Meier Predictions come True

“Meier Predictions come True”
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“Hello, today is April 2015 Wednesday 2015, this video is about the Billy Meier contacts, you should start with South contacts then listen to askate contacts and then the Semjase, Ptah and Quetzalcoatl contacts.. he indicated
that in the future that if good people do nothing to stop what’s going on that organized crime will fall into the scope
of secret intelligence that secret intelligence, the criminal elements within secret intelligence would start controlling organized crime and that they would team up with gang members and even prostitutes in order to work together to criminalize or create the impression of criminal activity by good people, so this has actually already taken place.. people need to realize that if you do nothing there they will
destroy you they’re going to destroy your neighborhoods that are going to take over they’re going to you know hurt your children and confuse your children and twist their idea of what’s right and wrong and until everybody has been arrested for some crime or another and this is their goal is to try and make it look as though everybody’s a criminal, so that literally everybody becomes a suspect and this makes it easier for the true criminals to slide by committing
the most heinous crimes of all.”

“The Truther Girls
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“Star Seed Human
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“All life comes from the Light. No matter how Dark they may become there is still light at their core and in time they will return to the Light with Healing. We can only grow Spiritually when we Meditate on Natural Light and focus on Love. You must have Infinite Patience! Peace in Wisdom.”

“TR-3B Astra Locust Ferofluid
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“hello thank you for joining in today is Tuesday November the 25th 2014 the tr-3b that’s tr – 3b Astra locust is a
triangular-shaped ship that uses ferrofluid engine to achieve 91% unit gravity by creating a gravitational or electromagnetic field around the ship that pushes off of the electromagnetic field of the earth, it’s not 100%, but it
definitely reduces the weight by 91%, so they only have to support 9% of this ship’s weight, so it’s constantly in freefall, but it’s following very slowly, because it’s only 9% of the weight of the ship that’s being pulled down by the
gravitational pull of the earth, so they use air jets that shoot out the bottom of the ship to keep the ship afloat, this ship is the bargain-basement technology that was given to us in exchange for human infants, it is the only technology that’s been passed on to the United States government and the military, however the occultist and the murderer’s that are in the secret intelligence in the area 51 have more advanced technologies there, more advanced ships with better cloak that make no sound have 100% anti-gravity and they even include weapons that can disable a TR-3b Astra
Locust should the military try to turn against the occult and the secret intelligence, so literally they are making sure that we don’t have enough technology to do any real damage or to stop them in their project soul catcher destruction of the human species, so I just want people to make to understand
the military is doing what they can, but we are losing valuable military employees, especially in the army
to these Navy and Secret Intelligence occultists that are using advanced technologies to basically destroy the
human race and confuse the spirits, so the only thing that we can really do to defeat them is to strengthen our spirit
and the way to do that is to use the Billy Meier peace meditation where you meditate on a source of light natural
light such as a candle flame or the star in other words the Sun this will strengthen your spirit and it will give
you the strength to make a difference and prevent them from being able to take your soul and confuse your spirit by
pushing you into a body of the opposite sex, keep that in mind.”

“Machine Nation
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“The Machine Nation spoken of in the Billi Meier contacts at are Nano Implant Controled Clones. Clones do not have a Soul, they have to be Controled by artificial means. They were created by Psychopathic Killers that wanted an Army to fight wars and that can use DNA from any race they encounter to make new soldiers while destroying the race and creating new synthetic replication of the Natural process on the planet. Then they convince the race that they evolved from synthetic life. Their ultimate goal is to destroy all natural life and replace it with a synthetic version.”
“However it has been programmed by a sychopath to emulate living beings, so it actually copies the memories of
living beings and then using the cloning technology it recreates living beings that have the artificial intelligence
nano technology that we refer to as brain scan technology or synthetic telepathy in the clones and that causes the clones to operate just like they were alive based on the recorded
thoughts, actions, emotions and reactions that a real live living human being had at one point, so it makes it
almost impossible to determine whether a person is a clone or not, however there are ways to do that and so literally
we’re dealing with clone wars, they really are real as amazing as that sounds, there really are clones walking
around on earth and I suspect that the Navy Black Ops and the Department of Defense and the CIA individuals that we’re dealing with, in most cases, are going to actually be clones that have replaced or have taken positions acting as though
they were alive human beings, so be aware, you still have to be careful.”
“It does help me to realize how it is that we could
have come up with so many non-logical, illogical and non-sentient laws and rules that were following if we had
clones in the population that had worked them themselves into positions of power within the government’s and the secret
intelligence then it would make sense how we have all these laws that really aren’t laws that we would have made.”

