der Zensur.

· Mit Öffentlich geteilt
BYPASS awww…. censor fools, you lose against the master of the universe in all aspects…

Cowards do what Cowards must do…Losers in all aspects and people worship these loser cowards..
“A.I. Mind Control Victim
15 Std.
The U.S. Army had literature on #V2K “Voice To Skull” Tech dating back to 2006.

Many years ago they have removed it from the web. However, the Way-Back-Machine tool allows us to see that it was once public.”

And who is in their spine….she can crush them at any time….these loser super-cowards….

A.I. Mind Control Victim
U.S. Military/Intelligence/Private Contractors are living in another dimension. Almost literally.

The personel in these Black Projects have direct access to the minds, eyes, and ears of the public in real time + direct behavioral control capability.

All laws have been breached. 4. Nov. 2023″

(Directed Energy Weapons from

A directed-energy weapon (DEW) is a type of weapon that emits energy in an aimed direction without the means of a projectile. It transfers energy to a target for a desired effect.
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Remote Neural Monitoring Satellite Terrorism.”

IMPORTANT… These Gangsters will all have to pay hard kali karma…. I will do everything in my power to reduce them to zero.

“Michelle Christopher
23. Aug.
🎯Read this if 0nly to feel MORE validated, not so alone, not so exasperated.💗💗I could handwritten this. My God I know my torture is real but articles like this one just make me gasp as to how coordinated & public it is…but still the dirty secret😒”

I take this more serious than all of you.. they will be crushed..because I know exactly how it feels…from A to Z. Your big military medals of fake honor in your airforce offices will not protect you against kali karma for allowing these nanite invasions and genetic crimes to happen.

More valuable info on their criminal global take-over tactics:

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