Block, shock, shunt and shield – Sabrina – Anti-DOD – Metamaterial-Defense

Block, shock, shunt and shield – Sabrina – Anti-DOD – Metamaterial-Defense

“Heather Carr
Mitigation Update ~ God is good news. 😉
January 25, 2024
God bless y’all psinergists we have the most beautiful gift comin in tomorrow. I am so excited but I cannot talk about everything so here is a preview!!!!!
#Psinergy #Biofield #WBAN #SabrinaSays”

“We Pull the data out of your bone.
MAC-Medium Access Control
Bluetooth Low Energy.
That is all Crystallography.
Because it is so common. It is the one they use to disrupt the Ion-Channels.
That got me trouble in the Hospital.
They said: You are low on Potassium.
Cesium-131 immitates Potassium in the Body.
Then they use the biomimetics and the eletrical Signal to disrupt it,
to give you a heart attack, a stroke, an aneurysm, whatever they want,
unless block, shock, shunt and shield, the Lord Rebuke me, get out of my Biofield.
I use plasma energy water.
(Sabrina Wallace)(2024)(25.1.)”

“Stop yelling at the disabled lady who can read, she survived…
Don´t go attacking the disabled lady who told the Truth.
Yeah, that´s called to be an adult…A.I. Symposiums.. is Routing through your bone, with biomedical engineers and they are using the Cesium-131 and all the
DoD-Pathogen Systems…Block, Shock, Shunt and Shield, Plasma Energy Water.
Hello, you got to tell people that you are inside them and that you are routing
current and energy and all these different Ion-Channels to change out their literal DNA…. The Biophotonics, the Optogenetics. …
2012 it is old. That means what they are doing now, we need to be on top of that.
Oh, they are going to tell us in 70 Years…GMO-Food…
The Coronavirus pinging those Sensors all the time.
We have more and more companies and hackers, all the time, that are treating People, Human Bodies, worse than Animals, so we need Solutions….The Biosensors….those of you targeted by Family Members, this will help you as well.
Bioelectromagnetic Algos are running since the 70s, they are not new and they are all made for this type of stuff: Energy Harvesting and Full on Control…and your Metamaterials. (Sabrina Wallace)(2024)(25.1.)”

“Right now they are far more focussed on the Neutrino Scale of Antarctica and their Phase-Array. That is small people like Elon Musk, he is small, in contrast to Space Force and other countries, but that is still them playing around locally with that Human-Radar activity recognition. Synthetic Apparatur Radar, looking through your Eye-Balls or whatever. (Sabrina Wallace)(2024)(25.1.)”

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