“Nano Particles Used as Weapon”
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“So this technology can be used in many ways to destroy lives to try and destroy a person’s spirit, so that when
they get older they won’t want to fight back or resist the system that has been created by the Psychopaths from within
the secret government that are manipulating Congress and literally controlling the governments of the world, this is not an America thing, this is a world thing, a global thing and people need to remember you know this this new world order that’s being spoken about is death.”

“URI Chemtrails: 794 Aufrufe•08.01.2014:
sweet6b9: 2500 Abonnenten: Chemtrails are comprised of Aluminum and Barium Particles primarily. These particles are poisonous to all life on Earth. Whoever is spraying them into the Atmosphere (William Cooper mentions Project Sigma and Grey Clones) is not friendly. Similar to when we came to America and just started killing the Native Americans so we could take the Land. What if this clone army came here to take our planet without concern to the current life form, or worse, with the Intent and desire to remove all other life forms in the Universe and take over all planets. We really need to consider that possibility. The Meditation I teach can strengthen us but more people must use it.”

“Paul Hellyer
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“sweet6b9: 2500 Abonnenten: Thank you Paul Hellyer. Listen to Paul’s video interviews where he discusses free energy technology that is being kept from the public and exploited for space travel and exploration of the Human bases on the Moon and Mars by the Elite. Demand Peace and Demand that the Government finish what JFK started. Shut down and expose all Secret Intelligence Operations. All Humans are our Brothers and Sisters on Earth, lets start treating each other like family and share technology and end Racism and the power struggle. Be ready for the Occult to fight back, but remember that the slow and steady pace wins the race. Peace in Wisdom Paul.”

“TR 3B: 51.552 Aufrufe•02.06.2013”
“hello again and thank you for tuning in this video is about a contract that I had when actually it was before I started doing contracts this is before I did my six-year stint with AT&T as a special investigator before that I was taking on a whole boatload of small contracts maybe a week two weeks long
sometimes a month at most and one of those contracts was for a space-weapons defense contractor and I’m not going to
say who it was but I will say that they were attached to the naval space warfare Department alright so this video is
about the naval space warfare department people you need to understand the Navy has spaceships, the army has spaceships,
the Marines okay they’re not really called spaceships,
they’re more like UFOs only we call them other things like the wing or the TB-3b Astro locust okay these ships have quasi crystals on the outside they employ a unique engine that allows them to have near anti-gravity qualities they make absolutely zero sound the quasi crystals change color so they can match the color of the sky so the ship can appear hidden above us some people have actually captured these ships in remote areas where they weren’t engaging the quasi
crystals because it does take an enormous amount of power to cause the quasi crystals to change color in order to match the environment around them so sometimes they don’t turn it on and some people have actually captured these ships floating or hovering above forest areas one video in particular captured a ship floating above the forest area and
then it engages what’s basically a transporter beam it looks like a white beam that shoots out of the front of the
ship and what that does is it literally converts solid matter into energy in a split second and then and then that
matter is reconverted into solid matter on the ship at the same time so you only see the beam for a few milliseconds
and then the ship takes off at like Mach 6 and that’s not impossible because the technology that the ship uses you can do more research on the tr-3b astral locust and the technology that uses on other videos but this video is particularly about the fact that our secret military
or the military-industrial complex who are not answering to the government who do not are not being controlled by the
government they’re actually being controlled by private industry and basically the owners of the banks the
people who control the money and there is something like what is it Star Trek up in space they have spaceships they
have all space stations they have all this stuff going on up there but if you remember Star Trek II remember there was one episode where they show this alternate universe where
a Star Trek was more of a kilomole and asked no questions type Star Trek episode that’s sort of what the naval
space warfare Department is all about and that’s what our military space weapons defense contract is all about we
have unknowingly unleashed a bunch of morons and in some cases clones that are running a space program for the United
States for the planet most people don’t even know they exist. I mean most people are still driving around their cars they
have no idea that technology that’s evolved here and and the reason why we don’t know the reason why they’re not
telling people is because they’re controlling the planets using implant technology they don’t want you to know
that their objective is to kill any race that comes here to try and help us to advance spiritually and to show us how
to use the technology for defensive purposes instead of offensive purposes and so they’re using this technology
offensively they are attacking any race that comes here to try and help us and it’s because it’s basically an empire
that has control of the planet right now so anyways just so that you know there is a military space weapons defense
program and there a naval space warfare Department and
they are waging war in space against the good extraterrestrials that are trying to help us and if you’re not sure about what it is they’re doing and why they’re
doing it just ask yourself one question why don’t you know about it why haven’t you been told about it simple answer secrets are bad if they’re keeping it a secret from you chances are they’re doing things that you wouldn’t
approve of so you should really think twice about what’s possibly going on in space around our planet and why it is
we’re involved yet they don’t want the public to know that we’re involved they’re doing things they don’t want you
to know about they’re doing things you would not approve of if you were to find out as a general public you should start asking questions.”

