Global Elite, Geoengineering, Supersoldiers, Artemis Accords

“Global Elite, Geoengineering, Supersoldiers, Artemis Accords”
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In Exopolitics Today, The Week in Review we take a look at pushback against David Grusch’s alien reverse engineering testimony, UFO Psyops, Sacha Stone’s reflections on the global elite, the origins and contemporary geoengineering efforts, Supersoldiers, and the Artemis Accords.”

“whistleblowers Witnesses being harassed, injured or even killed as a result of talking about these alien reverse engineering projects…”

Conspiracy Revelation: 7.8.2023: That is true, but extremely moronic, due to Eisenhower-Neurosis and super cowards in Pentagon/DOD…

“..It shows that the Deep state wants to perpetuate a system of secrecy
that goes all the way back to the 1950s there was a book written in 1955 by
Major Donald keyhoe where he talked about the secrecy group, a group of Pentagon officials deep State officials not unlike those that are behind this pushback against Crush trying to stifle trying to prevent more
information coming forward.”

“concerning these types of topics would be evidence that would get him into a lot of trouble if he were to release it in an unauthorized way because there are strict penalties for unauthorized release of classified documents…”

“around the world in terms of global Elites, corruption, he has been very
active in speaking out against a group of, let’s just say Satan worshipping people that do strange things to small people, if you get what I’m saying there and he very interesting also has some insights into the Anunnaki, that is very interesting especially as it relates to monarchical systems and that’s that’s very interesting because one of the thing I found in in doing uh,
some of the the research into the Anunnaki uh was that yes they clearly
have a monarchical system and it’s not unique to them uh the Pleiadians who the Anunnaki work with also have a monarchical system, so it seems that extraterrestrials do have these monarchical systems, where you have these
enlightened God Kings, these enlightened Rishi Kings or rulers as was known in
Vedic times in India and this is because these individuals had a very
let’s say unpolluted DNA or that they still were
Connected To Source energy and so they were able to
be capable of revealing some deep truths
. Now, how you separate that
from those who achieve power through force and
through uh corruption, that’s a very interesting question, but I think
that is something that we as a society will be looking at in the near future as
we have this kind of restoration of DNA. The Awakening of these God Kings what
what does it mean to be an enlightened ruler, do we have
like committees, do we have monarchical systems coming back, all very interesting.”

“..because as I said, there’s a lot of money to be made in producing fleets of
anti-gravity spacecraft that have been reverse engineered from
some captured extraterrestrial Technologies..”

“…they mentioned that the five eyes countries are involved, so that’s
the United States, Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, that they’re
involved in these classified reverse engineering programs, so that’s something that’s of great interest to uh people from these five eyes Nations I
know certainly Australia, it’s of great interest to the Australians..”

“..uap records and so there’s a countdown and people are seeing this… why is this countdown on I think ultimately it stems from the fact that space arcs,
extraterrestrial motherships are here and that they are releasing more and more probes and at some point they can start revealing themselves and governments know this, the militaries know this at the highest level, so they want to get ahead of this rather…that’s called Confessions of a Area 51 Insider. Insider.. the final testimony. This concerns Stephen Chua. So This concerns his testimony and and he was
saying that he was taken to Area 51 back in the early 1980s and because he had this ability to generate a high level of gamma brainwave activity that he could pilot a
mind to thought technology that was a reverse engineered from extraterrestrials
and that was applied to a F-15 F series fighter plane, people hadn’t heard of that before you have f-15es but no one’s heard of an f-15f while Stephen Chua says that at Area 51 he piloted an f-15f and that that Incorporated this fly by thought technology and that normal Pilots normal Air Force pilots that tried to interface with this reverse engineered extraterrestrial Technologies are suffered brain damage and even were killed from that, but because he had natural gamma brainwave activity and didn’t need the pharmaceutical products that the Air Force pilots were getting, he was safe from doing that, so that gives us an insight into these reverse engineering projects that go way back into the 1980s.
I doubt that Stephen Chua’s case is part of the historical review but
nevertheless if at some point uh the files were released of reverse engineering at places like Area 51 you would find that probably this Singaporean super soldier was brought into Area 51 to help with the testing of a reverse engineered alien technology, fascinating.”

“a country that they recognize as having a leadership in space and that they want
to work with the United States in harnessing the resources of space under a framework dictated by the Artemis Accords and the Artemis Accords spell out a manner by which countries can collaborate in these joint ventures in mining space,
mining asteroids, mining the moon, having space tourism, all of these different
Ventures and doing it in a way where safety zones are protected where safety
zones where you have space tourism, you have space mining that or any other kind of Ventures happening there in a scientific research, exploration. I mean that’s also another area that the Animus Accords would cover, so that these Accords create a framework where Nations can collaborate in establishing safety zones where Nations can collaborate in establishing safety zones where all these things are happening and that countries that violate these safety zones can be dealt with um in a in a manner where the where then you have the U.S space command and space force coming in to ensure the protection of these safety zones, so the Artemis Accords are quite ambitious in terms of what is the long-term goal.”

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