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“Not an Accomplice – 236 Aufrufe•16.06.2013”
“hello everybody thanks for tuning in this video is about not being an accomplice to murder. I think it’s funny that I’m I’m exposing the truth about murder that’s been committed by secret intelligence agencies and there’s really no excuse for committing murder there’s really no way that somebody can say we had a right to commit this murder because we signed a document that gave us permission to kill people, there is no
document that gives you permission to kill people … you signed a deal with the devil .. I mean I don’t believe in the devil butyou signed a deal with somebody that is working for a lower dimensional being or the Fallen Angels whatever you want to call them whatever you want to call them it doesn’t matter, I’m not a religious person, so I can’t put the name devil on it whatever the name of the fallen angel was whatever religion you want to follow that’s your business. I don’t follow religion, so it doesn’t matter but I do believe there is a spirit in my body which means that I believe in spiritual things which means that I don’t have to believe in a religion to believe that there are spiritual issues, anyway spiritually I chose not to be an accomplice to murder and to hide murder, so I think it’s really funny when the secret intelligence agents come to me and they say how is it that you can talk about this stuff, you’re not allowed to talk about these things everybody has to sign a nondisclosure act saying that they won’t talk about what they saw on these sites or what they know about, really, I didn’t sign it, okay, that’s why I’m not in federal prison although they
did try to kill me in order to prevent me from telling the world that they committed murder and of course it’s not all the secret intelligence agents in the secret intelligence
agencies, don’t be an idiot, one guy on the basketball team can do cocaine and get thrown off the team the whole team
isn’t a drug addicts, alright, several people in the intelligence agencies are behind what’s going on and high generals, in the highest positions of the military are involved and some of the highest ranking religious figures are involved, okay, the bishops, okay, the Pope doesn’t
have to be the bad guy, the bishops, how many of them are there, that would be the perfect place to put your members if you wanted to kill people, anyways, my point is that secret intelligence agencies come after me and they say you’re not
allowed to talk about what you did or what you know and I say murder Trump’s top secret I don’t care how you look at
it murder Trump’s top secret, you murdered people don’t tell me I can’t talk about it our government needs to shut down
these secret intelligence agencies and put the people who are murdering people in prison and yes JFK said there is a
monolithic organization that means we’re going to have to put a monolithic number of people in the prison, so be it. I
refuse to be an accomplice to murder that’s it for this video, thanks for watching.”

“Program to Help
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“Exposing Murder
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“Heroes are Created
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“hello today is Saturday October 17 2015, this video is about heroes, heroes aren’t born they’re created, they’re created by the actions of people who live their lives based on egotistical, greedy and controlling attitudes, those people end up creating the very heroes that destroy them. When I stand out with my sign, I see a lot of angry faces on certain days, men and women and I understand that their anger stems from their fear, their fear that I’m going to expose their
activities and everybody’s going to know what they’ve been doing and what they’ve done. Understand that I’m going to help you face your fear, because I’m going to continue doing what I’m doing until everybody finds out the truth about 911,
about the monolithic organization that JFK spoke about and their involvement and how they have individuals inside of
every agency of the government that they need somebody in, in order to manipulate and control the situation and basically
control the government they even influenced the creation of illegal laws that hurt the public as opposed to help them, thank you for watching.”

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